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Announcement :: International : Labor : Organizing
March 27: Immigrant Rally in Boston and DC!
24 Mar 2006
In a coordinated show of force at the local and national levels, thousands upon thousands of immigrants, religious leaders, and allies will join hands in a call for immigration reform that reunifies families, protects workers, serves students and creates a path to citizenship for all immigrants.
March 27: Immigrant Rally in Boston & DC!
Monday, March 27, 2006

Boston, MA:
5:00 PM, Park Street Station, March and Rally
6:00 PM, Tremont Temple, 88 Tremont St, Religious Celebration

Washington, DC:
11:00 AM, West Capitol Lawn

Boston events are being organized by the Massachusetts Chapter of the National Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean Communities (NALACC) and by the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition (MIRA), along with several community based organizations across Massachusetts. The Washington, DC events are being coordinated by the Center for Community Change, in collaboration with national and local organizations across the country.

From across the nation, hundreds of religious leaders will be joined by thousands of immigrants in Washington DC to call upon the U.S. Senate to pass comprehensive immigration reform legislation. Four religious leaders from Massachusetts will be making the trip to support the work of Senator Kennedy, and the legislation he has co-sponsored with Senator McCain. Events will take place on the West Capitol Lawn, as well as the Dirksen Senate Building where the Senate Judiciary Committee will be debating legislation.

In Boston, MA, over 500 immigrants, allies and religious leaders will gather on the Boston Common for a vigil and then proceed to the historic Tremont Temple for a religious ceremony.

Timed to coincide with the Senate Judiciary Committee debates, and in response to the draconian H.R. 4437 recently passed by the House of Representatives, community and religious leaders will affirm their commitment to support immigrant communities in their struggle to enact comprehensive immigration reform and acknowledge the valuable contributions of all immigrants – regardless of status – to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Massachusetts will join Pennsylvania, New York, Illinois, North Carolina, and California, among others, in organizing rallies on March 27, 2006 for real immigration reform and to condemn enforcement-only legislation recently passed by the House of Representatives.
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Re: March 27: Immigrant Rally in Boston and DC!
24 Mar 2006
I was at the last MIRA March. NOBODY showed up to fight the "draconian" law that would deny special treatment to illegal aliens. NOBODY. Who is going to show up now that the law has been passed?

In a major act of cowardice, Ali Noorani and his comrades refused to acknowledge the letter and documentation I sent them addressing this fact. Their heads are in the sand. The basic fact is that Massachusetts residents do NOT favor giving in-state tuition rates to persons residing in the state illegally.

Anyone who cares to debate the use of the term "illegal alien" or "residing illegally," I refer to a law book.
Re: March 27: Immigrant Rally in Boston and DC!
25 Mar 2006
Some laws are unjust and need to be challenged.
Some struggles are uphill and need the support of all people of conscience.
Some trolls are redundant and need attention from others to feel relevant.

That said, most major institutions in Massachusetts actually supported equal tuition treatment for all residents, documented or "illegal." When the Globe, the economists, the activists, the universities, and the other power players line up to support something, and the legislature still goes against it, you can be certain xenophobia is in play. Let's see how the rally turns out on the 27th.
Re: March 27: Immigrant Rally in Boston and DC!
25 Mar 2006
fuck i'll be there
Re: March 27: Immigrant Rally in Boston and DC!
27 Mar 2006
Don't let FLIPSIDE fool you... I was at the march a few weeks ago, and there were about 300 people there. Do you really think that someone who hates immigrants like Robert would really go to a march like this? Pleeeease.
Robert Goodwin does go to protests.
27 Mar 2006
Robert Goodwin is a politically motivated stalker. He is violent and dangerous.
Re: March 27: Immigrant Rally in Boston and DC!
27 Mar 2006
You really shouldn't commit illegal acts on the indymedia website. Maliciouslly calling people violent and dangerous on a media outlet is a crime and you could be fined.

IMC should not allow illegal activity on its website. Especially, if they don't want it reported in other media.
Re: March 27: Immigrant Rally in Boston and DC!
27 Mar 2006
Hey Flipflop, you seem to have neglected answering the charge that there were three hundred people at the rally while you claim there were none. Are you wrong or just a trolling asshole?
Re: March 27: Immigrant Rally in Boston and DC!
27 Mar 2006
I specified that no one attended the MIRA protest march *at the state house* numerous times. You must be referring to the OTHER march where the Jesuit guys was posing in plastic chains. I didn't go to that one. Typically I don't go to events where clergy are speaking. (Can't stand the old routine).
Cite the law, FLIPSIDE.
27 Mar 2006
Too bad the claims against you are true.
Here is the Law.
27 Mar 2006
Here are some sections of libel law under the MGL. The first one I listed gives rich white capitalists the right to sue Indymedia for publishing anything maliciously false or to promote hatred of them.

The follwing ones I listed indicate that when libel is written against an individual in a Massachusetts based media forum, that individual can sue for any damages that arise from the posting of that libel.

Furthermore, BIMC can only exhonerate itself by deleting the libel, since claim of veracity is not enough when the proof is tenuous and there is malicious intent. If libelous statements against me persist for prolonged periods of time, BIMC would be obligated to print retractions, since they exercise editorial function.


