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News ::
Modern Concentration Camps
20 Jan 2002
Modified: 22 Jan 2002
A very chilling insight into the mindset of those in high places...

Modern Concentration Camps


Don Bradley

Recently, I sent out to the various news media an extremely small list of Concentration Camps recently built by the United States Government. As it happens, very few journalists acted upon the information and shared it with their listeners, viewers or readers. Of course ,once the information was made public, I've been slandered, attacked and called all sorts of names. How interesting it is that when we bring truth to our world, the messenger is killed, if only symbolically.

Many of us in the media have been aware of these hideous camps since their inception. It takes a look at the history of this century to know what will happen if they are populated. The heart shudders at such knowledge but ignoring it won't make it go away. The only answer is to get the information out there in the world and make our elected government answer.

I've personally visited these camps and taken pictures. They are REAL. They are manned. They have moats, motion sensors, inner beams to hide the main complexes, guards at the gates, electric gates, processing centers, and of course, high fences with razor wire and barbs, pointing inward - not outward -

but inward to KEEP PEOPLE IN.

The larger facilities are called golf courses or water treatment plants. When was the last time you saw a golf course ( Portland, Oregon ) with armed guards carrying M16's? Why do the larger facilities have smokestacks? Ever seen a crematorium? The smaller facilities are usually holding facilities, obviously designed for the short-term round ups prior to the hapless souls being shipped off to their final destination somewhere else.

You have to know that it was never my intention to uncover this information to frighten anyone or get publicity, as some may claim. As my readers are well aware, I stumbled across this stuff in research for a new book. I have a family and want to see them grow up with a father who is alive, not dead. Reporting this type of information has made me very unpopular with the government and I've been warned by the FBI to 'mind my own business. 'Unlike some of my contemporaries however, I've chosen to research these camp claims for myself.

I HAD to see them with my own eyes. They do exist. But the real question that needs to be asked - and fast - is why? Why are they being built? Who are they for? And why does the government deny their existence? A friend of mine and I discovered 32 camps in just one county in Colorado alone. You can drive right up to them. However, the Department of Corrections in Colorado, the Marshall's Office, the County Sheriffs office, and the Federal agencies all claim there is nothing at these sites except lonesome prairie. And that's just a flat out lie.

Because of the staggering amount of mail I've received on this, my friends in the media - what few there are who have the guts to print the truth - have allowed me to answer numerous questions regarding the camps. No one - not a single person - has reported this information on the TV or in the newspapers. Most of these questions are from the Internet by people who have read the research material and it is their questions that are being answered.

1)Why such a short list? This was a good question and I've given the reason much thought. We've uncovered over 700 camps so far. We have pictures to prove their existence. The answer is: We wanted to get as much of a complete listing as we possibly could before going public. The reason for that is obvious: you can't research very much when you are in jail on trumped up charges or dead, can you?

The other part of the answer is that we are still observing the construction going on there. For the most part we are very much watched ourselves when we visit them; we are stopped by armed men who ask to see our ID. This on public roads. Making a circus of these sites will only get innocent people killed. Know this; if you visit these camps you will end up under government surveillance, and these folks are not very kind. Also most of the construction on these facilities occurs at night. Why?

2)Locations? They seem to be popping up everywhere. For example in January of 1999, there were no camps in Fillmore California, now there are two ( March 1999.) They seem to ring around population centers for the most part, with many short term 'holding facilities' buried in the hills and dales around the inner cities. There are 53 camps in Southern California.

3)How do we determine that they are concentration camps? This one is easy .Have you ever seen a prison up close? They have certain features which are unmistakable from other types of buildings like schools or churches. Here are the determining factors, they must have:

i) Barbed wire or razor wire fences that point inward. Look at most security fences. The top portion points out to keep trespassers out. Prisons, labor camps and the like all have their fence tops pointing

in so that the inmates are greatly hampered in climbing them.

ii) Some type of guard facility that is defendable and wired with microwave transmitters.

iii) Armed guards parading around in golf pro shirts or department of water clothing. I wasnít aware that our utilities were arming their employees with MP5's and M16's.Even at the smallest facility we found five, count them, five armed guards in tactical gear.

iv) Tactical beams to hide the main complexes from the road. These also have moats, not yet filled with water, that surround the inner complex. The camp at Pearblossom is an excellent example of a full-service camp. The people go in but they don't come out.

