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Can't Fool Cosmic Computer
19 Feb 2002
Critical threshold-crossing of the inevitable revolution is already underway. The question is: Can it be successfully accomplished before the only-instinctively-operating fear and ignorance preclude success, by one individual, authorized or unauthorized, pushing the first button of chain-reacting all-buttons-pushing, atomic, race-irradiated suicide?
Can't Fool Cosmic Computer

It must be remembered that, as clearly elucidated in Critical Path and Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth (The July 31, 1981, issue of Publisher's Weekly reported on the first U.S. publishers' trade fair in the People's Republic of China. Over six hundred publishers and eight thousand titles were represented, with several million English-reading Chinese attending the exhibit in six cities. Elaine Frumer, a member of the U.S. delegation reporting in an accompanying article entitled "What the Chinese Looked At," listed Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth first on the list she compiled of the ten books the Chinese showed the most interest in.), money is not wealth and that wealth is the organized technological capability to protect, nurture, educate, and accommodate the forward days of humans, whereas money is only a medium of exchange and a cash accounting system. Money has become completely monopolized by the supranational-corporation colossi, which inherently as legal abstractions ignore the problem of how to protect and nurture human lives.

In the very largest way of looking at planet Earth's socioeconomic-evolution events, we must observe that humans are designed with legs and not roots. Yesterday, humanity developed temporary roots as it cultivated its life-support food root-grown on the land. The metals made possible metal canning of food and mobilization of machinery. Today, all of human existence depends on the swift, world-around intercommunication system operating at 186,000 miles per second. We have transformed reality from Newton's "at rest" norm to an Einstein's 186,000-miles-per-second norm. Socioeconomically we have synchronized with the omni-intertransformative kinetics of the entire Universe.

Planetary economics has now shifted from a physicalland-and-metals capitalism to a strictly metaphysical, omniplanetary, omnicosmic-wealth know-how capitalism. The once noble and essential but now obsolete nations belonged to the rooted socioeconomic land-capitalism era of humanity. In reality, humanity is now uprooted kinetically and occupying the whole planet. Capitalism is dumping its immobile real estate and depending on science to synchronize its affairs with the invisible realities, misassuming, however, that science knows what it is all about. To successfully dump all its real estate, capitalism has all but ceased "renting" and through enforced selling of "cooperatives" and "nothing else but condominiums" is forcing the citizenry into anchored exploitability, while it is always increasing the corporate deployability and mobile shift-about-ability around the world.

Since science and human inventiveness are continually learning how to produce ever more, and ever better performance, for each ounce of material, erg of energy, and second of labor and overhead time invested in any and all of industry's production functions, the real cosmic costs are always and only decreasing, and all price-increasing, as already noted, is corporate selfishness "gotten away with by political-campaign obligations and by excruciatingly painful, behind-the-scenes corporate lobbyists' congressional bullying.

In 1940, two years before the U.S.A. entered World War II, the president of the Aluminum Company of America became interested in my use of corrugated aluminum in the Dymaxion Deployment Unit, which was the little, mass-producible, autonomous, one-room dwelling machine that I had developed for a group of Scottish leaders, intent on anticipating the wholesale bombing of England's industrial cities, who had proposed accommodation of the surely-to-be-displaced population in thousands of my Dymaxion Deployment Units to be installed on the Scottish moorlands. I was developing these deployment units at Butler Manufacturing Company in Kansas City. I was doing this by converting Butler's mass-production, twenty-foot-diameter, galvanized-steel grain bins into an autonomous, fifteen-hundred-dollar, wellinsulated, fireproof, earthquake-proof, kerosene-ice-boxand-stove, Sears Roebuck-furnished, ready-to-move-into unit.

