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News ::
A Tale of Two Fiestas...
28 Apr 2002
They did it...
Contents - Download attached archive ...

A Tale of Two Fiestas
'War and Peace'


INVALUABLE archive of stories...

History [10] Unprecedented
Afghanistan [ 8] Ultraviolence
Disarm-DSEi [16] Anarchists can fly
Genoa [16] July 2001 G8 meeting
Fiesta Coverage [ 9] The oxygen of publicity
Fiesta [16] The Fiesta for Life against Death
Attack on USA [12] DoD [arms] and WTC [trade] actions
Media Story [29] Pulitzer Prize Terror
Official Story [23] To be for-racist is to be forearmed
Reaction [16] Yes, we condemn the atta cks...
TWAT [11] The War Against Terrorism
Detainees [ 8] Featuring Unlawful Combatants
Analysis [12] They invented Al-Qaeda for us
Domestic Threat [13] Pineland Street Party strikes
Cyber-space [13] Operations Other Than Cyberwar
Extras [15] 'Delayed' UA93 missed Pentagon
Timeline [42] All stories by publication date
Sources [18] Internet addresses

You were spectating...
#2 - The Fiesta for Life Against Death

'On September 11th 2001 something beautiful is going to happen to mark the opening day of Europe's premier arms fair.

Come along and give the armed wing of capitalism a lesson in creative resistance!

A carnivalesque gathering to shut down the Defence Systems and Equipment International (DSEi) arms fair.

September 11th 2001, Excel Centre, Docklands, London '

'To understand the future, you must study the past'

SCH 030312 Women get the vote
+++ 060970 Terrorists seize airliners
+++ 180371 Angry Communique 7
+++ 280587 Rust invades Red Square
SCH 010598 May 68 highlights
+++ 180699 J18 Carnival, London
SCH 171099 1999 DSEi arms fair
+++ 050900 Leila Khaled's words
+++ 181200 USS Cole 'black job'
VNU 120901 Web solves 30 y-o crime

'In September 1666 the heart of England's capital, the City of London (now London's financial district), was devastated by fire. Everyone knows the Great Fire of London started in a baker's shop in the aptly named Pudding Lane, but was it Osama or a pernicious Papist plot?'

'Great Game of smack'

BBC 041297 Taleban in Texas
+++ 080901 Pakistan worst place
RTS 080901 Taleban Ministry bomb
CNN 110901 Massoud survives attack
CNN 110901 Taleban condemn attacks
CNN 140901 Taleban await holy war
WSW 201001 Afghan War pre-planned
+WP 200302 Afghan King returns

'The society that abolishes every adventure makes its own abolition the only possible adventure'

They did it!
"There's no point in acting all surprised about it. All the planning charts and demolition orders have been on display in your local planning department on Alpha Centauri for fifty of your Earth years, so you've had plenty of time to lodge any formal complaint and it's far too late to start making a fuss about it now."

+++ 060601 Web site registered
IMC 280601 Announcement of Fiesta
+++ 040701 They saw the 4th of July
BBC 180701 Security operation
IMC 170801 Critical Mass for DSEi
SCH 170801 SchNEWS feature
WOM 180801 Womble plans
+++ 180801 Human cannonball of fire
IMC 280801 Local Asians take part
IMC 290801 Meeting point announced
SCH 310801 SchNEWS, travel
IMC 010901 NY Embassy invitation
IMC 050901 Official press release
ALT 060901 'Arms Fair Protest'
WOM 060901 Wombles press release
SCH 070901 Arms fair, SchNEWS

"What do you mean you've never been to Alpha Centauri? For heaven's sake mankind, it's only four light years away you know. I'm sorry, but if you can't be bothered to take an interest in local affairs that's your own lookout.'

"Energize the demolition beams."

Genoa G8 July Strategy of Tension
'We are ready for an unforeseen event that may or may not occur.'

