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Benito Giuliani Falsifies Crime Stats
06 Feb 2002
For eight years Rudy Giuliani has manipulated and falsified crime statistics in order to depict himself as the nation’s most successful crime fighter. Impressive statistics have provided his apologists with an “end justifies the means” argument in response to the civil rights abuses so frequently identified with his administration.
Giuliani falsifies crime stats one more time on his last day in office

by Robert Lederman

robert.lederman (at)

1/1/2002 - For eight years Rudy Giuliani has manipulated and falsified crime statistics in order to depict himself as the nation’s most successful crime fighter. Impressive statistics have provided his apologists with an “end justifies the means” argument in response to the civil rights abuses so frequently identified with his administration.

During the Reagan years Rudy Giuliani was the third-highest ranking official in the U.S. Justice Department. According to a statement the Mayor made on WABC radio during his weekly call-in show, compiling crime statistics was a big part of his assignment for the President. At the Department of Justice Giuliani learned the value of manipulating the numbers on crime.

As Mayor, Giuliani used a computerized system called compstat to generate crime statistics, eventually making statistical results the entire goal of policing. Unlike actually lowering crime, for lower crime statistics all that’s needed is control of the numbers.

The extraordinarily large numbers of arrests seen in NYC during the past eight years had little to do with serious crimes that were taking place throughout the City. Often a wave of arrests would be ordered for no other reason than to show that the Mayor cared about an issue. Arrests were often politically or racially motivated.

After writing about this issue a few years ago I received numerous emails from New York residents and tourists affirming how the Giuliani crime statistic scam worked. Those who contacted me had been NYC crime victims during the Giuliani administration and all had a strikingly similar story to tell.

They had contacted the NYPD to report a serious crime. These included rape, attempted rape, muggings, assaults, burglaries of a car, home or hotel room, having their pocket picketed or bag stolen and felony vandalism. The police showed up, sometimes within minutes of being called, but in each case refused to file a report, take the victims’ name or write down the suspects’ description.

I’ve seen how this works firsthand. Police responding to a report of an assault with a knife explained to me that under NYPD guidelines they were only allowed to make an assault report if the person attacked was bleeding and needed to be taken to an emergency room for stitches.

Imagine with 8 million residents and 30 million yearly tourists how many robberies, break-ins and assaults took place each year that were reported to the police but never recorded under the Giuliani system.

While reported crime in NYC was falling to an unprecedented level as shown on the Mayor‘s graphs, arrests dramatically increased. People naturally concluded that the rise in arrests was related to the drop in crime, but nothing could be further from the truth.

As the FBI has reported numerous times, from 1993 to 2001 crime decreased all across America as the crack epidemic waned, as baby-boomer criminals matured, aged or died and as the economy improved. Crime even dropped in most European nations - did Giuliani accomplish that too?

One might reasonably ask why if crime was steadily falling throughout the Giuliani regime did arrests keep rising? The answer is that Giuliani forced police officers to meet an arrest quota. The quota requirement was not centered on murders or felonies but on minor “quality of life” violations which under all previous administrations warranted at most a summons rather than arrest.

Officers who failed to meet their monthly quota of “quality of life” arrests lost vacation days, sick leave or were demoted. If false arrests, unwarranted confiscations of property and other civil rights violations were included under the category of crime, you’d have to dramatically revise the NYC crime stats, with police under Giuliani’s direct orders committing a very large percentage of NYC crime.

During the past eight years it is estimated that Giuliani has had more than 200,000 New Yorkers arrested for marijuana possession alone. Most were high school and college students and needless to say there‘s no less marijuana smoked in NYC today than there was 8 years ago. Of those arrests, most were sting operations in which undercover cops offered to sell a small bag of pot to the students who were then arrested for possession, finger-printed, photographed, face scanned and given a criminal record.

Tens of thousands of yearly arrests for protesting, selling art, loitering, being homeless, panhandling and other so-called “quality of life” violations further pumped up the arrest stats, giving the Mayor a record for arresting his constituents that only the regimes of Stalin, Hitler or Mao could rival.

Most of those being arrested in NYC under Giuliani were Black and Latino males or non-white immigrants - not that there was a shortage of white people breaking the law in the City. Other than political activists, most white New Yorkers have failed to grasp the level of repression and racism that existed under Giuliani. While awaiting arraignment in a crowded filthy cell, I was often the only white defendant in Manhattan Central Booking or later in any of the Manhattan court rooms when my cases were heard.

