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“Anarchists,” Jewish Fascists Join Forces
12 Jan 2002
Modified: 14 Jan 2002
see below
The Barricada Collective, a self-proclaimed “revolutionary anarchist” organization, has apparently been funneling information to the Jewish Defense League (JDL), a group whose leader was recently indicted, along with another JDL member, for plotting to bomb a mosque in Culver City, California.

According to the JDL’s Web site, “A group called the Barricada Collective will be joining JDL in the protest against Hale, and they have provided specific details on the counter event.” The site went on to name the assembly point that would be used by “anarchists” organized by the Barricada Collective.

The site does not make clear whether the JDL and the “anarchists” would march to the library together, although that certainly seems to be the logical intent.

The Baltimore Independent Media Center, the site providing “anarchist” coverage of the event, includes a link to the Jewish Defense League in its feature article, without further commentary.

Although the One People’s Project has criticized the JDL in the past, the flier they produced for today’s event (“Hatemongers Amongst Us”) doesn’t picture any of their members or leaders, nor does it even acknowledge their expected presence.

None of these “anarchist” organizations seem particularly concerned that, in a massacre eclipsing Benjamin Smith’s 1998 shooting spree, a JDL member machine-gunned 29 Arabs praying in a West Bank mosque in 1994.

Nor does the JDL’s official response apparently trouble them: “We feel that Goldstein took a preventative measure against yet another Arab attack. We understand his motivation, his grief and his actions. We are not ashamed to say that Goldstein was a charter member of the Jewish Defense League. We quote without comment the rabbi who conducted the services at Goldstein's funeral, ‘A million Arabs are not worth one Jewish fingernail.’”

Anarchism? I call it cowardice, and opportunism at its worst--and uselessness.

Welcome to Barricada Online

Grand jury indicts JDL members in plan to bomb mosque

Nazi Alert: Confront Matt Hale in Connecticut

Baltimore Independent Media Center

Hatemongers Amongst Us
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A few questions
12 Jan 2002
Allright you claim to be an arab female anarchist, according to your response to comments of you being an instigator of shit and trying to divide anti-fascist work. Ill take that as truth and hope you arent in actuality a bonehead.

The JDL went to the demonstration, as they attend almost all anti-nazi demonstrations. It is unexcusable that the JDL are anti-arab zionist jewish supremists, but how is this Barricadas fault or responsibility??

Do you propose dividing anti-white supremists efforts to target a minority of the demonstrators in the name of anti-fascist purity? Agreed the JDL is not our friends but as long as they are against the nazis during that rally then why bother with them?, they are ignored and unimportant, and im sure dont recruit members amoungst anarchists.

Be assured barricada is much more anarchist than you appear.
Do something constructive about JDL bigotry if you are disturbed by their oppossition to fascists at anti-racist protests. Dont just rake shit!

Anti fascist allways!
JDL call to action old
12 Jan 2002
Upon further examination the JDL post on their website isnt even in reference to this action in york but rather to the wallingford actions. I dont know about the first wallingford but at the second occurence there was no JDL that i saw or at least they just blended in as like peacnicks or maybe black clergy...
smelling fishy...
or maybe just not well researched muck raking
13 Jan 2002
"Be assured barricada is much more anarchist than you appear."

Put it back in your pants, Sabate; no one wants to see it.
Awww but i dont wanna!
13 Jan 2002
awwww but i dont wananna!!!

please let me flash! (gawd its hillarious to think about how you put it surfer ,sabate has been a corpse since 1960!, but your comments give me cause to write a great short story about flasher anarchist zombies , exposing themselves to government agents and palestinian supremisists )
oh seriously get off it, surfer grrrl you provided jack shit for a reason . Barricadda still appears to anyone not braindead ten times the anarchist of shit raking anon's. Who more and more increasingly appear to be A) government shits B) confuzed islamic millitants C) Third Positionist dickheads.

Sorry for posturing, but seriously what would you have me do. Barricada still appears to be more anarchistic than anon-anarch has. Who was actually confronting the nazis while who was on the computer talking shit....................


