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Commentary :: Human Rights : International : Organizing : Politics
Impeach the Liar-in-Chief
08 Jan 2006
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The generation of American leaders who fought the American Revolution and crafted the United States Constitution examined the most important issues of government. They considered (1) war and peace, (2) the limits to government power vs. individual liberties, (3) how officeholders should be controlled by the citizenry and (4) the raising and management of public money. That generation devised impeachment to remove tyrants and corrupt officeholders from positions of public power based on their experience under the government of King George. Under the present circumstances, it is likely that they would vote to impeach and remove from office George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

Bush deserves to be known as Liar-in Chief because he has not been honest with the American public on the most important issues of public policy for the past 5 years of his government. It is amazing that Republicans in Congress were willing to impeach President Bill Clinton over lying about an essentially personal issue over his sex life but are defenders of Bush when he is dishonest on the most important issues of government and public policy.

Bush and Cheney were dishonest with the American voters when they pushed the American nation into the invasion and occupation of Iraq. They did not share the full information collected by our intelligence agencies on WMD's with all the members of Congress or the voters. Cheney and Bush dishonestly tied Saddam Hussein with the 9-11 terrorist attacks on the United States to justify their unjustifiable war policy.

The Bush Administration intentionally mislead the American public over the use of the excessive government powers granted the federal government by the falsely-named Patriot Act. They claimed that these powers would only be used to fight terrorism. It has mostly been used for matters unrelated to terrorism. It has almost never been used to fight terrorism.

Bush falsely stated that wiretaps under his government were only being conducted under authorization of the federal courts. This was false. Bush violated the law by not getting court authorization for his wiretapping of American citizens. This has not been done since the government of Richard Nixon. Nixon was driven from office based in large part because of this behavior. Bush broke the law passed in the aftermath of Watergate to prevent this kind of governmental abuse of power. Carter and Clinton permitted wiretaps of a handful of foreigners who were agents of foreign governments. Bush wiretapped thousands of American citizens without proven connections to terrorism.

Bush and Cheney have repeatedly lied to the American taxpayers over the impact of their program of excessive tax breaks to the Super Wealthy who have financed their political machine. During the 2000 Presidential Election, they promised tax breaks for the wealthy only because our government was in surplus because of the wise management of President Clinton. They stated that they would not support tax cuts if the government budget was in deficit. This was false. They promised a balanced budget but gave use the largest budget deficits in history. They have spent money in the most reckless manner of any American government in history with huge amounts going to their political supporters with much accountability or plan to pay the bills.

These issues are certainly not the only issues of public policy were the Bush Administration has not been fully honest. Campaign finance, voting machines, media concentration, oil policy, disaster relief, environmental issues, judicial appointments and most other important issues have been things that were spun by the Bush Administration without little regard for being fully truthful with the American citizens.

Our Founding Fathers would not have approved of Bush concerning his honesty or his abuse of the powers of his office. They would have exercised their power of impeachment to remove both Bush and Cheney from office if they were serving in Congress today. Current members of Congress should act the same.
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Re: Impeach the Liar-in-Chief
08 Jan 2006
Too late. Bill Clinton was already impeached.
Re: Impeach the Liar-in-Chief
08 Jan 2006
Who else can recall how after Clinton's lies about SEX were known, people could legaly call him a liar and not face a slander law suit? How many slander suits has Bush filled agaist ANY of the multitude who now call him a liar openly and without fear of facing a law suit??? There are none that I am aware of. How about it Sid, do you know of ANY???

Like a soldier on lookout for snipers, sometimes it is what you don't see that holds the most relivance to how well you are doing. Saying Clinton was a liar just shows how shallow one would be in trying and failing to defend Bush's lies.

Weak. WEAK! Too bad you have nothing of substance and resort to changing the subject. Tactics are so pathetic and pathological.
Re: Impeach the Liar-in-Chief
09 Jan 2006
Ok, let's review:
1. Clinton lied about Aidid being a threat to the United States National interest in Somalia so he changed a humanitarian mission into a search and destroy. nineteen Soldiers got killed and three thousand Somalis got killed in one evening. In reality Aidid was no threat except that if he became president or dictator of Somalia, he would control the vast oil reserves that are largely untapped off the coast of Somalia. Exxon made large donations to Clinton's campaign fund. Then Clinton lied and said that the mission was a success and pulled our troops out.

2. In 1994 Clinton lied about Saddam Hussein had Weapons of Mass destruction. He built up troops along the border with Kuwait because he claimed that Saddam was ready to invade again. Another lie. Exxon domated large amounts of money to Clinton's campaign fund.