As a result of my own forty-plus false arrests for protesting against Giuliani’s policies (not one of which ever resulted in a conviction, plea bargain or fine) I was forced to appear in Manhattan Criminal Court on hundreds of dates for arraignments and for a monthly hearing on each pending case. Some of the cases lasted as long as three years. That’s how I got to understand the reality behind the Mayor’s police state.

On the hundreds of days I spent in court, almost every defendant’s arrest ended in dismissal of all charges. Those cases that were not dismissed outright by the DA or the judge almost invariably ended in a plea bargain. On some days the entire courtroom with hundreds of defendants would be dismissed en masse without any of the cases even being called.

Sometimes the judges would get disgusted and criticize the assistant D.A. for bringing so many obviously false and petty arrests to his or her courtroom. In one case of mine where the arrest was supervised by Deputy Mayor Rudy Washington, the NYPD Intelligence Division and a NYPD attorney, I was arrested and charged with violating a law that had been overturned a year previously. On one memorable day a Manhattan judge dismissed 24 different false charges that were pending against me.

“Quality of Life” defendants were routinely coerced into pleading guilty to disorderly conduct in exchange for a suspended sentence when the judge and D.A. knew they were innocent. Over the years I talked to hundreds of defendants who plead guilty simply because they would have lost their job or been flunked out of school if forced to make the numerous required court appearances.

Aside from costing the City hundreds of millions of dollars and creating statistics for the Mayor’s charts was there a purpose for these arrests? Giuliani’s false arrest policy created a huge database of photos, fingerprints and face scans of minority New Yorkers which will follow and be used against them for their entire lifetimes.

Sometimes his misuse of the police reached preposterous levels. Under Giuliani entire police precincts were instructed to put all their resources into stopping homeless black men from washing car windows for a quarter or dedicated to driving bars, nightclubs, discos and topless bars out of business to cleanse Times Square and other commercial strips for Disney and the GAP.

If perception is reality and perceived safety rather than real safety is what you want to measure success by, then Giuliani was very successful at fighting crime. Millions of tourists came to the “cleaner, safer, more civilized” New York after buying into Giuliani’s propaganda. Their tales of woe after becoming crime victims rarely made it into the media with the exception of high profile cases involving tourists being murdered, raped or sexually assaulted - of which there were quite a few in the past eight years.

Those crimes, most notably the infamous brick attack on a young white woman, Nicole Barrett, viciously assaulted in broad daylight on a crowded sidewalk in front of some of the City’s fanciest stores, resulted in hundreds of detectives being assigned to each case. An arrest usually followed very quickly, but even in these cases the arrest was often a false one.

A black man, Paris Drake, was arrested in the brick-attack case. In daily press conferences a grim-faced Giuliani claimed Drake was homeless and mentally ill and then launched an all-out assault on the homeless, ordering thousands of them arrested on dubious charges - all of which were later dismissed. After Giuliani was through using him as a publicity tool for his crime-fighting prowess and a justification for mass arrests of the homeless, Drake was quietly released.

The Giuliani administration apparently knew all along that Drake was innocent. His defense attorney found the D.A. was suppressing evidence that Drake had been in a police precinct reclaiming a confiscated radio at the exact moment of the brick attack. Drake had a minor criminal record but he was not homeless and had no history of mental illness. If not for this luck in getting a good Legal Aid attorney, Drake would now be in prison along with thousands of other black New Yorkers convicted of crimes they didn’t commit.

A more recent example of distorting crime stats which Giuliani got caught on involved the WTC attack. In numerous press conferences and high-profile interviews Giuliani claimed more than 6,000 people had died in the towers. Months later, after the media repeatedly confronted him with the facts and were insulted for doing so, Giuliani admitted it was closer to 3,000 people who had died.

Meanwhile Giuliani was bragging at every opportunity that NYC murders in 2001 had dropped to their lowest level ever and that it now was the safest American city with the lowest murder rate. In reality the 3,000 WTC deaths made 2001unique as having the highest documented murder rate in NYC history and gave NYC the highest murder rate in the entire U.S.

Giuliani’s twisting of statistics is not limited to the issue of crime. Welfare reform is just another of many areas where the numbers tell the story, and false numbers tell a false story.

Giuliani claims to have gotten 500,000 people off of welfare and to have found hundreds of thousands of them jobs. The Mayor claims most of them were drug addicts or were simply too lazy to work.

Approximately 70% of those kicked off welfare by the Mayor were women with dependant children. The “jobs” Giuliani’s welfare chief, Jason Tuner, got for them ranged from temporary below-minimum wage street sweeping assignments intended to replace unionized municipal employees to jobs as fake telephone psychics instructed to read from a prepared script when callers requested personal advice.

