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USA Declares War on Zionism
07 Apr 2002
Modified: 08 Apr 2002
The DoD has been ordered to prepare for an invasion of "Israel", and the FBI has been ordered to arrest all domestic Mossad agents and assets.
The Zionist entity, fashionably called "Israel" by AshkeNazi racists, has been found guilty of terrorism beyond a reasonable doubt.

In a major shift of US policy, rather than invading and destroying innocent nations, the military has declared war on all Zionists, domestic and foreign.

The DoD has been ordered to prepare for an invasion of "Israel", and the FBI has been ordered to arrest all domestic Mossad agents and assets.
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reply to Jon Chance
07 Apr 2002
Thank you for advertising our conversation on your website under the title: "Futile Bickering With Fanatical Zionists".

Unfortunately for you, not in your wildest dreams, am I Zionist or a supporter of Israel.

Did you come up with this false and slanderous claim from the fact that I don't think that the Israeli government conducted the Sept. 11th attacks in the New York and D.C.?

Or was it because I don't think that the Israeli government or a Jewish conspiracy is secretly controling the local, state and federal education depts. of this "State"?

Or was it because I asked if you were running for Congress on the planet Neptune?

Or are you that desperate for hits on your website?

feel free to email a reply if you're to embarassed to answer here in public.
07 Apr 2002
Intelligence cuts through your third-rate disinformation like a knife cuts through hot butter.
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07 Apr 2002
Jon, actually I have to commend you having something related to the massivly brushed over BCCI scandal on your website and I urge people to read up on this.

BCCI never went away, it simply became the Jackson Stephens-Riady intl. banking operating that involved President Clinton and his fund-raising activities.

Still, you weren't able to answer regarding your slanderous remarks about me. I am not surprised.
Oh, Jon
08 Apr 2002
Frankly, Indymedia is a creepy site. The entertainment, though, is marvelous.

Jon, if it makes you feel better, everyone IS out to get you. The Knights Templar, Rosicrucians, Illuminati, Zionists, FEMA, black helicopters...They all want you.

Seriously, though, you are really just a member of a hate group masquerading as a nut, aren't you? Don't worry, I won't tell.
Power and Propaganda
08 Apr 2002

It's impossible to "slander" someone who has no public identity.

You're correct that BCCI still operates under different banking / holding-company entities (including the Federal Reserve Corporation), but you've continually slandered me by "putting words in my mouth" - presuming I've said all sorts of things that I never said, including the notion of a "Jewish" conspiracy and the reasons why "our" so-called "educational" system is actually a disinformation system.

Concerning the Mossad's role in 9-11, I'm not at liberty to discuss much because I live in the USA. There's very little free speech allowed here, particularly about the CIA, the Mossad and the global banking fraud. Plenty of well-informed people have issued accurate reports in other countries and in classified documents.

And as I've said before, there is a very significant difference between a Jew, a Semite, an Ashkenazi and a Zionist.

My comments about AshkenNazis refer to a particularly deluded type of Ashkenazi - like Sharon and his gang - not about all Caucasian Jews.

AshenNazis collaborated with - even created NAZI Germany, as did the Bank of England and all major American industrialists.

I'm 25% Ashkenazi, but I sure ain't an AshkeNazi.

If you MUST slap an ideological label on me, I might accept "independent green-libertarian".

Dividing and conquering people based on ethnicity or ideology is just another game played by the "Big Boys" who create "money" (power) out of nothing but massive lies:


Actually, everyone is out to get YOU! Isn't it fun?
See also:
reply to Jon Chance
08 Apr 2002
"It's impossible to "slander" someone who has no public identity."

That's right. You slandered my public indentity. My REAL first name is Daniel and the email address that I always leave is read by me and only me. My identity is no more private than yours. Who's to say that your not suppling false information (ie: your name, address and phone number)? I choose not to post pertinent personal information, like where I live exactly for very important reasons. However, I'd be happy to meet you in public for a discussion.

"My comments about AshkenNazis refer to a particularly deluded type of Ashkenazi - like Sharon and his gang - not about all Caucasian Jews."

It's too bad that you don't post this disclaimer every time you use the phrase, becuase it sure as heck makes you sounds like an anti-semite without the disclaimer.

"If you MUST slap an ideological label on me, I might accept "independent green-libertarian"."

Who said I must? I could care less what you fashion yourself as. Is this your response after assuming incorrectly that I am a fanatical zionist?

You sure do squirm with defnitions like a politician. Think "it depends what the defintion of is is".

You and Bill Clinton should run as a team.
Every Jon Chance Info Is The Pure Truth.
08 Apr 2002
It takes a great civil courage to speak truth and only truth. Being 100 % pure Jewish, having Shoshana which is
50 % Jewish ( her large black eyes are pure Jewish but her
tail is Persian ) I read Mr. Chance's essays with a great
feeling of amazing and surprise.

How somebody living very-very far, in the midle of very
provincial Empire, not speaking Hebrew and not having his hands stained in the blood of the ex-Holy Land children and
priests and journalists, may catch the pieces of supersecret
information which is permitted to be known only to the
highest echelons of Mossad & CIA-exKGB Ltd?..

Yes, we Israelis live in a Zio-Nazi state which is known for
its national-socialist economy mixed with the American style
financial crookery, for its Hitler-like racial laws,
for its brilliant Jewish-Russian (mixed) mafia contracts,
for tasty meat of children killed on both sides, for its tender, specialized in Synagogue history yeshibotniks, for
Jews who are not sexually excited watching young Rabbis and
who are escaping from our Zio-State, for the failed Jewish
nation, for the emerged prehistoric Jewish racist hell.

Our Zio-Nazi Command Centers are active in every country
on every continent. Only North Pole and Antarctica have
today freedom of press - and Arab countries also because they do not have the atom bombs. You just cannot have both.

God did not give us the Ten Commandments. It is the greatest historical lie. They have been stolen by Jewish-Russian mob and the only people who did not buy them, the only people who centuries long just looked at them not buying and not observing, was my, guided by mental leaders,
racially superpure Jewish people.

Is Mr Chance an American?.. He sounds like a citizen of
Israel who thanks to his preferential political connections
knows evertything. I still doubt the real mr Chance exists.
Quite possible behind this name is hiding an ex-Mossad agent
trying to get a polytical asylum in the democratic, free and
independent United States.
Just an All-American Boy
08 Apr 2002
If that's the same "Dr Nimo" with whom I had a very interesting conversation yesterday, I'd like to clarify that I'm 100% American and have never worked directly for any government agency.

I've been a private investigator, and now I'm a civic investigator. I come from a very political family with many different views, including WASP California cowboys and Jewish New York socialists.

My father has been a member of and other such organizations since the 1950s, but my curiousity and determination has informed me even more than my international associates.

Your comment that Zionists control every place but the polar caps is probably an exageration, and it contradicts your statement that the USA is free and democratic. It's not. That's a Hollywood lie.

It takes a lot of work to tell the truth in this country and live.

I've lived in Israel, but I don't know so much about the Ashkenazis as you. Thanks for your interesting comments.