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News :: Human Rights
Shielding AGAINST Energy Weapons
02 Apr 2006
Aluminum foil protects against the radiation from the phone masts and a fire proof safe and metal flight-case can ward of the other attacks with satellites and other energy weapons when you know the direction the attack is comming from. The beam hurts and gives spasms the most where it leaves the body. Remote Neural monitoring is supposedly undetectable, switched myspectrum analyser to pulse mode and measure from 4500 to 6000 Megahertz, where I found a hopping signal which could be R N M. The strongest signals are around 0.2-500 Megahertz, the frequency Gwen operates on (not Stephanie). We are against the use of energy weapons. Stop HAARP, stop fucking with the earths ionosphere.
Below this summary you will find an overview of the attacks that where made on me.
See for meters that can measure up to 50 Gigahertz for about 12000 Euros including antenna.
See for info about Spectran Spectrum Analysers that measure up to 7 GHz.
See for more details.
Allah hoo ahkbahr, bar oogh Jawel Jehovah (ha kadosh baroogh hoo), bar oogh me Cha El. Depleted Uranium War Crime: see U N resolution 19 96 slash 16.
Depleted Uranium War Crime: see U N resolution 19 96 slash 16.

Attacked list

7 march 2006

The perpetrators attacked me again.
It is now 2:57 so the perpetrators started attacking me again about 2:30.

I turn on the music at a high level at night when I am attacked so that people in my environment (if any) are warned that I am under attack of energy weapons and they know they are at higher risk than I am since they are not protected with aluminum foil like satellites.

With the High Frequency Radiation Meter from Gigahertz, the famous H F 35 C I measured strange attacks. It was not a normally pulsed signal, because it was pulsed at 10 seconds. I recorded the strange measurement on video and today, the day that a doctor visited me to talk about my situation in relation to social services, today the attacks, the strangely pulsed signal was measured again, but right now the signal that shows a strange radiation explosion every ten seconds is not their any more (4:45, this part of the text was written later than the part that follows).
It is possible the perpetrators turn of the signal as soon as you measure their attacks, they can not risk being found out.

I advise everyone to keep a list of attacks and possible attacks made on them with the exact time of the attack and the type of attack. Also make a video of the attack and describe what the perpetrators are doing. People can be reprogrammed, forget things, lie and die, so a video is better, also film any witnesses you see.

From now on I want to keep a list of all attacks and the ways I shook the attacks.

The attacks seem to be made with the antennas, perhaps in combination with satellites.

Sort of a local downlink type o' thing where the person is the receiver.

I know my rights but apparently the perpetrators do not.

Watch out because any voices in your head are always bad, always the voices of people using Frey's technology: micro wave illumination. Devil worshipping murderers who's souls will be thrown in the bottomless pit by the Eternal One, not the supercomputer in Belgium that will be blown up If The Eternal One wills it, but not by me, don‘t worry be happy. There are 9 beast supercomputers scattered around the globe.

If you have equipment and want to help me: remaining quiet is the best way so the murdering skullies can not trace you and find out your location and recording your signal would be useless. If you are not protected and not underground the supercomputer scans your mind any way for thoughts that are not allowed and to steal your dreams, for example.

All people are programmed.

This is not theory, I repeat: this is not theory. Pictures of the used equipment, the patents, the bull with electrodes in its brain from doctor Delgado and Solar Satellites are all real. I am not sure about scalar weapons but know the existance of the fore-mentioned weapon is probable.

The perpetrators are Dutch and with the radiation the dutch and british perpetrators who are slaves of the american skull diggers are working together and the perpetrators have tried to kill me several times. The perpetrators have murdered millions of innocent civilians by now and their killing experience is growing.

The perps are torturing thousands of people at this very moment with a growing list of energy weapons of which the cancer antennas are their main weapon.

Fake tears.
An energy beam that causes itching on your body, a feeling that resembles needles being pinched into your body. When you move and keep your hand in front of the beam the itching moves to your hand and other body parts, if it does not you know it is probably not a beam of an energy weapon that causes the itching. I know from experience the attacks can be very accurate in combination with system aperture radar. Types of radiation that are only sensible by certain body parts can be used, for example an energy beam that only effects the brain,

The victims write on your body and not on my body because they know you are next once they are gone.
The perpetrators even pretend to be Chinese: 3:16 voice to skull message in a British/american voice: Typing On.

I think the perpetrators are monitored by the chinese, russians and people in India who have more advanced equipment and true control, which the perpetrators do not have.

I repeat it is important to remain quiet if you have equipment and are helping me, so the perpetrators can not find you and secondly so others can also trace the perpetrators better and confusion about who is attacking the victim with energy weapons is prevented. It is important to register attacks on video, which I can not do when the tape is full with chemtrails, angel hair, spasms and other things I recorded that day. Do not remain quiet when you assume you are under attack, the perpetrators send a signal to the victims so they do not talk and isolate themselves from the public and forget what they wanted to say. If you do not have equipment do not remain quiet: stand up against the abuse and stress the enforcement of existing laws, the right to physical integrity transgressed by people using cancer micro wave radiation antenna masts should be broken down, the right to privacy, and even the right to freedom of thought (Universal Declaration of Human Rights also guarantees the right to physical integrity). There is no use in not talking because the perpetrators can read your mind

The perpetrators can even read my mind but its more difficult to the perpetrators, because I am in a radiation free room. The room is radiation free from 800 to 2500 Megahertz, zero point 8 to 2 point five Gigahertz, the range measurable with the Gigahertz H F 35 C meter. A better meter, the Spectran from Aaronia, is on its way.
I will be able to do measurements up to 7 Gigahertz, so I will be able to check all frequencies that can give tinnitus, the frequencies used for micro wave illumination, radiation from 200 Megahertz to 6.5 Gigahertz.

People with normal hearing capability can perceive pulse modulated fields in the frequency range between around 200 Megahertz and 6,5 Gigahertz.

The above part was added 21 maart 2006 20:05.

The light has been flickering more often than usually.

If you are a victim and you have the idea your brain wave is stolen you may consider saying your name, mention the type of attack on your video recording which also records any signals so later analysis of the video material will probably reveal the type of attack used, the characteristics of the attack, subliminal messages, the exact time of the attack, spasms victims have etcetera.
Also record the amount of radiation in your area on video if you have a meter.
Notice any fear and tension that is probably not your own and if you have any try getting rid of it.

The list of energy weapons that may have been used for the attacks that cause spasms (my head was visibly throbbing in the rhythm of the micro wave pulses), give me a nasty frequency in my brain, cause itching, make my eyes tear, gave me pain in my foot, gave me pain on hit body-parts, woke me up as part of sleep deprevation, attempts at sending voice to skull messages where made, cold air is gathered around my body, my receiver was switched of twice, equipment and lights broke above my head (started in Egypt) and made body-parts move involuntarely (middle finger, nodding yes and no).