4)What was all that nonsense about gun control? My research into concentration camps revealed that prior to each country's use of such things, they first disarmed their people with gun control propaganda.

It is a well known fact that the CIA created HCI ( Handgun Control Incorporated ) and that it is a

well-funded creature of the CIA. Why does the CIA want American citizens disarmed? That's the real question. You can't have a dictatorship or Martial Law if the voters are armed, can you?

5)I may be wrong but if so why is the government going to such lengths to hide these camps in orange groves and other disguises? Why are they tapping my phones, following me around, and then following the people I talk to? Why are the men and women in the media who are publicizing my research being called by people who are trying to discredit me as some kind of nut case?

6)Am I scared? Sure. Everyday of my life .But not for my own existence. Quite frankly after spending two years exposing Remote Viewing for the mind control sham that it is, I havenít been in good graces with the alphabet-soup agencies. I fear that this knowledge may be too little too late. Quite frankly, if we don't get some public awareness on this issue and soon, we might all be having some firsthand experience

with these camps. When they come for you in Martial Law, they round up those few journalists who are independent, Lawyers, History Professors, Constitutionalists, Minorities and anyone else who won't surrender their firearms. In addition, they have been compiling, since 1994, lists of people buying food weapons clothing, etc .Again, the question is why the lists? Why the camps? Why so many? Why the moats and electric fences? Why turnstiles that are color-coded for processing? Why are there angry white (I don't know why, but so far the guards we have run into have all been white males in their late twenties or early thirties ) guards carrying automatic weapons and telephoto cameras?


7)Will we ever have a complete list of these camps? Well, we are not sure if one will ever be completed.

We've been to places where there were only two camps ( El Canon City, February 1998 ) and went back five months later and there were seven camps. The camps in Colorado, by the way, are Huge in every sense of the word. These, it seems apparent, are the final destination or full-service camps. Also, I am only one man. It takes a lot of time and money ( both on ever short supply ) to research these things and I usually do it while traveling on other business. Plus having a gun shoved in your face tends to ruin your day. The camps around Utah and Arizona are the spookiest ones we've photographed. These are very clearly camps for the un-dead. All the full-service camps have rail spurs and landing strips adjacent to them.

8)What is the purpose of these camps? Read history. Camps hold people. They arenít prisons in the normal sense of the word. A prison has a hospital, a gym, food facilities, recreation yards, and cells for the inmates. Camps are like stockyards for humans. Very little shelter and a great deal of death.

9)What will be the governments reaction to this report? What it has always been: plausible deniability,

a phrase created by the covert agencies of this country. First, deny their existence. Then, if that fails,

explain it away with a limited hangout ( short for another lie, but this time with a small miter of truth.)

10)When were they built? By all indications, and since we've started looking at these things in early 1998, it appears most of the larger facilities were started around 1995 and are still being modified. The smaller holding type facilities are being rapidly built RIGHT NOW.

11)How can I find one in my area? It's rather easy, but you have to have two things: one, a mind that isnít sleeping or daydreaming. Two, a watchful eye. That's how we did it. We just started paying attention to our surroundings. The government counts on most folk not even knowing what is going on in their own neighborhoods. Also, start looking at the fringes of your city, as this seems to be where they like to place them. Look first for the fences pointing inwards, that's the most noticeable feature about the camps that you can usually see from the road.

12)Why were they built? That's the question, isnít it?

13)Isnít there some other explanation for them, like a new kind of cheap prison? Really? Would you want to be in a prison with no shelter, hospital, nor any other kind of formal living arrangements? Listen I wish these things didnít exist, I get sick every time I find another one.

14)Have you seen Elvis and where is he now? Sorry that's on another page, not this one. Please move on.

15)When will they start populating these camps? We don't know. But by all indications, they are being built up at a startling rate. That indicates a deadline has been set and they are trying to meet it.

