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News ::
14 Apr 2002
Modified: 18 Apr 2002
This is Bush Daddy Closet,which I have been blocked from posting here many times along with Bush Daddy Poopheads of last week. I am trying to determine if the Postmaster's super computer has been programmed to block my name and/or titles
My Daddy wants you to know that in the wake of the extensive blockage of "Bush Daddy Poopheads" (166317) by members of Bush Daddy Tribe using the Postmaster's computer, with later posts I posted the Postgre codes that kept appearing when I attempted to post on Boston IMC (blocked seven times!). These codes reveal that blockage was coming via Line # 1113 and several times from Line # 496. I suspect that Cornell is Line # 113, and I further suspect that their addition of an extra digit does not affect their use of the line. This article was blocked in this way at 60% of the sites that I usually post worldwide. Since this blockage is BDT, working from the closet, trying to "cover its ass"; I will include my poem, "The Closet" here, for all of BDT is more or less in the closet.

When I wrote this poem, I was convinced that the gays were the main problem; but now I realize that the coprophagists are at the forefront of the iniquity that characterizes BDT. Although most of the coprophagists are gay, they are the ones who are most intent on concealing their sexual orientation; thus they are the ones who are probably responsible for AIDS; i.e. Anthrax (156007) thriving among the gays who favored "outing" all gays. The silence after past publications of this poem has confirmed that this is probably the best and the only perfect poem ever written. Contrary to the required maximum 16 lines of many poetry contests, 28 lines in seven verses was the norm for modern poetry, for it was an adaption of the much longer 14 lines of the sonnets. Since I first submitted this poem to the Library of Congress for the Best Poem of the 20th Century contest in 1989, BDT has apparently been preying on anyone who praises this poem; thus along with several other suggestions that I will make below, upholding this poem is one sure way to get BDT to come out of their closet and identify themselves. If anyone has written seven perfect verses like this, it has probably suppressed as this has been:


Where love and truth wither and die,
Where gays say, "United we fly!"
Where yes means no, and no means yes,
Where those without can only guess.

Where selfish loveless people play,
Where those with God refuse to stay.
Where the game is played by the priest,
Where the one upheld is a "Beast".

Where folly reigns and lies are true,
Where jobs appear "out of the blue".
Where "fair is foul" and "foul is fair",
Where deceit reigns throughout the air.

Where gay women frustrate men,
Where those without are pecked like hens.
Where men are girls and girls are tough,
Where consummation's not enough.

Where darkness permits AIDS to thrive,
Where chaos reigns and talk is jive.
Where rational thought is not sought,
Where trained wisdom is all for naught.

Where the aim is domination,
Where drugs supply recreation.
Where plots and schemes are made to cheat,
Where crime and justice never meet.

Where's naught to fear but a number,
Where jests are made of His thunder.
Where the destination is hell,
Where they all say, "It's just as well."

UNTIL 12/25/02
Copyright 9/18/90 Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger

Lets take a look at how BDT behaves in the closet. Look at how Bush Daddy reveals sordid details about himself to me and uses my repeating that information as an excuse to throw chemicals at me. In other words Bush Daddy is trifling with himself to make it look like someone is trifling with him in order to justify his criminality. They conceal the fact that I am deaf and behave like I have a problem, but they don't know what it is. They tell people to be snotty, rude, and obnoxious to me no matter what I say. This is apparently so that they can say that I make people behave like poopheads. This all tops off their slandering me at Cornell for 30 years (109956). Their closet specializes in such communication glitches, glitches that can make an obvious double murder into a murder-suicide in which the victims didn't exist (98219). How stupid are they? Every time that I go to urinate, they say, "Look! He's beating off again!", like masturbation is a crime. Bush Daddy says that a member of BDT has convinced them that beating off is a crime, saying that he got arrested for beating off; but it was never made clear that he was doing it in public. The depraved indifference to human life in this closet is even worse than the stupidity since Bush Daddy informs me that "brown sugar" is really a reference to "power food"; i.e. feces mixed with sugar (151866, 70672). Suddenly all prepared food seems to be taboo; thus "the merchants of the earth will weep and mourn"(Rev. 18:11).

