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News :: Education
Insane Black Man Trashes Indymedia
31 Jan 2006
This amazingly skitzo rant has been published all over the place by not me.
Master P Poster
(1/28/06 5:13 pm)
Reply notes from new palestine: ni**ers can never go home again.

notes from new palestine: ni**ers can never go home again. -- Hey Jim --
Please Call Home!

“stop sweet-talking him. tell him how you feel. tell him how -- what
kind of hell you've been catching, and let him know that if he's ready
to clean his house up, if he's not ready to clean his house up, he
shouldn't have a house. it should catch on fire and burn down. “-- al
hajj malik shabaaz

We restate our commitment to the peace process. But we will not submit
to a process of humiliation."
--patrick o'neil

"...we have the responsibility to make no deal with the oppressor"
--harry belafonte

do you overstand where we are coming from?

the members of imc back peddling and passing the buck, over the
seriousness of lessez faire racism and personal harassment of posters,
to imc and local authors have used the forum to launch personal attacks,
harass and defame character. they have basically entered it not to
produce independent media or "challenge the centres of power" -- b.u.t.
to infiltrate and control it like 90% of the media in kkkanada (owned
and operated by the kkkanadian government or the asper family). stephen
karr/pepper (whose refrain is to remind us that his ignorance,
obsession, unilateral thinking and sociopathic manipulative behaviour
can be excused because of the amerikkkan racial and national
socialist party percentile law -- not black, as far as the amerikkkan
goes, this time b.u.t. -- of being "1/4 jewish?") was actually a troll
who spent much time lying, launching personal attacks against *ytzhak*,
defaming the character of the poster, attacking and deleting latino
posts and complying with the racist segregationist policies of
california immigration laws and xenophobia and making false claims of
*antisemiticism* (the new tools for anyne who critiques or challenges
the centres of power) along with guamanian/dan bashaw with jim
hedger/radhippie (supporter of ernst zundle) and former member of the
white boy only anachist club, as their go boy shill -- some are lawyers
now advising on how far they can push a ni**ers legally without getting
caught; some pretend to be journalists for media monoplies. most imc
would find it odd that a troll would be offered a position on the admin
of the imc they have disrupted and attacked. then that very troll would,
try and invoke choas on the site to collapse it and then encourage very
threatening and affected/disturbed persons to engage in internet
harassment against a regular poster and other peoples in order to
discourage them from participating in local and global affairs that
contradict the white global supremacist and elitist agenda.

any opportunity to make light of, humiliate and harass *ytzhak* or
lawrence ytzhak braithwaite, the above imc coopters have taken and it
has become, much to their schoolyard bullying pleasure, humiliating,
unfair, anti-intellectual, childish and intolerable -- a form of
behvariorial modification -- which is the desired affect of harassment.
it's not that people are blind to the bad behavior of the white
bourjois in public b.u.t. that it is to make the situation so insane
that anyone reacting normally, to extreme confrontation and hyperbole,
with no jusitice or fairness/no checks and balances and with no outlet
-- then like a frustrated ghetto boy from native son or a palestinian
bomber, thrower or matyre, each seen/taken out of contexte with no
knowledge of the history of oppression, would toss themselves into the
mix like c k chesterton's description of art to *thursday* -- in a
sudden act of desperation --

so why should i be a fool for this?

this city which has history of erasing and/ignoring the accomplishments
of nonwhites and the poor is so hell bent on cultural imperialism it has
almost become an inbred race or ethncity in itself.

