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Commentary :: Human Rights
Death Don't Worry About It!
10 Jan 2006
With us all about to enter a time of vast destruction and death not seen since the second world war I thought this might be worth sharing.
The greatest tragedy in life is not death;
the greatest tragedy takes place when our talents and capabilities are underutilized and allowed to rust while we are living.


Cast in a net of fear with no more substance than the dark

Imprisoned in a ghost haunted by nothing to a spark

Pain the nature of the clouds gathering upon the Sun

But when the clouds have gone you will see the shining One


Death Don’t Worry About It

The fact that such an important and significant event as one’s death can hardly be approached as a topic of discussion in our society; supports my point about the power of delusion or denial. We need to talk about it and remove the emotional charge that has been built up around it because of our denial that death even exists in our society. Again denial allows one to think that death is something that only happens to other people. It happens to us all, this experience of death; but the truth is what really dies is the illusion of death. Once you are dead you realize you really didn’t need that body after all. There are literally thousands of cases of persons returning to the physical body after experiencing clinical death that will happily explain the fact that death is nothing to fear.
The body itself is a vehicle, the perfect vehicle for you to experience the unfolding of the karma for which this birth has been taken. The purpose of taking birth on this planet is to offer the soul the opportunity to evolve. The soul can only evolve during life on this planet, when it is in the subtle realms between having a physical body and waiting to take up another body no evolution is possible. Evolution only happens on the physical level of the matrix. Take the example of going to bed when your bedroom is a disaster with things thrown everywhere. Is it suddenly going to be in order and clean when you wake up? No. So why would anyone think that everything suddenly gets resolved with death?
When a person’s consciousness is withdrawn into the subtle body during sleep it experiences various scenes that belong to that subtle plane. The subtle or astral plane has many levels, all vibrating at various frequencies. The higher astral planes vibrate at a higher frequency than the lower astral realms. It is from the higher subtle realms that are bright, inspirational and creative, that some of our inspirational music and art find their source. These subtle realms are just as real to the astral body as the physical world is to the physical body. The lower astral realms are the places in which you will find various forms of hell, dreaded creatures, monsters, and evil entities of many varieties. These places do exist and are not just the imaginings of a child. The fact that a child doesn’t identify as much with the physical body as adults do, may account for them being more open to the influences of these realms and the fear they radiate.
Allow me to stress the importance of the word vibration, because absolutely everything is affected by it. Understanding the importance of vibration and consciousness will help you to gain insights that might otherwise pass you by. All the actions, intentions, thoughts, feelings, traumas of a physical, emotional or mental nature are etched upon the subtle body, and embedded in the sushumna or subtle tube that runs the length of the spine. Not only the impressions of this lifetime but even those of all our previous lives exist there at the subtle level. Even on a physical level subtle traces of events are left as a subtle residue. That is why places where spiritual activities have taken place, feel peaceful and inspiring and places where acts of violence have happened feel cold and evoke fear. The sum-total of one’s experiences vibrates in the subtle body and in turn vibrates in the aura surrounding and permeating the physical body.
That is why you will feel a vibe from someone and think there is something creepy or beautiful about that person before they open their mouth. Some people think of it as a gut feeling or something to be ignored as mere imagination to be given little if any credit. Please, always give full credit to your intuition or the vibe you get from people; it could literally save your life. Don’t second-guess yourself! This exchange between the subtle bodies, that happens as two people’s auras intersect; allows for an exchange of information. That information should be an important part of your overall assessment of a person. Anyone who would not want you to realize this reality must have a reason for denying that reality exists. The advantage of having you deny your own intuition, serves others not you.
The exchange of energy and information on a subtle level, is also the reason that pregnant mothers get unusual cravings. The developing body is also the place where the subtle body, on the subtle or astral level of the incarnating soul hangs out. The connection caused by the close proximity of each being’s subtle body allows for a sharing of information on the feeling level between each other. This is also the reason no one knows their child like their mother. A mother knows very well the kind of soul she is carrying and introducing to the world. It may also contribute to the desire to abort at some point because she does not want to be responsible for bringing this particular entity into her world or the world at large.
Even though the awaiting entity hangs out near the developing fetus it does not actually connect its consciousness to the physical body until it takes the first breath. It may at some point be decided on the subtle level that there are better circumstances that have become available that would better suit this particular soul so they leave. On the physical level this accounts for what is termed a stillborn birth. The problem with stillborn births is that the mother is sometimes left with feelings of guilt and inadequacy. These are feelings that can lead a person into a sense of unworthiness and shame. Women who have had stillborn births have to learn that it was no fault of theirs that the entity did not come to term with her. It does not mean that she has done anything wrong or is somehow being punished by God. The worst possible prison is guilt, so one must be free of it. Always move towards love; always try to make the choice that is most loving to yourself and others. It was simply a matter of finding a better match for that soul’s unfolding karma.
