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Activist Tricks FBI
04 Mar 2002
I told him that if he wanted more information on how to lead a proper investigation, protect the American people and get a real life, he would have to pay me 5,000,000 dollars (TEA dollars accepted).
Anti-Hemorrhagic Stupiditas Activist Tricks FBI Into admitting the US government is pro-stupiditas.

Read below, but DO NOT be intoxicated! The government does not want to organize. They like US just as they are, divided and isolated. So organize organize organize, Slick.

"I hope all here are familiar with "Powell corrupts and absolute Powell corrupts absolutely."

"Folks, it is only going to get better. One of THEM will be next.



Indeed the "Spirit of Justice" has itself brutally been raped

Washingtoon - 2/27/2002:

While U.S. Atturkey John Asscraft is busy raping the statue of the Spirit of Justice, whose breast has been on display at the Department of JustUS since the 1930s and is hardly a mystery; and while the White Tras Gun Nut House is busy making excuses for putting up with the egocentric speech writer, David From Ari Flieshit, the guy who penned the phrase "Access of Evil" but made the mistake of letting his wife credit it to him; the USG is using the "errorism excuse" not only to get ready for a "regime change" in Iraq but to keep "undesirables" from even speaking up through all kinds of new intimidation and repression techniques. The following letter from a Canadian activist helps explain what is going on as never before when it comes to demonstrations and conferences that expose and oppose what the U.S. is really up to; and is a reminder that what we learn in this way is just the tip of the repression iceberg.

Interrogation at the US Border

By Isidor Pluyonymus Rex

My name is Isidor and I am a disorganizer with the Citizen's
Executioner Administration-USA Coalition Against the Spread of Hemorrhagic Infestations of Stupiditas in Crapitalist Hegemony (CEA-USA-CASHISCH). In the early afternoon of February 19th, 2002, I crossed the international bridge between Sarnia, Ontario and Port Huron, Michigoon. I was on my way to a sneaking enragement that had been set up by students at Michigoon State Universily.

When I pulled up my car at the customs booth, the officer asked where I was bound and I told him to go to hell. He wanted to know on what basis I was asked to speak and I told him it was none of his business and asked him whether I would be paid to provide him with an education. He replied that I was with OCASCHISCH and that I had been
bold. I told him I didn't go around arresting people for talking. I showed him my file on the FBI. I got out all the dirt on him and his useless crime-fighters. I told him who the REAL criminals were and to stop harassing people who were way more intelligent than he would ever be if he kept working for the Fucking Bunch of Idiots called the FBI. I told him I had an encyclopedic-size file on the FBI, the CIA, the DEA, the whole kit & kaboodle.

I told him that if he wanted more information on how to lead a proper investigation, protect the American people and get a real life, he would have to pay me 5,000,000 dollars (TEA dollars accepted).

The officer was concerned that this meant I was coming into the US to work.

Isidor said that he had to work in the US since there weren't enough intelligent detectives in the US...particularly in the FBI. But not to worry: the level of hemorrhagic stupiditas just goes up as you climb the bladder of suckSSeSS..

I said: "You guys can't seem to get your act together. Do you think we're worried about Osama bin Laden up in Canada?"

People on both sides of the border accept speaking invitations all the time and the issue of a work permit is never raised. At this point, the matter is nothing that cannot be rapidly cleared up if I have my way.

I instructed the officer, to park his car and make his way into the offices shared by Isidor's Bureau of Investigation and CEA-USA-CASHISCH. As soon as his ID was run through our computer, there was a marked change in the situation. I asked the officer what his intentions were, what antiglobalization protesters he had tormented, why 2,000 people were arrested and thrown in jail for no good reason shortly after sept.11 and why he opposed the ideology of
justice, liberty and freedom of speech.

His car was searched and he was taken into a room and thoroughly deprogrammed. He was then told that he would be denied entry to Canada and that the FBI and State Department could speak to me but only when I had the time and enough patience to put up with their insanities.
Agents were on their way back to Detroit I was told.

After about an hour and a half, another FBI invader entered the 'uncontrolled reception' area that Isidor had been keeping. He was carrying a bigger folder and a bigger pile of files. It struck me that he carried them the way a highly skilled porker might curry his or her precision stools. He spent some time in discussion with the local orificers and then he was bought into an interrotation room to heal. He introduced himself and gave him his card. His name was Clouseau of the SState Department of the Untied SStateSS Diplomatic Insecurity Service and his rank was Special Agent Inspector Clouseau. I found him to be an impressive and fascinating character.