Turner’s ideas on welfare were directly influenced by “The Bell Curve” which was written at the Manhattan Institute - the Rockefeller financed think tank from which Giuliani claims to get his ideas on crime fighting, welfare, privatization and civility.

“The Bell Curve” was written by Charles Murray while he was the Manhattan Institute’s leading resident scholar. It was largely based on studies financed by eugenics groups like the Pioneer Fund to “prove” their theory that blacks are genetically inferior to whites and that most social services directed towards them are a waste of time and money. This book and others by Murray provided a large part of the ideology behind Giuliani’s crime and welfare policies.

The notion that the Mayor is merely “insensitive” to blacks and Latinos is one of the most ridiculous ideas ever advanced about him. He’s a racist who received millions in campaign contributions from racists when he ran for the U.S. Senate and who relished pitting the races against each other in every policy he ever created.

As a candidate for Mayor, Rudy Giuliani instigated a violent police riot against David Dinkins - the City’s only black Mayor - from the same City Hall steps he later declared off-limits to the public. During the height of racial tensions in the City Giuliani celebrated Martin Luther King’s birthday by dining with the head of Austria’s neo-Nazi party. Until his last year in office Giuliani adamantly refused to meet with any elected NYC official who was black.

Members of the media and elected NY City and NY State officials have spent years suing Giuliani to get access to accurate statistics on the City’s budget, on arrests, welfare, the stop and frisk policy and on contracts assigned to companies with links to the Mafia and to Giuliani‘s campaigns. As Giuliani triumphantly leaves the scene of his many crimes, NYC faces it’s biggest crisis in decades with homelessness, poverty, unemployment and what is expected to be a 4 billion dollar budget deficit. At least we’ll have lots of new baseball stadiums.

Out of elected office for the moment and unable to use his former army of 40,000 uniformed police to silence opposition, hundreds of pending lawsuits and ongoing investigations threaten to tarnish the reputation of the Mayor. Fortunately for his avid supporters “Our Rudy” has found a solution to this embarrassing problem. Giuliani has just formed a consulting company, Giuliani Partners, which will be a part of the world’s largest accounting firm, Earnest and Young.

He brings with him into the company most of his top aides and appointees including the Police and Fire Commissioners and his contingent of NYPD bodyguards where they will continue to be under his authority - only at vastly higher salaries. While this is being depicted in the media as Giuliani rewarding his loyal friends it may actually have a more sinister purpose.

These former aides, appointees and bodyguards are on the subpoena lists for hundreds of pending lawsuits and government investigations involving Giuliani - including an investigation into the collapse of WTC7 where Giuliani‘s bunker, illegally loaded with 6,000 gallons of fuel, was located. Then there’s a divorce case in which he is accused of committing adultery with a top aide while she was on the City payroll. The divorce papers also charge the Mayor with committing adultery with his current “very good friend“ Judy Nathan - who he tried to appoint as the City‘s official First Lady while still married to his second wife, Donna Hanover.

All of the G man’s cronies will now find themselves compromised when it comes to truthfully testifying about anything he did, said or ordered done while Mayor. There’s at least one obvious precedent for this hire-em-to-keep-em-quiet tactic in his past.

When Giuliani needed to get his first alleged mistress - press secretary Christene Lategano - out of the media’s sights as he prepared to run for the U.S. Senate against Hillary Clinton, he appointed the former shoe store clerk to a $400,000 a year job as head of the City’s tourist bureau. There, Lategano did little more than arrange for millions of NYC tax dollars to be misspent on tourist ads featuring Giuliani’s many “accomplishments”. One can only guess what Giuliani’s police and fire commissioners will be doing at an accounting firm other than making speeches about his awesome greatness.

You might ask, “why does any of this matter now that he’s leaving office? Can’t you just be a good sport and let bygones be bygones, can‘t you find it in your heart to forgive this American hero and national treasure?” If he was really going to leave the public stage I’d be happy to do just that, but, like NYC’s famous cockroaches he will just keep coming back.

His crime-fighting techniques derived from a study of totalitarian police tactics are becoming the model in cities across the U.S. and around the world. He is rumored to be a top contender to replace the ailing Dick Cheney as Bush’s V.P. in 2004 and Giuliani has made no secret of his ambition to be U.S. President or, failing those lofty ambitions, to run for NYC Mayor again in 2006.

Being a twice-divorced Catholic whose father was a Mafia enforcer and convicted felon may not make Giuliani appear likely as a U.S. Presidential candidate but today he is more popular than Bush or any other U.S. elected official. If you can delude so many New Yorkers the way Giuliani has done, virtually anything is possible.


