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Review :: Education
WACAN: White Guilt Becomes A National Franchise
24 Mar 2006
White Anti-Racist Community Action Network (WACAN) is an antiracist cult run by a breakaway Rutgers college sociology department. It is what happens when a sociology department and it's social service bureaucracy exceed its allotted space and usefullness on a campus. WACAN is a subsidiary of the corporation called Center for the Study of White American Culture, Inc. or ominously "The Center" hosted at and physically at 245 West 4th Avenue Roselle, NJ 07203 Phone: (908) 241-5439 Fax: (908) 245-4972. Email: contact (at) The staff includes: Sandra Bernabei secretary (a 12 stepper guru), Mathilda Catarina treasurer (multicultural educator), Charley Flint (female) president (sociologist, black and lesbian issues activist), Jeff Hitchcock exec director (white hype, nonprofit expert), Robin Parker (male) trustee (racial sensitivity trainer), and Jorge Zeballos (latino expert/gay propaganda). Ostensibly the group paves the way for a "white studies department" which would preempt reactionary organizations from forming independently on the racially and sexually balkanized leftist campuses. Premptive groups like WACAN install the imperative to "white-guilt" at the core of course material. However, the organization also functions in a cybernetic and off campus medium of websites, summits, advisory schemes, and fundraisers.

WACAN features quotes wherein white people confess their devilish racism to black people in order to stop "continuing to benefit from white privilege guilt-free." WACAN claims to have the right to "operate an online space in which belligerent and oppositional stances to our beliefs are not present." In other words, a cult. Their beliefs, for which all adhering members must be pre-screened, are that "white people have a responsibility and moral imperative to work collectively with one another in alliance with people of color" for the psychological dismantlement of what it believes to be "the white community." In other words, white people are commanded by Hegelian historical and Kantian ethical imperatives to form communes overseen by people of color (the founding members of WACAN and their agents). The founders weasel out of defining what constitutes a "white person," leaving it to the prospective mark or sucker to self-label and be cleansed of his sins over some indeterminate period of time, during which he will bring new members into the fold of the organization, and spread its gospel.

WACAN runs as a nonprofit corporation with a dot org website for the dual purpose of being able to collect monies and to claim immunity from ridicule by unbelievers. The finances of the organization are used to draw guest speakers to "summits." The organization boasts 801 members as of 3/24/06. New converts are encouraged first to participate as individuals and later on as group leaders. Their organization scheme is derived from the "People's Institute" which sells the "Undoing Racism TM" (they trademarked it) workshop. WACAN cosponsors the White Anti-Racist Summit, also called the White Privilege Conference. In this version of the "pay me for slavery" street con, individual white people are charged from $150 to $285 to attend a conference in which white-guilt will be used to grow the organization. The con is not directly related to a known legitimate reparations movement by a registered PAC with an actual address and having expenses related to facilitating passage of law.

WACAN administrators require that all members agree with their beliefs and supply true names and email addresses. However, administrators routinely supply discussion threads anonymously, creating an identity power differential within the organization. Unnamed Admin, a person suspected to be Jeff or Charley anonymously outnumbers member postings 43 to 1. Jeff Hitchcock posts 126 to 1, thus being the most vocal arbiter of discussion. A Jon Raddatz has also has 207 posts and Joyce D 66 posts. The rest post zero to three comments.

WACAN admins idolize Time Wise, Judith Katz, Noel Ignatiev and other writers of the lefty race-porn circuit.

Belief Structure of Identity:

Based on a poll taken on 5/8/2005, 45.83% of members polled believe that they should call themselves "white anti-racists." 16.67 percent said "anti-racist whites." 20.83 percent said just "anti-racists." 16.67 percent said "other," and 0% said "human beings." Thus the majority of members believe that it is especially significant that they are white and anti-racist. This means that they have the crusader mentality and have joined a body which validates a sublimated form of whiteness, that being corrected whiteness, or mortified whiteness. "White" anti-racist indicates that they have been converted from within the "white community." They dislike "colorblind" or rearguard anti-racists of the early 1990s, and instead view themselves as a radical and subversive organization. Of major concern to WACAN is altering the structure of the family unit to cleanse out perceived racist attitudes which generally include failure to take a militant stance against "whiteness." The organization is also concerned with gerrymandering the seating arrangements of the members' privately observed Thanksgiving holidays. The cult's official position on Columbus Day is to either ban it, steal it, or otherwise act a distracting fool during that holiday. Thus the group has an anti-holiday agenda symptomatic of cults.

