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Commentary :: Education
"Heads-Up" on the use of online names.
20 Feb 2006
Just a reminder.
I am sure many are aware that anyone can post any message under any name. I've noticed that the handles "@" and "brad" are occasionally being used by our trolls to falsely attribute authorship/attitudes to the regular "@" and "brad" that are not their own. This is a standard disinformation and psyops trick used by opponents of free discourse.

There is nothing we can do to stop it. Past experience shows that there is nothing you can do to stop this behavior, so my advice to "@" and "brad" is to just ignore and rest assured that all intelligent readers realize what is going on.

This work is in the public domain


Re: "Heads-Up" on the use of online names.
20 Feb 2006
I feel your pain! There are lots of guys running around killing, beheading burning etc using my name too.
Peace be Upon you , and kill all Kafir.
Yours truly,
Re: "Heads-Up" on the use of online names.
20 Feb 2006
Since when does anyone have the copyright on "@" ?
No one is claiming a copyright.
20 Feb 2006
Anyone is free to use whatever name. That is not an issue. The issue is when a name is usurped specifically to sow confusion and to taint. There is nothing that can be done about that either, except for reminding people that it is going on, which is what I am doing.
Re: "Heads-Up" on the use of online names.
20 Feb 2006
How does one usurp an at (@)sign? It's one thing to use a pseudonym, but it's something entirely different to pick a random key on a keyboard and expect that you have some claim to it. That's just plain stupid.
No Vera, it's not stupid.
20 Feb 2006
'llI leave your neurons to themselves to work it out.
Goddamn it!
20 Feb 2006
I am indeed asserting copyright over my name, but not over wanting to hate-fuck hippie chicks in their asses. Goddamn it!
20 Feb 2006
"The issue is when a name is usurped specifically to sow confusion and to taint. "

Sorry Anarchist, no rules allowed.
I might be an anarchist and I might not be an anarchist.
20 Feb 2006
I haven't stated my political designation on any forum. However, there is no conflict between anarchism and rules. The conflict is between anarchism and authority. Some rules are based in nature (e.g. Newton's laws), some rules are based on reason (e.g. if you want to have a dialog, it helps to be able to differentiate between the parties in the dialog, by their chosen names, for example), and some rules are based on authority. Anarchists reject the latter not the former.
Re: "Heads-Up" on the use of online names.
20 Feb 2006
If you are not an anarchist, then on what authority do you speak on anarchism?
To "brad".
20 Feb 2006
I'm not a linguist but I can describe clearly what linguistics is.

In other words, "what a silly question!"
Re: "Heads-Up" on the use of online names.
20 Feb 2006
it's not really that complex people, the poster is just saying to be aware that some people are pretending to post under the handle that regular imc-bos readers are accustomed to associating with specific points of view.
for example, 'veteran' is usually an apologist for us empire, police brutality, etc, while flipside seems to be an all-round people-hating asshole. if someone posts something progressive under those handles, well it might cause a huge shudder in the works and shut the whole system down. more likely, tricksters would use handles we have come to associate with positive and progressive ideas to put forward reactionary comments, for any number of purposes (confusing readers, maligning comment posters, etc). enemy is only pointing out that it seems to be happening, in case anyone felt confused or maligned. doesn't seem to require this much debate...
Re: "Heads-Up" on the use of online names.
20 Feb 2006
So, "The Enemy," if that really is your name...please describe clearly what linguistics is.
The Enema
20 Feb 2006
if you're so good with your tongue, why don't you lick my ass?
Re: "Heads-Up" on the use of online names.
20 Feb 2006
So, "not too difficult" are you saying that there is only one "John" "Paul" or even just one "George" or "Ringo" in the world? Is anyone using John, Paul, George, or Ringo simple impersonating the Beatles?
20 Feb 2006
"the scientific study of language"

Sid, do you think you must be a linguist to know what linguistics is? Do you need to be a phenomenologist to know what red looks like? Do you need to be a beaver to know how beavers cut trees down?

It's pretty clear where you belong, Sid. You belong with the trolls on this board.
Re: "Heads-Up" on the use of online names.
20 Feb 2006
You mean that you are only now figuring out that this gang lists me among the so called trolls? Don't you realize that labeling someone as a troll is the chief means of quasing dissent on this board? Where have you been? All I can say is that if being a "troll" means being a dissenter, then I wear the badge proudly!!
Re: "Heads-Up" on the use of online names.
20 Feb 2006
no, being a troll means being annoying and counter-productive to actual dialogue. and dissent isn't always good. i don't think dissenting against democracy or open publishing is a good thing.
Re: "Heads-Up" on the use of online names.
21 Feb 2006
How about dissenting against hypocricy?