The Butler grain bins had been developed for the U.S. government "ever-normal-granary" program. The Alcoa president hoped that I would switch from corrugated, galvanized iron grain bins to corrugated aluminum bins. He told me that the cost of aluminum would always decrease. He said that the main cost was that of the electrolytic refining of bauxite ore into aluminum. He said the cost of electricity for the process was always decreasing as we learned to produce ever more kilowatt hours per each BTU of fossil fuel expended. Aluminum, he said, is one of nature's most abundant elements. The wholesale price of aluminum in 1940, when Alcoa's president made that statement to me, was twelve cents per pound. Today it is selling for over a dollar a pound, not because the Alcoa president was wrong in what he said but because massively organized selfishness has dishonestly changed the scoring system.

It is evident that the degree of technical "advantage" now attained by world-around industrial production capability, if realistically appraised and articulated, now shows that all humanity has just reached a state of comprehensive technical advantage adequate to provide a billionaire's level of living on an indefinitely sustainable base for all of the over four billion human passengers now aboard Spaceship Earth (see Critical Path). The world's economic accounting system, if properly entered into the world's computers, will quickly indicate that comprehensive economic success for all humanity is now realizable within a Design Science Decade. All it takes is shifting from weaponry to livingry production.

History's unprecedentedly large and invisible supranational Grunch of Giants being too supra- and infra-visibly large to be sensitively comprehended, it is difficult to surmise and accredit that the almost omni-computerized giant may be evolution's agent of most effective establishment of a world-embracing socioeconomic system most logically suited for the mass-production and distribution of its products and services to economically successful humanity. It could well be that the total-world-involved, supranational giant corporations' computer operations might, to their corporate directors' astonishment and to popular surprise, lead the Grunch into profitable discard of all that is not true, as for instance that anybody owns anything. Commonly acknowledged operational custodianship and popular reaccreditation of the integrated world-around technology management may supplant "ownership" with Hertz and telephone-renting.

The way that the giant can be successfully led into doing so is for a substantial majority of humanity, and eventually all humanity, realistically to comprehend the falsity of the greater part of the inventory of academic premises and axioms upon which the thus misconditioned reflexing of educated" society is based. For instance, there is no God-validated deed to property of any kind whatsoever. There are no solids. There are no things—only systemic complexes of events interacting in pure principle. There is no up or down in Universe. There is no cubic structure. There are no straight lines. There is no one-, two-, or three-dimensionality. There is only four- or six-dimensionality, etc. As we eliminate that which isn't true, we inadvertently admit into reality that which is true. As world society divests itself of that which experimental evidence demonstrates to be untrue and embracingly enters into its computer the mathematical formulae of all that can be experimentally proven to be true, all the socially, selfishly malignant characteristics of the giant may vanish and the omni-pro-social-advantage-producing capabilities may prevail and flourish.

• • •




I smell the blood of a Britishman

Be he alive or be he dead

I'll grind his bones

To make my bread.




Steal kudos and credit American

Be it live checking

Or savings "dead"

We knead their dough

For dividend bread.

• • •

Each of the giants of today's great Grunch is a quadrillionfold more formidable than was Goliath. Each is entirely invisible, abstract, and completely ruthless—not because those who run the show are malevolent but because the giant is a non-human corporation, a many-centuriesold, royal-legal-advisor-invented institution. The giant is a so one-sidedly biased abstract legal invention that its exploitation by the power structures of thirty generations have made the XYZ corporations and companies seemingly as much a part of nature as the phases of the Moon and clouds of the sky. Corporations operate on an unnatural economic basis that makes a successful Las Vegas roulette bet a trifling success. If you bet your money on the fortunate corporation, your bet is paid and repaid to you quarterly, continually, ad infinitum, often more copiously each year. Assuming an investment of 100 shares at a cost of $2,750 in I.B.M. in 1914 when the company was first formed, it would have grown by June 1959 to 59,320 shares values at $19,308,900, plus $1,089,000 in cash and stock dividends and an additional $101,906 from rights and privileges.

As I have frequently recalled, the grossly mis- or underinformed, 95-percent-illiterate world society of 1900 misassumed the existence of a fundamental and dire inadequacy of life-support to be operative on our planet, wherefore it concluded, and the political-economic system as yet maintains, that it has to be only one or the other of the planet Earth's two great political ideologies which can survive, and that all the people governed by the loser must perish—"there is not enough for both."

