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Patricia Doyle Update - Battelle, Alibek and Anthax
09 May 2002
People should be aware of the facts around the Anthrax Affair.


Patricia Doyle Update - Battelle,
Alibek And Anthrax

Storms In Stormville, NY...
Many of you will remember that on Febuary 26, 2002 I did the Jeff Rense Program and announced my retirement from radio due to worsening Hepatitis C.
I am sure that most of you who are familiar with my research and my health problems thought that I would continue my investigation, at a slower pace, of course, but, that I would be taking it easy. This was not the case as I will explain in this article.
I was continuing to investigate the origin of the anthrax letter attacks as well as the deaths of the microbiologists. I had been attempting to document the theory that I put forth on the Feburary 26th Rense Program in which I theorized and alleged that Rumsfeld, Ken Alibek with cooperation of certain highly placed CIA agents were, indeed, behind the anthrax letter attacks.
I had been trying to ascertain who received the very highly classified 1999 William Patrick Anthrax Risk Assessment report. According to my sources, very few people actually received and read the report. The Patrick Risk Assessment, dated 1999, assessed the risk of sending anthrax through the mail.
William Patrick did not take into consideration the fact that the high speed sorting machines could puncture the anthrax ladden envelopes and therefore assessed the risk of anthrax dissemination as low to moderate.
I belive that the William Patrick Risk Assessment was considered when the anthrax plot was being conceived. It was very obvious that the conspirators did not intend to contaminate preminses or to kill people.
The anthrax letters were intended to bring attention to the need for bioterrorism preparedness, and more funding for bioterrorism projects, vaccines, as well as research. Furthermore, the letters were intended to prepare a public to be sufficiently scared and ready to accept public health laws that would virtually subvert the US Constitution. The anthrax letters were also used to open the purse strings of Congress.
Of course, ulterior motives were to aid financially distressed bio/pharmaceutical companies who had taken some hard hits as tech stocks plummited.
Ken Alibek's company, Hadron was one of those companies that benefited financially after the anthrax letter attacks.
Vaccine companies also profited, such as Oravax Company, now known as Acambis and which received Govt. contracts for Smallpox vaccine as well as other bioterrorism vaccines.
Battelle Medical Institue is also at the center of the Anthrax attacks and it is known that Ken Alibek and Hadron are associated with Battelle. Pharmaceutical Reasearch and Development hit pay dirt after the attacks.
A few weeks after I did the Feb. 26th Rense Show and was in the process of continuing my investigations, making FOIA requests, problems began. My computer was hit with an extremely sophisticated computer virus. I had 4 experts working on the computer and after 4 weeks they finally had to give up and I lost virtually all of my research and documentation.
Needles to say this was very upsetting. I had a plethora of very expensive antivirus software protection, but, the boot virus was unable to be overcome. One of the techs told me that the virus was an unidentified virus and he had never seen it before. He also said that it appeared to be one that the Government might have used.
We could not even figure out how the computer became infected. Years of my life's work is all gone. This was extremely disheartening, yet, was not the only event to take place.
I was speaking on the phone when all of a sudden the line went dead. The party to whom I was speaking called the phone company and was told that my line was out of service. I checked all three phone lines in my home and all were dead. About 15 minutes later, they came back, but have echos and clicks.
I live in a rural area and there is a private air strip ajacant to my property. There has been much recent SUV and light truck activity to and from the air strip as well as daily helicopter activity.
I have noted that one helicopter which flies over on a daily basis is a sleek black helicopter and has a large black rectanglular box under its midsection. It flies over at about 12 to 15 hundred feet. There have also been quite a few small aircraft in and out of the field which is not a normal occurrance. In the early stage of the events, a small plane flew over my home and circled around until I went outside to investigate. It then circled around and appeared to be in a nose dive into my home. It suddenly pulled back and did loops and other stunts. Quite amusing but very scarey.
At one point, my phone rang and as I answered and said hello, I heard two men speaking. They sounded like they had tapped into my phone lines at two different spots along the wire. I continued to say hello, but they ignored me and continued their conversation. One man said that, "it would be easy for the daughter to get hurt while the mother was upstairs asleep." I knew that this was not a simple crossed line but a direct threat upon my daughter.
I made arrangements for my daughter to stay with extended family whom I trust. A few days after I returned from my trip at which time I had placed my daughter where she would be safe, a county social service worker inquired about my daughter. He claimed that he received an anomous report and needed to speak with her. Thus far, I have not give her address and stand firm.
