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CIA swallowing FBI -- all you need to know is right here
05 Jun 2002
Modified: 07:11:45 PM
the fbi announced a few months ago that it was investigating the cia in connection witht the anthrax attacks...then is the cia with all the press connections...the fbi is being framed

From: "Dick Eastman"
Date: Wed Jun 5, 2002 3:37 am
Subject: CIA swallowing FBI -- all you need to know is right here

All you need to know about the CIA-FBI merger
(and what to do about it.)

1. The FBI investigates crime for the Attorney General and the
Treasury Department, ultimately for the Constitution
-- and it is designed to investigate the American
people in a way that is constrained to provide every
American his rights. It is funded by the United States

2. The CIA investigates and conducts covert operations for
the ruling-elite establishment, that is for "finance capitalism,"
being, in fact, what Buckey Fuller called it: "Capitalism's
Invisible Army." Ultimately it exists to Circumvent the Constitution
-- being a "pragmatic" weapon (rather than a moral or a legal one)
to conduct Machiavellian foreign policies, to perform the international
crimes that protect us from the "world communist conspiracy" and,
today, "terrorism." It is not designed to be the police force
that doesdetective work against American citizens. It is controlled
by arrogant elites who believe they are superior in every way to
"ordinary people" and that they possess a "James Bond license to
kill," but also to steal and deceive and murder to promote their
ends. THe CIA is not funded by exclusively by Congress
-- the CIA makes money by selling narcotics around the
world and through economic crimes such as the short-sells
of Airlines just prior to 911 (a connection the FBI
discovered, and which has been ignored because it does not
fit the "al Qa'eda did it" coverup story.

3. Since the 911 frame-up -- King George II (who takes us 2/3rds
of the way back to King George III), and Lords Ashcroft, Tenet
and Mueller -- have reassigned the FBI to no longer investigate the
crimes of the financial elite -- no longer investigates money
manipulation (especially since derivatives -- which are the highest
powered "hot money of all" -- were completely deregulated during
the contested "loose chad" fracas following the last election that
gave us King George II --

but, get this!!!

4. The FBI is out of the business of investigating financial crimes,
and since the laws the FBI had been seeking to enforce were
the Federal laws against white-collar crime, that means there
is no one to take over the job -- it is not withing the state's
jurisdiction to look at the activities of international capitalists
-- who thus receive by default -- the total Harry Browne - Ayn
Rand- Rothschild-Machiavelli laissez-faire libertarianism-for-
the-elites-only survival-of-the-fittest anything-goes world-class
grab-all-you can most-toys lets'-be-gods-with-lots-of-servants-
on-our-global-opium-pornotopia-plantation Disneyland answerable
to nobody -- that all of our really bright kids have bought into
with a little help from the CIA and the Carnegie Foundation.

Lost you didn't I? (It would take a book to get this across!)

Big oil executives and Mobil were being investigated for
illegal oil dealings with Iran (illegal swaps with Kazakhstan),
and the investigation was being conducted from the North
Tower of the World Trade Center -- where the FBI had
offices on floors officially listed as a New York State
insurance plan offices. THe evidence and all of the
investigators perished on September 11.

The biggest names in American finance, the current
President of Harvard, Alan Greenspan and the New
York Federal Reserve Bank Governor were also
being investigated from SEC offices in the wtc --
in a case involving the Federal Reserve selling its
gold stock to the inner circle Wall Street elite
(the makers of the Fed's open market securities
transactions that determine the money supply
in the loanable funds market) and selling the
gold at far below the price obtainable through
open bidding, through honest and open market
transactions. It was called a "price fixing case"
officially, but the prices were fixed low by the
Fed for the benefit of the select few insider
ELITES OF THE U.S. And again the
evidence, the files, the investigation itself all
perished with the destruction of the wtc complex.
ANd it has not be resumed. And all surviving
investigators and agencies have been called off
the cases under orders to devote all resources
to conducting the "war on terrorism" -- which is
defined in such a way as to catagorically exclude
investigation of Establishment figures (the one
group immune from being identified with "terrorism"
(ironically, we know).

ANd now the CIA absorbs the FBI -- and the structure
of American law-enforcement is permanently changed --
there is no longer constraint or discovery for finance
capitalism for any economic crime it may choose to

So watch for more S & L scandals, more booms and
bust cylcles, more squeezing to the bottom of the
middle class that was, -- welcome to Enron world

that is unless you -- yes you, Mr. Nobody, Mr. Igotmyownproblems,
take the evidence that exists that King George the Usurper and those
who back his incompetent smirking ass -- are responsible for
911, that the devout Moslems were "set-up" that the planes
were crashed by remote control, and that one of the planes
-- the one that hit the Pentagon -- was not an airliner at all,
but an F-16 which fired a missile ahead to the target just before
it crashed.

Here is the solved crime that will bring down the criminal
establishment. THis is your last opportunity to save this
country -- once the FBI is swallowed by the CIA -- there
will be no law to check the whims of our economic
masters and the Smirk despot.

Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington
Every man is responsible to every other man.

"Two world wars, shame on them. A third world war, shame on us."

Let this be our common motto, all ye wretched of the earth.


"Two world wars, shame on them. A third world war, shame on us."

Here is solid information about who wants World War Three and
what they have done so far to get it.

1. Dave Bosankoe's summary essay on the Pentagon with the concluding
Chapter of The War on Freedom: How and Why America was Attacked,
September 11th, 2001 by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed

2. Larry Chin's courageous essay:

3. The Standard Sources on the 911 Frame-up and War-on-Terror" treason: Fescado Mike Ruppert David Bosankoe Metcalf Carol A. Valentine Michael C. Ruppert --Jarred Israel (mirror of emperors-cloths) Sherman Skolnik
Skolnik's "The Overthrow of the American Republic" (!!!!!) Especially for non-CFR Democrats
Chin Rense



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Let's See....
05 Jun 2002

Overall, I think you're right. But there are at least two significant scenarios you may be overlooking.

First, the World Bank's fractional-reserve pyramid scheme is inevitably collapsing. This reduces the wealth-bluffing power of those hording debt-money (eg: Federal Reserve dollars) and other paper "assets".

Just observe what's happening in Russia and South America. When push comes to shove - unless a phoney war can be successfully concocted - populists shove the financial "elite" out of power and restore more political-economic democracy.

Second, the CIA has been effectively controlled by the Mossad for years. Compared to the terrorists in the CIA and the Mossad, Mueller isn't such a bad guy. He might even be a good guy like NRDC lawyers or Ralph Nader. Maybe he's a secret member of Earth First!

Remember, he was assigned as FBI Chief just a couple of weeks before the chaos of 9-11. Imagine being put in that situation!

The Democratic Party and the American media - controlled mostly by the self-proclaimed "Chosen People" - are trying to use idiot-puppet Dubya and Mueller as patsies or fall-guys for the "Big Boys" (Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, World Bank Group, etc.) who intended 9-11 to be the next Pearl Harbor.

Since the Anglo-American Establishment's "War Against the World" isn't working out so well, it's possible the FBI might clean up "our" government, and crack down on the Mossad and CORPORATE CRIME.

Observe Interpol. No longer convinced of the CIA-Mossad's ridiculous Osama-did-it conspiracy theory, European law-enforcement is changing it's tune.

Mueller and the FBI may be doing the same, and the civic Constitutional government may beat out the corporate transnational government.

Meanwhile the very nature of "government" is undergoing a radical transition during all this chaos.

As Bucky Fuller said in 1980, "Whether it is to be Utopia or Oblivion will be a touch-and-go relay race right up to the final moment."
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