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Gov criminals - Pt 1
19 Mar 2002
Modified: 22 Mar 2002
Some of you are aware of some of these realities...

When the US Government is Organized Crime
Can AnyOne Trust Anything Government if it is all Criminals?
Sun Mar 17 19:11:22 2002

When the US Government is Organized Crime
Can AnyOne Trust Anything Government if it is all Criminals?

Just to provide one answer to the well written article on the debate about whether any U.S. NASA Astronauts actually went to the Moon or not, which there are incredibly good arguments on both sides of this important issue.

The one and final question and the never addressed answer that has not been brought directly to this most likely never truly to be ever correctly answered question of whether the Moon Landing was a hoax or not is that how can any American or any one who now knows how corrupt the U.S. Government is and the National Aero Space Administration is ever be able to find truly find any resolution to the question of whether the Moon Landing was a hoax or not.

How any truth be extracted from anything that is considered to be tied to the U.S. Government or the National Aero Space Administration when it is being unanimously discovered that the U.S. Government and NASA are all administrated over and run by Elite Appointed Secret Society High Priests who have done nothing but carry out their secret agendas that include their massive disinformation policies in cooperation with the privately owned and controlled media agencies that includes rampant and out of control manipulated policies and agendas with out heeding the reasoning of the lower administrative hierarchy, that also includes these high priest's blatant suppression and elimination of what would normally be agendas and policies that would normally serve in the best interests of the American people, and yet are directed agendas and policies that do not serve in the best interests of the American people while these appointed high priests are also suppressing major advances in technology, their classifying and burying information that would normally inform the American people of what the NASA and the U.S. Real Shadow Government are using for their own agendas and their own secret programs at the expense of the U.S. Tax Payer who is not benefiting what so ever from this secret Elitist High Priest Society who now have taken over the entire U.S. Government and the National Aero Space Administration.

This matter of mass corruption also includes the suppression of these Elites having taken control for their own use of all or most super advanced anti gravitic technology, all or most time altering and travel technology, all or most tele transport technology, all or most free and alternative energy technology and sources, all or most super advanced mind control and telepathic transmitting technology that is not being used for the benevolence of the American people but is being used by the Elites for their own personal benefit of enabling them to be able to control the minds of all or most civilian and military populations world wide, and this includes their Top Secret activities that have been going on in the cosmos that includes top secret Moon bases, Mars Bases, and bases on many other stellar and solar system locations, not to mention the hundreds of subterranean city like bases that the Elites have built for themselves that includes vast deep underground super high speed electro magnetic shuttle technology that they had build for their being able to get to and from all of their vast underground complexes that will also serve for the Elites for their own refuge when the massive destructive Earth changes begin in the mid 2010's, around 2004, so why should anyone trust this Elite Global Bank Mafia controlled U.S. Government especially when the few who now know that the Bush Crime and Murder Administration, the CIA, and the MOSSAD are completely responsible for the entire mass murder at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon for their own quest of achieving mass profiteering from the Afghanistan Oil, Drugs, Weapons, and their rampant Global Money Laundering operations that ties directly to the privately owned Federal Reserve Banking System and the Global Banking Crime Families and their banking Mafia who own the Federal Reserve Banking system.

Consider the thousands of unsuspecting innocent people who were murdered by the Bush/CIA/MOSSAD, at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon by the remote controlled aircraft, by planted explosive charges or by exotic transmitted harmonic beam weaponry.

Consider the ensuing and incredibly lousy and yet blatant Governmental and media cover up that also directly includes the Bush Crime Family Boss, George Bush Senior himself who is a known practicing Satanist and Luciferian and known pedophile, (read the book by John DeCamp, the Franklin Cover-Up) being a personal business associate through the Carlyle Group with Bin Laden's father.

Consider that the CIA visited with Bin Laden in July of 2001, when he was supposed to be the CIA's most wanted list and funded him with more then forty million dollars to his AL-QAEDA Afghanistan operations of US Tax Payer money, and Bin Laden is a CIA employed and trained contract terrorist.

Consider that the Bush Crime and Murder Administration ordered for a stand down of all military defense systems around New York, and Washington DC on Sept 11, 2001, and that the MOSSAD forewarned more then 4,000 Israeli employees who worked at the WTC to not show up for work on Sept 11, 2001, while the CIA and the FBI forewarned more then 2,000 Military and Governmental insiders to not show up for work at the pentagon on Sept 11, 2001, and don't forget the thousands of other crimes and mass murders that tie directly to the Bush Crime Family, the CIA, the FBI, and the MOSSAD, such as the US missile attack on TWA 800 where even the author James Sanders who is the author of "The Downing of TWA Flight 800," was unlawfully detained for writing a book about the mass government complicity and cover up to the missile shoot down and mass murder and that the author Sally Denton was on TWA 800 who was the author of the book, "The Blue Grass Conspiracy.