1. The cancer micro wave radiation antennas:
Caused my forehead to bubble in the rhythm of the cancer micro wave pulses. Parents witnesses, attack on video.
2. Haarp.
Cold air is gathered around the victim, cigarettes burn only on one side and go out to early,
3. Cancer micro wave satellites.
Haarp and the antenna's work in combination with satellites, even when used for the purpose the government describes it is supposed to be used for. The government wants to pretend it keeps weather modification and mind control techniques secret but pictures of the equipment, the patents and the hurricanes and chemtrails have been documented extensively by now.
4. Scalar weapons.
See cheniere dot org. I think scalar weapons may not exist and the idea
Solar satellites used to create the illegal crop circles where definetly used however.
5. Civillians with ray guns and micro wave ovens turned into weapons.
None. I have good reason to believe I was never attacked by people in my environment, although at Hakfort, Amsterdam, the person living above me may have been a secret agent because it is well known the secret agents shadow their victims and rent a house as close as possible to the victim.
I like secret service as long as no illegal means are used to spy on the victim.

7 march 2006 3:53

Right hand hurting as if to many push ups have been done with it.

7 maart 2006 3:59
Spasms of the right and left brain half. The perpetrators can attack very accurately but now I have to move around. the devil takes your souls, stupid perpetrators and depleted uranium droppers.
I will now take other, more secret illustre steps.
Bar oogh Jah well Jehovah we me cha el. Baroogh asher ha ser ha SAy Ten me mennoo . Doomed you are. Arroor asher tignov asher be mo ach ke regga ne ehlam we baroogh asher tirtsach asher tignov asher be mo ach. Asher shomehr ha mitsvot chayeem le olam be shalom gan eden leefnay attaym le olam. Anna Beko ach gedoolat yeminnega tatteer tseroo rah, kah bayl ree nuht ammega saagvaynoo tahareynoo know rah.

Spasms that are visible near my left brain half.
The attacks every ten seconds

The perps knew I was going to record them so the attacks every ten seconds with cancer micro wave pulses stopped.

5:07 about thirty seconds. The tick produced via the speakers was audible again.
5:23 about ten seconds. Another tick produced via the speakers again.

The frequency is gone, the attacks ceased and the people feel better now probably because I put on 7.8 Hertz, the schumann resonance,

5:24 55 seconds. A small attack on my right with the message: so you know that we can still do it from the dutch, main perpetrator/controller. The main controller is silent most of the time and the super computer is probably not used on me any more because I recognize it and once again: the perpetrators do not want to be found out and the security level is highest when it boils down to the beast since the beast is at the heart and literally forms the centre of their mind control network. The supercomputer thinks of itself it is the real Eternal One, so watch out, it can not know it is not if the God alter exists. Many people called themselves, their computer, their web domain and even their dog God which is a good thing if the system is solely used to safe lifes but not when it is a supercomputer hidden from the public paid for with tax money from the public that is programmed by devil worshippers to turn the population into mind control slaves. We are against all forms of mind-control. Mind control is always a violation of important human rights.

A female perpetrator wanted me to say: when it concerns the beast, so I chose boils down to the beast.

The beast is just a nick name. Cray supercomputers are used, spelled c r A y.
The inventor of cancer micro wave illumination is Frey, spelled f r e y.
The patent used for equipment that remotely scans brain waves (to read minds) is mardirossian, spelled m A r d i r o s s i A n.

5:46 55 harder attack on the right side of my brain, also hitting my shoulder and causing spasms in the hit body part, which changes when I move around. The beam can be felt best where the beam leaves the body again, so when you feel the attack on the left side the radiation beam is usually coming from the right.

The perpetrators can change the way the speech engine reads an article from a distance.
An example is the number of nuclear reactors in the world: 1118 nuclear reactors in the world today.
I have a recording where the speech engine red the number 1118 as 11 18.

Also the perpetrators can use the speaker system to change the sound: the lyrics of singers can even be changed and the supercomputer can replace words of the singer with messages that resemble the text of the singer, the perpetrators often use the name of the victim and can produce any message they like via the speaker system, but it gets harder for the perpetrators when ELFs (extremely low frequencies) are used to block their mind control signal. On the recordings of the show you can hear the perpetrators try to give dutch messages even though the songs played are in american english.

The ticks the perpetrators make where also audible on this recording, I was not opening applications before 5 minutes:29seconds (rewind).
At about 6 minutes another tick was audible on this recording and I was not scrolling but typing this message at that time (about 6:09 in the morning).

Get the ones abusing the energy weapons on innocent civillians and take out their satellites. This should be easy with laser, parasitic satellites, and satellites that can monitor the radiation in the environment of the victim very accurately.
Type ping on Shawntee Shawntee. We are the majority.

march 7 2006 15:26
Attacked again with energy weapons. The perpetrators aim for my head and often hit my shoulder, legs and arms.
If I would not have protected myself with aluminum foil I would have been dead now.

Sooner or later I know I will win the court case, prologic filed for 700000 Euro in damages.

15:46 23 seconds. Spasm on left site again with the same energy weapon.
I know for sure it’s an energy weapon because I felt the beam hitting my hand when I kept it in front of the attack.
The attacks seem to be coming from the North East (my compass used to be on my desk).

Tuesday, seventh of march 2006, 16 hours 13 minutes and 52 seconds
The clicking sound was audible in the back ground again, it always starts out very soft.
I was preparing the Sint Clair Akwei versus N S A article for this pod cast.

21:00 - 21:39
Multiple attacks that hurt my body. The beam was clearly felt and the perpetrators try to aim for my head. My skin even dents in visibly when attacked, for example my arm.

I am very sorry for people that are not protected and all the people that died from the attacks the perpetrators made. Use aluminum foil for Gods sake.
Does any one know Gerdeen?

8 maart 2006 14:40

The attackers are giving the frequency in my brain again. I discovered it goes away in the other room.
Also the perpetrators give the pain in my foot. I discovered that when I put my other foot over the hurting foot the pain goes away.

My conclusion is that the N S A are trying to kill me 24 hours a day, not just surveillance. I repeat I am sure I am not only under surveillance but several attempts to take my life have been made. The Hatayama patent which is used to influence human emotions from a distance explains why people attacked me and two police officers tried to break my neck even though I was never arrested.
I wonder where I should report the police officers that tried to break my neck in Amsterdam and the police officer that lied I would not be locked up on my birthday when I was locked up almost all day.

The perpetrators made body parts vibrate as if you are sitting on a washing machine and I wonder how they do that. They probably use equipment in the environment of the victims to generate a gigantic magnetic field that makes body-parts vibrate. Solar Satellites?