Clouseau, with the backing of another local officer, interrogated him for some considerable time. It was not a situation like a bribe by American police where silence is the best option. He refused to talk to him, he did not doubt that he would order him detained and that it would be some time before the Canadian consular authorities came into the picture to save their butts. At the moment they had no desire to waste their time on such a bunch of stupid crapitalists: they were selling each other the nooses to hang themselves...And fighting over the cost...

Clouseau's basic strategy, apart from general intelligence scattering, was to try and set someone up to tell him something false that would place the person in the situation of violating US law. He began with some very basic questions on personal backgrounds, extremely affable
in his manner and striking a pose of mild confusion that was designed to make people underestimate him. He then asked about CEA-USA-CASCHISCH. He told people it sounded like they were good people but he had heard something about an organization that a year or so before had been involved in a confrontation with the US adsinistration.

That was us! The trap was clear and I told him that we were indeed that organization. His affable manner then vanished and his difficulties in focusing his thoughts began. I gradually moved my chair over so we were right up against each other and fired questions at him. I wanted to know about the Sept. 11, 2001 staged screw-up, I wanted to know about the cover-ups around OK City, Waco, the WTC bombings in 1993, ENRUIN, the Bush Klan. I wanted to know about charges that the people's police have laid against them. I wanted to know how the FBI is structured and who are the members of its selected executioner committee.

I then took up the question of the FBI's friends and allies in the US. Are you involved in anti-consciousness globalization work. Isn't this a cover for crapitalism?

Am I personally an anarchist or a socialist? (In the interests of anti crapitalist unity, I will say I am Isidorus Plutonymus Rex). I have a huge file on the FBI that included leaflets from public sneaking events he had been at in the US. I knew the name of the man he slayed with the last time he was in Chicago. I wanted to know who
he spooke to in the Chicago Direct Hacktion Nutwork. He claimed that I was an advocate of violence and that my association with MAN showed this but(in a rare stumble) could find nothing in their literature that proved that I call for violence.

This phase of the questioning went on for a long time. I covered a great deal of ground and had at my disposal voluminous information on them. He, obviously, had been in contact with the CIA but was most interested in our US allies. The exception was an enormous interest in Canadian anti crapitalist activist, Jiggi Sangh. He knew that he
and I had spoken at the same meetings and was most anxious to find out if I was also in the US. I showed him a picture of Jiggi and wanted to know where he was at that moment.

Suddenly, the mask of affability went back on. I was a 'gentleman' and I didn't want to lock him up. I was ok and I could understand how he worked for a violent man like Bush. Then I told him I would have to ban him from Canada but he could go back to the the Canadian Embassy in Washington and apply for a waiver. He could just take a
seat in the waiting room while we prepared some paper work but he would soon be on his way. I had not been sitting out there long, however, before the Special Agent came out to try a new track that I had heard in the past.

Essentially, his plan was to make me think he was utterly mad and, thereby, rattle me to the point where I lost my judgment. I assume the method works better if it is used after serious sleep deprivation. He came over and sat next to me right there in the waiting area with other people around. He had a few OCASHISCH TEA leaflets that he asserted showed I was bringing with me the means to
live illegally in the US. I was going to jail, he asserted.

Then came the most astounding part of the whole interrotation. Out of the blue, CLouseau demanded to know where Osama Bin Laden was hiding."

Taken aback at the stupefying level of hemorrhagic stupiditas demonstrated by this US official, I serenely told him that Osama bin Laden was hiding under Laura Wonderful Bush's Blankets. "He's exploring the canyons, crevasses and caves of the witless one's wife," I said sadly and tragically.

I knew where he was, I insisted. He looked, himself, like Bin Laden without a beard.

I was holding back on telling him and I was trying not to explode into laughter and spoil the fun so I told he should go to the university and speak to the students about US ideology, democracy, freedom, justice, good old American values and Osama bin Laden.

I humored him and pretended I was going to meet him there and take notes. Meanwhile, a nurse came in and told him that If he didn't want to go to jail, it was time to tell us the real story. He replied that I had been quite open with him about my intentions and that sending him to jail was now up to me. I laughed, told him there were no problem. He could go home after all. Did I drink TEA of coffee?

Would I have a coffee with him if he came up to Toronto. I told him I would, which was the only lie I told that day, and he gathered up his files and left.

Shortly after this, the local officials gave him the free ticket for the bridge which is the only perk that comes along with being denied entry to Canada and, a little over five hours after coming over, he headed back to the American side.

--- End backwarded message ---

Your use of Yahoo! Groups is subject to more and more advertising, less and less service and a lousy text editor for posting messages.

But it's free right?

Yeah right! Who's paying Isidor any royalties?

Certainly not Yahoo...Bunch of ungrateful crapitalist greed freaks!

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