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Commentary :: International
Holocaust denials
15 Dec 2005
A commentary on Indymedia
The President of Iran has gone on file, twice, queationing the authenticity of the Holocaust. Yet there is no commentary on this in Indymedia.

Because you agree.

You see, in spite of all the people who say that Zionism is not Judiasm and that being anti-Zionist/pro-Palestinian is not the same as being anti-Jewish, you are actually anti-Jewish. In your quest to support the underdog, the Jews are a constant annoyance, an underdog that won't be oppressed or forced to be mediocre. They're a convenient foil for your actions, as they have been for thousands of years. Your hatred for them makes it easy to believe that ten million people simply vanished from Europe, that Treblinka and BergenBelsen were just labor camps, and that those pictures were all fabricated.

Intellectual dishonesty should never get this far. But it can, because your need to be right is so great.

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"Because you agree."
15 Dec 2005
Ah, no, I don't agree. I also don't think that the words of the president of Iran are worth anything. Every president elected in Iran since their "revolution" has started out by proving he is an anti-Semite and an anti-American. The newest president of Iran is no acception.

Given that I live in a time and in a country where every day I learn of a few dozen horrible things my government is doing, do you really think I have the time and energy to waste on the words of the president of Iran? Really now!

Perhaps if the president of Iran had done something newsworthy, like embrace the people of Israel with statements of love and peace, the deviance from the normal pattern of things would have been enough to envoke a comment or two. However, the president of Iran making a comment denying the Holocaust is about as interesting as Bush driving around in his pickup truck on his ranch. It is exactly what you would expect.
Re: Holocaust denials
15 Dec 2005
Well, since Zionists use the alligations of holocaust to solicite support for thier bloodsoaked crusade from international interloapers (democraps and republitrash being 2 groups of those) , then it would be irresponcible not to question the holocaust alligation's veracity. Not that IF the alligations were true would mean Zionists really DO have some alleged birthright of murderous theft of Palestinian lands. What has happened thousands of miles away from Palestine are supposed to give Zionists a birthright of murderous theft, SOMEHOW. Not that anyone is willing to explain HOW.

Pictures exist? Of what??? "those pictures". what do you think you see in those pictures??? Look closely.
Re: Holocaust denials
15 Dec 2005
Last I checked the ADL had not issued a statement condemning the US backed coup in Haiti. This, by your reasoning, someperson, means that Abe Foxman and his followers hate black people and have long resented the slave rebellion that led to the formation of the first African-American state.

You do see how absurd this, and your arguments are, right?
Re: Holocaust denials
15 Dec 2005
What does the Clintonista backed coup in haiti have to do with Israel?
Re: Holocaust denials
15 Dec 2005
So who's denying them a holocaust? If they want a holocaust, Let's give em one.
Re: Holocaust denials
16 Dec 2005
just for the record TheTroll is indeed an anti-semite, but is not leftist/progressive and does not share the core values of indymedia's target readership (hence "The Troll")...
Re: Holocaust denials
16 Dec 2005
I am not anti-semetic. I just hate murderous thieves.

If you choose to be an appeaser or even an enabler of murderous thieving Zionists, just because they are jews then that is YOU showcasing YOUR prejudices.
Re: Holocaust denials
16 Dec 2005
Jews Squawk
Zionists Squawk Squawk
Jews jews jews Squawk Squawk Squawk Squawk
Palestinians are peaceful Squawk
Jews Squawk Squawk Squawk
Zionists zionism Israel SquawkSquawkSquawkSquawkSquawkSquawk
Re: Holocaust denials
16 Dec 2005
The Supreme Ruler of Iran is a Man of Peace.
So what if he hates Jews? Who doesn't?
It's currently in vogue among the "liberal" "progressive" community....(once again)
Re: Holocaust denials
16 Dec 2005
The supreme ruler of Iran understands that the Zionist's bloodsoakedmurderous theft of Palestine is no more equatable with PEACE than the Nazi's bloodsoaked murderous theft of thier neighbor's homelands could be equated with PEACE. He also thinks the only way to liberate Palestine from the murderous thieving ZIonist crusaders is to drive them out of Palestinian lands. Well duh. Can you think of ANY other ways to liberate palestine from murderous thieving Zionist crusaders???

And maybe the supreme ruler of Iran does hate Jews. Would that change a dmaned thing about the ZIonist's bloodsoaked crusade??? Would the supreme ruler of Iran's alleged hatred of Jews give Zionists even MORE of thier alleged birthright of murderous theft of Palestinian lands??? Maybe 800 years ago, the rulers of Iran hated Christians. Would that have given allegedly Christian crusaders even more of a right to be murderous thieves of the same lands??? No, that sounds as stupid as when you villify Iran's supreme ruler.