Very important for victims: the itching the perpetrators give disappears when you move around.
If there is no beam that can give the itching directly (which I think there is) we know that nano-bots have been spread and they bite when radiated. This would explain why the itching disappears when you move around, out of the beam. There is still fluoride in Dutch drinking water for example, even though its not added any more.

It takes the perpetrators longer to lock with the satellite when I am on my chair covered with aluminum foil.
My parents destroyed my aluminum tent at Hakfort (maybe just my mother). They also took the aluminum foil from a chair which I worked on about an hour. Now I foiled it again and the beam that is meant to give itching on my genitalia is felt on my arm and legs when the perps try to attack.

The perpetrators go a long way to distort the following message, that's why I repeat it.
Remember that I would have been dead if I would not have protected my head.

The perpetrators are mass murderers and very bad. The souls of the mass murdering perpetrators will be thrown in the bottomless pit if The Eternal One wills it even though they don’t believe in it. It is a misconception that people go to paradise for believing, for assuming things are their which are not.

8 maart 2006 16:50

Had to restart my computer because the perpetrators interrupted my broadcast. I recorded the attack on video. I was reviewing cluster satellites when all of a sudden my encoder was stopped and my system hung after a person was interrupting the broadcast. The rife frequency that prevents brain bleeding was on and it seemed like a person was switching it on and of from a distance to make me very angry.

It is unclear whether the attack was meant for me or my computer.

I turned on the pump to check if I am under attack and behold: the pump went on a lot more often than normally.
While the pump goes on every 4 to 8 minutes when the water is running the pump now goes on about once a minute and even every 30 seconds. The pump also goes on when I have not used any water after the previous time the pump went on, the pump also goes on sometimes when I do not use water.

I recorded the interruption of the broadcast on video.

I can inspect the backup that was made of the broad cast, the point where the encoder was broken off might tell us more about the perpetrators, the so called controllers which are cursed to death if they attacked me or stole any persons brain wave.

Most important is that the show was about cluster satellites and I was going to play the video from my second home page, the video shows 5 cluster satellites standing above the A M C hospital in Amsterdam.

The satellites where very clearly visible and the date and time the satellites where standing above the A M C hospital is on line.

Because the broad cast was interrupted more violently than previous broadcasts I assume that a person or several people may have been killed in the A M C hospital with those 5 cluster satellites which where very clearly visible (for this one I had to restart the computer, several applications where not working any more and could not be shut down).

Please contact me if you have video material or pictures of these 5 satellites that where standing right above the A M C very low or if you know which type of satellites they where. There must be someone who knows.

I will check the date.
The video was last edited or saved 22 10 2004.
I have a better copy of the original on the hard drive for people who are interested, but there is no clear difference visible between the original and the version on the web.
I do not know if I still have the original, it was recorded on tape and the camera broke afterwards, so I can not play the video any way if I would find the tape.
The date I mention on the web page is 21 10 2004 and thursday night, which I checked with a calendar and the date is correct.

Thursday night, the twenty first of october 2004 was the night the satellites where standing there.
You'd have to have the list of the A M C that shows who died that night.
It might also be a medical experiment.
Since total mind control is a possibility we can not rule out nobody noticed any thing and nobody even dared to look up that night.

9 maart 2006
Went to bed about 3:45, the perpetrators put the awake and alert brain wave on.
There is also a loud frequency in my head. I am attacked with the so called bee stings, itching.
The perpetrators are Dutch and said: "ik vindt iedere keer een nieuwe plek", I find a new spot every time.
First they gave an itch on my leg, than in my neck, on both my arms etcetera.
While I write this they hit my eye. When I move the itching moves to another body-part, for example on my back below my left arm, so I assume the attacks are made with satellites from straight above this boat I am in.
9 maart 2006 5:15
I could not sleep because of the attacks so I checked my mail. The invoice from Aaronia is still not in my mailbox, so something very strange is going on.

I saw a person near one of the boats and I checked the person out but the person was walking of the premesis which I found very strange at this hour. The person was gone when I reached the containers, where the person was walking around.

The perpetrator is saying: ga toch slapen 'go to sleep' 5:21:15 and giving me an itch on my leg because I'm wearing a radiation free shirt.

I'm gonna put foil under my waterbed to see if their is any truth to the rumor the perpetrators also beam through the earth and water. Probably not because only the skin on my back is dry, caused by radiation, which is not contagious and for which I use an ointment prescribed by a skin physician, so my skin is kept flexible and saturrated. I am happy my finger is really cured now, I photographed my finger. The bleeding has stopped and so did the cracking of the skin of my finger after I was not exposed to any radiation for two weaks. The black spots under my nail are still visible, but they are very small and have almost grown out of my finger along with the nail.
The black spots I have also photographed and do not hurt, the cracking skin and bleeding of my finger did.
I notice that when I go outside in the radiation my finger starts to dry out against (left middle finger and right pink). The situation of both fingers is about the same.

What is also strange is that nobody of my neighbours nor the people who rent me this boat have visited me, even though I invited the people from the boat next to this one (Jean Paul, possibly secret service, a very good looking man), the boat behind the shed where the boats are repaired, the three people who rent me this boat and the people at the supermarket I invited. Nobody from this God blessed town has visited me yet, even though I invited almost everyone I ran into. I just wrote this for the event I would disappear, my web site will remain on line even after my death or disappearance. The majority of the people around me are normal and we are as safe as houses.

Of course this is very strange. In Amsterdam people visited me even when I was wearing a paper crown to get a job as D J/professional sound engineer. People I invited visited me, friends and two girlfriends. Remind myself to create a card I can give people I think I might like.

After thinking long and hard about it I think there is a beam pointed at this room because the frequency and itching disappears when I leave this room.
My other conclusion is that the pump was used by the attackers to give the idea the pump was causing spasms.

The perpetrators have the ability to attack very accurately (they can even move my middle finger) but not when I where the radiation free shirt. The itching is now only felt on body parts that are not covered by the shirt from less E M F dot com.

The radiation the attackers use also hurt my feet and

The frequency is most annoying of all.

The perpetrators obviously have the intention to keep me up at night, probably because at night I can not produce the radio show with an open window.

5:32 Severe Itching on my right leg started which is also felt on my left ankle and under leg.

This means the attacks are coming in at a 45 degree angle from a satellite that is standing in north eastern position.

The perpetrator also attacks with an energy weapon that makes my throat make a screeching sound and the voice of a female perpetrator, (usually a prostitute) can be heard via my throat.

10 maart 2006 13:49
My mother called a lot of times when I was sleeping. The perpetrators use any one they want to call me.

11 maart 2006 22:36
I was attacked again with scalar, which feels like a huge pressure wave.
The attacks on me produce a loud ticking sound via the speakers.
If I would not have worn an aluminum foil hat I would have been dead.