This exchange of energies on the subtle level is also the reason that Reiki is an effective means of healing. The Reiki practitioner allows the healing energy to circulate and support healing in the individual who has a karmic condition that needs to be healed. There are literally thousands of subtle arteries that run throughout the physical body and connect at hubs or centers called chakras. The subtle body is the vibrating matrix out of which the physical body is created, that is why it is the perfect vehicle for each person’s individual karma. Withdraw the subtle body and the physical soon decays and returns to the elements. The fact that the subtle body has been mapped out in part by the Chinese allowed them to develop acupuncture, and serves to heal people despite denials by western medicine that says we are nothing but a physical body. The western model of healing is based on the slice, dice and drug model designed to support the investments of the Rockefellers after the break up of Standard Oil. It was never meant to be anything but a money making venture. Any healing that took place was an inadvertent consequence not the original justification of its creation as they would have you believe. It also explains why so much money was put into stamping out homeopathic remedies, herbal remedies and anything else that they couldn’t profit from or control. Doctor’s who would once do house visits and care for the well being of patients became the official drug pushers for the pharmaceutical companies.
The premise of western medicine and science is that it has to be proved through the senses, knowing full well the limitations of the senses and the fact the senses are faulty at best. They know even the perception of animals operates beyond the limitations of our senses. Again the vested interests of certain defenders of the status quo becomes apparent. Chemical companies who make the poisons that cause cancers and make us sick are the same companies who make chemicals to relieve our pain. Oh how compassionate. It is much easier to extort money from a dying person if they think that death is the absolute end of the journey, than it would be to try and extort money from someone who knows better. They might be more inclined to say, “it’s been a slice, keep your poison, I’ll be back!”
People have bought into the idea of a certain finality regarding death. I find it amazing that some have found fear such a useful tool of control, manipulation and profit. It is my hope that the information presented will have a two-pronged affect. The first is to destroy this idea that death is somehow the end of our being, and undermine in every way possible the status quo approach to living. The status quo serves the interests of the few; and we need to serve the interests of the many.
There is a certain process that follows physical death that should be understood by anyone interested in the subject. This will help to alleviate one’s fear around the idea that death is the end.
First, think about how you lay down and go to sleep. You feel tiredness overwhelming you so you close your eyes and before long you are no longer aware of your physical body. If you are not dreaming or in the subtle body you have entered deep sleep or the casual body. When our consciousness turns inward and we rest for awhile in the casual body, then we feel rejuvenated when we wake up. Yet how did you know you were in deep sleep? Who witnessed the fact that your sleep was deep and not disturbed? That witness is the fourth body or the Self, it bears witness to all the activities of all the other bodies all the time, it never sleeps. It is your real Self. It is the indestructible aspect of yourself that the controlling manipulators vigorously deny exists. The casual body is the seed body that contains within it all of our desires and attachments, the residual affects of all our actions both good and bad, a virtual storehouse of karma.
When the physical body is left behind and the subtle body has detached itself after the last breath, it again withdraws into the casual body for a time. Then in due time one gets drawn through the subtle tube into the light of the realm of ancestors and one gets to spend some time with those we have loved that have also passed on from the earth plane. One may also experience a review of one’s life with a benevolent loving Being, looking over your shoulder so to speak. We get to see not only the decisions we made but also how those decisions impacted others. One gets to re-experience in detail the feelings associated with every decision you made, and the motivations that were at play when action was initiated. One of the reasons rebirthing is such an extraordinary tool of transformation is because it to allows one to examine events in our life from a subtle level of being and understand the connections that formed the decisions that let to those events.
One’s social status means nothing, one’s wealth for the sake of having wealth means nothing, and all the things that kept us living like a squirrel in a running cage mean nothing upon leaving the physical body behind. You will get to see in absolute clarity that the only thing that has any real significance is love. Small acts of kindness you didn’t really pay attention to suddenly have more value than all the wealth on the planet. How you loved others and yourself is the only currency that is given recognition. The final result being that we will be sent back to take up a body that will allow us to experience the fruits of our karma whether bitter or sweet. Just as the subtle body will gravitate towards a subtle plane with which it finds resonance; so to will the subtle body gravitate towards a family and circumstances, that resonate with its karmic needs.