Update Don Bradley

Since the release of the previous article, I've received a few invitations to speak about my experiences and even been invited on a few radio shows, which I've done. Some have asked me on only to discredit my research and are waiting for their own people to come back with some info that will explain away my findings. And still, there is silence from the media and our government about the creation and staffing of these camps. Why? Even if to deny the claims, why can't our elected officials meet with me and others from the press at these sites and explain their purpose, so we can all go back to sleep and watch more TV? Why not open the gates and let us inspect these places? If there is nothing to hide, then where's the problem?

I have received hundreds of letters in the last few weeks, with many containing new evidence of camps and other things that make our case even stronger. The nay-sayers don't seem to have any proof, except a foul mouth and opinion of those men and women who are looking for the truth Some, I believe are working for the agency, others are simply haters and denial people. Not liking what they hear, they simply won't see what any normal person can see with an open heart and an open mind.

Here are some of the answers to the many new questions raised by folk.

1) Yes. We do have photographs. A lot of them and yes, we will publish them. As I write we are collating them and getting ready to get them up on the internet.

2)Yes. We do receive help from many people in the Army and National Guard, who have given us location tips regarding these camps.

3)The holding camps - which are by nature, simply fences enclosing an open area - have little in the way

of facilities. These were areas already in existence ( reservoirs ) which have recently been modified with new barbed wire with the tops POINTING IN. These camps are lock stock - pens for cattle. Have you ever seen the stockyards? They are really just temporary areas for holding cattle. The holding camps are scattered everywhere, in all major cities, and our intelligence sources confirm that these are going to be used as some sort of interim roundup places where those gathered can be placed until they can be shipped off to somewhere else. Don't expect much in the way of guard towers and the like as they were never meant to be more than what they are.

4)For every major full service camp, there are probably twenty holding camps. Makes sense, doesnít it?

5)No. I do not believe these camps are for aliens. They are designed for human beings.

6)No. I have not seen UFO's around these camps.

7)Hundreds of officers from the Air Force and Army are leaving the service because they believe something is about to happen that they don't want to be part of. A friend of mine has a law practice with another lawyer in Colorado who helps officers with their discharges and in the last two years, they have seen a flood of men and women - all with horror stories - who are throwing away their careers to avoid something you don't want to know about. These men and women all have the same story. The US Government is going to declare Martial Law and take over the country by force, with the Military and Intelligence community running things. They intend to rid the country of twenty to thirty million people.

They have lists. They have plans. They are coming.

8)Yes, we have full location lists of camps from Florida to Alaska, but I've only seen those west of the Mississippi. Quite frankly, I just haven't the time to go and see them all.

9)No, I do not believe that UFO's are behind this. It is an intelligence/money/military cabal that is behind these camps. They have an agenda for us that is simply evil. I believe that the UFO situation is a smokescreen to keep us looking the other way. I do not doubt the veracity of UFO sightings, only the source of such machines.

10)The FBI, DIA, and NSA have been compiling lists of gun-owners, food stock-pilers, religious persons, new agers, patriots, etc. Why? Are these people destined for the camps? The answer is yes,

and more. They are looking for anyone who is not going to jump on the NWO bandwagon as someone to be dealt with. It's in their plans, the National Guard has been training for it, and notice how the commercials lately have been telling us how wonderful the National Guard is and how much we need these fellows. Also, the DEA and FBI have been training, since January of 1999, to do house to house search for guns. Why? Firearm ownership is still a right and is legal in this country, so why train en masse?

11)Yes, I do believe the media is a willing and co-operative accomplice with all that is coming. Know what conditioning is? Well it is happening to us right now, via the media. This explains why no one in the media is investigating these reports.

( Photo's of these camps are now here and here.

Extracted from the Seeker, PO Box 458, Devizes, SN10 1UL,Wiltshire, UK

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got my attention
20 Jan 2002
I think the hardest part is the waiting...
20 Jan 2002
From your command of language, I judge that you have no obvious thought disorder. And I certainly find nothing implausible about the idea that our rulers would build concentration camps to deal with any of us who get 'uppity' but can't be fitted up for processing by the conventional prison-industrial complex.

What bothers me about your thesis is that (a) you give no hard information apart from a photo that might be what that assistant PIO said it is; and (b) you previously published at shall I put this in a kindly way...a tinfoil-hat site. Those choices tend to diminish the credibility your careful language and subdued claims build up.