Consider that the Clinton White House with the assistance of the long standing cover up master who at the time was the Clinton appointed White House Czar on Terrorism, Oliver Buck Revelle, in complicity with the Bush Crime Family ordered for the missile attack and cover up of the U.S. Government orchestrated missile attack on the TWA 800 Flight because Sally Denton was on board the aircraft on her way to deliver her story about the Bush Crime Family and the CIA's Global Crime Operation to the leading news agencies in Europe and the FBI were instrumental in having her name expunged from the TWA 800 Flight Manifest.

Sally Denton was going to Europe to deliver articles on the out of control Bush CIA Crime Family and CIA Guns for Drugs, Weapons, Oil and Money Laundering operations, to the major European media groups and then there was the follow up mass FBI cover up by the then New York assistant FBI Director James Kallstrom in cooperation with the Elite owned and controlled media industry.

Consider the mass cover up of the Bush Crime Administration's involvement to the December 21, 1988, Pan Am Flight 103 mass murder by the Bush/CIA Syrian/Jordan drug network whereas, Pan Am 103 was normally the taxi flight for moving drugs from the Middle East to the stop off points in the Pan Am 103 daily itinerary and on that fateful day the Syrian agents put a bomb in the brief case instead of the usual drugs that went to all of the high ranking Elites and bureaucrats who got their drugs from the Pan Am 103 American city stop off points.

The Pan Am 103 Bush Crime Family and CIA bombing involved their murdering and shutting up the testimony of the Amy Major Charles McKee and his investigations team who were on their way back to testify to the U.S. Senate on the Bush CIA global Guns for Drugs Crime Operations that directly involved Ollie North, the murder of Federal Judge John Woods, by actor Woody Harroldson's Father Charles Harroldson (the payoff was the awarding of an acting career to son Woody) who is known to be one of the CIA/Mafia trigger men who assassinated President John F. Kennedy and Charles Harroldson was a former hit man, drug runner, Strip Club bouncer, and employee for the Dallas Mafia head Jack Ruby.

The former head of U.S. Naval Intelligence Oliver Buck Revelle was later appointed to serve as the White House Czar on Terrorism that included his being the head of all Clinton White House media disinformation.

Oliver Buck Revelle was also the former head spin doctor in the cover up of the CIA/Mafia/FBI murder of JFK and Robert Kennedy, whereas Oliver Buck Revelle's son was at the last moment on December 21, 1988, was stopped from boarding the last and fateful flight of Pan 103, that on December 21st 1988, Pan Am flight 103 crashed over the Scottish town of Lockerbie, killing 259 people on the plane and 11 on the ground.

Oliver Buck Revelle's son was coming back on his holiday break, and the diverting of Oliver Buck Revelle's son from boarding the last flight of Pan Am 103 also included more then sixty other forewarned insider U.S. State Department employees who were also stopped from boarding Pan Am 103 that day, that all ties to the Bush Crime and Murder Family and the CIA having planted the bomb on Pan Am 103 in order to bury the testimony of Major Charles McKee and his investigations team.

The list of crimes of the Bush Crime and Murder Family, the FBI, the CIA are so endless and link these nests of organized criminals to their carrying out of the Oklahoma City Murrah Federal building bombing and mass murder and cover up.

The CIA and the Bush Crime Family murder and cover up of the CIA owned asset airline Arrow Air, that On December 12. 1985, the Arrow Air DC-8/63, with 248 passengers and a crew of eight, mostly 101st Airborne personnel, crashed mysteriously in Gander New Foundland: The Department of the Army and the CIA immediately bull dozed the crash site and confiscated all physical evidence and the media never once made it known that the head of the 101st Airborne Intelligence was on board that fateful flight and there were many mysterious coincidences and events that were directly involved with what appears to have been another CIA mass murder and elimination. Consider the Untold Story about this crash that took place in Gander, Newfoundland on December 12th, 1985, and the ensuing cover up of the true cause of this crash, which killed 256 people including 248 members of the US Army's 101st Airborne Division.