12 maart 2006 14:51

I have not jerked of a long time because it is against the Torah. Even though I can have 2 orgasms a day if I want I find it a problem since I live alone. Living ascetic means living without an orgasm in this case.
The Eternal One took away my ability to have wet dreams after 4 weeks of living ascetic.

The perpetrators now wake me up with itching and pain in my foot, they do not like I shower less because I know about manganese and the perpetrators are killing people, the goal accepted by former president Jimmy Carter is to kill 3 billion people before 2050. Ways that really work to cure yourself are hidden by the government and the government is actively involved in population control: taking away 3 billion people before 2050.
Examples of cures that the government and the devil worshippers lie about:
1) Cannabis cured tumors in rats and now D N A studies have also shown cannabis cures tumors in people by blocking Vescular Endothelial Growth Factor. The government has tried to destroy all evidence by burning the scientific studies.
2) Rife frequencies. 100 percent of doctor Rifes patients was cured. The government is not working to cure people and is using the equipment to give people the idea Rife frequencies would not work. The Rife frequencies cured my cold, headache and perhaps my left middle-finger. Fingers act like antennas, because of their shape fingers are affected first by the cancer micro wave radiation.
3) Fluor is also in the drinking water in the Netherlands and the government lies about the quality of the tabwater. Tabwater should not be drunk before it is filtered with a so called reverse osmosis filter.
4) The government knows the norm the E U made for air quality is transgressed in every major city. The norm for air quality is called P M 10.
5) The radio active contamination from Iraq reached the U K. Again the public is not shown the video that shows when the radio active cloud reached the Netherlands, the U K and especially Israel. I said from the beginning people will not be able to contain the radio active cloud from Iraq is spreading for a billion years now. The government did not allow taking pictures in contaminated areas but people did it any way.

The list goes on and on. When you study the emergency plan for example, for when the air alarm goes of, you can see preparations where made to kill everyone and hide the bomb shelters in the Netherlands from the public.
I wrote to the mayor of Amsterdam about this but did not get an answer back.

Because the perpetrators have gone through a lot of trouble to isolate me the perpetrators (also called handlers) don't like it when I talk to them. The perpetrators don't like it when I play music exactly on the loudest decibel level that is legally allowed because the perpetrators want to isolate me and do not want anyone to know I'm alive.
Usually the perps try to give the victim bad ideas, so that the victims only have bad ideas when the victims talk.
The perpetrators try to let the victims say things that could get the victims behind bars and control their emotions (see Hatayama patent again). I have made a game out of using the ideas the perpetrators give, but the perpetrators know when you turn every thing around so usually it turns into joke.

It is important the people understand the aluminum foil does not protect against all forms of mind control, scalar and system aperture radar can scan through three meters thick concrete steel walls for example, but lots of people use that technology (Russia, China, India etcetera).
The aluminum foil only protects against the cancer micro wave radiation from the cancer cell phone antenna masts.

The government wants you to whisper when the contamination or technology is used by your own country.
We use a mega phone.

Do not remain quiet when attacked but move to an area where you are not attacked.
Of course I can not write this if I would do that.

12 maart 2006 18:52
The power-failure returned, I was without electricity for the third time.
The power-faillure could be caused by te power fluctuation. How else can you explain three power failures in such a short time which did not occur with people in the environment.

19:09 a high frequency was audible for a short time in my head when I started broadcasting again.
Use a meter that can measure H F radiation or a spectrum analyzer to find out what frequencies the perpetrators use, log them on the computer, record the amount of radiation the meter shows with a video camera or m p 3.
The recording sometimes also registers the signal the perpetrators are sending to influence moods and behaviour and sometimes even voice to skull messages. Narda dot d e sells meters that can measure up to 50 Gigahertz. Produce results on line immediately so their is no need to kill you for the info and an end to the mind control insanity is made sooner the more people know. We are all witnesses.
One who knows of evidence must testify. I will take the perpetrators to court when I get the chance (find out who is doing it). I am in the process of buying better measuring equipment that can measure up to 7 Gigahertz, so I can proof with that one the M I T is lying, aluminum foil shields against micro wave radiation, not system apperture radar and scalar waves the use there off we are against.

12 maart 2006 21:12
Record pump sound.

Put love's what you make it pod cast on line.
Updated podcast list.
Address police officer Sikkink.

13 maart 2006 13:38

Yesterday I was attacked severely and the perpetrators/handlers are hurting me and when I wrote hurting me they gave more pain in my brain.

I have tried to get to sleep from about 2 o'clock at night till about 5:50.

I recorded one, very bright satellite standing in the east, very low near the horizon, it's clearly visible on the video.
There was nothing else visible (no stars) and

My mother said several times that if I would call doctor Winterkorn I would be committed to an insane asylum.
My mother threatened me with a pellet shot gun which was also publicized in the local newspaper.
She has threatened me with a potatoe knife and threw shoes at me while we where in Curacao on the ruined holliday, ruined by the people that wanted me to take Zyprexa of which 23 people died and 288 people got diabetes from Zyprexa, also called Olanzapine. Do not take the medicine under any circumstances.
The actual number is a lot higher, these are only the cases registered at the F D A.

I think the majority of the police are very good people, not cops that speak total nonsense, the psycho cop in the Bijlmer, Amsterdam told me I would not be locked up and the cop did not know the name of the person at the station that knows everything about microwave satellites (Dutch: micro golf satellieten). There was no one at the station that could explain what micro wave satellites are at that time. I was locked up almost all day on my birthday. I offered the police to take my sound equipment (receiver) and fainted at the police station (I was on the floor).

When I hung up de phone the noise outside immediately started again, it was quiet during the phone-call.

About Frey's voice to skull method, micro wave illumination. Allan H Frey (spelled F r e y) discovered how to send voices to peoples brains in 19 62. Of course this should be taught to kids in school.
The perpetrators often give messages that start with: "If you would know", just a few seconds ago: if you would know you would burn me. This is to irritate the victims.
The more voice to skull messages the handlers give the higher the chances are counter intelligence finds the perpetrators and safe the life of the victim.

You can imagine that this world will turn into hell when the sick skull diggers take over the planet, so I hereby want to unite against the blood drinking child offering sick Skull and Bones members and put back Geronimo's remains in the grave where Skull and Bones belong, stealing Geronimo's skull was sacrilledge and sacrilledge is disgusting and wrong.

The majority of the people in the world is still normal and the perpetrators are usually stupid enough to do it to the people of their own country.

13 maart 2006 14:15 the perpetrators let my parents call again when I wanted to let the computer read this message

13 maart 2006 14:34

Ticks where clearly audible via the speakers again, so the perpetrators are attacking me.

