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Church hears 'wake up call' over abuse scandal
21 Apr 2002
Modified: 05:20:54 PM
A repeat of Canadian scandal several years ago, this time in the States, finally 'wakes up church' authorities. While Cardinal Law apparently received a standing ovation for 'waking up' this sort of thing has been institutionalized for decades, and apparently only when it happens again in the states does the church 'wake up'

CNN : Cardinal receives standing ovation for apology -
Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston received a
standing ovation Sunday after telling
parishioners he wished he could "undo the
harm" from the handling of sex abuse
allegations against priests. Law, who
travels this week to the Vatican with other
U.S. cardinals to discuss the scandal, called
it a "wake-up call for the church." As well the Vatican issued a statement that Abuse is not simply a Church problem, but rather is prevelant in society. While this might be true, it sounds like 'spin doctoring', since while abuse is a social problem, covering up for abusive priests and shuffling to them to new parishes where no one knows is a Church problem. For this reason the apology from one of the Bishops responsible rings rather hollow, and the 'standing ovation' seems very peculiar. If the church received 'a wake up call', it was not in regards to molesting priests, since the church obviously 'woke up' to that business long ago. The church also received the same wake up call numerous times in the past, where, in Canada the exact same scandal broke years ago, where the exact same thing happened,and another bishop was involved, and the abuse was institutionalized in orphanages and went on for decades(has anyone seen the show 'The Boys of Saint Vincentes', a docudrama on the Canadian scandal - you might recall the frequent scenes of priests and monks being quietly shuffled away to different parishes in cars, while Bishos and Cardinals had secret chats about covering it all up with the high ranking officials in the police and government). This is not a new thing and obviously continued to happen as the new American scandal over the same thing indicates. The church did not just suddenly 'wake up' but rather it seems to have been business as usual for the last few years.

In an unrelated story, a piece on the drought crisis, which is also all the farmers in my province are talking about this spring as well (the condition is quite wide spread, and not limited to the east coast)
BBC : Drought fears in America -
It's back to the old ways at the Matterhorn
Nursery in the village of Spring Valley.

The young plants can only be watered by
hand, and then less often - and using less
water - than usual.

The sophisticated automatic irrigation has
been shut down ...

if it
didn't have its own
well, it would be out of
business by now.

There are few
customers anyway


"We're really just
beginning to see the
effects now."

And the car wash in
the nearby town of
Goshen would have
been shut down too, if
it also didn't have a
well to fall back on

... The reservoir is a
sorry dried-up sight. And deep down the
ground is dry

... This reservoir is at
crisis level, 112 inches
(2.85m) down on what
it should be, with only
enough water for
another 50 days.

And it is a situation
repeated along
America's eastern
seaboard, all the way
from Maine to Georgia,
with severe drought
warnings in force


It is time for Americans to live within their
means, says water consultant Jim Ullrich.

"We have to change what we do in, pardon
the pun, flush years and conserve our stocks,
husband our water resources better," he says.

Americans are the heaviest water users in the
world. Some of them use four times as much
as Europeans, their closest rivals.

So they may have to save gallons rather than
glasses if they want to avoid living with

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long history
21 Apr 2002
And then there is the abuse of Native North American children, not limited to the Catholic church, which spans the century, and has been the subject of lawsuits here in Canada. This problem is institutionalized and the spin doctoring and hollow apologies fail to recognize this simple fact. The problems are systemic, cross the boundaries between denominations and are problems with the institution itself, and not simply a problem with a few bad apples. The spin doctoring is hardly encouraging since it has been heard before, most notably in Canada, and the institution, as such powerful and entrenched institutions do, seems to be in 'damage control mode', hardly encouraging.

Their are other examples of the same thing. For example the following scandalous story of extreme abuse in the church 'broke recently' and is also evidence of a profound institutional malaise, and being mired in the darkness of a not so noble past, such things being pushed by ministers from the pulpit, using books written by ministers in the past, for ministers...Such things are evidence for a profound instituional malaise where abuse is deeply entrenched in the tradition, resulting in the terrible abuses throughout history and the racism and colonial abuses which are actually not alien or foreign to Christianity but rather deeply embedded with roots going back thousands of years. In the Bible such great 'moral leaders' as 'Moses endorse child abuse and the rape of virgins, a theme repeated once again in the book of Judges, which tells the story of the abuse of 400 young virgins, so just how one seperates the instituion and its entrenched documents from the ensuring scandals that span centuries is a real. good question. The Biblically endorsed violence and abuse continue right to this day, as an institution fails to hear a 'wake up call' and continues on with its institutionalized abuse of the human race, including the current abuse of Palestinians and showing a shocking lack of ordinary empathy and common sense from the pulpits of the land, and an inability to feel the pain of others. (No doubt the churches will, and I should say, should be sued by the Palestinians, just as they have been by the native Americans, and perhaps someday they will be taken to court and sued for writing such abusive and atrociious things as the following...

Christian and Jewish right call for Biblical massacre of Palestinians
Pursue, Overtake and Recover AllBy Erin Zimmerman CBN News Contributing Columnist
... April 11, 2002

A selection of some of the worst quotes from the article...

The advice God gave King David some 3,000 years ago applies to Prime Minister Sharon
today. - When the towers come crashing down, Americans want their leader to grab the
bullhorn, unleash the jets and take out the people who did it ... Israelis want their leader to
roll in the tanks and clean house. And they’re right. No good comes from a half-finished
job. Just look at Israel’s history… all the way back to their very first king, Saul. Saul had
his marching orders from God himself: he was to destroy one of Israel’s old enemies, the
Amalekites ... (God) told Saul to "attack the Amalekites and totally destroy everything that
belongs to them. Do not spare them," He warned. "Put to death men and women, children
and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys." Apparently Saul thought that was a
little harsh ... he excused his compromise in verse 24: "I was afraid of the people and so I
gave in to them."

Because he didn’t finish off his enemy, Saul left his successor a big mess. Do I need to
spell out the modern-day parallels there, or are they obvious enough?

David considered his retaliation, he asked God whether or not he should pursue the
enemy. I’m glad David didn’t have to ask that question today. The U.S. President would
no doubt have urged David to "show restraint," ... Hanan Ashrawi would have been all
over cable news complaining that David and his band of terrorists were illegally
occupying the Promised Land. And CNN’s Christiane Amanpour would have broadcast
the plight of Amalekite families whose relatives had been killed by King Saul years ago.
I’m glad David lived in the 10th century BC. The only permission he had to get was
God’s. And God’s answer was decisive and just, unlike UN resolutions about Israel ...

Look at what happened when we interfered in 1957. Israel invaded Egypt, won access to
the Red Sea, and, under U.S. pressure, turned it over to the UN ... Because Israel was not
allowed to finish the job, the Egyptians and Syrians came back, stronger than ever ...
When Palestinian and German terrorists took a planeload of mostly Israeli passengers
hostage in Uganda, there was no negotiation, no peace envoy, and no surrender. Without
any other country’s help or permission, Israeli commandos stormed the airport, killing the
terrorists and freeing 103 hostages in less than an hour ...

The advice God gave King David some 3,000 years ago applies to Prime Minister Sharon
today: Pursue, overtake and recover all. One of the most difficult things you’ll have to do
is drown out the hateful protests of your enemies and the persistent nagging of your ally ...
And when it becomes necessary, recover every inch of the land you need to secure your
See also:
institutionalized abuse, in writing
21 Apr 2002
a link to the quotes about child abuse, murdering Palestinians, plundering and conquering native populations, etc