Consider the CIA/BATF/FBI/Bush/Clinton mass murder of the peaceful inhabitants of the Waco Branch Davidian community in order to cover up the community being witness to the Bush Crime administration's and the CIA's Buffalo Airlines Drugs, Weapons, kidnaping, and money laundering activities that were on going at the CIA operated World War Two built airport that bordered the Branch Davidian Community's religious village site in Waco Texas when it is known fact that the Feds could have arrested David Koresh at any time with out having to have murdered the entire Branch Davidian community, and the media covered up the Davidians being witness to the CIA/Bush Crime Family Buffalo Airlines drug, money, weapons, agents, and kidnap victims transfer activities and the fact that two of the Branch Davidian Community members had hacked into the Bush controlled War Department computers and were able to find out the flight schedules of the CIA owned Buffalo Airlines and find out that the Buffalo Airlines was in fact a CIA drug and money laundering operation, so the innocent witnesses who were the Branch Davidian community members were all murdered, and or unlawfully arrested and unlawfully suppressed, threatened, and all media attention to the abuse that the remaining survivors went through has been diverted on purpose in order to protect and to cover up the criminal activities of the U.S. Government, and for instance of the former Mafia attorney named Janet (Lesbian pedophile) Reno who worked for the head of the U.S. Mafia for twelve years Mayer Lansky, and who was a key cover up operative before being appointed by druggy pervert President Clinton to be the U.S. Attorney General. Janet Reno was appointed to serve as the head of the Dada County District Attorney's Office in order to cover up the CIA Finders operation that was running a child pedophile ring for Elite billionaires in South Florida, and the CIA ran one of their Finders pedophile operations at it's Garden Walk Day Care Center where the CIA was directly tied to this by the Dade County Police Department. Janet Reno also served to cover up the vast CIA drugs, and money laundering activities that has been rampantly on going for decades and that blatantly saturates the entire organized crime jungle of South Florida.

Consider the FBI murder at Ruby Ridge and the members of the Weaver Family, and then don't forget the Elites undeclared war for mass profit that was then carried out by their CIA that we all remember as the Vietnam War.

Another key fact that has never made it to the media or through the controlled media is that one of the main reasons for the Feds having mass murdered the Branch Davidians and burning down the Branch Davidian buildings, especially the main building was because the Davidian's main computer that was used to hack into the War Department and the Pentagons classified intelligence files was located on the top floor office which by coincidence was the site of where the main explosion took place on that fateful day of April 19th 1993, and the later video coverage clearly revealed that Federal agency operatives were observed being in and around that particular top floor office just as the main building began to burn down, and was this because they were sent in to recover and or to gather intelligence on the status of this computer room and computer, and to recover and or dispose of this as by planting explosives in this particular top floor office.

It was clearly made known through the unfiltered media that when the BATF began it's attack on the main building of the Branch Davidian community that one of the members was heard shouting to the attacking agents that he had the computer disks and they could have them and would they cease firing and this was after Army attack helicopters had already strafed the main building murdering a mother and her baby while she was breast feeding her baby in one of the bed rooms on the top floor of the main building.

The Elites CIA Vietnam (undeclared War) War Scam was carried out so that the Jew/Zionist Elites in cooperation with the Elite Families who own and control all U.S. Foreign policy created the Vietnam War so that they could cash in on the World War Two 1946 War Reparations Act that was started in 1946, and ended in 1974, whereas, all Pacific countries including North and South Vietnam were given hundreds of millions of dollars and billions in yearly funding until 1974 in order to supposedly be enabled to rebuild their infrastructures and the Elites knew and used this funding to make huge profits while the American Tax payer funded the entire scam and the funding including the Elites having their privately owned corporate enterprises awarded all of the manufacturing contracts that then supplied the North Vietnam through out the entire Vietnam undeclared War (scam).

Now you know why Elite Banker Jew Zionist Mafia appointed and affiliated Johnson and Nixon, carried out their orders to keep the unpopular Vietnam War rolling along until the magical year of 1974, especially against all reasonable and logical national interests and against the over all opposition of more then ninety percent of the American people by the early 1970s, and don't forget the other mostly held secret mass profiting that went on in the interests of the Elites that involved the extraction of rare minerals, and raw material under the guise, funding and security protection of the U.S. Military while Lady Byrd Johnson made millions from her privately owned off shore oil operations in Vietnam that was all funded by the U.S. Tax payers.

The Bush Crime Family and the CIA were enabled to take over the entire Southeast Asian drug triangle, they mass murdered millions of Southeast Asian Field workers and thousands of U.S. Servicemen, until they then could move their base of international drug operations and money laundering down to their puppet government controlled Syria, and Jordan (and

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the government mafia ninlil, Mon Mar 18 14:42
Can AnyOne Trust Anything Government if it is all Criminals? When the US Government is Organized Crime/Part II, Sun Mar 17 19:19
Iceberg D., Sun Mar 17 20:32

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You've doomed us all!
19 Mar 2002
Thanks a lot! Now that we all know about the government's insidious plans, we will all be exterminated! Then after we are all gone, there will be no one to stop their endless profiteering! You played right into their hands!
Sally Denton Dead?
22 Mar 2002
Are you sure she was on TWA 800 how could her book re: Vegas be published after six years and other articles published since that time by her and her husband?