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Announcement :: Labor
New Blog on Anarchism and Unions
24 Jan 2006 A New Blog on Anarchism and Unions
A new blog on anarchism and unions with a sense of humor.

This work is in the public domain
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We Posted This
25 Jan 2006
NEFAG copy.jpg
Please Visit Our Blog
It's those dayum Pedophiles again!!!
25 Jan 2006
Pedophile Controversy Splits Anarchism / Anti-War Movement
Hakim Bay, Libertarian Book Club At Center Of Controversy

2/9/03 11:53:29 PM
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Peter Wilson (Hakim Bey) / Robert Helms / Steven Rabinowitz

Email Exchange -- From: "Robert Helms"
Subject: Pedophilia and Anarchism to March Together for Peace


Pedophilia and Anarchism to March Together for Peace

New York City's own LIBERTARIAN BOOK CLUB (LBC) will join the anarchist Red & Black Contingent as part of the broader labor contingent of the February 15 anti-war march, LBC Spokesman Robert Erler announced today.

LBC, founded by anarchists in 1945, has brought a "special" element into the ongoing anarchist Renaissance. The club's best-known and most widely-published member, PETER LAMBORN WILSON (a/k/a HAKIM BEY) is celebrated the world over for his clever intermingling of anarchism and "Man-Boy Love."

Just as pop icon Michael Jackson has billions of dollars and scores of attorneys to defend his child-rapist ways, Wilson intends to proudly walk the streets with several anarchist groups serving as his bodyguards. The other groups in the Red & Black Contingent are: Workers Solidarity Alliance (WSA), the NY & NJ collectives of the North East Federation Anarcho-Communists (NEFAC), and the New York Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World. Wilson is made more brave by a strong turnout at LBC for his Dec. 10 Lecture on "Spritual Anarchism." Aside from this, he has the back-room support he gets from comrades such as fellow LBC member Steve Rabinowitz, who has on occasion threatened legal action against anyone publicly attacking Peter Wilson for his pedophile views or the LBC for presenting Wilson to the public. The matter is so hush-hush, in fact, that moderator L. Susan Brown of the Research on Anarchism List rejected the topic on behalf of that forum in 2001, stating that it had been presented as a personal attack. Not only has the LBC or Wilson never made public remarks on this matter, but even some LBC members have been kept entirely in the dark about it. The LBC lectures are not about Man-Boy Love, but suppose a well-known white supremacist were invited to discuss vegan cooking, over and over again: would the racist be so warmly welcomed by the anarchists of New York?

In other words, respected anarchists all over the United States, who stand firm against police clubs and who will paralyze cities against Capitalist attempts to enslave them, would rather remain silent than discuss such a touchy matter as the sweet relationship between anarchist groups and pedophile apologists. Silence is the vessel by which the Roman Catholic Church has acted for centuries as an underground railroad for rapists; silence is the way families perpetuate rape/incest through the generations, and the same silence is how the New York anarchist movement may become the last safe corner of society where an absolutely criminal tendency can wander stylishly among honest men and women. The sexual harassment of adult women is given no quarter, meat-diets are openly scorned, but no voice is found for the little ones. Such is this dirty little secret in the soul of anarchism, which so many now view as the hope of the world.

Peter Lamborn Wilson has the pseudonym Hakim Bey, by which he is better known among anarchists, especially his book Temporary Autonomous Zone, or TAZ. In the United States, he avoids being announced under both the names, because Bey is also the name he’s used to contribute to pedophile magazines such as the North American Man-Boy Love Association’s NAMBLA Journal, and profusely in the notorius Gayme. If one peruses TAZ, the child-targeting is presented in the chapter calleded les enfants sauvage. However, it’s an open secret that Bey and Wilson are the same person. In June 2001 he lectured in Rotterdam, Holland under both names, and elsewhere he comes with the casual description "poet, philosopher, pedophile." As a matter of fact, the very first things this writer ever heard about him, around 1990, were "he’s the same person as Hakim Bey; he goes for little boys." His "anarchist philosophy" and his prose are something like low-end Beat literature. It might be inspiring, provided the reader remains stoned. He’s been involved at WBAI Radio where, it is said, he tried for years to create a pedophile-friendly radio show. He gave the age "ten-and-a-half" in describing his prey in a piece for NAMBLA Journal #7, 1986. NAMBLA advocates consenting sex between adult men and boys, which some might find appropriate with older teenagers. To most anarchists, of course, the idea that one cangive consent at age ten, for sex with an adult, is an imbecile assertion. They'll also agree that gay sexuality and pedophilia have nothing to do with each other, and that he is hurting the anarchist movement by association. We have yet to see them share these opinions with the public.

It's certain that the Anti-War March in NYC on February 15th will have a healing effect on world affairs, and that its organizers deserve praise for their work. With a major war getting under way, who has the spare energy for "such a small thing?"

In Solidarity,

Robert Helms, Philadelphia PA, February 7, 2003


-----Original Message-----

From: Steven Rabinowitz

Date: Saturday, February 08, 2003 6:55 PM

Subject: Re: Pedophilia and Anarchism to March Together for Peace

Before I deal with some of the 'facts' stated in Mr. Helms (I will not call him Bob or comrade, as he is no friend or comrade of mine) 'press release', I first and foremost find it quite odd that he would choose to attack a positive effort like getting anarchists to participate in a contingent in an anti-war march to pursue his long-standing grudge with one individual (and now me personally as well, apparently, because I had the temerity to stand up to him in the past). For all intents and purposes he is doing the work of the government in attacking such efforts in the way that he does. Any progressive person, anarchist or not, should reject this type of attack without hesitation.

