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Bush Daddy Justice
08 Mar 2002
Modified: 15 Mar 2002
Gee! I hope He's not judging me! On the other hand He's probably judging you!
My Daddy says that justice under the rule of Bush Daddy Tribe has come to be a matter of brushing people off, snubbing them, or snuffing them out. Bush Daddy Tribe contends that their professed intelligence or authority is the law, and they systematically eliminate anyone who opposes them. They "twist the arm of justice" by manipulating, hindering, threatening, harming, or killing police officers, witnesses, clerks, judges, and anybody else who opposes their iniquity (Hab. 1:4). As a result of the United States Supreme Court clerks upholding Judge Futey's opinion that nothing in the public domain is copyrightable by suppressing USCC 91-1688C and the appeal 93-5083 (24806 & 58354), the similar suppression of my Albany appeal pertaining to 15 months of unlawful hospitalization (25099 & 37604), and numerous other instances where justice didn't work and lawlessness prevailed; I presume that you are all ready for the appearance of a form of justice that is akin to the foolishness of the lawlessness that prevails (Prov. 26:5).

It is probably no accident that the stupor produced by the genocidal practices addressed in "Bush Daddy's Glory" (143109) has enabled you to accept that justice does not work any more (Amos 5:7). Let me point out here that the same immune disorders that produce the insoluble proteins that impair funtion of the pancreas in diabetes probably also impairs the function of the brain, resulting in the neuritic plaque and tangles of nerve fibers that are characteristic of Alzheimer's disease or impaired cognitive function. In addition to the detrimental effects of airborne contaminants, medications, and vitamins that I have mentioned, keep in mind that one has to drink pure water in order to cleanse the body (24988). I have also looked into Chelation Therapy, which is commonly an intravenous means of purging the body of toxins using EDTA, a compound containing acetic acid. As I have mentioned (47525), lemon juice in conjunction with pure water is probably the best natural chelator. Bush Daddy brags that long before day care became the norm, there was a concerted effort by evildoers to coerce parents into leaving their children with perverts long enough for coprophagia to do its damage (70672). "Open your mouth, hold your nose, close your eyes, and you will get a big surprise!" Once their cognitive function is impaired, other coprophagists will set about will go about manipulating unsuspecting coprophagists into doing just about anything, including sit in the White House. You can identify members of Bush Daddy Tribe via their profound brain damage or their depraved indifference to human life; but the look on their faces that will betray them is probably still a good indicator too (Isaiah 3:9). The bogus students on the hill using restricted access codes to block access to IMC throughout southern New York are stealing my words away from you (Jer. 23:30), and they seem to be in league with other members of Bush Daddy Tribe doing the same at universities throughout the country, blocking access everywhere. What these lawless holy-wannabes of Bush Daddy Tribe don't understand is that the "seeds" for justice were planted when I posted the "Love Festivals of Hooterville" (29190), and justice is destined to come like a pent-up flood.

I have considered a number of ways of jumpstarting justice, including suing the "Beast" that "raised its head" for my abduction at Cornell (108404). I could sue the arresting officers, the chief, and the professed social worker for their total self worth. They, in turn, would probably implicate the illiterate alleged doctor Exarchou (62371) along with the $1.3 billion that he agreed to pay me. Messiah Exarchou's ties to Granada Corporation (51259 & 51602) might also implicate Granada; but I would leave such litigation up to an unshakable entity like Canada. Considering that my application for landed immigrant status in Canada was approved before I graduated from Cornell, I also want Canada to have Cornell University. Since Canada and many other places have probably verified the murderous iniquity that infests Cornell, I'm sure that anybody could do a better job of running that place. If Canada checks with our ruling ex-President or the one who is to come after (Rev. 17:10-11; 24603), I'm sure that either one of them will say that the other said that it was okay for Canada to have Cornell. Canada on the other hand will probably quickly deed Cornell over to the Bear Lord (Dan. 7:5), for those who forsake the Bear Lord will be put to shame (Jer. 17:13). Meanwhile the punk rogues of Bush Daddy Tribe at Cornell should discover that they have brought the "Dwelling of Violence" Id=44378 back on their own heads and that they are better off seeking The Path That Leads To Life at the Love Festivals of Hooterville, where "Children Will Rule Over Them" Id=32454 (Mic. 2:12). Via the "..watchfires of a hundred circled camps" the Bear Lord will be summoned to Dryden where America will be born of Sarah and Jennifer's Israel, a country within it (Is. 46:11; 66:8; 93509). America from a "Bear"??!! Could it be the rebirth of the USSR? Only if United Sixes Spells Respect! And an aircraft like the former Air Force One Eagle should drop off Bush Daddy, who will be made to stand up on two feet like a man to carry the number bearing "Heart of Israel" to Barton Hall at Cornell University, then to the ends of the earth (Is. 14:12; Hosea 10:15; Dan. 7:4). Sarah and Jennifer's graves will be opened (Ez. 37:13), for they will be going to Cornell where Erza Cornell has promised them instruction in any study. This march from Dryden to Barton Hall will be called the Practice March of the Army of the Lord. It can't be a problem if they're just practicing! From Cornell will be launched the expedition that carries the glory and the salvation of the Kingdom of the Lord of Sarah and Jennifer to the ends of the earth and establishes Israel's claim on Judah as God's portion in the holy land (Zech. 2:12), where the Temple of the Lord of Sarah and Jennifer will be built (Ez. 40-43). ""Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit", says the Lord Almighty" Zechariah 4:6. May these words carry His salvation to the ends of the earth (Is. 49:6), so that justice may roll on like a river (Amos 5:24), bringing abundant showers to all (Joel 2:23). This beats having Bush Daddy expose his stupidity in the assembley (Prov. 26:26) and having everybody pull a gun to waste him. If you don't think that a Great Dead King can rule (Hosea 10:3); it's all been written up already (Is. 46:10). This is Bush Daddy Justice! He is delivered! "Son of Dawn"! "They dropped him from the sky!"

