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News ::
22 Jun 2002
Modified: 29 Jul 2002
Now is the time to call for female political domination.

These are dangerous days. Threats loom like giant shadow puppets on the horizon: nuclear war, environmental destruction, genetic manipulation, social control through technology, corporate capitalism. Few of us doubt that we live in an era where the decisions we make and the people we support will decide the future of our species. And none of us can deny that the hands that have constructed and that currently control the evil puppets of destruction are male hands.

A voice is calling from the mother’s breast of humanity, for those of us willing to listen: the voice of reason. Now is the time for humanity to make a radical change, the only radical change that will lead us out of this nightmare and into a new era.

For ten thousand years humanity has been like a battered wife who must return again and again---because of misplaced love, emotional and financial dependency, and the lack of alternative choices---to the husband who continues to abuse her and control her life. The husband to which humanity keeps returning is called male leadership, the male domination of all social institutions.

We must change, now, from a male dominated society to a female dominated society. Humanity must cease its dependence on the battering husband named male superiority.

Men have brought us to this point. They have been the leaders for the past ten thousand years, since civilization began with the mass murder we call war. And look where their leadership has brought us. Look at the facts. Men dominate every human institution in the world, and they have dominated these institutions for ten thousand years. Men have led humanity to the cliff edge of species suicide. We must stop being lemmings. Enough is enough.

For the sake of our children, and our children’s children I say:


For the sake of women all over the world who suffer because of male incompetence I say:


For the sake of men, who, despite their inability, still insist on dominating human society I say:


Our Goal:

Only by focusing on an achievable goal can a social movement hope to succeed. Our goal, which we must not waver from, is to form a woman dominated human society. Women must control politics and education. A goal of parity will not work, as the last forty years has made perfectly clear. Men, and therefore violence, will always dominate if parity is our goal.


Steps towards our goal:

First, if you are a working woman, you should, for now, keep your belief in the necessity of female domination in the closet. What will happen if we dare advocate female domination of the same order as the male domination that currently exists? We will immediately be attacked for ‘reverse sexism’ by the same men who, at best, mouth ‘equality’ while they do absolutely nothing to bring it about. But our hard won careers will be destroyed if we are not careful. We will quickly be marginalized.

The real leaders of this movement must be the young women, who have the freedom to challenge male leadership. It is to you that I speak. Ask yourselves this question: By what right do men rule? Ordained by God? And who wrote the Holy Books? Ordained by Science? Science has completely destroyed all scientific justification for male superiority. On the contrary, science shows us again and again the male inability to resolve conflict, except through violence. Ask yourselves: By what right do men rule? Historical evidence? Men have failed completely, that is the verdict of history. By what right do men rule? Because of tradition and force, yes. But, the real reason is that we allow them to rule. We accept their leadership.

Young women, you who read these words, you are the hope of humanity. This is not an exaggeration. Are you going to follow men as they lead us into the night which does not end with sunrise, the eternal night of extinction?

Young women, look around you. Who are you following? Who are you listening to? Progressive men? Men with ‘anarchism’ or ‘socialism’ or ‘reformed capitalism’ or even ‘feminism’ or some other ‘ism’ dripping from their lips? Young women, men will not lead you out of this man-made hell of a world. You are the leaders. Follow no men. I say it again, follow no men. Never forget, men have led us here, they have had their chance. It’s time for women to depend upon themselves and take up their historic duty, which is to keep humanity whole, healthy, and most important, to allow humanity to survive.

Women, talk among yourselves. Form small groups committed to the goal. Email anonymously, as I am doing. Distribute the emails. We need to form a coherent philosophy justifying the necessity of female political domination. This will not be difficult because of the obvious record of male failure. But it is a necessity. We also need to anticipate objections to our program. In short, we need a manifesto, which I propose we create by sharing ideas, building together our documentation and our analysis.

We can also email anonymously the progressive websites such as,,,, and all the indymedia sites, pointing out that the ratio of male writers to female writers is around 10 to 1.

We must analyse these websites and other left publications in the same way that FAIR analyses the mainstream media, pointing out their lack of articles about male domination, and their lack of support for female political domination, and their lack of women writers.

If these websites were serious about publishing more women they would post on their front page the ratio of men writers to women writers on their website, why they see that as a problem, and they would plead for more submissions from women. But they don’t see that as a problem, because so-called ‘progressive men’ are not really interested in fighting male domination. Their web-sites and their actions prove it.

We must also demand that ‘progressives’ cease putting ‘sexism’ on the same level as ‘racism’, ‘classism’, ‘homophobia’ ect, because no matter which race or class has been in power, it is always men who have wielded that power. The oppression of humanity by men is the central never-changing dynamic of human civilization. But it must change now. And so that is the key fault line for political activists to focus upon. That is where social change must begin.

If a website had the same proportion of women to men as, for example, has of men to women it would, by default, be considered a feminist website. However since male dominance is so taken for granted counterpunch is considered a ‘political’ website, instead of a masculist website.

We can ask all these websites to stop publishing articles unless they are written, or co-written, by a woman.