Cowardice is Doing Nothing
13 Jan 2002
Let me tell you somehting Anarch-Anon. Seeing your post makes it quite obvious that you did not attend this rally and therefore are writing this post based totally on assumptions and from what you can piece together from some websites. The Barricada Collective went to this rally as an independant force to join ANYONE who would show up to oppose white-supremicy and racism in general. You say that they were intent on marching with the JDL when there WAS NO MARCH! There was a gathering outside the library where the WCOTC was having it's rally. The nazi's where on one side of a police baricaded road while the Collective and other protesters (including many of the local residents) where on the other side. There was no teaming of forces or sharing information except where to be and when. You need to get off your fucking soap box and see that if you are sitting back doing nothing to fix a problem, maybe you should think about criticizing those who are and what tactics they take.
In Response to Recent Accusations
14 Jan 2002
Barricada has recently been accused through many public forums of having working ties to the Jewish Defense League (JDL). Specifically, an article written by an anonymous accuser states that Barricada “has been funneling information to the JDL.” This article is written in a direct response to these accusations, to clear up any misconceptions and dispel lies and rumors.

Barricada has never had any ties, unofficial or official, to the Jewish Defense League. All our members agree that the JDL is a dangerous and fascist organization. The article which accuses us of having funneled information to them cites as evidence a posting on the JDL webpage, referencing the protest against the World Church of the Creator in Connecticut last March, which states that “A group called the Barricada Collective will be joining JDL in the protest against Hale, and they have provided specific details on the counter event.” The information which follows is a verbatim copy of a call to action which was issued by the Barricada Collective and which was made very public via the internet (posted on every Indymedia site, mailed to a-infos, etc.) This is the extent of the alleged “collaboration” between us and the JDL – apparently we are to blame for the JDL’s ability to read!

As with most groups who are insignificant and tiny in numbers, the JDL enjoys making itself out to be the most prominent group at any event it attends. However, Barricada has no knowledge of the JDL organizing any kind of protest against the WCOTC in either Wallingford, Connecticut or in York, Pennsylvania, and even their own website makes no mention of any kind of involvement in York. To the best of our knowledge, there were no JDL members present at either of the anti-WCOTC protests last year in Connecticut, and only two members present in York on Saturday, January 12th. These two were identified by the fliers they were handing out, and it was suggested by one Barricada member that they “should go over to the other side” of the police line, where the neo-nazis were located, though we all felt that now was neither the time nor place to deal with them, and agreed our energies should be focused on the white supremacists waving huge swastikas and chanting “seig heil.”

To be absolutely clear, the Barricada Collective does not support the ideology, goals, or politics of the JDL in any way. There was no collaboration between us and them in any way, shape, or form. We did not funnel information to them, we simply made information available publicly, which they re-posted to their own website. We certainly did not collaborate tactically with them on the ground in York, and the two identified JDL members were nowhere to be seen as anti-racists and York residents quite literally chased the WCOTC, National Alliance, Eastern Hammerskins, National Socialist Movement, and other neo-nazis out of town.

In direct contrast to the JDL, we support the struggle of the Palestinian people against oppression by the Israeli state. As revolutionary anarchists, however, we do not support the creation of a Palestinian state, as we feel it would nullify all the gains the people could win from their struggle. We are as opposed to Zionism as we are to all forms of racism and oppression.

By far the most inspiring and productive of all the events that transpired in York on the 12th, was the militant and multiracial anti-racist violence/near-rioting wrought by the local youth (mostly black and latino) and long-time anti-racist and anarchist activists. York has the potential to be a major turning point in the anti-racist struggle as it represents the first time in many years, if not decades, that locals joined in violent confrontations with neo-nazis. It was only through their participation that the neo-nazis were so decisively crushed, and forced to flee with their tail between their legs (not to mention a lot less car windows, several broken bones, and countless bruises). This is what our post-York dialogue should be focusing on. We absolutely cannot allow a few individuals with a vested interest in disrupting anti-racist organizing to cheapen our victory or redirect our attention from these issues. We should be discussing how to build on the bonds that were made that day, how they can be replicated, and how to continue the cooperation that was happening on the street, not engaging in ridiculous rumor-mongering against our own.

With all this said, we feel it is important to bring to light our strongly-held belief as to who is behind the articles denouncing us, and that is the infamous Bill White. For those of you who are not familiar with this unsavory character, he is a well-known ‘third-positionist’ neo-fascist and a racist. That he felt compelled to post these articles anonymously is proof that we have effectively combated his schemes in the past; such as the recent removal of his name from the anti-WEF endorsement list. We urge all of you to refute, as we have, these ungrounded and untrue rumors being spread about the Barricada Collective. Furthermore, we suggest that Bill White should, in the future, be treated by revolutionary anarchists as the racist trash that he is.

Anti-fascists always,
Barricada Collective
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