If you want to read a detailed breakdown on Giuliani’s crime stat scam, I recommend Wayne Barrett's Giuliani biography, "Rudy! An Investigative Biography of Rudolph Giuliani" by Basic Books.

A few articles from NYC newspapers which document some of the points in the article above follow:

NY TIMES December 13, 2001

Giuliani Plans Own Business With Top Aides in Consulting


“Compstat for private firms?...Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani cast some light yesterday on his plans for life after City Hall, saying that he was working to establish his own consulting business with some of his top lieutenants...Bruce J. Teitelbaum, a political adviser who said that he would be joining the new business with the mayor...As to whether a future consulting company of his would try to use Compstat — the management technique that the New York Police Department began using during his first term to track crime trends — in the private sector, Mr. Giuliani simply smiled. "That's good," he said. "I like that.“..Mr. Teitelbaum said that other figures in the administration who were expected to join the company included Anthony V. Carbonetti, the mayor's chief of staff; Dennison Young Jr., the counsel to the mayor, and Michael D. Hess, the city's corporation counsel. He said that others could join the company.”

NY POST 1/1/2001



“A beaming Giuliani declared his love for his girlfriend Judith Nathan during his last press briefing....

Hizzoner said he was looking forward to his new venture, "Giuliani Partners," a strategic alliance with the mammoth accounting firm Ernst & Young...The ex-mayor is expected to work with most of his inner circle, including his former commissioners of the police and fire departments, Bernard Kerik and Thomas Von Essen, re-creating in the private sector his winning team in government.”

-NY Post 4/25/2000 Brick-Attack Alibi Shocker

“The crackhead accused of crushing a young secretary's skull with a brick is claiming an airtight alibi - insisting that at the time of the nearly fatal Midtown attack, he was across town in a police station house. Defense papers to be filed today in Manhattan Supreme Court complain prosecutors are sitting on information proving career criminal Paris Drake's alibi, and that he couldn't have been in the same holding cell as the jailhouse "informant" who fingered him for the heinous assault. The papers - a copy of which The Post obtained yesterday - also say the sole eyewitness to identify Drake in a lineup also identified a photo of someone entirely different in a prior interview with cops...Sources close to the case said Drake's alibi witness, Officer John Cassidy, has admitted to a private investigator working for the defense that Drake was in the Midtown South Precinct reclaiming a confiscated radio at the time of the attack. Cassidy did not deny the alibi when questioned by a Post reporter, but declined to talk about the case except to confirm he is a witness...More than 100 suspects - mostly mentally ill homeless men - had been hauled in for questioning by the time Drake was arrested Nov. 29 on the word of jailhouse informant Robert Fluken, 26. But court papers and sources reveal that Drake and Fluken - who immediately claimed the $11,000 reward - were arrested a day apart on separate drug charges, and couldn't have been kept in the same holding cell, as prosecutors claim. Also, only one of six eyewitnesses - Manhattan lawyer Laura Weiner - identified Drake in a lineup, and only after admitting she saw Drake from behind, sources said. No fingerprints or other physical evidence link Drake, who has no history of homelessness or mental illness, to the crime.”

Daily News 1/1/2002

Giuliani Record Marred by Arrogance

by Juan Gonzales

“In his final day as mayor, Rudy Giuliani stood before one of those crime charts he has so often displayed with pride to reporters in City Hall these past eight years.

If anything sets the Giuliani era apart from all others, it is his administration's amazing success at lowering the city's crime rate to levels not seen in decades.

Yet now, with only hours to go before he turned over the running of the city to Michael Bloomberg, Giuliani seemed determined to drive the point home one more time, just in case someone forgot.

Crime continued to drop over the previous year by a whopping 12.3%, Giuliani announced. Pointing to a chart of city murders going back to 1966, the mayor noted that the deadliest year in the city's history had been 1990, when 2,245 people were murdered.

As of yesterday, by the mayor's count, the murder total for 2001 was down to 640, even fewer than the year before.

And there, for one final moment, we saw the genius of Rudy Giuliani on display — both its good and bad sides.

We are, after all, a city still recovering from the trauma of Sept. 11, and no one knows that better than Giuliani, who had his finest hours during that horrible crisis. But that does not excuse the mayor's trying to rewrite the city's crime history on his way out the door.

On Sept. 11, more than 2,900 people were murdered in this town. Giuliani has said that the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center was an act of war, and therefore doesn't fit the category of a crime.

The FBI, which keeps its own records of crime in America, doesn't agree. It plans to list the dead as murder victims. It will do so with an asterisk attached to the total.