Can you reconcile the discrepancies? Provide better/more-persuasive information? Or even some actual information? Something?
reply to hmmmmm
20 Jan 2002
Well, how could he rectify the 'discrepency' of your second pointed observation? It see no discrepency, I see your comment as an bald faced Attempt to 'discredit' this mans charicter. Do you know the author personally? How about some respect.

My advice to you is take a look around, find the truth for yourself. Yes, that entails logging off the computer and actually going outside. Thats what i will do anyway.

Your first pointed arguement, I personally agree with, i'd like to see a little(or a lot) more in the way of fact.

I tkink if you look at this article

You make a comment about his subdued claims, and i wonder. Do you think it seems subdued in certain places for a reason?

What if this is not some trumped up story with a little info spawning it, but, a very subdued story with a mountain of evidence behind it?

An refrence was made in the article about pictures being put on the net. My advice to the author is to put ALL the pictures on the net. ALL the information you have gathered. Stop your sidestepping of fact and show us, i personally do not need to be spoonfed information in small incraments.
Here are some designated sites
20 Jan 2002
Yes...BELIEVE it..

Source: William Cooper's book "Behold a pale horse" ISBN 0-929385-22-5

Allanwood, Pennsylvania: linked to NYC by I-80. 400 ACRES and surrounded by a ten foot barbed wire fence. It now holds 300 minimum security convicts to keep it in shape. It has the capacity to hold 12,000.

El Reno, Oklahoma: On U.S. 66 West of the town 6 miles out.It is located within a rail siding. It is said that this facility can maintain a population of 20,000 or more.

Other locations.....Florence, Arizona....Tule Lake, California...Mill Point, West Virginia...Montgomery, Alabama...Greenvile, South Carolina...Tuscon, Arizona....
Avon Park, Florida....Elmendorf, Alaska.

This will go into effect when they finally decide when us (the sheep) are ready to shear.

It's all part of the New World Order.

For those of you who don't better be sure.
Bigger listing
20 Jan 2002
Here is a large listing, but in no way complete.

Opelika - WWII German/Italian POW camp. Under renovation.


Wilds of Alaska - east of Anchorage. No access by road, but there is a railway system. Facility holds 500,000 people. Projection: forced labor camp.


Florence - WWII German/Italian POW camp. Under renovation.

Ft. Huachua - 20 miles from Mexican border, 30 miles from Nogales Rex 84 Program. Projection: emergency custodial facility.

Pinal County, Gila River - Renovated WWII Japanese-American Special Internment detention facility.

12/9/99 Sedona - Top-secret United Nations (and/or U.S. military) secret military activity near the small tourist town of Sedona, Arizona.

Yuma County, Colorado River - Renovated WWII Japanese-American Special Internment detention facility.


Berryville FEMA facility - east of Eureka on Hwy 62. [near Tyson's property.]

Blytheville AFB - was closed; now a camp. Newly constructed wooden barracks surrounded by high barbed wire-topped fencing and guard towers.

Ft. Chaffee - has new aircraft runway and detention facility for 20,000 prisoners.

Jerome, Chicot/Drew Counties - Renovated WWII Japanese-American Special Internment detention facility.

Omaha FEMA facility - on Hwy 65, south of old wood processing plant, on a dirt road that leads to a toxic waste dump.

Rohwer, Descha County - Renovated WWII Japanese-American Special Internment detention center.


Ft. Irwin - Irwin is a remote mountain region south of Death Valley National Monument. Designated as inactive, there is a camp at this facility aprox. 30 miles from I-15 in Barstow.

Manzanar Camp, Inyo County - Deserted WWII Japanese-American Special Internment detention center

Oakdale - Rex 84 Program Emergency custodial facility. 90 miles east of San Francisco on Hwy 120. Holds a minimum of 15,000 people.

Tulelake, Modoc County - Renovated WWII Japanese-American Special Internment detention center.

Vandenberg AFB - Rex 84 Program Emergency custodial facility. Midway between San Lonis Obispo and Santa Barbara on Hwy 1, close to Hwy 101.


Granada, Prowers County - Renovated WWII Japanese-American Special Internment detention center.

Trinidad - WWII German/Italian POW camp. Under renovation.