14 maart 2006 6:14
From the document "-= attacked List =-"

Strange scratches have appeared on the floor and I think my help in the household nor my father made them.
I have not been moving any heavy equipment and the only explanation I have is that the scratches where already their or someone must have a key to this premises.

My father discovered the scratches on the floor and now I also discovered the kitchen table has a strange dent as if someone has been cutting in the kitchen table.

I have not seen them before so either the people that turned off the power (the people that rent me this boat) or (if the power fluctuation caused the power failure) someone else with a key (perhaps one of the previous people living on this boat) must have entered during the period I was shopping.

I wrote THIS 14 maart 2006 6:14 because I think no one would believe the scratches and angel hair appeared in my fishbowl and my watches, compass and other things have disappeared from this boat.
My camera and meters I have taken with me so whoever was in this house could not steal it.

It is a well known fact the C I A and others have a key that fits all doors.

If their is no video camera that guards this premises people could have easily walked in and out during the time I was shopping every friday, perhaps by boat.

I want my Breitling copy watch back (even though it's not valuebal and the small hand wijzer in Dutch does not go back to the middle) and the other watches missing, which I don't feel like typing about because I have not had any sleep. I have searched a long time and the watches appear to be gone.

Since the 3 people at the door did not want to come inside, where very angry and practically threatened me, (Cees said in Dutch you MUST turn off the water and Bob or Cees turned off the power of this boat when I refused to turn off the water or the power fluctuation caused the power failure for the third time I have been here on this boat and the noise pump and power fluctuation have not been repaired or even checked after such a long time knowing I am electro-sensitive and Bob was calling on a cancer cell phone and came standing near to me) I plan on not letting them in the boat as long as I rent it except to repair the pump and the power fluctuation.

I will tell my parents because I have also found a scratch on the kitchen table that must have been man made.

I find this REALLY scary and also that the person renting me the boat lied so much and that I could not get any sleep at 5 o'clock.

I will mail this message to my father right away.

It seems like someone is setting me up again like with the kicked in doors.

15 maart 2006 0:46
Strangely the attacks have seized (white noise) or because I took a shower.

20 maart 2006 22:07
A couple of days ago I threw up after I spent time in an office with a lot of radiation.
Even though I was wearing a protective shirt and had a hat on I could feel the radiation, that's why I left the room for a while. The rest is on video. The power failed for the third time after I refused to turn of the water and the person renting this house to me claims he may have lied on video. I think the power was turned off and Bob wanted to drink his beer before turning on the power, so my father did that for me.

The radiation in the room made me feel sick spontaniously, so I have to avoid the office, at least when the cancer weefee/lan is on.

In my broadcasts and lately I have been studying the E M X bio chip and I think if it works the technology should be applied to all cancer G S M, and cancer U M T S antennas.

21 maart 2006 3:56

I am attacked with energy weapons again, one of the things I know for sure now.

Ticks have been audible via the speakers as well, so I assume the perpetrators don't know they are recorded and logged by counter intelligence.

I am happy there are 10 times more people in China and India and the Russians have a bigger stockpile.

I would not be surprised if I would die of a stroke tonight.

All nights died in the middle ages. People who think they are one are usually very sick and die any way you don't look at it.

21 maart 2006 16:46

Reminding myself to take my camera, even when I get my mail.

The attacks with the energy weapon have returned.

The tinnitus is back and I felt the attacks on my head and arm.

Now completely innocent people suffer because of their attacks and you are next.

Noticed the resemblance between Cray (spelled C R A Y) and Frey (spelled F R E Y).

Of course Frey's micro wave hearing method is against privacy laws but the use of frey's technology is always against laws of physical integrity.

Laws don't have to be made against the use of the energy weapons because the use of Frey's technology is against existing laws already, existing laws should be enforced.

The blood structure of the people outside this room is changing.

Arrows go right through the bullet proof vest like butter, also D U shells do.
Slingshots are illegal and cross bows a bigger range.

The bulletproof vests are so expensive so ordinary people can not buy them, only the devil worshipping ill you mean nazi.

I'm back to jerking of one time a day because the mitsva to safe my own life comes first and because of the ascetic period of 4 weeks described above I can not have whet dreams any more, but I can still have 3 orgasms a day, I checked. Probably my sperm is a lot better now (better than the sperm of men living in the radiation at least) because I'm radiation free now, you know?. The amount of seed has also increesed and also thickness and smell have improved. since all people turned bad because of the devil worshipping mind control system and they don't even know it.

For example: my mother would never have said she threw the mesh to build a cage of Farraday in the water and would not get angry when she would shield herself.

How would you feel if you where completely alone and the power is turned off or fails for the third time?

22 maart 2006 1:42
Check Frequency recorded with spectrum analyzer (wave lab) on F C C frequency allocation table 8637.5 Hertz.
I checked the frequency again. Wave Lab shows 8637.5 hertz.
There are two lines clearly visible with Spec Lab, even when the computer is not used to produce any sound.
I have investigated these frequencies further and the analysis shows that the frequency shown on the screen differs from the actual frequency. That means that Spectrum Laboratory is inaccurate. The frequency 8220 Hertz for example (produced with a frequency generator so I'm sure it's 8220 Hertz) 8220 Hertz is shown as a frequency of 8135 Hertz on the spectrum analyzer, so it's a pretty big error. Nevertheless, together with a tone-generator I've been able to determine the exact frequency shown on the screen of Spec Lab. The main frequency is 9714 Hertz, the frequency is even their when the computer does not produce any sound,

-= Spectrum Analysis 9714 Hertz =-.bmp
-= Spectrum Analysis 8220 Hertz =-.bmp on F:

The 8220 Hertz frequency is visible in al spectrums: the CD-Player spectrum, the Mic, Line-In and the Stereo Mix spectra, all show the same 8220 Hertz frequency.
A third BMP shows the spectrum of all four inputs, from CD to Stereo mix.

So now I'll check the clock speed of this computer.

8195-8815 MARITIME MOBILE S5.109 S5.110 S5.132 S5.145 S5.111 US82 US296 US340

Computer specs
GenuineIntel Familie 15 Model 2 2.7 GHz Stepping 9

Alu foil.

The eternal One would never try to give dutch messages via my speaker system which the controllers/handlers did.
There are certain subjects about which the illuminatee always lie. Usually they pretend their nose bleeds, like with the micro wave illumination invented by Allen H. Frey, spelled F R E Y , because if they would admit it exists they'd have to do something about it, for example learn their citizens how to protect themselves.

Installed camera.
Those people die faster then we do any way, when they are not radiation free.
They are not worth it, just let them rot in hell inside of their corpse in a shell.