The last such asterisk occurred in 1990, the very year Giuliani pointed to as the record-breaking year for murders. That's when a man — after being jilted by his girlfriend — set fire to the Happy Land Social Club in the South Bronx, where the girlfriend worked as a hatcheck girl. Eighty-seven people died.

Even the victims killed in the first World Trade Center attack in 1993 were included in the city's murder statistics for that year.

No one would suggest that Giuliani could have done anything to prevent the Trade Center attack. But neither could David Dinkins have done anything to prevent Happy Land.

Had Giuliani, on his final day in office, issued a crime report that truly reflected the year our city has gone through, no one would have thought any the less of his accomplishments in fighting crime, or in any other area.

But his refusal, even at the final hour, to allow anything to mar the official "record" of his years in office reflects an arrogance that has always been his greatest flaw.

It is why, as the new year begins, many will miss a man who changed New York forever, but not always for the best.

NY Post 8/28/2000


"Four cops are expected to offer shocking testimony this week that they were pressured by NYPD bosses to meet quotas. The testimony should buttress what cops have claimed for years - that they have been forced to provide certain numbers of arrests and summonses or face retribution, such as the denial of vacation requests or a change in shifts...The cops, each of whom has already pleaded guilty and been suspended without pay for 25 days, have admitted making up truancy reports, using either bogus names or the names of students picked up in previous truancy sweeps. One of the disciplined cops, Officer Timothy Hynes, blamed his misconduct - including one day when he and his partner fabricated every truancy report filed - on bosses who, he said, threatened to make cops work weekends, the only time he sees his child, if the unit failed to meet certain quotas, usually 25 truants a day. Another cop, Officer Lisa McNicholl, said, "I was told I have to come in with a certain amount of numbers for the day or I am going to lose my detail." in the department," Dowd says. "

NY POST 6/11/98

“A Queens precinct commander says he will punish cops who don't make enough arrests by denying them days off, even in an emergency, The Post has learned...Although the Police Department denies there are arrest quotas in any of the precincts, the memo proves that cops who don't bring in enough bad guys face repercussions. "The pressure from the department to meet these numbers has surpassed the pressure that the officer encounters while on patrol," said Patrolmen's Benevolent Association official Daniel Tirelli. "Unfortunately, these pressures are not just in the 110th Precinct, they're in all precincts throughout the city."


“The NYPD is stepping up its efforts to roust the homeless from city streets in the wake of the Midtown brick attack by a deranged mystery man. Cops from every precinct in the city will crack down on homeless hangouts -- offering services to street people and then ordering them to move on if they refuse.“

Newsday 11/24/99 Police Target City Homeless / Mayor aims to get them off streets

“But on Monday, the mayor lashed out during an appearance with Barrett's family at Bellevue Hospital, declaring that critics suffer from a "psychological problem" and "perverted views," and confirming the use of police to drive his administration's policy. "We're going to spend a lot of time removing people from the streets," Giuliani said at the time.”

-Daily News 11/25/99 44 Homeless Arrested In Latest Sweep

“Teams of cops had made contact with 310 homeless people through early yesterday, police said. They offered shelter or medical services, and if the homeless people refused, they were told to move along or face arrest on disorderly conduct or other charges...[City Council President] Peter Vallone expressed "befuddlement" at Mayor Giuliani's homeless policies. He noted that a few weeks ago, Giuliani talked of ejecting people from shelters if they refused to work...Asked whether the arrests would continue on Thanksgiving, Giuliani said, "We arrest people when they commit crimes."

Newsday 11/25/99 Newsday Giuliani: Homeless Crackdown to Continue

“Thanksgiving Day or not, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani says the homeless will be arrested if they refuse to accept shelter or move along. "Streets are not a place to bed down for the night," he declared, adding, "We're really trying to help people."...Further reflecting the intensity of the current campaign, 14 percent of the homeless people approached by police during the 12-hour sweep that ended early yesterday were arrested, compared to an average of 1 percent in 1998.”

-Daily News 1/29/2000 Phone Psychic Called Off As Welfare Job

“Through Human Resources efforts, including the use of a city office for training sessions, 15 welfare recipients had been hired to work from home as telephone psychics by a company called the Psychic Network, according to The New York Times. A city recruitment flyer promised a starting salary of $10 an hour, plus bonuses. Critics of psychic hotlines — which are often advertised on cable TV stations in the middle of the night — say they are consumer rip-offs that prey on vulnerable callers and cash in by making them run up large phone bills”.

For hundreds of articles detailed the reality behind the Giuliani and Bush administrations and their links to eugenics, the Rockefeller business interests and the CIA see: and

See also:
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