+++ 260900 Tactics, post CJA samba
+++ XX0701 Tactics, White Overalls
BBC 200701 Who are the protestors?
IMC 200701 Tactics, of Frivolity
IMC 200701 Tactics, G8 commentary
IMC 220701 Police raid, GSF/IMC
IMC 230701 Tactics, Black block
ALT 240701 Police raid, aftermath
SCH 270701 Police raid, SchNEWS
TIM 280701 Police raid, 18 missing
+++ 310701 Police raid, account
NYT 250901 Plane to Kill Bush
GMG 270901 Mubarak says it
BBC 270901 Extremists planned attack
IMC 221101 Video proposed, account
IMC 090302 New eyewitness account

'That which inspires people to devote their lives to social change is sometimes an accumulation of experiences and knowledge, slowly building into an articulate conviction.
It may be when resistance takes new forms, new movements develop, an entrypoint becomes obvious.

Other times it comes like a bolt of lightning, a sudden shift, a single moment around which a life can be measured as coming 'before' and 'after'.

That moment may be an arrest, an action, the destruction of a beloved place, a conversation, witnessing an act of fearlessness, or receiving a gesture of unexpected generosity.

It is these times, when the realm of the possible expands, that history speeds up, comes alive, and falls into our hands.'

Fiesta - The oxygen of publicity
All we need is one good scandal...

GMG 100901 The Guardian
+++ 100901 The Irish Times
ANA 100901 Ananova report
IND 100901 The Independent
+++ 100901 Local News
SFL 100901 SurfLondon, plans
SFL 100901 SurfLondon,police
RTS 110901 Reuters
TGH 110901 Daily Telegraph

'We all know that one good scandal can get more attention than years of campaigning in front of a keyboard and glowing screen, but very few people actually create scandals on purpose. Why is this?
If you do it right, it's a win-win scenario - the media get their sexy news item and you get your issue in the public limelight, at least briefly. That's if you put a lot of creative thought into the action, make it as outrageous as possible and never turn back or go half way. It's up to the media and the public reaction to decide what brings a shocking action plan to the level of scandal. But above all it depends on how far you take it and how much you are willing to risk.

So where's the scandal to make the Arms Trade movement known to the world? Has anyone even thought of it?

A mysterious organisation, 'Disarm-DSEi' could take credit, backed up by a sophisticated untraceable press release campaign and a website powerfully and succinctly explaining what the movement stands for.

If you produce a magazine, you could put out an issue with a cover that has nothing whatsoever to do with its contents, and not even offer the usual introduction to explain it. (Hee hee.)

Of course none of this is for the well heeled established NGO. In fact, this type of action would be happening a lot more if activist groups weren't trying to be so respectable. But just think of the potential impact that we are missing out on.

Just think of how - with something big, visual and shocking - we could steal the show from the official DSEi Arms Trade Fair this coming September.

The tactic has been ignored for far too long. It is up to all of us to resurrect the lost art of scandal'

The Fiesta for Life against Death, London
'Take the day in well...this is IMPORTANT!' - Critical Mass flyer

GMG 070901 Police raid, puppets
IMC 080901 Awareness raising
+SW 080901 Action from 12 p.m.
IMC 100901 Eve security vigil
IMC 110901 'Terror' banner goes up
IMC 110901 Trafalgar Square is red
IMC 110901 Timeline, opening day
+++ 110901 Fiesta Class War report
+++ 120901 Witness write-up
SFL 140901 London cheers attacks
SCH 140901 event report [SchNEWS]
+++ 180901 CAAT report
+++ 180901 report [Revln. News]
IMC 121001 Video now online
IMC 200202 Evidence urgently reqd.
IMC 130302 Emily Apple not jailed

'Revolution S'il Vous Play!' - Fiesta poster

The Attacks
'Death to their institutions...'

IMC 110901 Early NPR transcript
ISL 110901 terrorist attack report
+AP 120901 Fox news/ap report
BBC 120901 Pentagon 100-800 killed
MSN 120901 Plane phone calls
PBC 120901 Shanksville, planes
STF 120901 timeline [Stratfor]
+AP 130901 FAA employee remembers
CH4 130901 timeline [Channel 4]
NYT 140901 Flight 77 tracked
RTS 140901 Pentagon black boxes OK
WIK 011001 timeline, response

'What did you do in the struggle against war?'

