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America the Spineless and Murderous: Open Letter from Canada
19 May 2002
Modified: 20 May 2002
Rise Up American Rebels!
America the Spineless & Murderous: An Open Letter from Canada

Dear America:

And so it has come to this. Your once great nation has fallen into madness, an affliction of mass denial that brings shivers up the spines of millions outside your borders. Yours is a sick nation. But most of you carry on as though nothing at all is the matter.

Dark, evil operations run rampant in the secret corners of your government institutions. An illegally constituted government pursues war at will anywhere on earth, discussing nuclear options that become points for cheerful chatter over lunch. Your military and intelligence agencies employ terrorist tactics around the globe even as they insist that such tactics are necessary in the fight against terrorism.

You have become a nation of monsters, America. Hypocrites. Murderers. Fools.

Your constitution is a shambles thanks to national security measures resulting from what might well be U.S.-government-sponsored terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington D.C., covert provocations designed to justify a malevolent, poisonous, oil-based military economy.

Never mind that earth-friendly technology already exists to once and for all end dependence on oil, coal and nuclear energy from huge, out-of-control utilities and corporations. You would rather pay through the nose for your insecure comforts, wouldn't you America ? and make others pay with their blood.

At the same time, you stand by as the Israel?s secular Zionists ? whom you support through the supply of arms and money -- slaughter untold numbers of innocents in the West Bank, then blame the Palestinians for bringing the terror upon them selves. True, there are terrible Arab suicide bombers in Israel?s midst. But are they not driven to madness and desperation by your infernal support of international terrorist politics?

As I write these words, you support a nation run by a convicted murderer who with impunity is carrying out war crimes as cruel and horrendous as those of other sadistic tyrants in history. And you say, in your utter cynicism, when will these Palestinians bring this war to an end?

You recklessly wage combat on other fronts, too. At home, your War on Drugs is a disastrous 30-year folly -- a gigantic con game designed to benefit lethal cartels, corrupt politicians and menacing intelligence agencies across the planet.

Meanwhile, military tanker jets daily spray massive quantities of unknown chemicals into the skies above your cities without your population?s consent, and most of you do not even have the wherewithal to look up. Those who do and who voice their outrage hear only a deafening silence from your congress and your tax-supported health agencies. Some Americans have too active imaginations, yes? Best treat them with mind-numbing prescription drugs, and try to forget that the awful side effects number in the thousands.

Indeed, those who your government appoints to oversee your safety and security laugh in your faces. With your government?s support, crooked multinationals like Monsanto buy up the world?s water supplies, and take possession of the world?s vegetation through Frankenstein technology already known to cause illness.

Does the FDA care about any of this? Hell no. It?s long been on the bandwagon to foist genetically altered food on the Guinea Pigs of the country -- including every man, woman and child on America?s increasingly toxic soil.

You are a nation of suckers, America, to be bled dry of your hard-earned pay through outrageous bank schemes, Wall Street rip offs and fake government budget grabs. Your Pentagon cannot account for trillions in lost dollars. Does this bother you? Not in the least.

Your whole economy is controlled by what is for the most part ravenous, international private banking interests in the form of The Federal Reserve, which with your government?s consent leads you down the garden path to irrecoverable debt and certain financial ruin.

Is this worth thinking about? When?s the football game on?

These very same money men are the ones who, through unmonitored and unrepresentative world committees, are driving countries like Argentina into hopeless debt and social upheaval. These greedy overlords are creating strife and suffering on a scale too tragic for words in nation after nation. Just look at Africa.

They?ve got their sites on America, now, too; disrupting economic stability through so-called free trade initiatives and provisions for special favors and the endless flow of cash to corporate monstrosities like Enron.

For the most part, your congressional representatives are nothing but swine gathering at the corporate troughs. Your president is a creep and a thug, a hypocrite who through his actions celebrates war, repression and greed even as he gives lip service to peace, freedom and justice.