Camp Krome - near Miami Dept of Justice detention and interrogation facility.

Elgin AFB - Rex 84 Program Emergency custodial facility. Over 50 miles long, extending from Pensacola Bay to Hwy 331 in De Funiak Springs, adjacent to I-10 on the north, and Ft. Walton Beach vacation spot.


Camilla, Mitchell County - FEMA facility on mount Zion road aprox. 5.7 miles south of Camilla. From Camilla, take Hwy 19 south, go 5.4 miles from 37/19 Junction to Mount Zion Road, turn left (east) on Mount Zion Road. Not manned or staffed yet.

Ft. Benning - Rex 84 Program Emergency custodial facility east of Columbia, near Georgia/Alabama state line. Prisoners may be brought in via Lawson Army airfield.

Morgan, Calhoun County - FEMA facility. Take I-75 Exit 32 to 300 South to Albany; then Hwy 234 to Morgan; go through Morgan on Hwy 45 South. Facility is 1.5 miles on right (west) side of Hwy 45. Fully manned and staffed, but no prisoners yet.

Oglethorpe, Macon County - FEMA facility 5 miles from Montezuma, 3 miles from Oglethorpe, on west side of Hwy 49. No staff or prisoners yet.

Unadilla, Macon County - FEMA facility on East Railroad Street 1.5 miles from Unadilla on County Rd 230. Plunket Road leads into the facility. Manned and staffed, but no prisoners yet.


Kooskia - 50 plus miles east, near Lolo Pass and Moose Creek, near a landing strip and a national forest. Unmanned.

Minidoka, Jerome County - Renovated WWII Japanese-American Special Internment detention center.


Marseilles - small facility on the Illinois River, on Hwy 6, off I-80, relatively close to Chicago. Holds 1400 prisoners. Surrounded by high barbed wire-topped fencing and guard towers.


Ft. Benjamin, Harrison - U.S. Army facility on the outskirts of Indianapolis.

Ft. Wayne - FEMA detention facility.

12/9/99 Grissom Air Force Base - The facility is surrounded by high barbed wire, and lights. These structures are readily visible from US 31.

Indianapolis - massive concentration camp facility on thousands of acres just outside Indianapolis. Includes barracks, razor wire-topped fencing, guard towers, turnstiles, railroad, helicopter landing pads; and what appears to be 3 large furnaces with 3-inch mains on one of the buildings. Under construction.

Terre Haute - FEMA detention facility.


Concordia - WWII German/Italian POW Camp. Under renovation.

Eldorado - Federal prison to be converted to UN forced labor facility. There are 2 that are run by the state: an honor camp by the lake, and a maximum security prison aprox. 1 mile east on US-54. Somewhere in the area is a WWII prison camp, but it has not been located yet.

Leavenworth - U.S. Marshall Federal Holding facility PFP.

Topeka - 80 acres converted to a holding camp for prisoners.


Lexington - FEMA detention facility.

Lonisville - FEMA detention facility.


Livingston - WWII German/Italian POW camp. Under renovation.


Houlton - WWII German/Italian POW camp. Under renovation.


Fort Devens - New prison a factory facilities and reservoir that have been built around the camp. It was constructed last year and the railroad had to reconstruct tracks into the prison from Canada and from Boston. Livingston


Bay City - on Saginaw Bay surrounded by high barbed wire-topped fencing and guard towers. Connected to Lake Huron. Prisoners may be brought in by water from either the U.S. or Canada.

Central MI - FEMA detention facility.

Detroit - FEMA detention facility.

12/9/99 Fort Custer (near Battle Creek, Michigan) - has a "Prison camp". Also have received reports of FEMA "Box cars" riding the rails through Battle Creek and making stops in or around Fort Custer.

12/9/99 Grayling, National Guard training base - reports of Latvian troops in large numbers (700+) stationed at Camp. All reportees are considered by this Intelligence officer as "very reliable".

Southwest MI - FEMA detention facility.


Hancock County - NASA facility on old toxic waste dump with 2 camps: one at the end of Kiln Road at Waveland, then the next road after Ammo Road at the Post Office; and one in the center of a rest station back from the Interstate.