Bush Daddy Tribe probably went to such an extreme to block "Bush Daddy Poopheads" to prevent their brain-damaged supporters from learning that they had been force-fed feces and to suppress news of the memorial garden and track for Sarah Hajney and Jennifer Bolduc. As is the case with anyone who acknowledges anything that I have written or written about, Bush Daddy says that visitors to this garden compel BDT to come out of their closet to dissuade visitors from honoring these two girls; thus maligned visitors should not waste the opportunity to take pictures of BDT members. It is also probable that the ones blocking this last article were being set up to be blamed for all such prior interference on the computer, for it is likely that all of their actions on the computer are now being closely monitored. Like the unsuspecting supporters of BDT who were force-fed feces as infants, these interlopers on the computer would probably turn against BDT if their identities were revealed. It is not without reason that there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed (Matt. 10:26), for the plots and schemes of BDT now involve engaging other members of BDT in futile criminal pursuits, since fewer and fewer people are listening to BDT. When they stop destroying, they will be destroyed. When they stop betraying, they will be betrayed (Is. 33:1); thus they keep it up. When you expose their work, it will not benefit them (Is. 57:12), for their own tongues will turn against them, bringing them to ruin (Ps. 64:8). Divided they fall! They will fall because there are closets within Bush Daddy Closet.

All (numbers) are Id numbers for articles on; i.e. Global IMC. To access via Id#, access any article, change the Id=# in the address bar, and press "Enter".

Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger

PS: When "Anti-Spam" puts his picture of a guy with his head up his ass after my Global IMC posts, I want you to know that this idea comes from what I have written in "Their Folly Plain to Everyone" (48513) about there being a statue of Bush Daddy with his head up his ass in front of Uris Library on Cornell campus; i.e. a sign of the entrenched lawlessness in Ithaca. Having figured out that the walls of my apartment are pressurized by the fan of a hooded oven that is vented directly into the wall, my Daddy wants you to know that this is another sign of this lawlessness. The authorities in this town are so enamored with the mouthy poopheads of BDT that the only building codes ever addressed seem to pertain to the appearance of the front of the house. It seems like the landlords have been given a license to kill, for that fan has been running for years, and they even replaced it with a bigger one two months ago. Although an infrared photo of the exterior of my apartment would reveal the pressurized air escaping, the poopheads feel invincible in their closet.

As for these interlopers using the Postgre computer, they have apparently programmed that computer to reject my articles at more than 20 sites worldwide; thus the blockage appears automatically. This article is now Id=171123 on Global IMC.

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Preview (4/18/02): Bush Daddy's Third Reich
18 Apr 2002
To Boston: access to comment form was denied me here this morning.

Even though there is no one doing good (Ps. 53:3), and not one upright man remains (Mic. 7:2); my Daddy says that it is appropriate to reveal the connection between Bush Daddy Closet (171123 & 171618) and Bush Daddy's Third Reich in order to let the Saint know that his or her patient endurance (Rev. 13:10; 14:12) has not been in vain. This closet business was probably a Creative NonViolent (33468) shceme that characterized the migration of Nicky's (62371) Storm Troopers of Germany's Third Reich to the United States to establish the Secret Service; i.e. the Storm Troopers of America; i.e. a major part of the enforcement arm of the secret police of the Serpent that is Zionism (104469, 109956, 132033, 136536). So I looked in the Encyclopedia of the Third Reich for clues as to how Nicky and Georgie made the US into a "nation of poopheads" (166317). I have often mentioned that WW II was little more than a stage for the rise of the perverted form of Zionism that plagues the earth; and what I found should convince you that the Third Reich is alive and well, hiding in the closet until they get rid of anyone who could or would oppose them.