Media Story
'A quick spin'

ABC 120901 Osama instantly blamed
+TW 120901 Arab plot, 'exclusive'
CBS 120901 FBI, Atta in Florida
SKY 130901 WTC hijacker body found
ANA 130901 Flight Simulator myth
NYT 150901 Terrorist suicide guide
ISL 170901 terrorists were alive
a+++ 190901 ABC Halts WTC Replay
TIM 190901 terrorists share deals
NYT 220901 UA93, phones, Massoud
BBC 280901 FBI information appeal
NYT 270901 11 in UK just before
BBC 051001 no UBL evidence
USN 151001 No UBL smoking gun
ABC 241001 ATC recalls incident
NYT 041101 Atta, full version
+++ 291101 Probe reconstructs terror
GMG 301101 Typical OBL/racist lie
REU 290102 639 billion dollar hit
+AP 230202 No flight recorders
CBS 110302 The End of Closure?
GFN 120302 OBL - a wife 'message'?
SFC 140301 Osama bin no threat
GMG 190302 No govt. evidence yet
IMC 220302 Pentagon attack account
RTS 230302 No 911 Anthrax link
IMC 020402 Mayday, again rewritten
ABC 170402 What Consensus?

'There is no such thing as a free press, you know it and I know it. There is not one of you who would dare to write his honest opinion. The business of a journalist is to destroy truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, fall at the feet of mammom, and sell himself for his daily bread. We are tools, vessels of rich men behind the scenes, we are jumping jacks. They pull the strings - we dance. Our talents, our possibilities, and our lives are the properties of these men.
We are intellectual prostitutes'

Official Story
'The bodyguard of lies.'

BBC 220601 Rumsfeld doctrine quiz
+AP 260701 Ashcroft air security
+AP 050901 It is a Fiesta!
+AP 050901 Fiesta 175 limes
+WP 060901 Fireworks at 11...
+AP 060901 Bushes' Cowboy Fiesta
BBC 100901 Rumsfeld cuts Pentagon
+++ 100901 Straw challenge ahead
+WP 110901 Kissinger's quick...
+++ 120901 they don't say who
ANA 130901 18 hijackers identified
FBI 140901 18 - spellings may vary
FBI 140901 18 changed to 19 names
FBI 200901 19 Hijackers details
+WP 280901 Ashcroft 911 Jet Scare
JDW 280901 no info for NATO, yet
NLP 021001 Kaleidoscope speech
GMG 031001 Lets reorder this world
FCO 041001 UK 'case' against UBL
WSW 061001 UK OBL dossier 041001
CRY 270302 FBI list 'terrorists'
+++ 090402 Terrorism Dominates Pulitzer

'Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will pledge with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government.'

It is all here.

IMC 110901 Anti-war words to GWB
IMC 110901 Poor early guessing
YAH 120901 Iraqi newspaper attacks
+++ 120901 Spectacle Reflections
+++ 120901 Praska AG Statement
IMC 140901 early press coverage
WSW 140901 casus belli pretext?
+++ 180901 greatest art composed
SCH 280901 who are the terrorists?
WSW 290901 innocent until guilty?
IMC 230102 TWAT a conspiracy?
IMC 210302 Left denial on 9/11
IMC 270302 Momentum for inquiry?
GMG 280302 Bush 'n' Blair, Iraq
IMC 280302 No more direct action?
+++ 300302 DKHC/PFLP TWAT response

'In a time of revolutionary act, telling the truth is a universal deceit.'

The War Against Terrorism
'Infinite Justice. Enduring Freedom.'

+++ 120901 Nato Article #5
BBC 031001 Intelligence key to war
BBC 071001 UK bombs Afghanistan
NVN 081001 Trafalgar and Triumph
WSW 211101 Al-Jazeera bombed
BBC 181201 Where do they... names?
+++ 201201 Cheney shadow hideaway
BBC 180102 Global Al-Qaeda raids
+++ 100302 Airlift Services
IMC 030402 Rumsfeld Terror Blitz
ISL 040402 Pentagon porky pies

'Tyranny, external or internal, is our foe whatever trappings or disguises it wears, whatever language it speaks, or perverts.'

'Nothing can be more abhorrent to democracy than to imprison a person or keep him in prison because he is unpopular.'