I believe that the events have been occurring because I have been getting very close to the truth in regard to the anthrax attacks and the microbiologist deaths. At this point, I believe that the harassment has occurred to divert my attention from the investigation. I also, believe that I am being monitored and my progress is being reported.
Did I think my semi retirement would involve sophisticated computer viruses, death threats, helicopter surveillance, phone taps? This is more intrigue then I care to experience.
The events have led me to believe that I am on the right track as far as my investigations are concerned.
The investigations will continue.
Thank you, Patricia Doyle
Battelle Exposed In Anthrax Biochemical Connspiracy
By Bob Fitrakis January 14, 2002
Mainstream news accounts have finally fingered Battelle Memorial Institute, the spooky Dr. Strangelove Institute in Columbus, as ground zero in our domestic military-industrial anthrax scare. With five people dead and eighteen ill, Battelle's role in directing the Defense Departmentís ějoint vaccine acquisition programî is now coming under heavy scrutiny.
Battelle, in partnership with Michigan-based Bioport, has a virtual monopoly on military anthrax vaccine production in the U.S.. British and U.S. news accounts describe Bioportís owner as a top secret British biowarfare consortium, Porton Down. Perhaps not ironically, the Chairman and CEO of the Porton Down company is Fuad El-Habri, a bin Laden family associate. Laura Rozenís interesting article for the website Salon is must reading on the subject.
Admiral William J. Crowe, Jr., a former Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, is one of the four-person Board of Directors of Bioport and holds a 13% interest in the company. Some investigators link the multinational investment firm and defense contractor, the Carlyle Management Group -- that was involved in managing the bin Laden family fortune prior to Sept. 11 to Bioport. Former CIA Director Frank Carlucci, -(Rumsfeld's College buddy and wrestling partner - Pat) - Bush the Elder's Chief of Staff James Baker III and the former President himself are all associated with the Carlyle Group.
As I reported in the Columbus Alive immediately after the anthrax scare began, Battelle is involved in developing a new and stronger strain of anthrax at its West Jefferson, Ohio labs. Don't be deceived by the fake farmland facades of the W. Jefferson complex. It's the center of a top secret defense project going under the name 'Project Jefferson,' according to the New York Times. The actual lab is BL-3 Anthrax Lab. The Times also confirmed that the CIA is also involved with its own top secret anthrax project called code name 'Clear Vision.'
As I noted in the Alive, the former No. 2 man in the Soviet biochemical warfare operation, Kanatjan Alibekov (now going by the alias Ken Alibek) is a classified consultant with both the CIA and Battelle. A 1998 New Yorker article pointed out the work between William C. Patrick III and Alibeck on the anthrax project.
Battelle emerged during WWII as a top secret facility because of its work on the Manhattan Project. Battelle was responsible for innovations in uranium ore that was actually milled in Columbus. Battelle and Bioport stood to get massively rich off an anthrax scare and, more than any other organization, Battelle controlled access to the Ames strain of anthrax used in the top secret military tests.
The Baltimore Sun reported that the Ames strain was also being produced at the Dugway Proving Ground in Utah, but more importantly, Battelle directs that program as well. The FBI investigation has led them in the direction of Patrick and Alibeck. But whether they have the will, or the authority, to investigate spook central headquarters in Columbus is another question. The New York Times on Nov. 9 already reported that the FBI made an error in the ěanthrax probeî by allowing the 'destruction of university' samples that 'may have caused clues to be lost.'
Alibek, who arrived in the U.S. in 1992, needs to be looked at very closely since news reports suggest that he had possible financial stakes in a biochemical scare. On Oct. 29, the Washington Post reported that Alibek ěhas hooked up with an Alexandria, VA company, and, supported by federal grants, opened a laboratory of 35 people. The article notes that he's 'learning to be a capitalist.'
"Hadron Advanced Biosystems Inc., Alibek's company, sports an unusual provenance for a biotechnical venture. No other company, doing any kind of work, can claim to be headed by a former No. 2 man in a vast program aimed at turning anthrax, plague, smallpox, tularemia and many other germs into weapons of war," noted the Post.
The Post explains that 'Alibek's venture is a subsidiary of Hadron Inc.... a publicly-traded 37-year-old government contractor specializing in defense and espionage work.' Rozen in Salon, pointed out that Porton Down made a 'fortune' during the Gulf War selling anthrax vaccine.
The FBI's investigation should focus on who stood to gain financially from the acknowledged domestic military-industrial anthrax terrorism.
The convergence of the Strangelovian Battelle with Bioport, the Porton Down and the role of prominent individuals like Alibek, Crowe, El-Habri and the Carlyle Group suggests that much of this is likely to be covered up. Ironically, this summer, President George W. Bush renounced long-standing calls by the Russians for mutual inspections of biochemical weapons sites like Battelle. Bush claimed that mutual inspection of U.S. biochemical technology sites by foreign scientists could risk revealing commercial trade secrets - secrets that would be worth 'a fortune' if a few people controlled the commercial rights to them during an anthrax scare.

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