A cursory study of the 40 Massachusetts members include several Unitarian Universalists, a "Holocaust Studies" minor, a Trekkie Spiritualist, A PTSD lecturer and self-described "witnesser," a psych professor/empath, a windbag lingust, members of Boston Anarchists, JP Sluggers, the bicycle cult Boston Critical Mass, a "critical race theorist" from UMASS, numerous college course planners and social workers, an Interior Decorator, outreach facilitators, transsexuals, vegans, earth cultists and folk singers. There is perhaps one black member, making this largely a milk bubble phenomenon.
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This is not place to advertise Robert Goodwin's poorly written blog.
24 Mar 2006
He must have so few readers that he needs to advertise to the very people who think least of his ramblings.
Re: WACAN: White Guilt Becomes A National Franchise
24 Mar 2006
Nice one. a mere 2 minutes and a lame comment. Try reading it.
What is the root of FLIPSIDE's obsession?
24 Mar 2006
Is he an internet addict or just a nut?
Re: WACAN: White Guilt Becomes A National Franchise
24 Mar 2006
OMG are you going to share the top secret members list with us or not?
Re: WACAN: White Guilt Becomes A National Franchise
24 Mar 2006
This right wing racist crap should not be on this indymedia website. Tim Wise rocks! You best be down...
Re: WACAN: White Guilt Becomes A National Franchise
25 Mar 2006
It took me a few minutes to figure out how i feel about this rant. Still not sure what its point is, but I'm going to say it appears to pass the test of what is allowed on IMC. It's an opinion piece posing as an expose, but the author is clearly delineating a position about the issue, and doesn't appear to be slandering anyone.

Flipside is curiously lax in revealing some of his inner fears though- apparently he's a White person scared of being held accountable for his guiltless white-skin privilege by people of color. This excerpt says a lot, especially in the derision with which it is said: "Their beliefs [...] are that 'white people have a responsibility and moral imperative to work collectively with one another in alliance with people of color' for the psychological dismantlement of what it believes to be 'the white community.'" White people working with colored people to destroy racial privilege?! Inconceivable!

Perhaps his fear lies in what the definition of 'the white community' will turn out to be, as he elaborates later. To most reactionary White people, the idea must seem strange and self-hating, yet most of the thinking people here on IMC will recognize the necessity of challenging racial preconceptions we have always been fed, and the conditioning which allows us to see each other as different, instead of as one and the same.

In other words, for us to achieve a society where color is not the prism through which we see each other, we must confront the ugliness in our heads and remove those mental shackles first. We can't challenge the fundamental ills in society without challenging them in ourselves before. And this author seems to have a lot of internal challenging to do. Maybe that's the point of this rant...
One Serious Comment
25 Mar 2006
Shell gave the most thoughtful response to the thread.

I am indeed a "white person." I put the term in quotations because it is an identifier, and I am loath to use such a low brow identifier to describe myself. But I have nothing to hide.

I am certainly not "scared" of being held accountable for my "guiltless white-skin privilege." The reasons are twofold. First, no one can hold me accountable for being white. Second, had I believed white-skin privilege exists (I don't) I would not feel guilty if I had some myself. I don't have to give a reason for lack of guilt. Reasons are only given *for* guilt. There is nothing conspicuous about the absence of guilty feelings, especially if one is not religious.

If white people want to work with black people and vice versa, I am all for it. Need I again remind everyone of the genetic makeup of my company? However, if white people and black people want to form a cult together and hold as the premise a moral imperative against me, they are treading on some serious ridicule, as evidenced by this piece.

I do not believe I have "internal challenging to do." Quite the contrary, I have a lot of external challenging that I wish to do. But none of it borders on being a social mission. It is for purely selfish reasons.
Re: One Serious Comment
25 Mar 2006
This comment is consistent with the philosophy of life developed by Flipside after he watched that 20 minute video on Nietzsche.
Re: WACAN: White Guilt Becomes A National Franchise
25 Mar 2006
That was funny.

I admit I first listened to a Charlton Heston book on tape about Nietzsche, but it was 90 minutes. But I did hand bind my personal copy of Will to Power. I have a few of his writings networked into an AI. Anyone who can pick up (or discard) a philosophy in 20 minutes has my respect.
Ya'll Fight Each Other...
25 Mar 2006
Us elite, want ya'll to fight. Take your pea brains away from us. The folks ripping you off! That's right! The members of the Bilderbergers, Trilateral, C.F.R. and P.N.A.C., (Neo liberals and conservatives,) love to see the "lower class" fight amongst each other. Thanks!

Oh yea! We need more of you to join the military. Protect our investments. I mean,...democracy.
Re: WACAN: White Guilt Becomes A National Franchise
26 Mar 2006
One toke over the line