Chapter 272: Section 98C. Libel; groups of persons; defenses; punishment; prosecutions

Section 98C. Whoever publishes any false written or printed material with intent to maliciously promote hatred of any group of persons in the commonwealth because of race, color or religion shall be guilty of libel and shall be punished by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars or by imprisonment for not more than one year, or both. The defendant may prove in defense that the publication was privileged or was not malicious. Prosecutions under this section shall be instituted only by the attorney general or by the district attorney for the district in which the alleged libel was published.

Chapter 231: Section 92. Truth as justification for libel

Section 92. The defendant in an action for writing or for publishing a libel may introduce in evidence the truth of the matter contained in the publication charged as libellous; and the truth shall be a justification unless actual malice is proved.

Chapter 278: Section 8. Justification in libel cases

Section 8. The defendant in a prosecution for writing or publishing a libel may introduce in evidence the truth of the matter contained in the publication charged as libellous, and the truth shall be a justification, unless actual malice is proved.

Chapter 231: Section 93. Retraction of libel; mitigation of damages; punitive damages

Section 93. Where the defendant in an action for libel, at any time after the publication of the libel hereinafter referred to, either before or after such action is brought, but before the answer is required to be filed therein, gives written notice to the plaintiff or to his attorney of his intention to publish a retraction of the libel, accompanied by a copy of the retraction which he intends to publish, and the retraction is published, he may prove such publication, and, if the plaintiff does not accept the offer of retraction, the defendant may prove such nonacceptance in mitigation of damages. If within a reasonable time after receiving notice in writing from the plaintiff that he claims to be libelled the defendant makes such offer and publishes a reasonable retraction, and such offer is not accepted, he may prove that the alleged libel was published in good faith and without actual malice, and, unless the proof is successfully rebutted, the plaintiff shall recover only for any actual damage sustained. In no action of slander or libel shall exemplary or punitive damages be allowed, whether because of actual malice or want of good faith or for any other reason. Proof of actual malice shall not enhance the damages recoverable for injury to the plaintiff’s reputation.
27 Mar 2006
It only costs 30 dollars to file a lawsuit.
"because of race, color or religion"
27 Mar 2006
It ain't because of your race, color or religion, FLIPSIDE. It's because of your STALKING!

Anyway, the counter law suit will cost you far more than $30.00.
Re: March 27: Immigrant Rally in Boston and DC!
27 Mar 2006
Greenwald, Thanks for the info... Now I can keep it in my files everytime I think of suing you for libel.
Re: March 27: Immigrant Rally in Boston and DC!
27 Mar 2006
Just got back from the march, there must of been at least a couple thousand, though it was tough to tell from the ground. Very festive, and a lot of fun, I hope these kind of events keep happening!
Re: March 27: Immigrant Rally in Boston and DC!
27 Mar 2006
I'd guess 2 or 3 thousand at its peak, and I tend to be fairly conservative about these things.

Amazing energy. Felt like springtime.
Re: March 27: Immigrant Rally in Boston and DC!
27 Mar 2006
"lol," you got some serious reading comprehension issues.
Re: March 27: Immigrant Rally in Boston and DC!
27 Mar 2006
I never libelled anybody. I posted letters by various local individuals and organizations supporting bombers and terrorists. That's not libel.
Re: March 27: Immigrant Rally in Boston and DC!
27 Mar 2006
Nightly news said "over 2,000".

People, don't argue with Flipside (unless that's all just him talking to himself).
Re: March 27: Immigrant Rally in Boston and DC!
27 Mar 2006
Boston A,

Write more about the demonstration. What signs did people carry, were there speakers? Did the cops seem prepared? ( in LA reports are that the Cops did not expect to see maybey 500,000 to 1,000,000 people demonstrate to defend immigrant rights) Were did you march from and to? I value your report than the 'Globe' 'Herald' or the 'Metro.'
FLIPSIDE is the village idiot.
27 Mar 2006
Aren't you, Flipper?
Re: March 27: Immigrant Rally in Boston and DC!
27 Mar 2006
Thanks INSIDE. Boston doesn't have enough dick rydaz. Anyway, why don't you tell me your name? I am curious to know who it is who can't handle sharing BIMC even when he already blogs the whole otherpress section. Who libels me, and who tries to get anarchist lamers to visit my home address. Come on. Just tell me your name. Oh yeah. You are a pansy.
Nice troll. Earns a double post.
27 Mar 2006
Anyway, you keep that little anonymity thing you have going. Work it baby. It's all you have.
Come on, FLIPSIDE, we know you are posting back and forth to yourself.
27 Mar 2006
I remember when you used to talk with yourself in class. Same old FLIPSIDE, being a clown while no one laughs.
Damn, I'm losing time.
28 Mar 2006
I can't remember the last eight hours. I just checked here to find that I have been posting online again. I don't remember any of it. I blacked out yesterday while watching the Power Puff Girls on Cartoon Network. Where am I?
Re: March 27: Immigrant Rally in Boston and DC!
28 Mar 2006
There's nothing wrong with the Power Puff Girls, and it shows that you are shitscared of competition. "Dis my local news mediuh server to talk on."

But tell me, do you really think you are awesome by pretending to be me? Let's look at it rationally: Either you want to be me, or you want me to post more. And if you want me to post more, then you want me to post at your behest, which means again, that you want to be me.

Fine. For a small fee, I will tutor you on how to be a cool person like me. It is really in your price range I think. What do you say to a startup fee of $250. per week? I can squeeze you in on Friday afternoons. Instead of trying to post to me on Friday, you can in a few short sessions have your own charisma and acerbic wit.

But stop posing as a femal who used to sit next to me in class. That just exposes your sick transsexual desires.