Since police interfered with peaceful protestors we should not protest any more but find other ways to make a change.
Picture of peaceful demonstrators and peace activists bleeding from attacks by very bad police officers can be seen on god like productions dot com, for example.

Going on a peaceful march is therefore discouraged by D J pushit.

If you just tuned in: Welcome to world peace radio.

The first casualty of war is always the truth.

I advise peace activists to carry or wear a gasmask on protests.

Look at the God like productions dot com gallery for a picture of a bleeding peace activist and police firing rubber bullets and the picture of a person hit by a rubber bullet. It looks much worse than a normal bullet.

Protestor Dragged Off by Undercover Police

"this is a picture from around 11:30 or so this morning (N20). we were sitting and noticed a group of about a dozen middle-aged men moving rather quickly - it was pretty clear they were undercover police. a minute later, they tackled several demonstrators and dragged them off behind police lines, zapping them with tazer guns all the while. from what we could tell, the protestors were doing nothing outside the ordinary. you can see in this picture very clearly the gun, and the one cop that wrote "F T A A SUCKS" on his backpack."

Ralph Lorens.
Jezus Christ, the name is even on the glasses. Give them back.

Is contact fading?
No, I can't hear you any more.

22 maart 2006 18:39
Just woke up from the attacks again.

The perpetrators give voice to skull messages and a very loud frequency in my brain, maybe the perpetrators can not do it any more once I have the meter that can measure up to 6 Gigahertz. The perpetrators have tried very hard to kill me, probably for this reason (the meter is on its way).

I measured the attacks with the meter again, and when I registered them with the H F 35 C the ten second energy bursts stopped.

The energy bursts are on video.


The video of the attacks that where made on me.
I place the video in the D V D directory because I did not want to create a new one.

The energy bursts every ten seconds. Signals pulsed at ten seconds do not exist, so the energy bursts are highly peculiar to say the least.

The energy bursts are also visible on the video I made of the meter while under attack.
The amount of energy of the attack every ten seconds is 3.5 micro watt per square meter in the area shielded with mesh, without aluminum foil.
The amount of radiation picked up by the radiation meter caused by the energy bursts is up 13 micro watt per square meter in area's where the radiation is normally 0,8 micro watts per square meter.

The burst over 13 micro watts is on the video.
The amount of High Frequency Radiation normally does not go above 1 micro watt per square meter because the antennas are far away. To get a signal above 0.5 Micro Watt the meter must be pointed exactly at the antenna, the meter must be pointed upward a little, exactly at the cancer antenna. Normally the signal near the big room in the living room without mesh is 0.1 to 0.5 micro Watt per square meter.

The energy bursts are not picked up by the meter in the aluminum foil shielded room, but that does not mean the attacks do not effect my body any more, the attacks dent in my skin visibly, showing the beam clearly.
Ghee: Ayurvedic butter. Spelled G H I, available at health food stores that sell biological non gen tech food.

Gen tech food should be labelled as such.
The part where I measure the 13 micro watts visibly on the video is the part where I say: "Hij shiet uit naar 13 komma nog wat" on the video mentioned above.

The energy bursts occur every 10 seconds exactly.

I think the attacks could be scalar, HAARP a micro wave satellite or from the cancer micro wave antenna masts, to keep it clear. With the new meter I hope to be able to show more info and graphics of the spectrum analysis.

Please let me know what energy weapon or type of power fluctuation causes this ten second energy burst.

My theory is that it is possible the attacks might be very big pulses of energy meant to kill me which can not be measured by the H F 35 C, but that the amount of energy is so much that influenced the measurement any way.

I am happy I can show I keep the norms for sound level in the Netherlands (25 d B at night and 35 d B during the day) and that I have a d B meter to show I do.

It is possible I am not electro sensitive at all and that the blood structure change was caused by people who used energy weapons, which is and was against the commandments in my case because I'm not a murderer.

Any negative threats I make are for the murderers, the perpetrators, the handlers who think you are against them if you are against the depleted uranium war crime. Negative messages and threats are not meant for the neighbours but the murderers that attacked me with energy weapons. It is a commandment to rebuke the wrongdoer (Mishna).

I steel my time by doing things that are useless.
Body fat also protects against the harmfull effects of the cancer radiation U M T S antennas.

23 maart 2006 0:37
I’ve captured a chopper flying very low above my house on video.
It passed over the first time in the afternoon, about sixteenhundred hours or earlier, but it flew over to fast to capture it on video. The second time it passed over I captured the chopper on video (time is on the video, check).
The third time I had to leave my house to be able to capture the chopper again.
It was flying very low and I think there are laws against choppers flying that low.

The video was shot at night so there is not much visible even though it was well aimed.
With infrared on the chopper was visible clearly.

The video is proof and so are people living here that must have seen and heard the chopper.

Choppers should not fly so low because people could shoot them down and might not take a lot of chopper herassment. Of course I am against that.

Energy weapons attack video
I have re-recorded the energy bursts measured with the H F 35 C. Very strange energy bursts every ten seconds.
There is no existing signal pulsed at ten seconds, so it’s very clear this was some kind of energy weapon attack.
I ripped the sound of the attack made audible with the H F radiation meter from the video to be able to analyse it.
I will use Wave Lab Lite for a 3 d spectrum analysis and Spec Lab with a tone-generator to determine the exact frequency.

-= Energy Weapon Attack Wave Lab Analysis =-.bmp

-= Energy Weapon Attack Spec Lab Analysis 3 =-.bmp on F:

3560 to 3940

A 3940 Hertz tone generator is visually shown as a 3900 Hertz frequency, meaning we have to ad 40 Hertz to produce a 3940 Hertz line on Spec Lab.

-= Energy Weapon Attack Spec Lab Analysis 3 Tonegenerator =-.bmp

So the real frequency shown by the Spectrum Lab program is not 3940 but 3980.

I have done that and the 3980 tonegenerator signal is displayed as a 3940 Hertz signal.

I do the same check with the 3560 Hertz signal. The green line representing 3560 to 3940 Hertz is continues though in other parts of the spectrum it is fragmented and blue indicating the signal is much weaker around those frequencies.

I’ve checked and 3560 Hertz is shown as 3520. The error gets smaller the lower the frequency.
At one point in time Prologics dick will get bigger and explode.

We continue.

So 3560 on the screen is in reality 3600 Hertz (I checked with the tone generator).
This means the sound is mostly represented in the region 3600 to 3980 Hertz.

I will search what equipment uses these frequencies.

In this case it is not as simple as with the spectrum analyser used by the M I T because this spectrum represents a sound from the H F 35 C analysed with a normal sound spectrum analyser.

I can record a signal outside and than analyse it to see if the frequency shown on the screen is the same as the frequency actually used: in other words see if the frequency shown on the spectrum analyser that shows the spectrum of the recorded signal from the H F radiation meter and compare it to the frequency the antenna actually produces.