i have never been offered the respect as a long time member of this
society here or of the community, despite my work to assist, or as an
author worthy of respect and as an asset. i remained always pushed to
the outside with a theatrical flair of making as if i was resisting an
invitation -- i was and am resisting tokenism & colonial labels.
frankly, i have been treated like an uppity ni**ers that won't know his
place (or when that stranger called honesty and straight talk take hold
-- like an animal) . if people disagreed with me on an intellectual
level that would be one thing -- b.u.t. it is reduced to slander,
bullying, defamation and humiliation tactics -- for like israel, and
it's brutality toward difference, they can't seem to make a case for it or
any other their twisted idealogies. they can only build firewalls and
shoot off derision. basically, i have been subjected to the old colonial
ritual of personal harassment -- my body violated, my accomplishments
the victim of benign neglect and driven to the point of despair by these
powers with the hope that i self destruct via negative reinforcement and

i guess that's what you get when you are drafted, and i say drafted
because i do not prefess to be of greatness or noble calling, only a
simple man not a *boy* or anybody's *boy* as a supremist poster
refereners to me as, b.u.t. at times a bit ridiculous, into fighting/or
starting a scene of two as lord attendant, for a noble cause/for my
peoples -- staggering in the footsteps with an increasingly heavying
backpack -- in the footsteps of bruhs/sis and ancestors -- more stronger
than i -- the tokenism and invisibility of our invincable accomplishements
in this city and what jay-z once reminded us, to get people to "see what
a ni**a
look like when a ni**a in a roadsta"/or ni**a as an author -- to see
ourselves --
from ni**as to gods as bruh akil once wrote. to hear ourselves -- not
the reflection
tolerance of the so called liberal british columbian society, a society
that has an
agenda of making this a white dialogue -- be it left or right -- junkie
or str8 edge --
of separatist and one race caste system, b.u.t. one of accomplished various
individuals who have a right to BEE seen, respected and heard.

since i have been here whatever opportunity, on an increasing level, has
been taken to degrade me -- to criminalize me, to take me down a few
notches -- tokenize and label. i have not been in the least bit
respected or publicly acknowledge as an asset to my community - to my
city. i have served this country for 11 years of my life. i have studied
the classics. i wrote what has been acknowledge as cult classic in the
united states. both novels have had featured reviews and praises from
the alterntive to mainstream presses, outside of victoria. i was the
first kkkanadian to have been signed to much saught after press. my
writngs have been included in the national poetry archieves, studied at
grad level in university. i have worked with food not bombs, put
together a zine of black, native and muslim knowledge and revolutionary
thought (mw), made chapbooks illustrated by local artists. my
recordings and writing have been heard and published, respectively,
internationally. my hope and struggle has always been for new
palestine. i have struggled for my community and faught and turned down
opportunities in both the u.s. and kkkanada who have attempted to
disrespect the peoples here and my fam and peoples in general --
compromise our integrity = "i am we". and have always acknowledged
being from victoria and not the more glamourous big city of vancouver,
like so many other artist have attempted to do, and all these efforts
have garndered is benign neglect, brutality and/or constant humilation
(to every step in my elevation which, will, god willing, remain
constant), and in the case of certain city privately contracted
individuals, like an animal who won't down stay. ...and by some
coincidence i'm am suppose to ignor, or we are, that all this has
happened to, and is happening to, the first black author of british
columbia. one not treated as a prize. ...not as human b.u.t. as being
killed by willful destruction. i must admit, i have been foolish, in my
obession over making this city and my hood feel and think and CEE.
...for i have, openly, in a covert manner, said, not worship or adore --
not even more importantly, like, maybe -- b.u.t. will you 'love me'.

...and all smirked all the way.

b.u.t i know that...

b.u.t. i grow tired...

...and my backpack, visible or not, gets heavier

kkkanadian towns have always had a history of, not only institutional,
b.u.t. local citizenry collective racism, harassment and complicity in
the rapes, murders and other wilful destruction of humnanbeings
undesired/'not wanted on the journey' by the static quo -- be they
natives, poor, black and now muslims and arabs - one might say that
kkkanada comes into it's own or collapses, for maybe it is what
ahmadinejad has said, 'colonialism time has come to an end', as
the nwo makes a power move on the world -- for
no two have anything more in common for the sadistic bullying, cold
kills, bought journalist monopolies on truth, worship of mediocrity, and
utter disregard for the individual and human values of difference and
varying cultures and voices.

