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News ::
Abduction at Cornell
15 May 2002
Modified: 17 May 2002
In case they take it off Ithaca IMC. Note: They are apparently blocking my posts if I use my name and/or address too.
This is an editted version of "The Beast Raises Its Head Again" (Ps. 83:2: 108404), which I wrote on 12/18/01, the day that I was abducted at Cornell. This happened after my being on that campus practically every day for two years, using the pools and the libraries. I have since revealed that most of this lawlessness arises from the migration of immigrants of the Third Reich (174299) to this area. This was my fourth false arrest in Tompkins County, for I have never been convicted when arrested. It seems as if every time that I start writing good, they go out and abduct me again. Two weeks ago I posted "Ithaca Coal-Gas Fiasco Continues?" (93606) on Ithaca IMC, and they have since completely erased the Ithaca newswire it seems. Plus they are saying that coal-gas contamination is a minor problem in a probable attempt to get people to come out and oppose their falsehoods. I will continue to contend that there are millions of tons of destructively distilled coke several feet below the flat portion of Ithaca and that there is tar in that coke even if they didn't dump tar on top of it. I estimate that there were probably 8-15 tons of coke being produced every day for close to a hundred years. Evil such as covering up the coal-gas fiasco will always continue to engender evil; thus read on for what happened to me at my alma mater.

(12/18/01) My Daddy said that I have to expect things like that which happened today when I write about the probable truth; and it turns out to be true. Two university police confronted me at Olin Library today, saying that I was not allowed to go in there because it was trespassing. I informed both of them that I was deaf, and one would not identify himself while the other was Daniel Gonzalez who is also a Dryden Officer; i.e. "the cop from another town chasing me around" in 96 & 97. He also tried to have me declared Persona Non Grata in 97 for wearing a sign with pictures of Sarah Hajney and Jennifer Bolduc on campus; but the Chief Randy Hausner told him to forget about it. Today after they told me that I couldn't go into the library, I told them that I was going to Day Hall Administration to get written permission, for I have an athletic facility pass; and an alumni should be able to go anyplace on campus. I heard that was the deal that Erza Cornell left for alumni. Well they fingerprinted me five times today, handcuffed me for four hours, and held me nine hours, taking me to the City Police and then the Sheriff. Now I am due to face a host charges in court at 10:30 AM 12/19/01.

They falsely claim that they warned me not to enter Day Hall. They claim that I was violent when they came at me with handcuffs, and I started yelling that I had the right to be there. They even wrestled me to the ground in the myrtle to make it look like they had had quite a tussle. Even though I contend that it was a totally unlawful arrest, they claim that resisting arrest is one of the charges. They claim that I fought with them when I was merely trying to walk away from the madness. At the office they would not let me make a phone call even though they have a TTY. Not until late afternoon was I able to reach my brother. When he came and posted bail, he said that alleged mental health personnel, Terry Garahan had called him twice, saying that I was going to be taken up to Mental Health for an evaluation. I bet that they still don't have a legitimate doctor up there. I told the arraigning judge what had happened to me up there when Terry Garahan abducted me in 98, i.e. how they had thrown cyanic gas in my room every half hour until I spoke out, then kept me locked up 14 more months for having delusions. In those 15 months of unlawful hospitalization, I probably never saw a legitimate doctor. When I was standing cuffed before the judge, explaining my situation; I was later to learn that Off. Daniel Gonzalez was standing behind me, refuting my version of what happened without me hearing him.

In general it looks like Off. Daniel Gonzalez told the second officer to show up without his name tag because he was expecting a confrontation. While I was being booked, Terry Garahan was in the university police station at some kind of a meeting, which included uniformed a Secret Service Agent. I met the alleged new Chief, Curt Ostrander and I suspect that he formerely worked with Secret Service at the White House in DC, for I was frequently there in the 13 years that I lived in DC. I showed him the probable forged pickup notice that Terry Garaham used to abduct me in 98, and he acted like he couldn't care less, even though I told him that most abductees never get to keep such notices and that many students had probably been abducted. On the basis of my landed immigrant status of 1976 SIN 469 941 264; I pray that someone in Canada can ascertain that nothing more tragic than that which has already happened occurs tomorrow in court and that I retain my right to walk freely on that campus. Furthermore if there are Canadians on campus, I am sure that they are concerned about their well-being also.

PS: So that is more or less what I wrote the day that they abducted me up there. The charges were dropped; but I am still banned from that campus even though I have an "Faculty/Staff" facility pass that is good until August. I suspect that the alleged retirement of Capt. Randy Hausner is something that they are trying to cover up. Maybe they rubbed him out. Contrary to what I revealed in "Suicide America Style" (98219); the deaths of Joe Linder and Janet Breslin may have also been related to the disappearance of Capt. Randy Hausner. Of course you know how lawless they can get when they declare a suicide for the body found on Beebe Lake with no mention of the cause of death. As always, the best recourse is to get them to defend their criminality, for they will confess to crimes without knowing it. In short, if I hadn't known enough to go to Day Hall and start yelling, they would have probably never tried to do anything legal with me. "And the beat goes on"

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Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger
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15 May 2002
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15 May 2002
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15 May 2002
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15 May 2002
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Preview: BD vs. BD
17 May 2002
My Daddy said that the revelation that the CIA had prior knowledge of the World Trade Center attacks just scrapes the surface of what the powers-that-be have been trying to conceal. If they determine who knew of this information beforehand, they will probably be able to determine that the culprits used this information to blame the attacks on people who were entirely incapable of carrying them out. Everything that links these alleged hijackers to the attacks is akin to something out of a dime store novel. If they would focus on the probable truth that these attacks were radio-controlled from the ground, that the lack of information from the FAA confirms this, and that the trie culprits were immediately at the crash sites to retrieve the radio-control devices; they would see that the success of these attacks was akin to the "Bush Daddy Buffoonery" (176670) that allowed that Kennedy assassinations to go unsolved. Like the burning of the Reichstagg Building (174299), these attacks were an attempt to put this nation in a state of war and give the rogues in government even greater power. What they don't understand is that the public is not stupid enough to continue to "swallow" their banal explanations of what happened. There is not much that one can do to oppose or correct such corruption in government other than to rely upon God. So keep in mind how the niggardly asinine Zionist idiots (179472) have promoted absurd falsehoods to cover up their own involvement in such evils, for they have become central figures in God's plan for having acted as though they were God's chosen people. By accentuating the fact that Bush Daddy Tribe has figuratively and literally acted in a way so that they will have to oppose Bush Daddy Tribe, one will be able to turn their own tongues against them by merely trying to get them to defend their absurd contentions about what is true. (cont.)
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