+WP 211001 Custody suspects silent
NYT 081101 Zacarias Moussaoui held
RWR 111101 1000+ detained
+++ 291101 No al-qaeda in 1200+
ABN 170302 Cuba carpet trader
IMC 190302 Amnesty concerned
+WP 280302 Death for Moussaoui
IMC 010402 US tortures own Johnny

'This is really the test of civilisation.'

'They think it is all over!'

+++ 270202 Families of September 11, FAA
CRY 170302 The end of Empire
IMC 270302 Portland Olson analysis
IMC 010402 Evidence Part 1
IMC 010402 Evidence Part 2
IMC 010402 Evidence Part 3
IMC 010402 Left in denial
IMC 010402 911 Precedents
CRY 020402 Weapons 'R' Us
IMC 020402 Final Oil Crash clue
IMC 070402 Portland IMC analysis
+++ 210402 Repression against Anti-capitalists

'A case is deemed frivolous if it is "based on an indisputably meritless legal theory," or presents "clearly baseless" factual contentions.
A finding of factual frivolousness is appropriate when the facts alleged "rise to the level of the irrational or the wholly incredible, whether or not there are judicially noticeable facts available to contradict them." (factual frivolous allegations include "claims describing fantastic or delusional scenarios").'

Domestic Threat

+++ 080901 Cop Watching UK
+AP 051101 Clare Short protestors
IMC 170202 Congress eco-terrorism
IMC 130302 An-al-qaeda-rchists
SCH 150302 Mayday filthy hands
IMC 150302 Elves are terrorists
+FT 150302 Barcelona precautions
IMC 160302 Barcelona IMC communique
IMC 170302 Barcelona media coverage
YAH 190302 Bush, Pineland Training
IMC 210302 Prisoner speaks up
IMC 220302 They know it's al-bingo
CRY 270302 Homeland Defense Skills

'Let's roll...'

'The expression ‘accidentally ignored’ is a contradiction in terms.'

+++ 090499 NSA Windows Spying
+++ 190601 Cyberspace battlefield
+++ 070901 Al-Jazeera cyber-raid
+AP 110901 UKUSA spy on everyone
FBI 200901 Al-Qaeda don't login
NYT 280901 Rumsfeld in cyberspace
RTS 081101 Cyberwar is next
BYT 111201 Unrelated cyber efforts
+++ 010202 Pentagon cyberwar ready
CRY 040302 Another 9/11 Story
CRY 150302 Police in Cyberspace
NYT 280302 Casual Internet abuse
IMC 020402 Pentagon gets Genoa

'Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.'

Echelon2 giant vacumn spy system officially discovered by Europe on September 11.

+++ 080801 Trafalgar Tomahawk test
BBC 100901 US and UK attack Iraq
+++ 110901 International Peace Day
ABC 110901 767/757 specifications
CNN 220901 Airlines bailed out
+++ 281001 Pentagon as UA93 target
IMC 081101 Al-Jazeera at WTO...
+++ 071201 Nobel Peace Symposium
+++ 060102 Asbestos Architecture
RTS 090102 Charles Bishop suicides
IMC 140302 Planet is unsustainable
IMC 220302 Castro Speech, Monterey
+AP 040402 Planes always violate
CRY 040402 Al Yamamah bin Laden
+++ 180402 FAA UA93 tape loophole

International Peace Day. Tenth anniversary of that legendary Pentagon New World Order speech, sixtieth anniversary of that Pentagon cornerstone being laid.

757/767 Cockpit -

Pentagon -

'We just print the forms for the people who order bullets for the people who shoot people.'