in a town with aryan nation groups, fascists separatists electoral
parties, paranoid white folk training grounds, a gay community loyal to
corporate and white power causes, mercenaries and supremacist gangs
...they say the trouble and threat to freedome and what must be faught
and degraded for the safety of jews and even homosexuals, lies in
combating one of the victims of these totalitarian groups since his
arrival -- the black author lawrence ytzhak braithwaite. ...and as good
hypocracy, the sort this country breeds in the very genes of it's
system, it is done with the stance of fighting against the oppression of
now oppressive groups = *homophobia* and now *antijewish* sentiments and
the new heretical religion of *holocaust deniel* i.e. hiding behind
white european jewish struggle (where if any negative comments were made
against these two groups, and new born religion, would have been deleted
within minutes) all of whom who having forgotten the solidarity that got
them here - or what it is like to be treated cruely by what was once the
opressors, have decided to join the daemon's cacophony of destruction
of enlightment for the dark ages of fear and ignorance, as bedfellows.

ni**er go home.

...and bruthas got the shout down of *let the ni**ers burn*

imc's were created and fought for in an attempt to bring truth to the
and combat the lies of the mainstream coopted media. it then became an
outlet for creativity for those on the outskirts or rejecting mainstream
corporate arts -- BEE it hip hop, punk, rap, turntablism, literature,
poetry or creative non-fiction or film and video. it was not, however,
ever meant to be a forum for failed peoples to place themselves as admin
or editors and engage and provoke harassment and humiliation of
individuals who do not stroll with the party line -- nor was it meant
to be a lackey to brutal, apartheid regimes, totalitarian governments,
dysfunctional racist individuals and corporate whores. in the case of, it has fallen victim to to the spooks of planted
seeds of kkkanadian imperialism and media same think unthink tank
totalitARYANism and showboaters.

my body and life in this place is the witness, inshallah.

if something should happen to me (and it scares ... to say it shall) --
remember not only these names and it's history and pracitices b.u.t.
remember the city and it's habits and plants, inshallah.

one day we will be, inshallah


1426 Lawrence Y Braithwaite (aka Lord Patch)
New Palestine/Fernwood/The Hood
Victoria, BC

"Braithwaite’s work is brilliant, and represents the distinct voice of
black BC literature, a matter-of-fact defiance of traditional ideas
about race, class and sexuality in popular cultures and in black
literary criticism. As Compton notes, black Canadian identity is not
determined by "transplant Afrocentrism, easy access African-Americana or
the spice-rack vapidness of [Canadian] liberal multiculturalism". " --
Anne Borden -- "The Danforth Review"

"...President Ahmadinejad considered the "existence of an appropriate
atmosphere for expressing viewpoints" as the prerequisite for "holding
dialogues among countries", adding "if one side would keep on talking
and the other side would merely have to listen, it would not be called a
dialogue." He added, "the era of colonialism and literature of threats
has long been over..." -- mahmoud ahmadinejad



how fast does light travel:

See also:


"So many of my comrades are gone now. Some tight partners, crime
partners, and brothers off the block are begging on the street. Others
are in asylum, penitentiary, or grave. They are all suicides of one kind
of another who had the sensitivity and tragic imagination to see the
oppression. Some overcame; they are the revolutionary suicides." -- huey
p newton -- "I am we" -- from revolutionary suicide



"in these times immersed in the absurdity of systemic acts of cruelty and
double standards in this messy area , some call the west , which is now
embedded in the midst of a treacherous performance piece -- it is only
logical that in an illogical world run by bullys, abusers, simpletons
and usurpers -- that frustrated valid bruthas will invoke acts of will
to power and make you feel the pain they feel."--Lawrence Y Braithwaite
(aka Lord Patch) -- "notes from new palestine: revolutionary suicidal
tendencies (the war brought home)"




Edited by: Lordpatch at: 1/31/06 12:30 pm

This work is in the public domain