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Commentary :: Organizing
Not another 'Corporate Right (but Copyleft, CC...)
04 Dec 2005
Modified: 02:56:37 PM
Not an intent to propagate a 'Corporate right or to do as "The Lessor" does in playing with words and history without much general consequent critical questioning of what has been uttured or even read from "prepared" remarks. But others, why propagate the quote that leaves out: how can he write such nonsense about international affairs and foreign policy?" , like the one "My Country right or wrong, if it..."See 2000: The Social and Political Thought of Noam Chomsky by Alison Edgley and The American Creed: A Spiritual and Patriotic Primer., or propagate anything unless you value what you're spreading, or "persuading others" to do.
The sort of update on 91.5 FM WJUL, now WUML (and of course WMFO when you're virtually anywhere in the world but if depending on the current radio signal presumably relatively close by) it was certainly not an intent to 'corporate right what was
"posted" ( ) .
It was meant to be one of the ( ) Creative Commons licenses, and at the same time to maybe facilitate more people knowing there are other ways; one may be more likely to "persuade others to persuade themselves" if they do know.
One "side note", in some realms one is not likely to hear much about free software other than that which can be downloaded for "no charge"; maybe even from those you would think would give other choices besides proprietary audio formats and players (even if they "play" other formats), or see something besides the potential, if not already, for the time being, "the Search Index of Record" - not a luddite, but can still value and be critically concerned.
And for distintions between "wholesale" and "retail terrorism" you could see
the source of what is here "Excerpted from The Washington Connection and Third World Fascism, 1979" ( ) since public libraries still exist or you could support some independent publisher or some other thing that "crackpots" might value doing.

Needless to say, again certain realms, unlikely to hear Saddam and those three words: "with [US] support" - read here: "On the Afghanistan War, American Terrorism, and the Role of Intellectuals"
( ) or maybe your were "tuned" into WZBC, Truth and Justice Radio on Sunday, 4 December 2005 - "Transcript and Audio of Scott Ritter on war with Iraq and Iran - Amherst - November 17, 2005" ( ).
And then there's generic technologies and other things that begin or still are rather generic but then begin to be frequently associated with some Propriatary Other Dominion (best one can do right now).

(Stan et all, where's your website" besides (thankful for it but, besides) "playlist"; even that guy (Martin Voelker) with his fixation on the number of peope who ignore those "No-U-Turn Radio" signs, or should I say signals, had one - but it is "gone" now.
Amazing to hear someone rather prominent, whatever that means, from 'Hoax News (maybe during this: "American Perspectives
A tribute to Rep. John Dingell") with surely a flawed argument, something along the lines that profit, in terms of some threshold number of people to watch something that has little to do with concerns of actual people, future generations, non-human-animals, "Hegemony or Survival" ( -imagine seeing this book displayed at BPL - you would expect such things, ought not be a surprise, just like seeing display, etc. The phrase was "you can lead a horse..." suggesting not enought consumers for NEtWorked adS ("NEWS") for such programs. The same argument must ap[ply for the details concerning "preventive contracts, opps, mean "preventive war" since relatively infrequentl hear this sizable difference between this and "pre-emptive" Preventive War "the Supreme Crime'
Iraq: invasion that will live in infamy" ( )

Back to the point, maybe, he mentioned, well suggested his fear, over such thinks as Wikipedia.
WUML - Formerly WJUL - 91.5 FM, (same freq. as WMFO ) ( )

Although it logically makes sense for the Creative Commons "radio buttons"(not the 'old auto radios whereby in order to "preset" a station you pulled out one of the five or so buttons - for lack of recalling their actual name) to ignore anyparticular licence chosen if one does select the main heading
Creative Commons." Maybe this ought to be "noted" for those of us who aren't always logical (romantics).
To clarify, it appears that if you don't select the CC choice but go directly to selecting a CC license of your choice then whatever was set, be it "Public Domain" default or 'Corprate Right (Copyright) will be selected, thus rightly, logically, ignoring your "choice."
I know some may say this is not the place but "persistent annoyance" thinks Two Senses of Outeach, suporting mass independent media in any way one can, being critical of things you value and appreciate, knowing Another "Preventive" War is Possble, concern over those who use airwaves for propagating trademarks without critical anaylsis, or the road race I briefy saw reminded me of Proprietary Audio Run - never mind - and a lot of other things that some will surely think are silly. Rosa "Integration" Parks ( )

An apt excerpt from "The New Crisis of Democracy"
"New" implies there was an old" crisis: Triumphs of Democracy by Noam Chomsky Excerpted from Language and Responsibility, Pantheon, 1977 (from emphasis added)
A Conversation with Noam Chomsky
"On the other hand, there’s a tremendous amount of energy and activism, just very disorganized.
One of the main reasons I go to give lots of talks is that it brings together people from that town or city or region who are working along pretty similar lines, or at least parallel lines, and don’t have much to do with each other. If you just take Boston, there are lots and lots of groups. But they barely know about each other. The total level of participation is probably quite substantial. On the other hand, the degree of integration is slight and the degree of involvement varies. That means there’s not much in the way of long-term thinking or planning or strategy."
G/E - not the one bringing great profits to its shareholders (and don't forget those who 'Bow to Shareholders regarding Bhopal and responsibilty, thinks its an understatement that there could be more "integration" between individuals, groups and others who know that underlying the "concision" of peace theremust be justice, not just for a privileged 'sum.
Those who need nicely flowing sentences the connection of integration and proprietary was after seeing just Proprietary Desktop Functioning for "flyers regarding "Country's Mother: Rosa Parks and anyone who chooses to make something their "Lifelong Day."
<br><br/>";>Advanced CSS Lesson 15: Cross-Browser Issues</a>
(if you are not familar with Cascading StyleSheets (CSS) then "you can "backtrack" from here: href=""; Advanced CSS Index - It goes for those curious as to why some IMC articles appear as a lot of blank space intermixed with text and images, etc.; most likley the HTML file rendered properly before being "posted" ina a IMC Newswire but then something went astray in the use of (";) HTML Tables, no DIV boxes!
(Dave Raggett's Introduction to CSS -- --
Not another 'Corporate Right but a Copyleft, Creative Commons...)

Have to "run", was going to better document the non-problem of choosing or not CC licensing.
<br><br/>An explanation of each of the license choices will pop up when you click on the text or icon
Public Domain; no rights reserved.
Copyright; all rights reserved by the author.
Creative Commons license; some rights reserved.
Would have liked to touch upon that "man of rhetoric" comment, not even dredging the "memory hole" but just bringing up "the past" in context of a discussion, the nerve of citing "scholars"....but that might push things more than already done.

This work is in the public domain