Every story tells the story

SCH 030312 HISTORY Women get the vote
+++ 060970 HISTORY Terrorists seize airliners
+++ 180371 HISTORY Angry Communique 7
+++ 280587 HISTORY Rust invades Red Square
BBC 041297 AFGHANISTAN Taleban in Texas
SCH 010598 HISTORY May 68 highlights
+++ 090499 CYBER-SPACE NSA Windows Spying
+++ 180699 HISTORY J18 Carnival, London
SCH 171099 HISTORY 1999 DSEi arms fair
+++ 050900 HISTORY Leila Khaled's words
+++ 260900 GENOA Tactics, post CJA samba
+++ 181200 HISTORY USS Cole 'black job'
+++ 060601 DISARM-DSEI Web site registered
+++ 190601 CYBER-SPACE Cyberspace battlefield
BBC 220601 OFFICIAL STORY Rumsfeld doctrine quiz
IMC 280601 DISARM-DSEI Announcement of Fiesta
+++ 040701 DISARM-DSEI They saw the 4th of July
BBC 180701 GENOA Security operation
+++ XX0701 GENOA Tactics, White Overalls
BBC 200701 GENOA Who are the protestors?
IMC 200701 GENOA Tactics, of Frivolity
IMC 200701 GENOA Tactics, G8 commentary
IMC 220701 GENOA Police raid, GSF/IMC
IMC 230701 GENOA Tactics, Black block
ALT 240701 GENOA Police raid, aftermath
+AP 260701 OFFICIAL STORY Ashcroft air security
SCH 270701 GENOA Police raid, SchNEWS
TIM 280701 GENOA Police raid, 18 missing
+++ 310701 GENOA Police raid, account
+++ 080801 EXTRAS Trafalgar Tomahawk test
IMC 170801 DISARM-DSEI Critical Mass for DSEi
SCH 170801 DISARM-DSEI SchNEWS feature
WOM 180801 DISARM-DSEI Womble plans
+++ 180801 DISARM-DSEI Human cannonball of fire
IMC 280801 DISARM-DSEI Local Asians take part
IMC 290801 DISARM-DSEI Meeting point announced
SCH 310801 DISARM-DSEI SchNEWS, travel
IMC 010901 DISARM-DSEI NY Embassy invitation
IMC 050901 DISARM-DSEI Official press release
ALT 060901 DISARM-DSEI 'Arms Fair Protest'
+AP 050901 OFFICIAL STORY It is a Fiesta!
+AP 050901 OFFICIAL STORY Fiesta 175 limes
+WP 060901 OFFICIAL STORY Fireworks at 11...
+AP 060901 OFFICIAL STORY Bushes' Cowboy Fiesta
WOM 060901 DISARM-DSEI Wombles press release
SCH 070901 DISARM-DSEI Arms fair, SchNEWS
+++ 070901 CYBER-SPACE Al-Jazeera cyber-raid
GMG 070901 FIESTA Police raid, puppets
IMC 080901 FIESTA Awareness raising
+SW 080901 FIESTA Action from 12 p.m.
+++ 080901 DOMESTIC THREAT Cop Watching UK
+++ 080901 AFGHANISTAN Pakistan worst place
RTS 080901 AFGHANISTAN Taleban Ministry bomb
BBC 100901 EXTRAS US and UK attack Iraq
+++ 100901 OFFICIAL STORY Straw challenge ahead
BBC 100901 OFFICIAL STORY Rumsfeld cuts Pentagon
GMG 100901 FIESTA COVERAGE The Guardian
+++ 100901 FIESTA COVERAGE The Irish Times
ANA 100901 FIESTA COVERAGE Ananova report
IND 100901 FIESTA COVERAGE The Independent
+++ 100901 FIESTA COVERAGE Local News
SFL 100901 FIESTA COVERAGE SurfLondon, plans
SFL 100901 FIESTA COVERAGE SurfLondon,police
IMC 100901 FIESTA Eve security vigil
TGH 110901 FIESTA COVERAGE Daily Telegraph
+++ 110901 EXTRAS International Peace Day
IMC 110901 ATTACK ON USA Early NPR transcript
ISL 110901 ATTACK ON USA terrorist attack report
CNN 110901 AFGHANISTAN Massoud survives attack
CNN 110901 AFGHANISTAN Taleban condemn attacks
IMC 110901 FIESTA 'Terror' banner goes up
IMC 110901 FIESTA Trafalgar Square is red
IMC 110901 FIESTA Timeline, opening day
+++ 110901 FIESTA Fiesta Class War report
+WP 110901 OFFICIAL STORY Kissinger's quick...