We can ask these websites to start naming the gender of the groups they criticize (for example, instead of ‘elites’ they should write ‘male elites’).

We can email progressive male writers and request that they find a female co-writer.

We can refuse to attend a rally or a talk unless every male speaker has a female co-speaker.

We must refuse to follow male leaders.

We can work to put women in leadership positions.

Our first field of influence must begin on the left. We must create a left that is led by women, with women in all the leadership positions, and women in all public positions (spokespeople for left organizations should all be women).

Once the left is won over to the obvious merit of our program women can come out of the closet completely and, unified as a movement behind a solid female leadership, we will attract millions of women who usually support the mainstream. This is because almost every woman in the world is well aware that the male leadership of human society is suicidal. Once the movement gets going it will be impossible to stop it.

We must also encourage men to join the MOVEMENT FOR MALE RESTRAINT.

This movement will be extremely important for the attainment of our goal. Many men recognize male failure. Many men realize that their own survival, and the survival of their children, is threatened by our male dominated society. They must be the ones who first advocate publicly for Progressives to support the movement for a female dominated political society. These men will advocate MALE RESTRAINT. They will point out the necessity for men to stand back and allow women to lead.

If men do not step back and allow women to lead they will lose their status as ‘progressive’ men. Oh yes, that sounds hard. But I ask again, by what right do men lead? What have they done to win our support? The job of progressive men is to support women, and allow women to find our way to a different society. Most men on the left currently ignore completely the meaning of male domination. Why? Because they cannot bear to even contemplate following women leaders.

The male left has marginalized women, and destroyed the momentum of the women’s movement:

How? Here are but a few of the reasons:

First, the custom on the left is not to mention the gender of the groups we are ‘against’. This way male writers (such as Noam Chomsky) can talk about ‘elites’, ‘CEOs’, “government officials’, ‘terrorists’, ‘soldiers’, ‘corporate leaders’, ‘capitalists’ and ‘media heads’, when, in fact, the actual people are all men: male elites, male CEO’s, male government officials, male soldiers, male terrorists, male media heads. This lack of precise language allows progressive men to ignore the fact of overwhelming male domination.

Second, women are expected to write about abortion, feminism, sexism, and other such ‘women’s issues’, while it’s the men who write about the ‘big topics’ of politics and war.

Third, progressive men justify the lack of women participants on the left by saying ‘it’s inevitable in a sexist society’, and then they do nothing to change that sexist society. How can they change it? By joining the movement for male restraint, and following women, and teaching other men to follow women.

Fourth, men, in response to demands for female political domination, use the lame ‘Margaret Thatcher’ argument. ‘Look what she did!’ they say. Margaret Thatcher was the figurehead of a reactionary completely male-dominated business elite. In contrast, we want to put women at the head of female-dominated left organizations. The result will be a completely different way of solving political problems.

Fifth, men pay lip service to ‘equality’ while doing nothing to end male domination.

Sixth men, when faced with the mess they have created, have ‘visions’. Moses had a vision and returned with the Ten Comandments. Jesus and Mohammed had visions of a god created from their own conditioning. The French Philosophes had a vision of ‘liberty, equality, fraternity’. Marx and Lenin had a vision of the ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’. Michael Albert, the anarchist editor of Znet, has a vision of ‘Participatory Economics’.

We have seen the result of 10,000 years of ‘men’s visions’ for humanity. Where has that gotten us? Are visions necessary? Men have visions to allow themselves to escape reality. The central reality of human society is male domination of all institutions. Changing that domination must be the first priority for anyone truly concerned with social change.

Women, get ready, if you advocate female political domination, to be attacked.

The most dangerous attack from the left will come from established feminists who are in the pocket of the men who control left organizations and media. Just as the corporate male elite uses supposed ‘radicals’ like Chritopher Hitchens to ‘police the left’, the male left will use ‘radical’ feminists to police the movement advocating female political domination.

The women’s movement slackened precisely because women realized that gaining real power in our current world, including the left, means becoming aggressive, violent, selfish, short-sighted, competitive, cruel, and dumb. That is, becoming male. We must maintain our refusal to become male, by refusing to follow male leaders.

We must bring the quickness and life back into the movement, by refusing to play the male ‘progressive’ game. We set the agenda. The agenda is not equality. The agenda is female domination of political institutions, worldwide. This agenda will allow women to educate men how to resolve conflict without the use of force.

Most men on the left are fighting interior battles of self-image. ‘I’m not a coward! I stand up for the little guy! Those elite bullies are not going to push me around! I know the real story! My analysis is bigger and better than your analysis!’ It is, regretfully, exactly what the male elites are doing: strutting that inner stage of ‘me me me’, to the detriment of the rest of humanity. We must expose the dynamics of male ‘progressive’ psychology.

Why are men so over-represented on the left? 1) men see it as a way to make their reputations and 2) male power always creates male opposition, with the tacit agreement that ‘this will keep our privileged position over women intact’. Men fighting men means that men will always remain in control.

We’ve had enough of male leadership. We don’t want to die in a nuclear holocaust, or have our children die from a complete breakdown of the environment.