Feel free to chime in on ANY of my points, because when you FAIL to, it only makes you look MORE shallow than when I trash YOUR vacant hate speech.

Some shills would have you believe that the Zionist's bloodsoaked war of conquest can be equated with peace IF ZIonists are appeased by interloapers. Well, the Nazi's murderous theft of Czechoslovakia was appeased, and NOBODY confuses the Nazis' murderous theft of Czechoslovakia with PEACE. Why would ANYONE confuse the offense of Zionists with PEACE??? Come on, you can tell us. Don't be shy when you clearly are not shy about scapegoating the Zionist's Palestinian victims for the Zionist's war of conquest creating hostilities, hatreds and violence.
Beware of foaming-at-the-mouth anti-semites.
16 Dec 2005
Often it is a shill hoping to gain the confidence of an anti-Zionist only to turn her/his name over to the JDL. Seen it before.
Re: Holocaust denials
16 Dec 2005
You're right, the Troll is a JDL adl Zionist mossad operative trying to fool the anti-zionists and lull them into a false sense of security in their anti-semitism. Once they tip their hand, they're turned over to the darkest Jewish forces and made to eat things that are KOSHER....
Re: Holocaust denials
16 Dec 2005
You sure do seem dependant on alligations. Don't you have something of actual substance??? ANYTHING??? MUST you prove my point so definativly, as you run away from not only MY suppositions, but YOUR OWN too?

Jokes? Oh sure. You make jokes as you run away. Fine to me that you make yourself look so flacid.

Thanks for being so vacant of substance and so transparent in your prejudices. You make it so easy to expose your offensive beliefs.
Re: Holocaust denials
16 Dec 2005
By alligations, I mean female alligators.
Re: Holocaust denials
19 Dec 2005
Dear Supporter,

As we enter this holiday season and reflect on what gives us joy in our lives, I want to ask you to take just a moment to rekindle Jewish resistance against injustice. We’re in a time when the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is no longer a regular feature on the front pages. We face the danger of forgetting that homes continue to be demolished at alarming rates; the Wall continues to be built, separating Palestinians from their land and from one another; settlements continue to be expanded on Palestinian land.

Many people who are close to us have found it too painful to face a Palestinian child whose home has been destroyed, or a Palestinian family losing their farm to the Wall. Who can blame them? It’s so much easier to lull yourself to sleep to the mainstream media’s narrative than to do what you’ve done – face an uphill battle, often with your community, your family, and the society that we live in. Thank you for supporting us with your courage. I hope that you’ll also consider a gift to JVP, to help us build on our work for 2006.

Over the years, it’s the tenacity of our supporters and activists that have helped us grow into a powerful voice in the Jewish community. Just last week, we confronted CAMERA, a right-wing Boston-based Jewish organization, for distorting our stance on selective divestment and the Caterpillar campaign. They have issued a harsh critique of the new Spielberg movie, partly because the film’s screenwriter, Tony Kushner, is on JVP’s Advisory Board. We’re proud to be the cause of their criticism – our work is shaking up ossified and out-dated notions of what it means to be Jewish in America.

By supporting us, you’ve helped Jews all over the world re-evaluate our definition of what it means to be Jewish. By being willing to face the pain that Palestinians and Israelis suffer every day, we take nothing for granted about who we are and what we stand for. When I first started working against injustice in Israel-Palestine, my parents and I found ourselves uncomfortably on opposing sides during a demonstration. Now, years later, they’ve come to understand that I do this work from a deep commitment to the best in what the Jewish people stand for – justice, human dignity, equal rights for people everywhere, and truth, no matter how painful to disclose.

I have the strength to continue to fight for justice because I know that we have thousands of Jewish and non-Jewish supporters standing with us. The support of both affirms that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not just a Jewish problem to solve. I hope that you’ll consider giving to JVP in time for the New Year. Thank you in advance for your gift.

Liat Weingart
Co-Director, Jewish Voice for Peace
Re: Holocaust denials
19 Dec 2005
"Israeli-Palestinian conflict"? What does that mean? I guess you mean the Zionist's offensive war of conquest in Palestinian lands which has yet to see Zionists stop stealing palestinian lands or hesitate to murder Palestinians who resist Zionist offenses or are just in the wrong place as defined by ZIonist crusaders.

"Israeli-Palestinian conflict" sounds too prejudiced as it implies the palestinians have a choice of wether or not they are a part of the "conflict." Well, Palestinians didn't ask for murderous thieving ZIonist crusaders to be murderous thieves of Palestinian lands. ZIonists forced the "conflict" onto our Palestinian neighbors. How about cleaning up your ACT???

Makes you wunder what the JVP has as it's true agenda. Are you trying to take support away from legitimate PEACE activities?

Did you mean to scapegoat the Palestinians???