The now-predominantly-literate world population of 1981 has developed an intuitive awareness of the illogicality and even madness of all political systems.

All the foregoing inadequate life-support misassuming by both political parties and all the major religious organizations, as earlier noted, has resulted in both sides having jointly spent six and a half trillion dollars in developing the present capability to destroy all humanity within one hour. Humanity at large is logically intuiting that the same sum spent in the direction of improving the lives of the presently deprived many might readily have brought about better results than race suicide.

The awareness of the emergence of a new world society has been only intuitive, because it is actualized only by a superficial knowledge of the overall integrated effects of an almost entirely nonsensorially contacted invisible reality of electronics, chemistry, metallurgy, atomics, and astrophysics. The epochal events of humans landing on the Moon, satellite-relayed "instant" around-the-world information, and an exclusively direct Sun-powered, Paris-toLondon flight are altogether reorienting world-around humanity's intuitive thinking into the realization that we can now do so much with so little that we can indeed take care of everybody.

There is a deep urge on the part of vast numbers of world "youth"—irrespective of their years—to do something right now about their intuition, which develops an impatience and ever more volatile group psychology. There is therefore an urge toward open physical revolt even amongst some of those who do know there is a bloodless, design-science, revolutionary option to attain socioeconomic success for all. The hotheads want to yield to their impatience. To those who urge us to join forces in bloody revolution, I reply as follows.

Before humans could be designed to occupy it, planet Earth had to be designed. Before planet Earth could be designed, the solar system had to be designed. Before the solar system could be designed, galaxies had to be designed. Before special-case galaxies could be designed, special-case macro-micro Universe, all its atoms and molecules, gravity, and radiation had to be designed. Before any realizable designing was possible, it was cosmically necessary to discover and employ the full family of eternally coexistent and synergetically inter-augmentative, only-by-mathematical-equations expressible, intercovarying, generalized principles governing the generalized design of eternally regenerative scenario Universe. And before all recognition of the eternal generalized principles and their inherent design-science functions, it was further necessary to have:

l. The design of an eternally regenerative, radiationally expansive and gravitationally contractive, everywhere and everywhen complexedly intertransforming, nonsimultaneously episoded, scenario Universe.

2. The generalized design of galaxies of entropic matterinto-energy as radiation-exporting stars and generalized star systems of planets serving syntropically, as radiation-into-matter importing planets.

3. The design of planet Earth as the Sun-orbiting, biosphere-protected, and oxygen-atmosphere-equipped incubator of DNA-RNA design-controlled biological life and of that life's photosynthetic conversion of entropic radiation into syntropic, orderly hydrocarbon molecules and a vast variety of hydraulically compressioned, crystallinely tensioned, exquisitely structured biological species omni-inter-regenerating as an ecological omni-life and human-thinking support-system.

4. The eternal mathematics—numbering and structuring. The eternally extensive mathematical spectrums of frequencies, wave lengths, and harmonic intervals.

Only thereafter could those human beings progressively re-evolutionize exclusively by trial-and-error enlightenment, from their born-naked state of absolute ignorance, to discover their scientific-principle-apprehending minds and thereby (now for the first possible moment in history) to glimpse humanity's semi-divine functioning-potential as local-Universe critical-information-gatherers and localUniverse problem-solvers in support of the integrity of eternally regenerative Universe.

Only now for the first time can we human beings effectively revolutionize society in an adequate degree to fulfill what I have identified in Critical Path as being the number one objective of humanity's inclusion in comprehensive evolution.

The generalized principles have always—eternally existed and have always been available for each special-case, revolutionary design-realization. The special-case design revolution has always had to precede the extra-specialcase local social revolution, whether it be by inventing guns which overwhelm archery or inventing the wireless telegraph which transmits messages halfway around the world at six million miles per hour, making utterly obsolete the Pony Express and its concomitant "Wild West" socioeconomic behavior-patterning. The greatest evolution-producing revolutions are complex and take the longest to be realized.