Many people who already know reincarnation is a fact of our evolution; take for granted that we will always return to the level of human birth and take human form again automatically. Just as we are given the opportunity to evolve, we are given the opportunity to devolve and there are many that do. Take for instance the person who allows desire and delusion to lure him into drugs that promise pleasure and endless fun. In the beginning everything seems to be fine. Then slowly things slide downhill a bit, but with more drugs creating more denial it all becomes manageable. The descent continues and suddenly what was a small desire for a short pleasurable pastime has become a raging fire of passion that wants to consume as much of the poison as it can get. So the affects start to show and the person starts to live in a state of hell and desperation.
When junkies tell stories of seeing spiders crawling out of their skin, worms crawling through their bodies people think the are hallucinating. What they are in fact seeing, is indicative of the level of the realms, their subtle body is vibrating at. They are getting glimpses of another reality. If they were to suddenly leave their physical body they would be pulled by the nature of that low vibration into those terrible realms. The reason we have crack babies is because that is their karma, that is the condition in which they suddenly left and that karma has not been healed.
On the other hand if you pass your days as some yogis do chanting mantras that allow one’s consciousness to vibrate at higher levels of Being, then your exit will be towards a subtle plane that vibrates at the same level of vibration as your subtle body. It will lead into realms; which are much higher in vibration. That is why Krishna says, “when you die think of Me.” But if you haven’t made the habit of thinking of God while you are living it may not automatically occur to you at the moment you are about to depart. If you have done many wicked deeds, your mind will be vibrating with fear and dread not love and peace. The vibratory level of your subtle body at the time of leaving the physical is the sum total of all the thoughts, feelings and actions that have accumulated during the life. If your general direction was towards actions that were based in love and selflessness your destination in the subtle realms will be quite different from that of someone who spend their life angry at the world and motivated by materialism and greed.
If you chant constantly the accumulation of that vibration starts to build on the subtle level and changes your inner matrix. You not only start to look different and feel different; you actually are different. If what you have been thinking and feeling is positive and loving, people will notice the change. They may say, “Did you lose weight or something? You look great.” Oh the other hand if someone lives in the inner hell of anger, hate and resentment for a time, someone would be inclined to say, “oh god has he aged, he looks like hell.” So it is important to know what we are putting into our bodies, at all levels.
The importance of our state of consciousness and the nature of the vibration of our subtle body at the time of our exit from the physical cannot be over-stated. But because most people live in a state of denial about death few are prepared for it when it arrives. John Lennon was known to have said, “Life happens, while you are busy making plans.” I want to add to that, “death also happens while you are busy making plans.” For those left behind, there naturally arises the feeling that somehow things didn’t come to completion. They have some form of ceremony and that is supposed to be the vehicle of closure, but often there remains a sense of wanting to have done something more meaningful. There are things you can do to help one who has crossed over so that they are aided to move into a peaceful transition and add light to their path by offering up mantras that are charged with higher vibration. One of the best methods of giving support to someone that is about to pass; in the process of passing; or has recently passed, is to chant the Divine name. Heart felt prayer is also of immense benefit to the soul of one undergoing the process of death.
Feelings of sadness, lost, attachment or pining for the departing soul can create unseen obstacles to one who has recently left, and should be avoided. It is better to hold the aspiration that one departed fare well on their continuing journey. Think of your offerings of chanting, prayers and thoughts of good will as subtle warm air currents and the departed soul as rising up slowly in a subtle balloon. Each of your offerings has a cumulative affect on supporting the soul and your unconditional love is a light to the aspiring soul. Your loving gift of support can help lift their vibration and help lift them out of negative subtle realms if they have left this world in a negative state of being. Just as a bubble rises from the bottom of the ocean, the soul rises in the ocean of subtle vibration. If the bubble were to have a bit more oxygen added to it, it would rise easier, so to does the soul that is helped with chanting of sacred mantras and prayers.
Human birth as the saints have said again and again is something more precious than gold. Do not waste it enslaved by the senses, constantly subjected to the suffering caused by the inner enemies, at least now wake up and use your life in a way that is for your highest good. It is not how we die that is of significance but how we have lived our life. If you have allowed the inner enemies free reign to ruin your life and the lives of others, now is the time to change course. Whether our progress is slow or fast as long as we are moving in the right direction that is what really matters. There is no savior but you.
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Re: Death Don't Worry About It!
11 Jan 2006
Death? I know what death is. Hell, I've killed hundreds of thousands!
As for spiders and so on? I went through DT's. Being a drunk? I know first hand about seeing things. That's why I went back to drinking!
Stay the course.