I have focused on the Storm Troopers because they have been the "backbone" of the Nazis and Zionism. The Storm Troopers of Germany were not the SS or the Gestapo; but the SA, Hitler's private army. The encyclopedia says that the SA was a "motley bunch of street brawlers, thugs, and hooligans" that Hitler recruited in 1921 from among the nationalistic freebooters that had arisen during the depression after WW I. The crudity of the Nazis made Germany believe that they could use the Nazis to promote their own agenda. The Nazi "game plan" was to use racist, anti-Semitic, and bogus socialist ideas to unite the nation thru psychological and military manipulation. They believed that control of the streets was the key to the power of the state. By 1931 there was 100,000 members of the SA, and they were called "brownshirts". Hitler "tucked his tail" when they banned the then 400,000 brownshirts in the 1932 Presidential campaign; nevertheless the Nazis intimidated, threatened, bribed, and openly opposed opponents to get the necessary majority to established the National Government of the Third Reich when Hitler became Chancellor in 1933 (First Reich - Holy Roman Empire (800-1806); Second Reich - German Empire (1871-1918)).

In a situation remarkably similar to the World Trade Center disaster (66464 & 139628), on 2/27/33 the Reichstag Building went up in flames, and the Nazis suspended rights and used it as the basis for persecuting Communists and Social Democrats. In March 1933 the Nazis established a ministry of propaganda and public instruction, taking control of the media; and in April 1933 they began using anti-Semitic policies and secret police to terrorize and suppress opponents. Those who opposed the government were murdered, imprisoned in concentration camps, or battered by Storm Troopers. Meanwhile there was #2 Nazi, Hermann Goering on the sidelines, saying, "I decide who is or is not a Jew". Much like the New World Order of today, the word Weltanschauung (world view) was a favorite Nazi word that was instilled in young pupils and used to impress the world with the positive qualities of racism. These Storm Troopers apparently worked behind the scene to keep the Nazi War Machine running right up until 12/44, when Hitler tried to mobilize the Germans for a suicidal last battle and failed.

Although Hitler probably escaped and lived to a ripe old age as the Supreme Leader of the Storm Troopers, Nicky is apparently now the Supreme One of the Storm Troopers and all of the lawless renegades of Jacob (Mic. 1:5; Amos ); i.e. Bush Daddy Tribe. Below their Supreme Leader, the SA chain of command was Chief of Staff, Senior Groups, Groups, Lower Groups, Regiments, Battalions, Storm Troops, Troops, and Bands. Although there was a Blood Purge of the SA in 1934, the SA was reorganized with the troopers over 45 years of age forming local militia, which numbered approximately 1.2 million. (to be cont.) The International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg rejected criminal cases against the SA, saying that it had not been shown that their atrocities were part of a specific plan to wage aggressive war. "Although in specific instances some units of the SA were used for the commission of war crimes and crimes against humanity, it cannot be said that the members participated in, or even knew of, the criminal acts". Creative!

Posing as one persecuted people or another, many of the Storm Troopers of Germany emigrated to the US with Nicky. Since all of the Storm Troopers were apparently poopheads from way back, those who could be taught to "Wipe That @#$% Look Off Their Face" (70672) and dress for success (46750 & 79546) were instrumental in the formation of the US Secret Service. These Storm Troopers established themselves in the US with an emphasis on closeting their members, objectives, and criminality (35206). The Pro-gay Coprophagic Zionistic Mainstream Media has been under their control for a long time along with the fields of education, medicine, and science. These Storm Troopers of BDT will murder, imprison, or disable anyone who opposes them in government, justice, or law enforcement. They focus to a large extent on the chemical-mongering practices of the Nicolaitans (Rev. 2:6,15; 24988, 47525, & 59038) and the suppression of knowledge of phenomena such as infrared, which they use against people (42982, 43171, & 139628). Although there are probably millions of Storm Troopers in the US, many of them don't know that they are troopers because the Tail knows nothing about the Head. In spite of this, support of the bogus state of Israel in the Middle East seems to be what unifies the troopers and all of BDT. (to be continued....)
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