• • •

What I hoped I had made clear in Critical Path is that the inherently half-century-long design science-revolution phase of attainment of universal economic success has been successfully completed and now needs only the bloodless socioeconomic reorientation instead of the political revolution to exercise humanity's option to "make it" for all.

I hoped that Critical Path made clear that fifty-three years ago I anticipated today's transition of humanity from 150 nations operating independently and remotely from one another to an omni-integrated world family, with all that socioeconomic transition's conditioned-reflex stressings and shockings.

I hoped that Critical Path made it clear that the worlddata integration I initiated more than a half-century ago has kept growing into a comprehensive record of the invisible design-science revolution being achieved only by ever more performance, realized for ever less energy, weight, and time units invested per each increment of accomplished livingry functioning; and that more than a halfcentury ago I reduced my design-science, human-environment-augmenting structures and technologies to full-scale, physically working demonstrations of their advancement of technological advantage to economically accommodate an around-the-world pulsatively deployingand-converging, kinetic society.

I hoped that Critical Path made it clear that if I or some other individual had not taken these anticipatory initiatives more than a half-century ago, the comprehensively integrated physical-gaining-for-all now to be immediately attained simply through inaugurating the mass-production phase of its already developed prototypings, then the design science revolution could not now be realizable—it would take another fifty years to do the critical path work, and we now have only fifty months within which to exercise our option to convert all Earthian industrial productivity from killingry to livingry products and service systems.

I hoped that Critical Path made it clear that lacking the accomplishment of the design-science revolution, while also undergoing the transition into a one-world amalgamation of humanity which we are now experiencing, humans would have been catalyzed only into a world-around social revolution of the same bloody historic pattern of revengeful pulling down of the advantaged few by the disadvantaged many.

I hoped that Critical Path made it clear that the accomplished design-revolution's prototypes and developmental concepts now make possible for the first time in history a bloodless social revolution successfully elevating all humanity to a sustainable higher living-standard than ever heretofore enjoyed by anyone.

I hope that Critical Path made it clear that despite the reality of humanity's option to make it for all humanity, my own conclusion as to whether humanity will do so within the critical time and environmental development limits is that it will remain cosmically undecided up to the last second of the option's effective actuation, knowing that beyond that imminent moment lies only the swift extinction of humans on planet Earth.

The critical path I committed myself to in 1927 was and as yet is that of applying all technology and science directly to accomplishing the mass-produced components for advanced livingry for all humanity, instead of continuing to invest the advanced science and technology inadvertently falling out of the weaponry industry into the livingry tools industries. This critical path was inherently a fifty-year path.

• • •

I will now summarize the last few pages quickly.

The social revolution potential now can for the first time in history realize economic success for all and a comprehensive world enjoyment that involves not revengefully toppling the economically successful minority but elevating all humanity to a sustainable higher level of existing and interacting than any humans have heretofore either experienced or dreamed of.

The now-potentially-to-be-omni-successful social revolution could never before in history have been realized. Until 1970 there had always been enough physical resources but not enough metaphysical resources (of experience-won know-how) on our planet to render the physical technology capable of taking care of everyone at a sustainable, eminently successful level of physical well-being— bloodlessly accomplished and sustainable without the coexistence of either a human slave or working class. Until 1970 it had realistically to be either you or me, not enough for both. Since 1970 it has become realistically you and me—all else is automated acceleration to human-race extinction on planet Earth.

• • •

As we know, when the on-foot soldiers at CrŽcy stuck their pikes into the ground, points slantingly upward and forward, to impale the bellies of the advancing charges of cavalry, it was social revolution, brought about by designscience revolution. Thus armed with their newly-sciencedesigned pikes, the long-overwhelmed many on foot began to gain emancipation from being overwhelmed by the horse-mounted few. Design did it.

Both the word revolution and the words social revolution have many meanings, from that referring to the mechanical revolutions of a wheel to the social changing of life-styles which occurred when the horse-mounted and -carriaged few, with their many on-foot servants, stable boys, grooms, coachmen, and the vast slums they drove through were almost entirely design-science-obsoleted by the automobile-mounted many covering vastly more miles and having only a diminishing self-servant-class functioning as some of the riders became the auto-production workers, gas-station attendants, etc.