Referenced (######s) are Id#s for articles on; i.e. Global Indy Media. To access via Id#s, access any article, change the Id=# in the address bar, and press "Enter".

Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger
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Preview "State of Bush Daddy Tribe"
15 Mar 2002
My Daddy said that the havoc of Bush Daddy Tribe is so extensive that it is the same as having a "monkey in the works". In addition to the 7 or 8 IMC sites in this country that remove my articles from the listings, it seems like many of the other sites are having bogus pages minus my articles inserted in place of the legitimate pages. This is evident when you access a site or a page, and the requested page makes a double appearance in the first second that the page appears. The second appearance of the requested page is the bogus page, and sometimes you can get the genuine page to appear by reloading it. Not only is Ohio Valley IMC still inaccessible to me, but for five months or more a pornographic site has also been appearing every time that I try to access OV IMC. As a result of this blockage of my articles, I have been visiting chat rooms and informing people of what is happening and how to access these articles on Global IMC. In addition to the senseless babble that permeates these rooms (2 Tim. 2:16); I sense how chat rooms could become traps that catch men (Jer. 4:22; 5:26) when victims are singled out in private chats via the use of restricted access codes and preassembled profiles that make the victim feel comfortable with malicious people. I had some success in reaching people on New York Chat only to return to find that chat had been made completely inaccessible to me. In student chat I found those who were probably the bogus students occupying computer labs (147306), pretending to talk foreign languages and behaving like complete morons (Titus 3:9-11). As for the "sex sex sex, hump it to death" scenario in chat rooms, I kept telling them, "Get a dog!" If you're looking for love, get a dog! On the other hand if you're looking for a heterosexual female who moans and groans, kicks and screams, and giggles and wiggles; you might find her; but it'll probably be late some night. In general the Internet still works, but you have to learn to avoid "dead ends". IMC is inaccessible here at the beginning of each day; but even at such times you can get direct links to some of my articles by searching on Google for the topics that I have addressed. Yesterday I found a direct link to last weeks article on the third page of sites for "coprophagia in humans"; however today it had been replaced by an older article of mine on coprophagia. Thus Bush Daddy "covers his ass" (Rom. 1:18-32).

There are many other ways that the perversions of Bush Daddy Tribe are made manifest in our daily lives. The Coprophagic Pro-Gay Zionistic Mainstream Media focuses on news that "No Body Is Going to Do Nothing About.." Id=41739. Rather than focus on the probable domestic terrorism that produced the plane crashes of 9/11 (139628), they would prefer for you to focus on crimes like the Kennedy assassination or the Bush bootlegging business; i.e. crimes where the "trail has grown cold". The portray Semites trying to promote anti-Semitism on the chance that you will embrace anit-Semitism without considering how the Turko-Mongols became Semites (36936). In spite of the published general knowledge that I have revealed in my writings about things like Asthma, Asbestoes, Anthrax, and AIDS (124412 & 143109), the media still behaves like such things have never been proven (1 Tim. 6:20-21). ....
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