This posting by Mr. Helms contains a rather bold faced lie, i.e. that I threatened him with legal action. Mr. Helms apparently didn't count on the fact that I rather assiduously archive my e-mail. Here is an exact quote from my e-mail to him of 12/19/01:

"I remind you that there are legal issues involved, and if this sort of thing were used in some way to compromise us, I would have to hold you fully responsible."

I think all of you are aware of the potential negative legal repercussions of accusations such as those made by Mr. Helms, and in holding him responsible for any negative effects of his actions I did not at any time threaten him with legal action.

In fact, I believe that the record will show that I attempted to engage Mr. Helms in a direct and civil discussion on my concerns with past 'press releases' that he has authored in this regard. Clearly, Mr. Helms does not know the meaning of civility nor of respect for differences in opinion.

Further, let me clarify that the individual(s) accused by Mr. Helms is not currently a 'member' of the Libertarian Book Club, he does not attend meetings nor has he taken an active part in our affairs or planning for some years. He speaks once a year at one of our public forums. Mr. Helms clearly has problems with his writings, and it is his right to take issue with them, but it is not his right to practice guilt by association, even if there were any guilt involved. He has now extended his hate campaign against the LBC to the Workers Solidarity Alliance (of which I am also proud to be an active member), the IWW and the North East Federation of Anarchist Communists. Who next will be included in the paranoid conspiracy theories of Robert Helms, the anarchist movement's version of Joe McCarthy?

I would urge all those who maintain the lists to which Mr. Helms posts his screed to consider carefully whether or not they wish those lists to be used for such purposes, and whether people like Mr. Helms who engage in such filth mongering should be welcomed there.

Steven Rabinowitz,

member, Libertarian Book Club and Workers Solidarity Alliance

[LSN: Note that Mr Rabinowitz never addresses the core of the objection, which is that he associates with those engaged in the promotion of gay pedophilia.]


From "Robert Helms"

Subject: Replying to Rabinowitz, Re: Pedophilia and Anarchism to March Together......

Re: Pedophilia and Anarchism to March Together for PeaceDear

Friends and Anarchist Comrades,

If anyone is just tuning in, this is a debate on the Pedophile background of PETER LAMBORN WILSON (a/k/a HAKIM BEY), who is associated with the anarchist group Libertarian Book Club in New York. I am not subcribed to all of the lists that Rabinowitz (of the LBC) sent his comments to, so if you are a member and wish to forward it to your list (or anywhere at all), I'll appreciate the favor.

In reply to Steven Rabinowitz' appallingly evasive comments:

1. The short passage he quotes from his 2001 email is most certainly a textbook example of what we call "threat of legal action." In 2001 this tactic helped him avoid addressing the issue under discussion.

2. I have said nothing that would even vaguely suggest that anyone avoid the Feb 15 March against the war.

3. His assertion that this is simply a personal vendetta is nonsense. Please refer to the original post, where it says, "suppose a well-known White supremacist were invited to discuss vegan cooking, over and over again: would the racist be so warmly welcomed..?" This is all spelled out as clear as day. The well-known guru of "Man-Boy Love" is also the annual rock star at Libertarian Book Club, I say that sucks, and I want other anarchists to take a moment and see if they agree with me. I believe that the overwhelming majority will concur.

4. Mr. Rabinowitz makes remarks about list-servers disallowing this discussion, and in the same breath compares me to Joe McCarthy. He hopes you'll take the hook so that he'll never need to address the issue under discussion.

5. His message focuses on me, and how offended he is by my post, even calling me a "filth monger," while never answering the rather filthy question that's on the table.

There will never be a time or place when an advocate of pedophile rape should be welcome in anarchist circles. I wish to bring us to the point where the Libertarian Book Club (being an anarchist club) can no longer present Peter Wilson to the public without the public knowing who he is. At this anti- war march, I want every single Red & Black contingent marcher (and I don't care who else) to connect the hidden dots. They should know that one part of the contingent, the LBC, wrongly presented a pedophile apologist named Peter Wilson ("Hakim Bey") to the public as an anarchist six weeks ago, without letting the public know that about him before the event. I am not searching the world for pedophiles to attack. I am refusing to sit by and see anyone associate anarchism with pedophilia without being taken to task for it, straight from the bull-horn. After all concerned parties are fully informed, they should join in the march alongside other like-minded people and ruin the government's war effort as best they can.

I acknowledge my error in failing to point out that neither the IWW nor any of its local branches are anarchist groups. Today I spoke with a member of the NY IWW, and he told me that Erler's announcement itself was premature, and that the NY IWW has yet to decide whether it will be a part of the Red & Black Contingent. They will certainly join in the march, however.

It is also important to appreciate what I tried to make perfectly clear: the groups announced as participants in the contingent are perfectly respectable anarchist (or Wobbly) groups, and with few exceptions, I have no dispute with their individual members. Peter Wilson and all I have said about him is the way I take issue with the Libertarian Book Club. Note that my statement:

"Wilson intends to proudly walk the streets with several anarchist groups serving as his bodyguards" does not indicate that these anarchists wish to defend him or his views, but rather that they might be used this way without their consent. Indeed I pointed out that many of them, including at least one LBC member, have not been aware of this whole pedophile connection.

I'm being asked whether all this can be used against the anarchist movement by the mainsteam Media. I think it can, if we leave the issue unexamined. New York anarchists, or whoever's hanging out at LBC at the time, would not be harmed by getting calls from ten reporters each, so that they'll finally have the chance to say, "Anyone who fucks the kids, or who says it's cool to do so, is not one of us."

Thank You, and Have a Pleasant Evening.

In Solidarity,

Robert Helms
Re: New Blog on Anarchism and Unions
25 Jan 2006
This is fucking SICK!

I didn't know Bob Erler and Steve Rabinowitz backed NAMBLA!!!