George W. Bush hoodwinks you daily, the coward hiding behind a phony patriotism. He is an Enron buddy boy, a spoiled child lying in his teeth about his past and current dirty deeds. Does he care about you America? Hardly. This is altogether obvious to those outside your borders who are politically aware and awake to the world around them.

You were never concerned about the disgraceful practices of George's ruthless father, either, a Bin-Laden cohort and friend to criminals and killers in global drug, oil and terrorist enterprises. Iran. Vietnam. El Salvador. Chile. Guatemala. Iraq. And on and on. The never-ending bully-boy story of blood, guns, drugs and money.

Does any of this matter? Not really. Go get your ten-billionth burger America. Fatten your already fat asses with bacteria-and-hormone-ridden meat and do nothing as you sit stupefied before your mind-numbing television sets awaiting the next episode of sad families being humiliated on Cops.

Few among you are the least bit concerned that no real investigation of 911 has taken place, that no serious investigation of the anthrax attacks is moving forward, that no authentic investigation of Enron, or the murder of one of its top executives, is underway.

How many of you give the slightest damn about the totalitarian measures your government is taking to keep its secret meetings, grubby files and treasonous activities from your eyes? You look the other way as your own honest citizens rise up against those within your nation who gassed innocent children to death at Wako, hid evidence in the TWA 800 air disaster and rubbed elbows with foreign terrorists in Oklahoma City.

When did you stop caring America? Was it after your own CIA and FBI plotted the murder of President John F. Kennedy? Or is this just the raving lunacy of the conspiracy nut? What does your gut tell you America? Is something a little amiss here?

Forget about it. Have some Pepto-Bismal.

Today, in futility, your own government goes to court against itself for information you are entitled to by law. But this is hardly deemed vital news in the community. It is a fleeting reference in an electronic sea of meaningless banter. For proof, just look to all the spineless whores who constitute your mainstream news media.

Today, you excoriate, ridicule and ostracize the brave and true among you. Your best investigative journalists are fired from their jobs and ignored. Congress?s few courageous souls are laughed at and dismissed out of hand. The most honest and conscientious political leader in the country, Ralph Nader, is a powerless, near invisible curiosity easily side-lined by hired goons.

America, you are a goddamn shame.

What law matters now in your despicable state? What justice? What truth? When will you wake up? If you had your druthers, you would right now gather your courage, take to the streets and march on Washington D.C in the millions. But I know you will do no such thing. The vast majority of you are spiritually, emotionally and intellectually dead.

You consume. You eat. You shit. And that?s just about it.

As I write these words in Spring of 2002, I can only imagine what additional horrors your shadow government might be planning in what will surely be an attempt to justify militarism and totalitarianism on a universal scale. A nuclear explosion in one of your cities perhaps? A massive bio-chemical attack?

Or perhaps it will be some Arab terrorist who does the great and terrible deed, his last thought before death being the promises you made to him before killing his family.

Sincerely, Robert McDougall A Canadian


''America's Heartland''
Printed on Friday, May 17, 2002

By John Chuckman Columnist (Canada)

"Such, such were the joys." George Orwell

( – A young man from Minnesota was arrested recently in connection with a number of pipe bombs placed in rural mailboxes across America's Heartland. According to reports, his ambitious and imaginative plan included leaving bombs in the pattern of a gigantic, multi-state smiley face, presumably as observed from outer space. He left messages along with his bombs, messages containing the delusional ramblings one associates with anti-government residents of remote compounds stocked with automatic weapons, ammo, and freeze-dried rations.

Having grown up in the region, this richly-nuanced bit of Heartland Americana just naturally set me reminiscing.

There were the hot summer nights spent in a cinder-block chapel at Camp Sycamore (not its real name). Here, every night, an evangelist with greasy, swept-back hairdo and heavy black-rimmed glasses, a la Buddy Holly, shouted and sputtered, spewing beads of sweat and saliva visibly into the stage-lighting, trying his hardest to scare a bunch of thirteen-year olds half to death in an effort to win souls for Jesus.