[Inmates from the Hancock County Jail claim they have worked details involving the delivery of food to these camps under the supervision of UN guards. One individual claims that one of these camps is full of European men, women and children, all at the same compound. He said that the UN guards were severely beating prisoners, who appeared to be involved in forced labor. It is impossible to verify this information at this time.


Richards Gebaur AFB, Grandview - large civilian internment facility. AFB personnel are restricted from the area.

12/9/99 Warsaw - Unconfirmed report of a large concentration camp facility.


Northeast corner NE - FEMA detention facility.

Northwest corner NE - FEMA detention facility.

Scottsbluff - WWII German/Italian POW camp. Under renovation.

South-central Hastings - FEMA detention facility.


Elco - prison facility 10 miles from Elco.

Las Vegas - From Range Road and Las Vegas Blvd North, across from Nellis AFB, go west on Range Road aprox. 7 miles. Go under I-15 and you'll see a new 6-foot high chain link fence and sliding road gate. Signs say "RESTRICTED AREA. AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY". Approx. 1 mile after that is the Nevada National Guard compound, and the camp is on the right next to the RR tracks.

Reno - 150 miles south on east side of road, 150 yards from road.

Wells - 40 miles north of Wells in O'niel Basin Area, 25 miles west off Hwy 93.

Winnemucca - at I-80 mile marker 112, 3/4 miles off the road on the south side, near the base of the mountains.

New Mexico

12/9/99 Fort Stanton - currently being used as a youth detention facility approximately 35 miles north of Ruidoso, New Mexico. We do not have a great deal of information concerning the Lordsburg location. However, we have been informed by several people at Holloman AFB near Alamogordo, NM that a new facility was just completed there a few months ago.

12/9/99 White Sands - Missile Range: is being used as a storage facility for United Nations Vehicles and equipment. We have seen them bring this material in on the Whitesands rail spur in Oro Grande New Mexico about thirty miles from the Texas, New Mexico Border.

12/9/99 Holloman AFB - is being very quickly taken over by the German Luftwaft, and they have been doing extensive building, destroying many of the USAF building that have been there for several years.


Albany - FEMA detention facility.

Buffalo - FEMA detention facility.

Ft. Drum - upstate New York near St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario, close to Canada. Probable location for eastern processing for prisoners. Both waterways may be used for transport.

Watertown - FEMA detention facility.


Cincinnati - FEMA detention facility

Cleveland - FEMA detention facility.

Columbus - FEMA detention facility.

Lima - FEMA detention facility.


McAlester - WWII German/Italian POW camp. Under renovation.

Tinker AFB, Oklahoma City - civilian detention facility. AFB personnel are prohibited from going near the area, which is under constant guard.

Will Rogers Airport - new FEMA facility. Probable processing center for prisoners west of the Mississippi River.


12/9/99 Sheridan - FEMA detention center

12/9/99 Portland - reports that rail boxcars are being built in by FMC corp. that are prisoner transport cars with 144 shackle stations per car.

12/9/99 Umatilla - Prison cells spotted.


Camp Hill - off I-15, close to Cumberland Army Depot and Camp Hill correctional facility, across the navigable Susquehanna River from Harrisburg.

Ft. Indiantown Gap Military Reservation - WWII POW camp north of Harrisburg. Renovated by President Jimmy Carter for Cubans during the Mariel boatlift.


Crossville - WWII German/Italian POW camp. Under renovation.

12/9/99 Nashville - There are two buildings in Nashville, TN built on State property - that are definitely built to hold prisoners. They are identical buildings - side by side.


Amarillo - FEMA detention facility.

12/9/99 Beaumont Port Arthur area - thousands of acres of federal camps already built on the order of detention camp sesign complete with the double row chain link fencing with the razor styled concertina wire on top of each row. Some but not all of these facilities are currently being used for low-risk prisoners who require a minimum of supervision. However, any of these facilities could be returned into an armed internment detection center within a 24-hr. period.

12/9/99 Ft. Bliss, El Paso - Been undergoing extensive renovation of buildings and from what we have been able to see, many of these buildings that are being renovated are being surrounded by razor wire.

Ft. Hood - newly constructed concentration camp. Surrounded by high barbed wire-topped fencing and guard towers.

