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The 3 Myths Of Law Enforcement
11 May 2002
Modified: 09:33:02 PM
I know if I where a cop I would be real safe driving around with a M16, a 12 GA pump shotgun, a 45 ACP, a baton, pepper spray, restraint devices, a belt full of ammo and a small paramilitary gang to back me up in case of trouble.
The 3 Myths Of Law Enforcement
by A. Shemonia


When was the last time you saw this painted on the side of any police car? I haven’t seen this motto on a cop car since the 80’s and cops rarely say it anymore. But these days they often say things like “If it wasn’t for us there would be total chaos and anarchy on the streets”. When I hear this comment I think of the LA riots and how quick the cops fled the riot area, leaving the taxpayers on their own to protect themselves, or I picture the cowardly cops at Columbine High cowering behind their squad cars while Harris and Klebold slaughtered numerous innocent children inside the school, and then ended the rampage on their own terms.

This myth is created to help perpetuate the dependency society has for police. It is logistically impossible for police to protect individual members in society. Police departments around the world do not have the resources to act as personal bodyguards for everyone. And most citizens don’t have the resources to afford a public, much less a private bodyguard. So the problem of protection falls upon the individual. A gun, a dead bolt lock, and a security system for home and car is a far more effective deterrent then some tax-consuming “copster”. Case in point: in 1977 the number of burglaries was just over 3 million. By 1996 this crime was down by 2 ½ million (World Almanac 1999, page 889). This reduction in burglary had nothing to with the police, as all other crimes have shown a steady increase over the same period of time. Taxpayers simply got smart and figured out they had better place a gun under the pillow, put solid dead bolts on their doors and install alarms in their homes, because Mr. Policeman can’t protect them.

Funny thing about rapist and robbers they never bother to notify their prospective victims or the police as to when and where they are going to commit a crime. The potential criminal in most instances has the element of surprise, no one can predict when and where a crime will occur. The cop usually shows up after the crime has occurred. It is only a myth that the police can protect you.


Sounds a bit like the first myth. The cop will explain that when he has apprehended the bad guy, and put him/her away in jail where they belong, crime will be greatly reduced. The state and federal prison population for 1980 was over 300,000, by 1994 the number was just over 1 million and by 1997 the number was nearly 1.2 million. It cost about $30,000 to keep a con in minimum security for one year and about $50,000 to keep him in a maximum security cell, and this does not include the cost of building the prison. You would think the cop to be correct with all these so-called evil doers now in prison, crime should be at an all time low in this country and we could start laying off some of these tax-consumer cops. Sorry, think again.

Although throwing a particular convict in prison is in fact an immediate deterrent for that individual, the overall crime rate has steadily increased in proportion to the population. Crime can only be properly studied by looking at a 20 year time frame and in fact crime has remained at a constant rate throughout man's history, with or with out an organized police force.

In 1977 over 10 million crimes were committed. By 1996 the number increased to nearly 13 ½ million. From ‘77 to ‘96 violent crime increased from just over 1 million to over 1.6 million, property crimes from nearly 10 million to well over 11 ½ million, rape 63 ½ thousand in ’77 to over 95 ½ thousand in ’96, and robbery up from just over 400 thousand to nearly 550 thousand in ’96. So much for deterrence. (World Almanac 1999, page 889 & 890 ) (Seeking Justice 1994, The Edna McConnell Clark Foundation).


This one goes beyond myth, this is a flat out lie. Police work is one of the safest jobs around. I know if I where a cop I would be real safe driving around with a M16, a 12 GA pump shotgun, a 45 ACP, a baton, pepper spray, restraint devices, a belt full of ammo and a small paramilitary gang to back me up in case of trouble. From 1970 to 1979 cops killed over 3,000 citizens many of whom were innocent people. Innocent people like Ishmiel Mena in Denver, Fenton Crookshank of Loveland, Dan Smith of Ft. Morgan the list goes on and on. The fact is cops kill 3 citizens for every cop that gets killed. The workmen’s compensation rate for police is a mere $5 per $100, the rate for electricians is about $45 per $100, and for carpenters it is $50 per $100. There is a reason for this. When a cop does get shot it’s because they shot themselves. In 1996, 45 cops died as result of gun accidents while on duty.

~A. Shemonia

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More Mossad Psyops
11 May 2002
Don't worry, Israel. We'll save you from yourselves....
We Control the World!
11 May 2002
Control the media.
Control the money.
Control the lawyers.
Control the doctors.
Control the drugs.
Control the activists.
Control the elections.
Control the politicians.
Control the airports.
Control the police.
Control the military.
Control the world!

Whoops! Hitler tried that, too....

Sunday July 30 2:56 PM ET Mossad Turns to Want Ads for Spies
By DINA KRAFT, Associated Press Writer

JERUSALEM (AP) - The Mossad is looking for a few good spies.

Rattled by a recent series of high-profile bungles, Israel's fabled intelligence agency plans for the first time to openly advertise for help in Israeli newspapers.

As a new generation of Israelis comes of age in an era of a booming high-tech economy and opportunity, the Mossad finds it must alter its traditional methods of recruitment.

In the Mossad ad, previewed Sunday in Israeli newspapers, heavy blue doors emblazoned with the state insignia of the Menorah, a seven-branch candelabra, open over the words,"The Mossad is Opening Up."

"Only you, in your heart of hearts, know that you are capable of much more, to think differently, to do more than you thought you could," the ad says. "We offer you a future and a horizon of service in a field in which you will be able to contribute to what is dearest to all of us."

Going public like this may seem an anathema to the previous generation of tightlipped spymasters, for whom secrecy and national duty went hand in hand.

Former Mossad chief Shabtai Shavit said it was hard to him to get used to the idea of launching a public recruitment campaign. Previously, the agency used vague and anonymous want ads. But he acknowledged that present-day realities had left the agency no other choice.

"The differences between today's youth and youth in the past is that in the past, we saw ourselves as people committed to the norms and values of (national) service, of Zionism," Shavit told Israel radio. "Today's youth are motivated primarily - and I think it is positive - by a sense of individual accomplishment."

While the vast majority of young Israeli men still do three years of compulsory army service and young women serve just under two years, a growing number seek to avoid the draft.

Shavit bemoaned what he described as a growing lack of respect for the country's security institutions, including the army, in a society increasingly concerned with material success.

Prime Minister Ehud Barak's office, which oversees the elite spy agency known worldwide for its bold missions, issued a statement acknowledging that the lure of the high-tech and business worlds had put a crunch on Mossad's ability to continue its tradition of recruiting the best and brightest.

"In order to compete in the employment market for the few outstanding people suited for the Mossad, the Mossad realized it should reach out to the target population using the modern language of the world of mass media," the statement said. The ad, directed at both men and women, also appears on the prime minister's office Web site.

The prime minister's office noted that other top intelligence agencies such as the United States' Central Intelligence Agency and Britain's M15 have already started such recruitment campaigns.

In addition to advertising in the media, personal letters will be sent to potentially suitable candidates, the statement said.

Shavit said the Mossad had to keep up with changes in Israel's society, changes which perhaps foreshadow a time when peace will make national security concerns less important.

"We want to make it (the Mossad) compatible to a new era of negotiations, of peace efforts and coexistence with our enemies and maybe even ultimately an era of genuine peace," Shavit said.

The Israeli government website:
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