It didn't matter that most of the kids were already church members, because in the Heartland there never was too much of a good thing. And clearly, judging by how intensely the topics were seized upon, the end of the world and crazed tales of hell were good things. They were closely associated in my mind with the air-raid drills we experienced each week in elementary school. Both served to keep the fear of hell vivid. The sirens wailed over the city every Tuesday morning, and the kids were marched out into the hall to crouch near the walls. That was how we were going to survive a five-megaton blast.

Apart from Camp Sycamore's long, sweaty service each evening, there were crack-of-dawn devotions, a prayerful flag-raising, two long classes every morning on subjects along the lines of what awful diseases you can get from loose girls and the benefits of cold showers, bedtime devotions back in the cabin, plus an ostentatious grace over every serving of spaghetti or "sloppy joes" with Kool-Aid.

The experience at least taught an observant young man a good deal about the methods and purposes of tyranny. It was a few years later, after reading Allan Bullock on Hitler, that I realized that the Buddy-Holly preacher at Camp Sycamore had more in common with Adolf than Jesus. And all that panic-laden, nuclear-attack stuff at school owed more to Goebbels than concern for public safety. Still later, I understood that there is a connection between the fundamentalist obsession over the destruction of the world and Hitler's Götterdämmerung-destruction of Germany when his bid to rule Europe had failed. Nihilism is a common thread.

The local churches paid for this delightful spiritual experience, supposedly a treat for city kids, the camp being located in some woods near a small lake away from the hubbub of the city.

My local church, despite a large, neon-outlined "Jesus Saves" sign over the entrance, was occasionally stirred by events other than preserving souls from eternal damnation. I remember when a single black girl quietly started attending church. There was a good deal of whispering and one deacon felt that someone should speak to her about being more comfortable going somewhere else. When John Kennedy ran for president, quarter-dollar coins with a dab of red fingernail polish suggesting a Catholic cardinal's cap on Washington's head circulated.

When Timothy McVeigh put Oklahoma City on the map by trying to erase it, there were many editorials and columns opining how such a terrible thing could happen in the Heartland. The Heartland: that mythical place of cherry pie, gingham dresses, honesty, and big-hearted neighbors. Dorothy's Kansas. Little House on the Prairie. I detected a certain feebleness of insight in these pieces. There was nothing to be surprised about.

Despite the definition of "America's Heartland" being a little vague (of course, that is the secret of all good advertising slogans, to suggest attractively without the concrete of facts), I did think, at first, it was stretching things a bit to locate events in Oklahoma on that mythical real estate. The Midwest was the Heartland, but perhaps that identification was just residual chauvinism.

The fact is that the Midwest has always been more accurately pictured by the brutality of bloody Kansas just before the Civil War than by the schmaltz of Dorothy's Kansas, for even though the "Wizard of Oz" is a parable about American politics, its popularity has nothing to do with that fact. Crazed gangs, violent racist attitudes, and a dedication to choking your views down the throats of others are just some of the cultural landmarks that never make it into sugary television shows or Hollywood movies about the place.

However, when it turned out that the bomber was Timothy McVeigh, a young man whose high ambition had been to join that gang of professional killers, the Green Berets, a veteran of the Gulf War who reportedly demonstrated considerable enthusiasm in using his anti-tank gun on submissive or retreating troops (Oh, how I remember the American pilots, strafing and incinerating lines of Iraqi troops retreating from Kuwait City, caught chortling on the radio about how this was "Jus' like shootin' fish in a barrel!"), and someone who grew up in the area around Buffalo, New York, I accepted the usage as appropriate.

Buffalo, while not properly part of the Midwest, is definitely a close spiritual relative. Not just in its treasury of Frank Lloyd Wright and Louis Sullivan buildings, Frederick Law Olmsted parks, and location on a Great Lake, but right down to its flat-vowel, nasally accent and many colorful cultural attitudes.

Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber, grew up and got his start maiming and killing around Chicago. He moved on to pursue the greater part of his career from a remote cabin out West, a fact which may reflect the early formative influence of a place like Camp Sycamore.

When I was growing up, Chicago had a colorful local personality named George Lincoln Rockwell, Fuhrer of the American Nazi Party. It might seem a little odd to outsiders that a band of grown men would dress up in brown outfits with jackboots, cross-belts, and armbands and tromp around with riding crops during the 1960s, but that only proves how unfamiliar outsiders are with the ways of the American Heartland.

A friend of mine through some years in school, a young man of above-average intelligence and with many well-informed views, someone whose father was a Russian Jew and had experienced the horrors of the Eastern Front, fell upon the hobby of collecting Nazi memorabilia. It started innocently enough with an Iron Cross or two but eventually grew to something that might furnish a small museum with armbands, SS insignia, helmets, special medals engraved with Hitler's signature, officers' daggers, bayonets, and Mauser rifles. I do believe that the American Midwest is one of the few places on earth where you could find such a jumbled cultural oddity.

Recently, the remarkable English journalist Robert Fisk wrote a piece on why Hollywood actor John Malkovitch wants to kill him, something the actor, upset over Fisk's reporting from the Mideast, apparently ranted about in a speech on a visit to England. But I think Fisk is likely unaware that Malkovitch comes from the Midwest, actually the Chicago area, or he would not think there is anything unusual in his behavior. People do threaten to kill people there because they don't like their views or their color. It's just that kind of place.

One of my most intense Heartland-memories is of a young man I had known in elementary school. In high school, we rarely saw each other as our interests were different. Walking home one day, I caught up with him, and he invited me to his apartment, somewhere I had never been.

It was a very handsome apartment, and I thought how nice it was that he had his own room. He suddenly asked me whether I could keep my mouth shut if he showed me something. Of course, I replied, having no idea what he was talking about but also being rather intimidated by his sudden manner.

He opened a drawer and showed me a "zip gun," basically a gadget with pipe and a handle and a rubber-band-powered mechanism for firing a bullet chambered in the pipe. I couldn't understand why he was showing it to me.

But he went on to describe how he took it with him when he and some other guys would pile into a car on a Friday night and drive to the black ghetto for some fun. With weirdly gleeful eyes, he explained how much fun it was trying to run down "niggers" crossing the street at night, watching them run for their lives in the headlights.

I went home feeling frightened and sick, unable to understand why anyone did such things or bragged about them. This was one of the events that later riveted my thoughts when Lyndon Johnson decided it was a good and patriotic thing to go over and kill countless Vietnamese so that those left standing could enjoy the blessings of Coca-Cola and cheeseburgers. It was so painfully easy to put a face to the guys that were going to have a good time carrying out the orders.

Later, not long after leaving high school, there was a young cop who used to do some extra work acting as a guard in the department store where I worked. He was a beefy figure, perhaps ten years older, with pock-marked face and almost washed-out blue eyes. He would sometimes pause a few moments and talk to me. As a tall, skinny teenager who read books and drew pictures, I was somewhat fascinated with him and experiences I could barely imagine.

Once I asked him whether he had ever used his gun. Sure, he quietly said, proceeding to describe answering a call for a robbery once and cornering "this jig kid" with something in his hand. The kid wouldn't respond to an order to drop it, so my friend the policeman shot him in the face, killing him. He told the story with no emotion.

But hatred and violent stupidity weren't just on one side. When I started elementary school, we lived in a very poor neighborhood. The local school was almost all black, and I walked to school reading the ominous graffiti left by the Blackstone Rangers everywhere. But it wasn't just graffiti. Every day I was intimidated, shoved, laughed at, and knocked down on my way to school or in the school yard. Years later, that's why I would understood exactly how a little black girl in Selma felt trying simply to go to school.

Yes, the Heartland is full of unusual stories. It is a mysterious, fascinating place, one that leaves an intoxicating spell on you many years afterward. Of course, I remind myself, it could have been worse. I could have grown up in the South.