Mexia - WWII German/Italian POW camp. Under renovation.

Princeton - WWII POW camp on north side of Denton Hwy. Under renovation.

12/9/99 Ft. Worth - Federal prison under construction on the old Carswell AFB.


Millard County - in central Utah, Renovated WWII Japanese-American Special Internment detention center.

Camp Williams, Skull Valley - west of the old bombing range in the south/southwestern portion of Camp Williams. Discovered by a man and his son while rabbit hunting. They were discovered and apprehended.

Utah Lake - 15 miles south of Saratoga Recreation Center 200-300 yds off the road. Surrounded by 40-50-foot high black wire. Made to look something like a golf driving range.


Camp A.P. Hill


Okanogan County - site for massive concentration camp, bordering Canada. Will be capable of holding hundreds of thousands of prisoners.

12/9/99 Seattle/Spokan West of Vantage - Prison cells spotted.


Central WI - FEMA detention facility.

Ft. McCoy - Rex 84 Program Emergency custodial facility in western WI, 30 miles east of Lacrosse, between the point where 90 and 94 intersect.


East Yellowstone - manned facility. Investigators were apprehended by Foreign soldiers. They were unable to identify the language used by the soldiers.

North-central WY - FEMA detention facility.

Park County, Hart Mountain - Renovated WWII Japanese-American Special Internment detention center.

Southeastern WY - FEMA detention facility.

Southwestern WY - FEMA detention facility.

They are waiting. It's only a matter of time.
Thanks for the info
21 Jan 2002
I read this and replied earlier today, then i went for a drive and took a look around my hometown. I know my town well and i had a good idea where i would find one of these 'holding facilities' if there was one. I live in a city actually, of about 100,000 people, my city is located at the junction of 3 major highways so i figured 'my backyard' would be a good place to start my search. Guess what, ....i found a site with inward pointing barbed wire right along the RR tracks. There was one of those aluminum buildings inside the fence, fairly large too. The funny thing is, there were no signs informing me as to what the place is. Only no tresspassing signs, you know the kind, it quotes the law under which punishment for trespassing falls. I'm going to go back tomorrow and write down the #'s and look it up. It was dark and cold when i found the place so i figured to go back on the morrow. Another strange thing is that it was right where i thought it would be actually. Almost like i knew it was there. I heard some about this maybe 5 years ago on a syndicated radio show called 'we the people'. I remember looking for strange things whenever i took the train, i think i know where there are more possible sites. I'm going to focus on the one here at home first, there is no guard station but the inward pointing barbed wire and the lack of signs to identify the structure has me wondering.
replying to Stephen
21 Jan 2002
"Well, how could he rectify the 'discrepency' of your second pointed observation? It see no discrepency, I see your comment as an bald faced Attempt to 'discredit' this mans charicter. Do you know the author personally? How about some respect."

It does you no credit to mistake healthy skepticism for unthinking dismissal. People who post to tinfoil-hat sites as he did always run the risk of having their claims dismissed out of hand. His writing, however, was not overheated and had nothing implausible in it. It simply lacked any verifiable support for his many scary claims. So I withheld judgement. That's good science.

Now we appear to have more information, though still not especially verifiable. I live near Boston -- I would be happy (if that's the word I want) to drive to any alleged camps in this area, take good photos, estimate the sizes of the compounds, investigate who seems to be running them and why, and then report back here...but there are no sites within reasonable distance of Boston. So I can make no progress either way. Are people who live closer to the named sites going to volunteer to investigate them in a careful way?

We need hard data. Until then, all we really have is fear rumours and I'm not being insulting or dismissive in acknowledging that.
22 Jan 2002
yeah, there is one at Ft. Devens in Ayer so the new info says. I'm going to keep an eye on the one 'possible' i found near my house. Ayer is close to me as well, so i might check it out but i really have no reason to be on Devens property so i may not. I'm assuming it is not in the indusrial part of Devens.

Sorry i took your words the wrong way. :)
ooops! how did I miss Ft. Devens???
22 Jan 2002
Thanks for pointing out the Ft. Devens entry, Stephen. Somehow I missed it repeatedly. Okay, I'll take my camera and go see whether I can get anywhere. I'll report back regardless.