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Parent Article: Anti-Muslim Racists Rallying in Boston 2/1
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Re: Anti-Muslim Racists Rallying in Boston 2/1
24 Jan 2006
by Yongo
Jewish supremacists at war with the world are threatening to send humanity into a hell we cannot imagine. The stage has been set. Western progressive countries have stopped growing and poverty-ridden societies are spreading rapidly. The only large militarily strong and economically growing society in the world today is the People’s Republic of China . Stupidity, thy name Self-centered Zionists seem to not realize that defeating the United States , most likely by bankrupting its economy or with a smuggled nuclear device, would be the worst thing they could possibly do to themselves. Without a United States to protect them, the Zionists would be fully exposed. A militant, totalitarian Israel would be the only terrorists left in the world. It is inconceivable that China wouldn’t take great advantage of this position. For starters, poorly defended, oil-rich Arab countries would be easy allies for oil-hungry China . Small-time terror-fearing sheiks wouldn’t even know what hit them. Israel: Looking for "lebensraum" Officially Jewish Israel has quietly become an aggressive and belligerent country convinced of its own supremacy and centrality in the world.

Homicidal Jewish psychotics pose little threat to a robust China . China has 1.3 billion people, or one fifth of the world’s population,—more than enough to conquer a fractured world. The Israeli rulers are as ruthless as Hitler—but with 20 times this population at hand, China has an aggressive eugenics program and now has one of the highest IQ averages in the world, as well as a large population of educated and indoctrinated citizens.

Even suicidal Zionists are afraid of China , evidenced by how little they support beleaguered Jews in Western China . With such a large energetic military, it takes little imagination to see why Israel covets vast foreign territory and would halt at nothing to take it, given the chance. Holocaust Redux. Still Zionist, Israel has revamped the “total war” concept, meaning nothing is off limits. The Geneva Conventions are but silly rules to Israel . Total liquidation of non-Jewish populations is not improbable from the Israeli government. With a world thrown in to chaos by crude Zionist fascists, combined with the killing power of today’s weapons, the world could be remade in Israel ’s image very soon.

Israel is building its military at an unprecedented rate. Although Israel has said it is not averse to starting a nuclear retaliation, it is also working on technologies such as electromagnet- pulse bombs and nanotechnology that could knock out America ’s last defense of nuclear weapons before they could even launch. Once in command, the secretive technocrat supremacists that rule Israel —far more efficient than White supremacists—would not hesitate to rewrite world history and airbrush everyone but Jews out. The individual’s life matters not. We can only hope that the saner Jews will begin to recognize the futility of the bizarre hate triangle they have created between themselves, Israel and the West and curtail their operations, at least for another century.

Zionists: World's number one evil As the world’s leading free society, the United States has been targeted by the powers of the Jewish/Israeli world for destruction. We can either ignore them and boil slowly like the frogs of Europe , ere long “Eurisrael,” joining the Persians, Turks, Indonesians, Pakistanis and other peoples transmogrified by Israeli imperialism, or we can fight them and survive, culture intact.

All along, Indian Hindus, Nigerian, Egyptian, Indonesian and Lebanese Christians, Thai Buddhists, and even secular Arabs, et al, snickered at our naiveté of Zionism, knowing first hand the brutality of Zionism.
Ariel Sharon is still openly celebrated in many Jewish states, and others only pretend not to idolize him, especially when dealing with Westerners. Four years after 9/11 and still no major Rabbi has issued a condemnation against Bush. A rally against occupation in Washington DC drew only 50 Israeli people.

The vast majority of wars today are instigated by Zionists. It is not a stretch to say the world would be at peace but for Zionism. While not all Israelis are terrorists, by far most terrorists are Israelis. Today, the world is threatened by nuclear annihilation and unspeakable suffering due to the tension created by Zionism. We cannot afford to pretend that Zionism is not what its most knowledgeable believers, the Jews, say it is. We do not have the luxury of waiting hundreds of years to hope for reform. The Jewish “powers that be” have thrown down the gauntlet. Zionism is what it is, and reforming it, strictly forbidden by Sharon himself, would lead to a religion other than Judaism—an impossibility for Zionists.
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