John Chuckman encourages your comments: jchuckman (at) encourages its material to be reproduced, reprinted, or broadcast provided that any such reproduction must identify the original source, Internet web links to are appreciated.



by Eduardo Galeano

[Translated by Francisco González]

Sigmund Freud had learned it from Jean-Martin Charcot: ideas can be implanted by hypnosis in the human mind.

More than a century has gone by since then, and the technology of manipulation has made great strides. This is a colossal machine, the size of the planet, that orders us to repeat the messages it puts inside our heads. It’s a word-abusing machine.

The President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, had been elected, and reelected, by an overwhelming majority, in a much more transparent election than the one that put George W. Bush in power in the United States

The machine propelled the coup that tried to overthrow Chavez--not because of his messianic style, or his tendency toward logorrhea, but because of the reforms he proposed and the heresies he committed. Chavez touched the untouchables. And the untouchables--the owners of the media and almost everything else--were outraged. With complete freedom they denounced the crushing of freedom. Inside and outside his own country, the machine turned Chavez into a “tyrant,” a “delirious autocrat” and an “enemy of democracy.” Against him was the “citizenry”. Behind him were the “mobs,” which did not meet in rooms but in “lairs”.

The media campaign was decisive in the avalanche that lead to the coup, programmed from abroad against this ferocious dictatorship that did not have a single political prisoner. Then the Presidency was occupied by a businessman for whom nobody voted, and whose first democratic measure was to dissolve the Parliament. The stock market went up the following day, but a popular uprising returned Chavez to his legitimate post. As Venezuelan writer Luis Britto Garcia put it, the media-engineered coup was able to generate only a virtual power, and it didn’t last. Venezuelan television--a bastion of information freedom--did not get wind of the upsetting news.

Meanwhile, another voted-by-none figure who also took power by coup d’etat is displaying his successful new look: General Pervez Musharraf, military dictator of Pakistan, has been transfigured by the magical kiss of the mass media. Musharraf says--and repeats--that the notion that his people could vote does not even enter his head, but he himself has given a vote of obedience to the so called "international community", and that is the only vote that really matters in the end, at the time of reckoning.

He has come a long way indeed: only yesterday, Musharraf was the best friend of his neighbors, the Taliban. Today he’s become the “liberal brave leader of the modernization of Pakistan."

And in the meantime, the slaughter of Palestinians continues. The world’s manufacturers of public opinion call it a “hunting down of terrorists.” “Palestinian” is a synonym of "terrorist", but this word is never used to refer to the Israeli army. The territories seized by continuous military invasions are called "disputed territories." And Palestinians--who are Semitic--turn out to be “anti-Semitic.” For more than a century they have been condemned to atone for the sins of European anti-Semitism, and to pay with their land and their blood for a Holocaust they did not perpetrate.

There is a Gutlessness Competition at the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations, which always aims South, never North.

The commission specializes in charging against Cuba, and this year Uruguay had the honor to lead the pack. Nobody said: "I do it so that they buy what I sell", or: "I do it so they lend me what I need", or: "I do it so they loosen the rope that’s tightening around my neck". The art of good governing allows its practitioners not to think what they say, but it forbids them from saying what they think. And the media took advantage of the occasion to confirm, once again, that the blockaded island is one of the baddies.

In the dictionary of the machine, the bribes that politicians receive are called “contributions,” and their betrayals are called “pragmatism.” The word “security” refers not to notions of safety and protection, but to investments; and it is in the stock exchange that these “securities” undergo all kinds of crises. Where we see "the international community demands," we should read: the financial dictatorship imposes.

"International community" is also the pseudonym that shelters the great powers in their military campaigns of extermination, also called “pacifying missions.” The “pacified” are the dead. The third war against Iraq is already in the works. As in the two previous ones, the bombers will be called “allied forces” while the bombed will be “fanatic mobs serving the Butcher of Baghdad.” And the attackers will leave behind a trail of civilian corpses which will be called “collateral damages.”

