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Bush Regime Hand Picking New Palestinian Leadership
05 Apr 2002
If the Bush regime thinks that hand picking new Palestinian leadership from the gaggle that Sharon puts up will maintain the Crazy Right Wing Fundamentalist Jew Armed with Nuclear Weapons to Control the Arabs with Oil Policy, they are $500.00 a day junkie out of touch with reality.
Bush Regime Hand Picking New Palestinian Leadership

By Lloyd Hart

After Colin Powelís comment today it should now be baseball bat to the head clear, that the predictions of my last article on the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands are the status quo policies of US/Israeli relations. Powel stated that he would be meeting with alternate Palestinian leadership and has not scheduled a meeting with Yasser Arafat. These comments prove that the Bush regimeís ineptitude over the Israeli occupation is actually a policy of letting Sharon have as much leash as he wants to crush the Yasser Arafat and the Palestinians and then hand pick new Palestinian leadership that will swallow the growing settlements and a Sharon deal. The Sharon policy is the Bush policy.

If the Bush regime thinks that hand picking new Palestinian leadership from the gaggle that Sharon puts up will maintain the Crazy Right Wing Fundamentalist Jew Armed with Nuclear Weapons to Control the Arabs with Oil Policy, they are $500.00 a day junkie out of touch with reality.

It seems to me that the only way to an independent State of Palestine is the replacement of US and Israeli leadership. The world can not afford the instability that these two groups of fanatical megalomaniacs in the White House and at the head of the Israeli government are dragging us into. We are all faced with the same issues of environmental and social collapse everywhere in the world. We need to come together not tear apart but these crazy right wing fascists think itís the perfect time to steal elections and commit terrorism against their own people in order go to war for oil. How does it go, "Those that donít study history are doomed to repeat it." Well thatís America all over. No sense of itself and no feelings for others. In the case of Israel, those nut bars have completely lost touch with the idea of a Jewish State in the Holy Land even though the only reason Israel exists at all is Christian guilt and providing the Christians a place to deport Jews.

Why the Jews insist on having the financiers of Hitler (America) as their chief ally I donít understand. If turning away two boat loads of Jews, sending them to their deaths in Hitlerís Germany by a revered democrat Franklin Roosevelt doesnít prove to you that the US was in on the slaughter, not to mention the late entrance of the US into World War Two in Europe, giving the Nazis the time they needed for the final solution, I donít know what will. And of course the US being in control of the Nuremberg trials so that they could get rid of all the evidence that would have proved US complicity. Smuggling the useful nazis out through the Vatican after the war to be put to work by the US devastating the peasants of South and Central America. Why arenít US companies paying reparations to the Jews. After all IBM found the Jews for Hitler so he could exterminate them. Ford and GM profited immensely from working Jewish slaves to death and didnít George W. Bushís grand father Prescott Bush make fortune selling goods to Hitler illegally. Hell, both W and Pops belong to that Nazi loving Yale fraternity Skull and Bones whose title best describes Bush family policy to the core.

Please find my last article below so that you can get the complete picture.

Big Oilís Last Hurrah and the Israeli Occupation

By Lloyd Hart

It must be quite clear by now, especially after Bushís latest comments on 3/30/02 criticizing Yasser Arafat and understanding Sharonís insanity, that it is in the Bush regimeís interest in having the specter of right wing Rabin assassinating religious fanatics armed with nuclear weapons at the head of the state of Israel. This grotesquely simplistic policy is supported by the Bush regimeís own "War on Terrorism" threat of using nuclear weapons against non nuclear Arab states for any act of aggression against Israel, the US or their interests.

That kind of "weíll kick your ass" policy disorder may have worked to keep cheap oil flowing to the European and American imperialists for decades but it has just been summarily routed and completely destroyed in global public opinion by Saudi Prince Abdullahís proposal for peace and normal relations with Israel in exchange for an independent state of Palestine, unanimously accepted and sent forward to the Israelis by the Arab League.

Unfortunately Israel answered this "only way out" solution with the invasion of the Palestinian Authority Government compound. Now that Sharon has declared war on the Palestinians with the obvious support of the US even though the US voted in the UN security council for Israel to withdraw from Palestine which is really just another Enron paper chase that the US regularly participates in to placate so called Allies, any one that was giving Sharon the benefit of the doubt should now come clean and admit that peace was never part of Sharonís or the Bush regimeís agenda.

