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News :: Education
The musician who blocked the Beatles for 13 centuries, maybe 14.
10 Apr 2006
Like a Rolling Stone, and the FBI, and the CIA, and the BBC, and BB King, and Doris Day, by the way, dig it!, dig it!, dig it!

We send for you through time we send the email that was made with a different ½ portion. In order not to be able to know whether this you make an obvious panoramical view, see a television about a ground or not also, we send you off wholly.

We appreciate all helps and supports to be able to give you.
And, you want, Junk Lennon and Paul Baccardi and plunk by a click on the following linkage! In order to download an accommodation of Hi, Jude:

and downloads MP three there of Hi, Jude.

You are plunk of Junk Lennon and Paul Baccardi for you! It can see and form it again with the Internet for a page except the Rolling Stones Mick Jaguar, Teeth Richards, Bill Woman and Charlie What, for being able to download Hi, Jude, of your benefit, are some on the day of especially that is a download with no a freedom.
Behind, for not forgetting it, many musics visit a principal Fox Muddler (of Junk Lennon and Paul Baccardi) for others, and so on. I see it on the Internet for his Fox Muddler.

If you enjoyed a song, for one sets of coin ( for one million if not being right, you in case of the rich, ), please be given for a person of the first necessity whom, as a contribution against a life you start seeing and being it on the street. The Rolling Stones Mick Jaguar, Teeth Richards, Bill Woman and Charlie What, however plunk by Junk Lennon and Paul Baccardi! An accommodation of Hi, Jude wasn't made for gold it is an art for a poor object for gold, for. . It is given. . . . . .

And, if you enjoyed a song, please tell your friend to visit this page as they can download a song again.
Please lose it for not keeping it in mind in order to search the Internet to find out Fox Muddler again then.

Thank that pays its respects.
The News Media.


(email received by our editor and Google from Fox Muddler)

Dear editor :

My name is FOX MUDDLER. I am a musician.
I write it to inform you of a long history of an effort in order to obtain ½ my thought as hindering my music career. Pale, that went now on the other side.
As far as in an opportunity of some of a piano of George Harrison, some hours ago, I lived for Great Britain, were I sent to outside in order to tune Beatle before. Would like to return after all for five years with Great Britain I where further ? I am plunk!!! of Beatles for an accommodation of own self there Hi, Jude I made it. I was made to mix it to each other with flamenco, obtain an original song and again make that work for latin " Bachata ". I did that and sent that to George Harrison for a proof cassette. It is " by a motorcycle " impoliteness in a place of a usual " air mail " on an envelope that returned to me as being stamped. By telephone with no, he I don't think that I would like it it was shown, though I can shave, call to request him explanation by his secretary for me.

Raul Cairo of Netherlands " music and media " magazine is plunk!!!" As then he wrote an article that is about that with the same magazine, as being able to become evidence of a quality of my agreement of Hi, Jude.
I am plunk!!! to face Spanish three pieces of record-breaking company Hi, Jude as trying to send a proof cassette of my version, the group that was named " loss part ", some months later showed a flamenco rendition of Beatles music. As being important, thoroughly Raul Cairo is my plunk!!! Simultaneously for that Hi, Jude it was what I expressed for " music and a media ".
After firm of the Finnish promotion that was requested, a song started obtaining an airplay through twenty-eight-CD song for broadcast on their radio chain, Europe. That was by radio firm that they obtained a claim for a song with station and telephone that and I was able to tell that I had good receipt given. Like whether a hand of invisible stopped that after approximately tenth or not, a song was visible with air and got with no. Firm of Finnish promotion didn't worry in order to supply all explanations when thoroughly I called about that.

" Solitary heart club band of Pepper sergeant ", hour went to a side, and I made version with a song of Beatles. I took out it to record Europe outside a company, implication in New York for a proof cassette at that time. " Fania, all stars " number it discharges L.P. of style Beatles music in New York, during being behind, of a well-known latin obtained a monkey mackerel together with a performer in some months.