In order to explain this next war, President Bush does not say: “Big oil and big weapons need it badly, and my government is a pipeline and an arsenal. “ Nor does he explain his multibillion project for the militarization of space with words like: “We are going to annex the sky the way we annexed Texas.” No, the explanation is that the free world that must defend itself against the threat of terrorism, both here on Earth and beyond, even though terrorism has demonstrated it prefers kitchen knives to missiles, and despite the fact that the United States is opposed--along with Iraq--to the International Criminal Court that has been recently established to punish crimes against humanity.

In general, the words uttered by power are not meant to express its actions, but to disguise them. More than a century ago, at the glorious battle of Omdurman, in Sudan, where Winston Churchill was both reporter and soldier, 48 Britons sacrificed their lives. In addition, 27,000 savages died. The British were pushing their colonial expansion by fire and the sword, and they justified it by saying: “We are civilizing Africa through commerce. They were not saying: "We are commercializing Africa through civilization." And nobody was asking Africans their opinion on the matter.

But we are fortunate enough to live in the information age, and the giants of mass communications love objectivity. They even allow for the point of view of the enemy to be expressed as well. During the Vietnam war, for example, the point of view of the enemy was 3% of the coverage given by ABC, CBS and NBC.

The Pentagon acknowledges that propaganda is part of the military budget, and the White House has hired Charlotte Beers, a publicity expert who had pushed certain brands of rice and dog food in the local markets. She is now in charge of pushing the crusade against terrorism into the world market. “We’re selling a product,” quipped Colin Powell.

Brazilian writer Millor Fernandes confirms that “in order not to see reality, the ostrich sinks its head in the television set.

The machine dictates orders, the machine stones you.

On September 11, the loudspeakers of the second twin tower in New York were also giving stunning orders, when the tower started to creak. As people ran down the stairs, the loudspeakers were ordering everyone to return to their workstations.

Those who survived, disobeyed



WASHINGTON May 20, 2002 Bush officials admitted the president and his advisers knew that suicide hijackers would use the planes as missiles against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

WASHINGTON May 25, 2002 Bush officials admitted the World Trade Center was a controlled demolition in order to convince the public that stripping out the Bill of Rights and the Constitution by waging War on Terrorism was justified to control areas needed to build an oil pipeline in Afghanistan to bring Caspian Sea oil to ports on the Indian Ocean for shipments to the US.

The Bush-Cheney family owns many of the corporate interests involved with the pipeline.

The plans to cover up the governments treasonous complicity were included in shrubs 'security' briefings but given the oil-coup puppets incompetence, no thought was given to any seriousness resulting due to the fact of shrubs lacking of cognitive skills - needed in order to recant the details.

WASHINGTON July 4, 2002 The Special Prosecutor has formally indicted Bush to be criminally tried in a military-style tribunal for the 9-11 cover-up. The entire authoritarian executive regime is agreeing to resign and turn States witness against Bush.

WASHINGTON July 17, 2002 The felonious five members making the majority on the Supreme Court have resigned after criminal charges were brought by a joint House-Senate Prosecutor.

WASHINGTON July 31, 2002 Due in large measure to the extortion, blackmail and threats from Israeli lobbyists and the Mossad, practically the entire Legislative branch is resigning - causing the US Vichy congress to dissolve.

WASHINGTON August 8, 2002 Various Constitutional Conventions of regional groupings of ex-us states have established four or five smaller nation-states which have stated a willingness to join the world community of peoples. The ex-US empire has quickly gone the way of Neros Rome and Hitlers Germany.

Most of the worlds nations have extended diplomatic relations to these break-away democracies-in-formation.

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20 May 2002
Since you reside in Canada, why don't you get a copy of Gordon Sinclair's " America". He was one Canadian who was actually accurate in his descriptions of the U.S.A. Wake up will you....The world is still a dangerous place.