IMC 110901 REACTION Anti-war words to GWB
IMC 110901 REACTION Poor early guessing
ABC 110901 EXTRAS 767/757 specifications
+AP 110901 CYBER-SPACE UKUSA spy on everyone
VNU 120901 HISTORY Web solves 30 y-o crime
+AP 120901 ATTACK ON USA Fox news/ap report
BBC 120901 ATTACK ON USA Pentagon 100-800 killed
+++ 120901 OFFICIAL STORY they don't say who
+++ 120901 FIESTA Witness write-up
MSN 120901 ATTACK ON USA Plane phone calls
ABC 120901 MEDIA STORY Osama instantly blamed
+TW 120901 MEDIA STORY Arab plot, 'exclusive'
YAH 120901 REACTION Iraqi newspaper attacks
+++ 120901 REACTION Spectacle Reflections
+++ 120901 REACTION Praska AG Statement
PBC 120901 ATTACK ON USA Shanksville, planes
CBS 120901 MEDIA STORY FBI, Atta in Florida
STF 120901 ATTACK ON USA timeline [Stratfor]
+++ 120901 TWAT Nato Article #5
+AP 130901 ATTACK ON USA FAA employee remembers
CH4 130901 ATTACK ON USA timeline [Channel 4]
SKY 130901 MEDIA STORY WTC hijacker body found
ANA 130901 MEDIA STORY Flight Simulator myth
ANA 130901 OFFICIAL STORY 18 hijackers identified
FBI 140901 OFFICIAL STORY 18 - spellings may vary
FBI 140901 OFFICIAL STORY 18 changed to 19 names
NYT 140901 ATTACK ON USA Flight 77 tracked
RTS 140901 ATTACK ON USA Pentagon black boxes OK
CNN 140901 AFGHANISTAN Taleban await holy war
IMC 140901 REACTION early press coverage
WSW 140901 REACTION casus belli pretext?
SFL 140901 FIESTA London cheers attacks
SCH 140901 FIESTA event report [SchNEWS]
NYT 150901 MEDIA STORY Terrorist suicide guide
ISL 170901 MEDIA STORY terrorists were alive
+++ 180901 FIESTA CAAT report
+++ 180901 FIESTA report [Revln. News]
+++ 180901 REACTION greatest art composed
a+++ 190901 MEDIA STORY ABC Halts WTC Replay
TIM 190901 MEDIA STORY terrorists share deals
FBI 200901 OFFICIAL STORY 19 Hijackers details
FBI 200901 CYBER-SPACE Al-Qaeda don't login
CNN 220901 EXTRAS Airlines bailed out
NYT 220901 MEDIA STORY UA93, phones, Massoud
GMG 270901 GENOA Mubarak says it
NYT 270901 MEDIA STORY 11 in UK just before
NYT 250901 GENOA Plane to Kill Bush
BBC 270901 GENOA Extremists planned attack
BBC 280901 MEDIA STORY FBI information appeal
+WP 280901 OFFICIAL STORY Ashcroft 911 Jet Scare
SCH 280901 REACTION who are the terrorists?
NYT 280901 CYBER-SPACE Rumsfeld in cyberspace
JDW 280901 OFFICIAL STORY no info for NATO, yet
WSW 290901 REACTION innocent until guilty?
WIK 011001 ATTACK ON USA timeline, response
NLP 021001 OFFICIAL STORY Kaleidoscope speech
GMG 031001 OFFICIAL STORY Lets reorder this world
BBC 031001 TWAT Intelligence key to war
FCO 041001 OFFICIAL STORY UK 'case' against UBL
BBC 051001 MEDIA STORY no UBL evidence
WSW 061001 OFFICIAL STORY UK OBL dossier 041001
BBC 071001 TWAT UK bombs Afghanistan
RTS 081101 CYBER-SPACE Cyberwar is next
NVN 081001 TWAT Trafalgar and Triumph
IMC 121001 FIESTA Video now online
USN 151001 MEDIA STORY No UBL smoking gun
WSW 201001 AFGHANISTAN Afghan War pre-planned
+WP 211001 DETAINEES Custody suspects silent
ABC 241001 MEDIA STORY ATC recalls incident
+++ 281001 EXTRAS Pentagon as UA93 target
NYT 041101 MEDIA STORY Atta, full version
+AP 051101 DOMESTIC THREAT Clare Short protestors
IMC 081101 EXTRAS Al-Jazeera at WTO...
NYT 081101 DETAINEES Zacarias Moussaoui held
RWR 111101 DETAINEES 1000+ detained