Greater justice and economic improvement for the many is not always the result of social revolution. The Europeans' guns overwhelming of the American Indian bow-and-arrow weapons was in most ways a retrogressive social revolution implemented by design-science revolution. It is always the design revolution that tips the social scales one way or the other. However, sum totally the combined design and social revolutions ultimately favor the many. Between 1900 and today, 60 percent of humans in the U.S.A. have attained a standard of living far in advance of those of the greatest potentates of 1900 while concurrently doubling the life-span of that fortunate 60 percent.

Never before in all history have the inequities and the momentums of unthinking money-power been more glaringly evident to so vastly large a number of now literate, competent, and constructively thinking all-around-the-world humans. There's a soon-to-occur critical-mass moment when the intuition of the responsibly inspired majority of humanity, in contradistinction to the angered Luddites and avenging Robin Hoods, faced with comprehensive functional discontinuity of nationally contained techno-economic system, will call for and accomplish a world-around reorientation of our planetary affairs. At this critical moment will occur a realization by the responsibly inspired majority that the adequate capacity of the invisible technology to sustainingly support all humanity depends on all the resources, physical and metaphysical, being always and only employed for all of world-around humanity as a completely integrated techno-economic system operating entirely on its daily income principally of Sun-emanating energy. The integrated world-technoeconomic system purpose is in contradistinction to a union of 150 autonomously operating nation-states, as with the United Nations. All this can now be comprehensively commonwealth-accounted in time-energy work units. All this can provide regenerative-initiative accommodating access of human individuals to the ever multiplying commonwealth-techno-economic facilities. The degree of individual-initiative computerized access to the commonwealth facilities will be predicated on the demonstrated performance and sustained integrity of the individual's ever-forwardly-anticipatory designing competence.

I have been a deliberate half-century-fused inciter of a cool-headed, natural, gestation-rate-paced revolution, armed with physically demonstrable livingry levers with which altogether to elevate all humanity to realization of an inherently sustainable, satisfactory-to-all, ever higher standard of living.

Critical threshold-crossing of the inevitable revolution is already underway. The question is: Can it be successfully accomplished before the only-instinctively-operating fear and ignorance preclude success, by one individual, authorized or unauthorized, pushing the first button of chain-reacting all-buttons-pushing, atomic, race-irradiated suicide?

The only happily promising recourse of each human individual is to our highest intellectual faculties and their mutual, ego-deflated, unselfishly loving preoccupation with comprehensivity and our employment of the most powerful tools of all:

(A) the family of generalized scientific principles governing the operational design of eternally regenerative Universe itself;

(B) comprehending and effectively employing synergetics, with the books Synergetics and Synergetics II presenting the comprehensive omni-image-able mathematical coordinate system employed by nature, thus avoiding the mentally debilitating, vastmajority-of-humanity-excluding quasimathematical coordinate system employed by present-day science;

(C) comprehending the major objectives and operating strategies of the major opposing power structures of world politics, their present status quo and probable future trending;

(D) comprehending the fundamentals of economics, of wealth vs. money, of the principal features and functioning of industry, banking, and securities;

(E) comprehending the educational system in general as well as the discovery of the shortcomings of science, engineering, and education in general;

(F) synergetically comprehending "what it is all about," as propounded in Critical Path and this book, Grunch of Giants, and discovering what our options are to confront imminent race disaster; and

(G) the individual discovery of God by a vast majority of human individuals—not the discovery of religions, but the discovery that each and every individual has an always-instantly-open , no-intermediary-switchboard-authority-to-contend-with, no-interferenceof-any-kind, direct "hot-line to God": i.e., the weightless, nonphysical communication occurring teleologically between the differentially limited, weightless, nonphysical, temporal, special-case mind of the individual human and the comprehensively integrated, macro-micro unlimited, weightless, eternal, generalized mind of God.

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