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BD Communications
06 Jul 2002
Modified: 11 Jul 2002
Bush Daddy Communications: It's spin control to an extreme!
My Daddy said that I have to explain to you how this article begins where the last article, "Bush Daddy Snare" (189161) left off. With most of my later posts I included a "Comment to Anti-spam" who had asked me to prove that one word that I have written is true. I repeated that I had been abducted at Cornell in December 2001 (180797) and in 1998, and I wrote that my abductors could be killed, for abduction is kidnapping, a capital crime, punishable by death. I added that I would vouch for anyone who killed these culprits for this and that such killings should not be incriminating thereby verifying that I was abducted. In a postscript to that comment, I asked anyone to ascertain via an international court whether or not the blockage or removal of my posts from IMC sites is also a capital crime. In addition to these crimes, you should also remember that there are a lot of capital crimes that Bush Daddy Tribe will actually brag about (136536 & 166317), for they make no attempt to understand the law. All of these crimes go unpunished as a result of the way that BDT communicates with or blocks communication with each other and the world.

You should understand how communication glitches have caused a societal breakdown that has resulted in a "Concealed Holocaust" (24603 & 35206) that "No Body Is Going to Do Nothing About.." (41739); but it is also necessary to understand how the Niggardly Asinine Zionist Idiots (132033) have enabled this to happen. At the forefront of this breakdown we have the pro-gay coprophagic Zionistic mainstream media, which still contends that the stupidity of Bush Daddy's illiterate kid is a sign of intelligence. This stupidity prevails at every level of society as a result of the authoritive conviction of the mouthy morons who have memorized a few lines and learned to "Wipe That @#$% Look Off Their Faces" (70672). If you contest the contentions of BDT about their lawlessness, you become prey (Is. 59:15); thus there will be the millions of Storm Troopers and their followers to contend with. They love to be threatened to do evil (Is. 51:13). BDT believes that if they repeat their falsehoods often enough, they become true (2 Tim. 4:3). In this way the punk rogues of Cornell probably convinced themselves that my false arrests, prior abduction, and 15 months of unlawful hospitalization were proof that I have a problem (25099). On the personal level, BDT tries to detect and hamper everyone who has knowledge of their lawlessness. BDT inundates such people with senseless chatter (2 Tim. 2:16) and phone calls from telemarketers etc.; plus messages are intercepted and/or changed so that worthwhile contacts never occur. In defense of the lawlessness you always hear that nothing is going to happen until the lawless ones get taken to court (Hab. 1:4), and of course, you know that BDT has "shackled" justice. What BDT doesn't understand is that nothing is probably going to happen if members of BDT get killed for their lawlessness; and if BDT goes to court to protest the killing of a member of BDT, the judge will probably say; "Nice of you all to come and confess!" "Eeeeee Gad!" may become the ultimate communication of BDT, and people will probably say that they were just begging for death (Ps. 64:9).

Referenced (numbers) are for articles on; i.e. Global IMC Open Newswire. To access via Id#, access any article, change the Id=# in the address bar, and press "Enter".

Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Israel" Deaf Messenger

PS: (to Florida) There is no Florida oranges in this town for the second year in a row. Last year we had Texas oranges that were hard enough to break car windows, and I suspect that there is no Vitamin C in California oranges or those that we saw from Texas. Those oranges are probably treated on the tree to make them orange; but they are never ripe. If California tries to ripen their oranges, it seems like they get too soft. I suspect that there is a plot to discredit Florida oranges, for they are the best citrus on earth. Florida does not color them usually and they are loaded with Vitamin C. This canker problem appears to be nothing more than "cosmetic". Last year A&P was the only store carrying them, and this year A&P is gone. Aldis may be the only place that might get some more. It would be good to publicize the positive characteristics of Florida oranges, the Vit. C content, the type of Vit. C, and how Vit. C acts as a chelator. Maybe they could teach California what makes a good orange. Hasta luego, adios. Bob

PPS: Blocked posts in Minn, Utah, NM, Jerusalem, and Boston by hackers operating from computer line # 1113 (CU?) has me wondering what possesses the Gad-damned Gar Gan Tribe now (31133). Is Ariz. trying to prevent NM from stealing their rain? These are the rains of righteousness (Id=7305 Melbourne IMC). Would Ariz. forsake the "blooming desert promise" (Is. 35:1) as long as NM fried in hell with them? Utah seems to be another place that they would rather see burn. In Jerusalem somebody is probably pretending to honor the Sabbath. In Boston, as with the others, it was probably because I typed out my real name. Nevertheless they will all be happy to know that initial "positive" reactions to this God-given "script" hints that "Eeee Gad!" might win out as the prophesized cry that will be heard from the houses of the moronic BDT. And here they were thinking that it was a number that they had to worry about! On the home front, lots of Anthrax and other chemicals prevail. Since everyone who is supposed to stop by and pick up seedlings that I am growing in two liter containers is being turned back (183807 & 185011), I advise interested persons to just bring plastic grocery bags to carry up to four containers in each bag. I am usually home before 10 AM and after 5 PM. Come incognito and expect to be followed by members of BDT. Hasta luego, adios.
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06 Jul 2002
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And Some...
11 Jul 2002
To Baltimore: I received notice from American Poets Society in Baltimore that they were going to publish my poem, "The Closet" (171618) in their "Illusions"? anthology. I told them that I would prefer to wait for their bigger "Wellsprings" publication since this is a $50 plus dollar book. Then they sent me another notice saying that they needed another signed copy of my poem, which I had already signed and returned to them. This is the only perfect poem ever written, and I am more or less a "starving artist" living on a fixed income. Do they try to restrict these honors to yuppies and preppies with loads of money? Are they the ones who make a mockery of poetry with stuff like haiku? Is APS a bogus outfit or what? Tell me if you know. Bob

7/8 Summary to Maine IMC Post: It's spin control to an extreme! Note: If you chase the BDT, they can probably do 18 holes of golf in 30 minutes. You can thank the sissy wimpy Yalie boys for letting them loose up there. They may have a fourth grade education, but it took them 20 years to get it!

7/9 Looks like library closings on Sat. and Sun. has become the norm all over so that BDT hackers can spend the workweek tracking those who access questionable sites. I am rooting for closing on Tues. and Thur. if they must close at all. "Big Fish Kill, Cayuga Lake!" "Frogs are mutating all over!" Bush Daddy brags that this is from the Anthrax (82672) that BDT has been broadcasting all over. Don't forget that those spores stay viable for a long long time! Meanwhile I have been explaining to the natives the practice of catching dying fish, salting them and putting them on ice, then giving them to "friends", saying, "Don't really like fish!" Thank you for dropping in to hear how it goes. Would you like a piece of fish?

7/10 Have heard from friend "Tom" about what sounds like an attempted takeover of Mann Agriculture & Life Science Library on Cornell campus by punk rogue poopheads. Seems like they want to promote lawlessness like that in Uris Library of Arts and Sciences. Have yet to ascertain Bush Daddy's claim that Cornell Police Captain Randy Hausner was murdered by chemicals in the Uris Computer Lab. They are famous enough for their hacking as it is. It remains to be seen if Agriculture will make "coprophagic fertilizer" out of the whole lot of them.Bob
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