Men have failed.


Yes, another world is possible. And only women can lead humanity to a better world.

Emma Goldwoman

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same story different masters
22 Jun 2002
women in control would offer only the same results. the differences would be only subtle .
feminism is suicide
22 Jun 2002
no freakin way. calling for male restraint?
Male censorship? women would do the exact same things men have done throughout history, only difference would be the degree of subtlety.
You want a world filled with women who get competitive more than men, materialistic more than men.
Fuck that I am a leftist, but i don't think putting skirts on men and castraiting them is going to lead to world peace or anything close to it.
You would see a huge fascist unequal fucked up cunt driven world, no thanks, ill fight your stinkimg crotch smelling movement to the end
22 Jun 2002
Okay, I've got an idea, let's take all the freedom and power away from everyone with a penis, that way the world is driven by a bunch of power hungry feminists who are so obsorbed in the thought that life is horrible for women that they can't even realize their "revolution" doesn't have enough substance behind it. Sure, it's not right for a man to beat his wife or deny a woman a job based ONLY on her sex, but it's still not right to allow a woman to do the same to a man.

I see nothing wrong with equality between men and women and different races, but the only downfall of the "minority" (I'm referring to minority as any group that is struggling for power they don't have) revolutions is that they don't aim for equality, instead they look for more privleges.

I say we look into a woman dominated human society:
Revolution occurs, all free thought by men is diminished, they have no rights in the work place and aren't even allowed to hold jobs. Women take over all the nice office jobs and take their shot at things they're incapable of handling. All innovations by men are thrown out, there goes the airplane, car, computer, wheel, light bulb, electricity, et cetera (or wait, no, let's just say it's alright to use these things, we'll just take after communist russia and censor things so that the general idea is women created these things).

Now, we run into a problem. We need food, oil, manufactured goods, buildings, and other things that involve manual labor. We can't make women do these sorts of jobs, force them to work in fields and in factories. There's no way they'll be able to handle basic construction simply based on the anatomy of the female body (strength and such). Let's just hire slaves to do all of this work.

Oh no, the slaves learned how to think for themselves, along with other men. They're getting ideas of equality, but we know they're not equal.... **IDEA** We'll enforce the law, train women in self defense, give them weapons and such. Pretty soon we're shooting any man who wants to get in the way of our plans, but it's alright. Revolts are struck up across the world, global warfare, only the strong survive, boycotting goods, people all over are starving and dying. Meanwhile, the women in power are just about to go into menstruation, getting all pissed off at anyone getting in the way and decide to launch some of the nukes and other bombs left over. Hell, while we're at it, let's just kill all of the men, problem solved. Science exists, we could use artificial insemination to reproduce, then kill anything that comes out male. In comes a huge outburst in homosexuality.

But of course we know this will never happen, seeing as how many women and men around the world believe in equality over opression.

You get the picture, the possibilities are endless, but there is in no way there would ever be complete female dominance without some sort of resistance by men or women, every society and government that has tried to opress a person based on their physical appearance has failed in one way or another.

Your arguments are weak, you contradict yourself, you will never get what you want, and most importantly, you're wrong.
22 Jun 2002
Go make me dinner and get me a beer damnit! Enough of this political revolution bullshit, you're a woman, you'll never amount to anything, your job is simply to cook and put out.

(a little bit of sarcasm...)

You hear that often? Often as in more times than a woman kills her husband or boyfriend and gets away with it simply because she begs for forgiveness and the simple fact that she IS a woman. Women have more advantages in society than you think, but then again, it doesn't matter because your political revolution will never happen, and even if it did it would be just as bad if not worse than a male dominated society, just in its own unique ways.
While we're at it...
22 Jun 2002
I say we destroy all representation from people that have different views of how society should be... but then again that can be fixed... leave civilization and live by yourself.
praise be
23 Jun 2002
where do i sign up?

10000 years of domination from women sounds great.

can i wear leather? oh, wait the vegans will be angry. oh and then the animals have been dominated by male and female humans too. females actually eat animals.

how bout we become dominated by cows? we could make a religion of it.

we have to have some sort of domination.

Hitler failed at this, the idea is not new
29 Jul 2002
Back after the european great depression, hitler gained support by saying:

Rule by the Jews for 5 years is enough! It is time for the young germans to overthrown them so that we may rule!

Ok, there's nothing wrong with young women doing well and suceeding, that is good. HOWEVER, like hitler, you soon lapse into delusions that men are evil and have failed miserably, and that they should die. Just like Hitler and the jews...

Oh, might I add that you are not only hurting the feminists with this article(next time i hear anything about feminist support i'll point this article out and say "oh, is THIS your freedom?"), but you are hurting yourself by making a FOOl of yourself. Pull your head out of your ass and think REAL f*king hard. you'll see that i'm right, or you're even dumber than i thought.

oh, might I add that there is MORE than one man on earth, i hate it when people say "why is society so male dominated? why don't you change it?, for god's sake i'm one out of about 4 billion, i can't change it.

once again, thank you for rallying to a dead cause(like valerie solanis). it just makes you look like an idiot.