3. Clinton lied about ethnic cleansing in Kosovo. He bombed for 75 days. Thousands of Albanians died as a result.

4. Clinton lied about macedonia being a threat to European security (like we should care) he sent troops into Macedonia.

5. Clinton lied again about Saddam Hussein having Weapons of Mass Destruction 1n 1997 and bombed Baghdad for three days. More donations from Exxon.

6. Clinton finally lied under oath before a grand jury. Like Al Capone, he was finally brought to trial for his more mundane crime. But a crime none the less.

Enough for you ?
Re: Impeach the Liar-in-Chief
09 Jan 2006
As a Libertarian, NO, it isn't enough for me. I like it when one side suggests thier side is innocent because the other is crap too. It really shows how shallow they really are. So you see, it isn't "Too late", just because Clinton was impeached for lying, is it???

Well, is it really "too late"??? Or are you just pushing tactics because you have no substance to back up your supposition.

I'll even help you out. Clinton's lies ALSO got many people killed. Now, are you going to help a libertarian out and call Bush a liar as so many others have??? No? I thought not.
Re: Impeach the Liar-in-Chief
10 Jan 2006
Re: Impeach the Liar-in-Chief
10 Jan 2006
I have to laugh at libertarians. You make up your philosophy as you go along. You and Jay Severin can continue to go about with you illogical "if it feels good and doesn't hurt anybody, then do it" philosophy. The rest of us -even I dare say Democrats - who are thinking and reasoning beings, will continue to laugh at you. Glad to see that you're one of Jay's best and brightest.
Re: Impeach the Liar-in-Chief
10 Jan 2006
Long live Jay!
Good thing he is back on the air to tell it like it is! He was missed!
Re: Impeach the Liar-in-Chief
10 Jan 2006
The idea of not wanting our utopian ideas to harm others or your (both parties) utopian ideas to harm others does not change even when the circomstances change. Its a good thing the constitution is on our side, and a bad thing that all 3 branches of government fail to do thier duties.

And thanks for running away from the question. You didn't explain how it is "too late" so I guess we would be right to assume you are just a LIAR and trying to muddy the waters.

LIAR LIAR, Sid is a LIAR. Nanner nanner poo poo, stick your head in doo doo. You LIED. It isn't "too late" and you been busted out as a LIAR. Now, we can ALL call you a LIAR and not face a slander suit. LIAR! LIAR! Sid is a LIAR.
Re: Impeach the Liar-in-Chief
10 Jan 2006
Wow, that was some childish nonsense there!
Re: Impeach the Liar-in-Chief
10 Jan 2006
Childish, yes. Nonsense??? Do you not know the definition of nonsence? IT is no sence. Was there really no sence in my post???

Back to Sid.

Sid is a dirty lie-whore. Sid is a dirty lie-whore. Sid claims Democraps are ALSO "thinking and reasoning" people. Why is that Sid??? Is it because they use the same lame ass rationalization you use and run away from. "Oh, the democraps do it too, and even though we bust thier chops over it, thier doing it means that when we do it too, then it isn't a treasonous offense."

Twice I busted out Sid for his pathetic tactics and twice he ran away from his own suppositions. Isn't that real "childish nonsence" since it is both childish and has NO sence. Shit, the second time he ran away from his own supposition, he did so sqeeling like a scalded dog, slandering libertarians as he ran away.

And to correct his nonsence," if it feels good and doesn't hurt anyone else, don't give the cops ANOTHER reason to stick a gun in your neighbor's face and trash thier lives just because they don't choose to live up to the majority's utopian fantasies" would be a much more accurate analogy.
I have fun with fools too
10 Jan 2006
It's back to video games for me. Snigger snigger.
Re: Impeach the Liar-in-Chief
10 Jan 2006
Wow, I'll leave you alone in your little tirade.

Good luck and have a safe/quiet day!
It's not a tumor
10 Jan 2006
Well, golly gee willikers, veteran. Besides bi-partisan politics and a kindergarden class, where else can you hear the "He started it" defense???

besides, since you seem to be more suited to the kindergarden cop role than I ever could even imagine of being ( "childish", you caught on real quick ), I am going to be true to form and join in on the meylay (PS, since you chose the role for yourself, correct my spelling of meylay for me, snigger snigger).

"little tirade"??? Dude, I live for the tirade. Sid started it. Snigger snigger.
Re: Impeach the Liar-in-Chief
10 Jan 2006
Go in peace, my agitated brother! :)