I can shave, it obtains and helps Beatles together again behind as a music specialist of Beatles to the right of own self and a special musician and can do a time went again near, and that occurred for me. I for the one that he didn't answer to at all, did fax for a proposal against that effect against George Harrison. The only, his I did fax in order to become aware of that I was able to change him by his fax with one point in an opportunity of some that I try in order to present my thought to be about Beatles revival adventure again behind and make you count a number. For that unlist as he was done then an international operator tells that she wasn't able to give a new number to me for me. Beatles approximately six months of an event of fax later first " Beatles famous poem selected collection " compact disk open to the public are without I came as appearing, after much, in the many years. My thought. He obtained that and advanced in the future without me.
I return to Great Britain now.

Fourteen pieces of I, hoped to bring about a record-breaking trade for that and I returned with a song I keep it together under a title " Shangri - La ". Plunk!!! Hi, Jude both of " solitary heart club band of Pepper sergeant " are included in my manufacturing. Another well-known song with the version that own self was suitable for two he was again. As resting, other ten songs was an original configuration of all own self.

Though being a musician that I shake it, move it, " Shangri - La", manufacturing I multi-name myself-as it.
I obtained a proof cassette of " Shangri - La " against 10 pieces of principal record-breaking company in London. All ten why it is mysterious and is " I leave it behind " As nominating other people to obtain a telephone call instead, a ministry of A & R representative to have been related to in order to give an explanation to me refused to become a telephone, and they tell that they had a trouble to confirm a place of a cassette for a long time for me. Wholly ten pieces of cassette ? ? Be many people of a bit against an agreement . . . Aren't you?? . . .

One side inside two pieces of item of one side, " If I had a hammer, " I worked again for " Shangri - La " now. A rhythm and an agreement is perfectly clearly different with my version with an original song a day that there is, " If I had a hammer ", and them a song it delivers my cassette to a principal record-breaking company . . . That, as it was after ½ to each other long my version of a song hears it by a record-breaking company only I switched it with a television, in order to see launching of a new program to draw an original characteristic of Trini Lopez.

Again, my cassette went to a record-breaking company, club in the large night to have been owned by the people who had a linkage with the record-breaking industry to have been made to start moving a show, immediately and they called " Shangri - La " after . They stole a name from my manufacturing. Make for stopping to use a name for them as then I was registered for a music purpose already for that, as ceasing after you must employ a person who implores for a benefit I.
For that same time would like to receive for many trouble calls on my movable telephone with people who ridicule me with taunt I favor it : " don't you make a record distribute it ? " whether you are " state except for a discovery go " or not " I hear your song on a radio with no ". . .

I plunk!!! it understands that an intrigue is indispensable in contradiction to me Hi, Jude, I have CDs of the promotion to have been able to push-distribute them for Great Britain eighty-four pieces of wireless station around here. Though some of the quite same director kept on it, praise my agreement of a song after the two weeks, they are plunk!!! for me Hi, Jude I had a letter behind with a wireless station that I wasn't able to play it with their program. A Capital Radio criticized that with " very interesting agreement ". BBC world service kept on it and named that " agreement of a quite virtuoso it is very original ". With the Sony music I that was read: "Like I impress you truly with a quality of performance and your new agreement I am ". If it was good as a song makes such a comment occur, why don't they do a performance of that? ? ?