WSW 211101 TWAT Al-Jazeera bombed
IMC 221101 GENOA Video proposed, account
+++ 291101 MEDIA STORY Probe reconstructs terror
+++ 291101 DETAINEES No al-qaeda in 1200+
GMG 301101 MEDIA STORY Typical OBL/racist lie
+++ 071201 EXTRAS Nobel Peace Symposium
BYT 111201 CYBER-SPACE Unrelated cyber efforts
BBC 181201 TWAT Where do they... names?
+++ 201201 TWAT Cheney shadow hideaway
+++ 060102 EXTRAS Asbestos Architecture
RTS 090102 EXTRAS Charles Bishop suicides
BBC 180102 TWAT Global Al-Qaeda raids
IMC 230102 REACTION TWAT a conspiracy?
RTS 290102 MEDIA STORY 639 billion dollar hit
+++ 010202 CYBER-SPACE Pentagon cyberwar ready
IMC 170202 DOMESTIC THREAT Congress eco-terrorism
IMC 200202 FIESTA Evidence urgently reqd.
+AP 230202 MEDIA STORY No flight recorders
+++ 270202 ANALYSIS Families of September 11, FAA
CRY 040302 CYBER-SPACE Another 9/11 Story
IMC 090302 GENOA New eyewitness account
+++ 100302 TWAT Airlift Services
CBS 110302 MEDIA STORY The End of Closure?
GFN 120302 MEDIA STORY OBL - a wife 'message'?
IMC 130302 FIESTA Emily Apple not jailed
IMC 130302 DOMESTIC THREAT An-al-qaeda-rchists
SFC 140301 MEDIA STORY Osama bin no threat
IMC 140302 EXTRAS Planet is unsustainable
SCH 150302 DOMESTIC THREAT Mayday filthy hands
+FT 150302 DOMESTIC THREAT Barcelona precautions
IMC 150302 DOMESTIC THREAT Elves are terrorists
CRY 150302 CYBER-SPACE Police in Cyberspace
IMC 160302 DOMESTIC THREAT Barcelona IMC communique
ABN 170302 DETAINEES Cuba carpet trader
IMC 170302 DOMESTIC THREAT Barcelona media coverage
CRY 170302 ANALYSIS The end of Empire
YAH 190302 DOMESTIC THREAT Bush, Pineland Training
GMG 190302 MEDIA STORY No govt. evidence yet
IMC 190302 DETAINEES Amnesty concerned
+WP 200302 AFGHANISTAN Afghan King returns
IMC 210302 REACTION Left denial on 9/11
IMC 210302 DOMESTIC THREAT Prisoner speaks up
IMC 220302 EXTRAS Castro Speech, Monterey
IMC 220302 MEDIA STORY Pentagon attack account
IMC 220302 DOMESTIC THREAT They know it's al-bingo
RTS 230302 MEDIA STORY No 911 Anthrax link
CRY 270302 OFFICIAL STORY FBI list 'terrorists'
CRY 270302 DOMESTIC THREAT Homeland Defense Skills
IMC 270302 REACTION Momentum for inquiry?
IMC 270302 ANALYSIS Portland Olson analysis
NYT 280302 CYBER-SPACE Casual Internet abuse
+WP 280302 DETAINEES Death for Moussaoui
GMG 280302 REACTION Bush 'n' Blair, Iraq
IMC 280302 REACTION No more direct action?
+++ 300302 REACTION DKHC/PFLP TWAT response
IMC 010402 DETAINEES US tortures own Johnny
IMC 010402 ANALYSIS Evidence Part 1
IMC 010402 ANALYSIS Evidence Part 2
IMC 010402 ANALYSIS Evidence Part 3
IMC 010402 ANALYSIS Left in denial
IMC 010402 ANALYSIS 911 Precedents
CRY 020402 ANALYSIS Weapons 'R' Us
IMC 020402 CYBER-SPACE Pentagon gets Genoa
IMC 020402 ANALYSIS Final Oil Crash clue
IMC 020402 MEDIA STORY Mayday, again rewritten
IMC 030402 TWAT Rumsfeld Terror Blitz
ISL 040402 TWAT Pentagon porky pies
+AP 040402 EXTRAS Planes always violate
CRY 040402 EXTRAS Al Yamamah bin Laden
IMC 070402 ANALYSIS Portland IMC analysis
+++ 090402 OFFICIAL STORY Terrorism Dominates Pulitzer
IMC 150402 EXTRAS What happened to RTS?
ABC 170402 MEDIA STORY What Consensus?
+++ 180402 EXTRAS FAA UA93 tape loophole
+++ 210402 ANALYSIS Repression against Anti-capitalists