The question the Israelis and the Bush regime do not want asked in the global media is this: "If George Bush and a multi trillion dollar defense system can't stop terrorist attacks, if Ariel Sharon and the three billion dollars in aid from the US annually can't stop terrorist attacks, how does the US and Israel expect Yasser Arafat to stop the terrorist attacks with the security infrastructure of the Palestinian Authority reduced to rubble at the hands of the Israelis, with no freedom of movement for Palestinian Authority security forces and Yasser Arafat himself being completely surrounded by Israeli tanks and soldiers unable to assert his Authority?"

Bush and Sharon do not wish this question to be asked because the only honest answer from the Bush regime would be that with peace and prosperity spreading through the region the European and American oil imperialists would not be able to stop the price of oil and natural gas from rising and thus would not be able to prevent the speedy institutionalization of alternative sources of energy that the European and American public are demanding.

Mind you, the Bush regimeís Middle East policy is only temporary as the pipelines from Central Asia and the Caspian sea now under construction in Azerbaijan and Armenia, which has recently allowed the Bush regime to begin selling weapons to these two nations once again. In the case of the Afghan/Enron pipeline, the final stages of planning before construction can begin are completed, including the signatures of Afghan interim, (US hand picked) leader Karzai and Pakistanís Hunta leader Musharaf on the US drafted Afghani-Pakistani pipeline agreement. By the time the Bush regime thinks it will have out maneuvered the Arab oil states Arafat will be dead or expelled from Palestine and Sharonís hand picked Palestinian leadership will have been put in place to accept a different kind of occupation or at least so goes the policy plan.

With the oil and gas developments in South and Central America, which have and will come at the expense of enormous amounts of blood shed, coupled with that of Central Asian and the Caspian sea oil and gas supplies, the American and European oil imperialists will be able to ensure that fossil fuel supply economies are set up in the third world and that cheap oil and gas keep flowing to Europe and America. The American and European oil imperialists are betting on cheap oil out maneuvering American and European public support for reducing our dependency on fossil fuels and they believe that resting control of the price of oil from the hands of the Arab oil states by simply putting more oil and gas in the market place than the Arab oil states can will produce this end. With everyone completely terrified of the violence displayed by the US and the loose talk of battlefield nukes the Arab States can only submit or at least so thought the Bush Energy Plan. But it could be quite possible that the Arab oil states could attempt an oil embargo in response to the Bush malaise over the Israeli occupation of Palestine as former national security advisor Zbigneiw Brzezinski put it on CNN. This would play directly into the Bush regime policy and would aid American and European monopolization of the oil and gas supply by allowing Russia to become even a greater player as they have just become the number one supplier in the world. Europe and America could tell the Arab oil states to go suck wind. Or the Bush regime could use an oil embargo as an excuse to invade Iraq and possibly the entire region.

And if anyone out there thinks that the completely dependent on oil and gas revenue Russians will put up a stink youíve been at the paint chips again. Bush and Putin werenít talking about missile defense down on the ranch in Texas. They splitting up the oil pipeline profits so Putin could buy himself some more Berlosconi media advise.

This oil price policy can also explain the Bush regimeís lust for Alaska oil and gas and the opening up of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. As long as over whelming amounts oil and gas go into the global market place from sources controlled by the European and American oil imperialists and backed up by overwhelming military force and as long as the Arab oil states are viewed as a source of terrorism, the financial and territorial future of the oil imperialists is assured.

Just as Bush and Sharon did not expect Prince Abdullahís proposal they did not expect that peace activists would march into Arafatís blown out offices and join Arafat in his Israeli imposed state of siege. These two feudal Lords, Bush and Sharon are painting themselves into a corner they will not be able to get out of while at the same time saving face. They will continue down this path of destruction because they believe that no one will stop them . This is the problem with the feudal mindset, it makes assumptions that people are afraid of them and will surrender to the threat of violence. The greater problem with feudalism is that it inevitably leads to genocide and the destruction of the environment. As long as the Arab states feel threatened by the European and America feudal lords they have no reason to embrace democracy as it has been seen to many times that America and Europe do not believe in democracy and only use it as window dressing to their own public as a means to take feudalistic control of a weaker nations resources.

So therefore monopolistic control of the worldís energy supply is not possible in a world of peace and justice. Only war can guarantee an energy monopoly and only war can assure US aid, housing and water monopolies for the Israelis.
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