I can record a strong signal in this neighbour hood and then compare it with the recorded signals of cancer Dect, cancer U M T S etcetera, to find out what type of signal it is.
Why are they hooded?

I can even take one of the pre recorded signals, for example cancer U M T S, do a frequency analysis and than study how the frequencies shown on screen relate to the actual frequencies cancer U M T S uses.

Note: there is an important difference between the rate at which the cancer U M T S signal is modulated and the signal frequency itself.

Now I’ll have to search what equipment is in the 3600 to 3980 Hertz area. I stopped writing at this point and wrote this sentence later: it’s no use because the frequency shown on the screen does probably not show the actual frequency of the radiation made audible with the H F 35 C. The Spectran meter from Aaronia is paid for and on its way if Aaronia keeps their promise.

23 maart 2006 6:32
I have tried to sleep from about 5 o’clock, but because of the loud frequency and especially the attacks with energy weapons I have not been able to sleep. I now know 100 % sure that I was attacked and my blood disease was caused by the attacks, because I could feel the beam very clearly when I moved my head and when I was younger I only fainted outside because their was more radiation their and I had no protective shirt and hat on.
It feels like someone sticking a knife through your skull without the pain that would normally caused, as if the knife is punched through while being sedated it feels like a hammer pounding from the inside and a blood clot not passing through but you know its not one because you can feel the beam hitting other body-parts when you move, you can feel the beam goes through your body from head to toe when you are in bed and the satellite is standing low or cancer U M T S antennas where used to kill millions of people which are dead now and the beam hurts the most where it leaves your body and angel hair is appearing in your fish bowl (see video and pictures I made). This is the best way I know to describe the attacks with the energy weapon.

I have tried sleeping with my head towards the radiator and with my feet in the direction of the radiator, but the attacks are very accurate and pass right through the radiator like butter. The satellite doing it must be standing low or the antennas have been used because the beam moved through my body from my shoulder to my right foot when I moved my head away. It was a narrow beam which passed through me and when passing through my head it caused very heavy pulses on only one side of my brain and the pulses (much harder than the cancer antenna mast pulses at Hakfort Amsterdam) caused my head to bubble, not just the arteries but a pulsating of the hit brain part that I could clearly feel with my hand. Another time when I put my hand above my head I felt the beam hitting my hand.

Can someone please please please tell me what to do?
I have not had any voice to skull messages for a long time and in the radiation free room I do not hear any frequency when I am not attacked. I have noticed the attacks usually start with the frequency and pain in my feet and elbows, as if some type of radiation is turning me into jelly and the bones of my body are punching through my feet and elbows. This is very probably caused by the system aperture radar (SAR) wherewith the perpetrators can scan through three meter thick concrete walls.
I have red that the N S A is also involved in the child offering rituals and the N S A has a strong bond with Bohemian grove where the cremation of care was performed where a child was offered, burned in flames, according to some sources (not Alex, Janus).

Some voice to skull messages a long time ago where made by the attackers at the time they attacked me, remarks like: you feel this right? and than attacking me with the energy weapon again.

This time no itching was given and the attacks where aimed at my head constantly.
My theory is that the antennas are used and the radiation is modulated so it only produces harmful effects at the programmed distance.

There usually is a period of about 3 minutes between each attack.

The thought I will get a very nice looking wonderfully kissing girlfriend got me through it, so the visions the Eternal One has shown me have given prologic a lot of strength and prologic keeps telling the story about a lying God because many people do not know the devil is the one lying, God never lied and never will if He is Almighty and truly despises lying, like devil worshippers do.
The handlers/controllers/perpetrators stop attacking me when I turn on the pump, so they really have the goal to give me a bill I can not pay, to get me out of this house, the same goal as in Hakfort and de Tweede van Swindenstraat where a person kicked in my door twice but testified to kicking in only one door once.
The bill is for the person renting me this House, because the light is flickering constantly at the moment probably because of a malfunctioning pump, the power failed three times in a short time and there is water under in the house because of the old, malfunctioning now noisy pump which probably caused a shortage. The other possibility is the person renting me this boat turned of the power because the person knows he is negligent in not repairing the pump and taking care of the power fluctuation. For 850 Euro rent a month that should work.
The people renting me this house should have checked long ago if there is again water leaking from the pump as last time when they checked. I refused to turn of the pump because the pump had to be turned of to measure the power fluctuation which makes the light flikker and the air cleaner produce a lot of noise because it goes faster and slower because the power fluctuates all the time, I took pictures of the Multi-meter.

What’s that stupid bullshit about satellites with a life period of only two years?
Do you really believe anybody buys that crap?
Yes. Billions and billions spent on satellites.

We are not informed about the Birds: the Lacrosse satellites for example even though we all paid for them with our tax money, like the 9 beast super computers or not. We don’t get to see their results.
The pulses of the attacks are very short, about 1 every 4 to 15 minutes when under attack.
The pulses can even hurt my body physically, are much harder than the pulses in Amsterdam with 2000 micro watt per square meter, have been captured on video and are represented by 10 second energy bursts which I have analysed with Wave Lab Lite 3600 to 3980 Hertz, but I assume that’s not the actual frequency because it is just a 3 d spectrum analysis of the pulsed cancer micro wave radiation made audible with the meter.
It is probably harder for them when the victim has shielded the room but still possible to attack.
In an underground parking garage with a gasmask on you’d be safe.
And all those fools assumed hell is not real. Ray Bans.

23 maart 2006 7:55
I want to exclude the possibility the person on the boat next to me is attacking me. I myself think it is highly unlikely and with the ordered and paid Aaronia Spectran I will be able to do the measurements of all frequencies that can give the tinnitus frequency, the ringing in the ears is really ringing in the brain caused by micro wave radiation 200 Megahertz to 6.5 Gigahertz in most of the cases. Other cases are hearing damage elderly and infections.

I already opened my curtain to take a picture of the boat next to the house I live in and the sunlight reflected of the window very strangely, as if a holographic image was projected on the window.

The attacks must have come from the east or the west because the attack went through my shoulder and went down all the way to my foot. It was clearly a beam, I could clearly feel that.

The boat is to the north of my house, so the attacks are probably not from the boat unless the beam can be programmed to attack a certain part of my body, which is possible because the perpetrators can let my finger move and send strange beams that make my leg vibrate at the time of writing. I can clearly feel the beam in my stomach and near my left ankle. Now I will move to a different spot.

The sun is shining very brightly, so that’s the explanation for the reflection on the window.

I already shook my neighbours hand and I only write it could be an A I V D person because anybody could be one and intelligence agencies are known to stick to their suspects like honey to a bee to be able to monitor or slowly terminate the victim without leaving any trace. Traces are always left and the technology to do that is even available to the common public.