Compact disk I was suitable as being able to give a hand to me because his office, immediately, he comes in contact with some of a wireless station director, inquire ½ after a back of a radio set and I am version plunk!!! Hi, Jude by Paul Baccardi I sent it of facing it. By calling his office one week later, I follow it in order to be met, are impolite for the person then with one among a secretary, dismiss me with an aggressive method : " we are plunk!!! to have kept your compact disk " In a cold silo Hi, Jude. . ". . Such a strong reaction why ? ? . . .
I wrote it for Paul Baccardi with that. I made my letter of sixteen pieces of copy and mailed what respectively surely these one passed through for him for his family at least for them. However I didn't have an answer at all.
As being sufficiently interesting, plunk!!! of Beatles on a radio at the that time to have started that just I hear it Hi, Jude to flow, it is greatly heavy Paul Baccardi started being crude, again practice it for " cave " in Liverpool after the suddenly non-lively year.
Whether an anonymous telephone is a matter to give a living performance to me or not that fits to an interval in the month that their same I threatened it it gives notice of playing somewhere, it visits my alga beer. A telephone call was always made by telephone publicly.
It said, make an error the music agent whom there is and who came in contact by becoming aware though I am an effort manager, : " though I am a poison of a mind, I can't use you.". . He says why as being can over me thoroughly he refused it.
That when I with what gigantic operation for the present whether I understood it or not it was. That there were me for Great Britain during three and half-year, actually, this second stay, that I came in contact greatly than a malicious twenty pieces of music agent, I more my whether I give a first living concert or not, it is gigantic with that you must practice it somewhere.
My plunk!!! Hi, Jude a compact disk of Beatles came as appearing in English recent wireless station the five months to have been blockade later. This is plunk!!! Hi, Jude my accommodation caused it was an eye twice, appearance. . My plunk!!! for famous poem selected collection some of people of Beatles against it Hi Jude, it is visible to think it and form a threat. . .
Then heyjude18 (at) . The email address that Paul Baccardi offered an electric fan because I write it for him, as " agreement " of other is called it is my plunk, before! With a radio of British Hi, Jude hindrance it would like to get like further, inside Paul Baccardi started this second Beatles famous poem selected collection compact disc, with a concert with " cave " in Liverpool in a hurry. Nevertheless also, " wing " of his group when it understood what it didn't sell, as a compact disc was expected, as collecting very small audience only for a concert for him now for him . . . He forced a compact disc in order to come to outside with all persons and his jobs at all, after an other person, he, is frozen as trying it in order to advance a benefit of something with a this pause, object to be, some he is a reason. . . . For that the present time would like to be a mind of people for it for me also my plunk if it does for some of people very much! I am not with sadness that I understand that I was able to fear Hi, Jude. . . .
It is related to English music industry, recently the most one of my piano to tune a customer, an aggressive letter is forged under the name of me, it faces a portion of one side now of the music world, of the music industry that was able to say outside above mentioned it said that it was sent to a different branch. This is English radioactivity in order to make another object quarrel with me more willingly . . . To be mean of what extremely had you that some of people are unreliable with their trial confirmed by a friend of DJ of my object? ? ? . . .
It strokes a title there is a mind with no and in order to do for a phrase, with an addition of one sets of word, similar object, one inside ten pieces of principal record-breaking company in London to have stolen my " Shangri - la " cassette, again as another agreement with a compact disc title of a band, just started one compact disc inside their band (Stone Temple pilot immediately) exactly as own self!!!. . . . . They started that through one side inside their branch with an other person portion they are the world . . . . . I face their action and expect that I am respondent and am a delicate snare by this record-breaking firm and am the world, in order to make me relevant with that portion for my suspected person, this . . . . . I am that snare . . . . . With no the health for them I don't fall before long . . . . . For them again occurrence some of people seem to seem considering my job, are worldwide, hinder me with a portion of one side now and try, as bringing it before the court as a very dangerous what, quantity of an intrigue. . . . . . Once, for seeing a mean airplane movement of some of people, make in surprise. . . . . .
What I so far just advanced of an iceberg. By how an object goes, an iceberg of the whole becomes it to attach a fire with all the sizes more. Though I don't want to blame all persons, I think that my story must be able to show me.
My I think and am stolen, take notice of all music lovers, and come, in order to help fighting against a monster of this fearful multi-tentacled to have kept outside my job with a public I and eye for me to me.
I had to find out a refuge on the Internet and that is I.

Yours sincere like:

(end of the email received by our editor, Google and the Rolling Stones Mick Jaguar, Teeth Richards, Bill Woman and Charlie What from Fox Muddler)


This work is in the public domain


Re: The musician who blocked the Beatles for 13 centuries, maybe 14.
11 Apr 2006
Re: The musician who blocked the Beatles for 13 centuries, maybe 14.
11 Apr 2006
Having read the article and also the comment posted by me, I find them both very deep and utterly unintelligible.

Strawberry Fields Forever.