The world is made up of stories, not atoms.


ABC American Broadcasting Company [Walt Disney]
ABN Saudi news [Saudi Research & Publishing Co]
ALT Independent Media Institute [nonprofit]
ANA Ananova [PA New Media/France Telecom/Orange]
+AP Associated Press 1,550 US papers [nonprofit]
BBC BBC Auntie beeb, Janes Big Brother [state]
BYT Newsbytes technology [The Washington Post]
CBS CBS US Network television [Viacom/CBS]
CH4 Channel4 [UK] [Independent Television News]
CNN Turkey 54bn losers [AOL-Time-Warner]
CRY Cryptome, the second best website ever
FBI FBI US Fools Billions of Idiots
FCO [see UBL 'dossier'] UK Foreign Common Wealth Office
+FT Financial Times UK Newspaper [Pearson]
GFN United Arab Emirates news
GMG Guardian Unlimited [Guardian Media Group]
IMC The winner is Indymedia [free speech, not 'owned']
IND The Independent Newspaper
ISL Islam Online
JDW Janes DSEi arms sponsors BBC's experts [spooky]
MSN MSNBC Internet news [Microsoft/NBC]
NLP UK Tony Blair Autism Today [Blair]
NYT New York Times, a 'broadsheet' paper
PBC Pittsburgh Channel [UA93]
RTS Reuters News Agency
RWR Revolutionary Worker
SCH UK SchNEWS print and e-zine [Brighton]
SFC San Francisco Chronicle
SFL SurfLondon, local London 2+2=bin Laden
SKY Sky News times stories [News International]
STF Strategic Forecasting 'timeline'
+SW Socialist Worker 'Fiesta 12 on'
TGH The Daily Telegraph UK Newspaper
TIM The Times [News International]
+TW Sorry TIME magazine [AOL-Time-Warner]
+WP Washington Post Newspaper
WIK Wikipedia 'encyclopaedia' internet site
WOM [see Google cache] Former London Wombles website
WSW WSWS World Socialist Website
YAH Yahoo News [newswire stories]

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The story is told with thanks to SchNEWS and IMC worldwide.

Ideas improve. The meaning of words participates in the improvement. Plagiarism is necessary. Progress implies it. It embraces an author's phrase, makes use of his expressions, erases a false idea, and replaces it with the right idea.[207]

Diversion is the opposite of quotation, of the theoretical authority which is always falsified by the mere fate of having become a quotation - a fragment torn from its context, from its movement, and ultimately from the global framework of its epoch and from the precise choice, whether exactly recognised or erroneous, which it was in this framework. Diversion is the fluid language of anti-ideology. It appears in communication which knows it cannot pretend to guarantee anything definitively and in itself. At its peak, it is language which cannot be confirmed by any former or supra-critical reference. On the contrary, its own coherence, in itself and with the applicable facts, can confirm the former core of truth which it brings out. Diversion has grounded its cause on nothing external to its own truth as present critique.[208]

'The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it. Ignorance may deride it. But in the end, there it is.'

'The horror. The horror.'

+++ 040801 NAMES Good news boppers!
The big alert has been called off!
It turns out that the early reports were wrong, all wrong. Now for that group out there that had such a hard time getting home, sorry about that. I guess the only thing we can do is play music.
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