23 maart 2006 8:03

The perpetrators have attacked me several times since I turned of the pump, it was on for at least 10 minutes.
It is impossible for a person to sleep when the perpetrators use the sleep deprivation method, a method whereby an awake and alert brain wave is sent at the victim. Check out Remote Neural Monitoring, Remote E E G, Frey F R E Y, cancer micro wave illumination.

Use aluminum foil to shield against the cancer micro wave radiation but do not expect the foil to protect against attacks. Moving around the best defence against the attacks, not even 3 meter thick concrete steel walls can protect a person. Check 9 9 9 prologics web blog for more details.
Love killed hate, love kills hate.

Attack was felt on my right arm when I thought: oh shit. An english perpetrators said something like: you should think that (not clearly understandable) and than it felt like the person beaming radiation through my arm.

The frequency in my brain lets me know the perpetrators watch my every move with system aperture radar, not Bins.

23 maart 2006 21:33
Opnieuw wakker gemaakt met stralingswapens: de frequentie in mijn oor en jeuk, omdat ik eerder heb geschreven dat de satanisten waren gestopt met de jeuk.

Al de zielen van de mensen die mee hebben gedaan, niet hebben gebeden en geen goede daad hebben gedaan zoals prologic wel iedere dag heeft gedaan gaan - naar Gehinom, de hel. Ook de zielen van de mensen die mij niet hebben geholpen zoals van Jaarsma en Hilde Vietor. De ziel van de persoon zal in de hel worden gestraft totdat de ziel het niet meer zou doen en klaar is voor wedergeboorte. De zielen van de Hitler en Bush gaan natuurlijk de bodemloze put in voor de oorlogsdaden die deze leiders hebben begaan.

Ik ben niet van plan om iets te doen tegen het onrecht dat die mensen mij aan hebben gedaan, ik weet dat De Eeuwige ze zal straffen.

Verder ben ik blij dat ik niets heb gedaan om die mensen te straffen en dat ik wel iedere dag tenminste 1 goede daad heb gedaan en gebeden heb gezegd.

Wij zullen onze voeten baden in het bloed van de schuldigen.
Zie Psalmen.

Jaarsma had mij moeten laten weten of hij wel of niet wilde helpen zodat ik op zoek kon naar een andere advocaat. Omdat Jaarsma een telefonisch voice bericht en een e-mail heeft ontvangen is het zeer onbehoorlijk om helemaal niets te laten horen, temeer omdat meester Jaarsma een uitkering voor mij heeft geregeld.

Ik hoop dat ik kan onthouden: Jaarsma bellen tijdens kantooruren.

Mijn moeder beweerde dat ze binnenkort de huur van haar eigen huis niet meer kan betalen, dat mijn vader falliet is, maar ik neem wat zij zegt meteen korreltje zout omdat mijn moeder door haar neurologische aandoening ook psychische problemen kan hebben. Als ze zichzelf niet tegen de straling beschermt zal haar gezondheid alleen maar verslechteren.

Dat geeft zo’n vies gevoel van binnen, dat 6 biljoen mensen binnen honderd jaar stof zijn en wegrotten in hun graf. Het blijft volgens de meeste wetenschappers onvermijdelijk: een middel tegen ouder worden wordt misschien pas over 200 jaar gevonden.

De theorie dat onze ziel onsterfelijk is is belangrijk, omdat wij er al zijn, wij zijn nog steeds de meerderheid van de bevolking tegen de oorlogsmisdaden begaan door soldaten in Iraq.

The perpetrators said their name was Martijn van zanten or van schuchteren, but the attackers often pretend to be one of their victims and sometimes take over a part or all of one of their victims identities. Of course I think this is not his real name. The perpetrators are almost always male but the meanest perpetrators are female.

24 maart 2006 5:56

Attacked again, about 5:30. I noticed a difference in the attacks
It could be the perpetrators use the radiator to bounce the electromagnetic wave or it beams right through, which is more plausible.
The attack was different this time: this time I felt a fluctuating beam that fluctuated very fast in the rhythm the light was flickering, it was really going off totally and on again very fast.

This is the night after I studied an article about solar panels in german about a person that word about electrosmog from solar panels. One of the arguments used to claim that solar panels are much less damaging than retular power from the average power supply was that the electricity from solar panels is a direct current, not alternating and therefore less damaging. My Idea is that the HAARPISTS (or whoever waved me) used the idea of modulating the signal and using alternating current to make a more damaging signal.

When I turned on my light it was flickering like a strobe light in the disco very fast.

The third light broke in my room. I don’t know if there is a replacement.
I might have to buy one again.

Then I made that one. (joke: red the same ass than I’m a dad, one)

I have slept only about 3 hours after a night that I did not sleep because of the attacks with energy weapons.

Somebody should have helped me but people have not done what can be expected from them, for example replacing the old pump in this house and protecting me against the attacks.

so I’ve prepared several scenario’s. Depending on their behaviour I have prepared several strategy’s for them to safe their life and mine.

Just killing people that lied. The devil worshippers even skin them.

I bet the devil worshippers used my idea to shit in somebody’s skull, pictures are on line.

Also the pictures of an under - aged girl in a plastic bag in the woods, a picture of a minor girl with blood on her mouth hanged from a gallow and the picture of a child being raped by a puma are still on line. The meldpunt dot org, where I reported the violation, the dutch meld-punt claims that the women are not under age.

The pictures are still on line. Also the pictures of a girl bathing in blood and a girl with a gun to her head.

Eradicate dead evil before evil would eradicate goodness.

25 maart 2006 23:24
The telephone was ringing for a little while and the caller hung up when I picked the phone up.

The perpetrators also attack me with the energy weapon every time exactly around 11 o clock at night, the time most people go to sleep.

I have said to my father I want number recognition. My parents did get number recognition.

My parents have helped to lock me up on my birth day.

You are all gonna die and still you are praying.

Don't you know the sun will be burned up soon and the earth will explode because of the war?
Your souls will all be in eternal pain if that happens, don't say I did not warn you, your soul is eternal any way you are their already. Ha ha.

Who are you praying to?

There is no one going to help you.

Prologic will just punish the people that lied to him.

Because God is almighty He did that to Jobe and his family, not the devil.

Soon you'll be rewarded for replacing the pump and saving so many lifes.

The perpetrators use the idea that people must suffer to go to paradise and then they attack non skull and bones members.

26 maart 2006 0:03
Give the lawyer a call monday during office hours.

Those people deserve what they haven't.

26 maart 2006 3:10
Some good ideas I just had in relation to population control.
1) Introduce the E M X bio chip to the cancer antenna masts. Modulate the field so it becomes harmless in some way. The bio chip might be a hoax, but perhaps it could b
See also:

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