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Announcement :: Labor
The Soviet Defector and The command Pass up and Pass down of the U.S.S. Houston S.S.N. 713 and the U.S.S. Constitution Conection
13 May 2006
The “Skeleton key enlistment,” adn Governor Mit Romey's investigation into the Bush pass through of knowledge on matters pertaining to soviet spy master and oversight of case structures reltive to executive powers of the State of Mass. and the Constitution see zengersbomb1.pdf as stored by the public defender in Bellingham for cb-49999
The Soviet Defector and The command Pass up and Pass down of the U.S.S. Houston S.S.N. 713
by J Dedrick Saturday, May. 13, 2006 at 7:13 PM
tsiolkovsky_gravity (at)

The following e-mails listed in the feature of procurement package of the F.T.C. do not mail registry for domains and e-mail addresses that are real or not real but may show improprieties in values offset by resource consumptions; may appeal to the N.S.A. to show that the DUNS registry from companies as previously placed in conditional arguments of John McCains’ 501c3 bill will show that the DUNS registry may force the FTC to show all e-mails as having a DUNS registry-if the nature of the e-mail is or is not to achieve a solicitation or a type of economic condition to the nature of the e-mail; as to show in this e-mail the complicated issues in the intercept to: boyer60 (at) hotmail.c0m, artinspace (at), thinktankoperations (at), spaceimaginationhope (at), tsiolkovsky_gravity (at), The DUNS registry may also show that a tin number may be assessed to each e-mail address to understand the nature of e-mail accounts with financial improprieties or not or that show by measure of forced implementation models to assuage such a feature into existence to find prosecution leverage over e-mail account that support a behavior for the review of a taxed internet for all case aspects of culpable negligence.

The command Pass up and Pass down of the U.S.S. Houston S.S.N. 713 and the planner who placed Osama Bin Laden’s Sister in Boston prior to 9/11-pending and circumstantial investigations or actions to discern the use of the soviet defector and the required pass though of command feedback to the U.S.S. Houston S.S.N. 713 in case of uncertain positions of liability arose or that soviet Intel was allowed to achieve nominal prescence.

Altered from last night with focus on the contingency of the later statement in respect to the legal planner who merged Paramount and DreamWorks and that may have had dispositions-such as a skeleton key enlistment collection strategy for or that achieved a feedback gain, due to culpable negligence of the C.I.A. that removed its fears of the maintained pressure against the collection on the defector who worked or works with the former commander of the S.S.N. 713 of a gainful policy arbitration through “Vulcan, Alberta,” with a type of “counter weight policy bifurcation of output in synchronous advantage positions of fielding Intel.

The Planner: We discern the profile to be a profile of a clever orchestrator of association networks to achieve a pressurized or combatant theory on all theories of feedback networks with gainful bias with entrapment and primer bases of office coercion or direction of office advantage for collection based on the soviet defector and the method of transduction of the “full,” use of the soviet defector of the Red Oktober. The use of Paramount pictures as a “legal conduit,” for the office of prejudice, or gainful inventions upon theoretical requirements in the feedback process will show a contractual and obligatory behavior of all legal actions pending in the light of this case with traversal influence in the case of a position for a constant command pass down from the U.S.S. Houston to the company Syncracy and that will allow all pending or circumstantial investigations to traverse with the U.S.S. Constitution to better understand the theories upon a command structured pass down from the U.S.S. Houston S.S.N. 713 or in this modeled scenario the command pass down former the U.S.S. Constitution to better understand allegations of Valdimero Montisesmos’ feature of defections or defective oversights in/from Peru with contacts of gainful intercept in Colorado.

The abuse of the submarine command S.S.N. 713, for the check on full use and advantages or full reasons for defection.

The planner for the S.S.N. 713 use with paramount pictures for the submarine captain is one in the same with a element in the production used to cover the translation of policy objectives-mutually satisfying, by the C.I.A. oversight thought that the submarine with “executive orders/powers or standing in/with conditional privileges,” translated to the state of “bias gain,” Texas in which direction with up/down powers could react if conditions arose-the policy planner required a method to create a controlled policy environment for offset gain as theorized on the utility of environments in an analog setting.
-The advantage heurism in “superior and inferior,” policy disputes would show the Red Oktober’s defectors work with the former captain of the S.S.N. 713 would have produce that did not roughly translate to a loss of information that would have value if sold by measure of neglectful gain.
The Kerry review may be based on the planner’s positioning of privilege of the contentious liability, of Osama Bin Laden’s Sister as the feature of a planner with strategic coercion and executive powers through the Texas office for policy oversight shows that – A single advantage with discretion of achievable offset gain through the company Syncrasy- will show “policy fusion,” was of gain of case planner-

The use/visit of “Kerry’s office,” may show the inflection by the visit of J Dedrick with presentable truths by sign in log-as may confirm if “Kerry’s request,” a request of current policy scenario for gainful policy arbitration defense in review of “Skeleton key enlistment,” with all policies inherent to have gainful attributes that he do so; with reference to Valdimere Montisesmos as a tasked spy master with defectors presence of mind, and that- differential studies within his direct command through the Governor Mit Romey, may deduce the positioning planner of both J Dedrick on the U.S.S. Consttition and Osama Bin Ladens’ Sister in gainful policy arbitration modeling to discern characteristics in planning and measures of prejudice acting against J Dedrick that support a theory on co-dependence of the initial planner of the use of the command feature of executive powers of the collection/investigative superior of/for states with assets in the Military as may require the function of command pass down and pass up advantages-achieving a fair review of case structure of the use of the requirement features of command prejudice in Texas to the S.S.N. 713 as similar in case structure to the U.S.S. Constitution in the command connections to “strategic placement,” of J Dedrick’s crew membership on the U.S.S. Constitution and the 100/500 yard presence of Osama Bin Laden’s sister with in the 100 yard feature of a constant defense posture with gainful policy arbitration in the Naval Security Zone Act for positions of defense posture as seen in Zengersbomb1.pdf relative to the feature of content that may be refereed to as a “psy-op,” constrained document with a “psy-op,” behavior in the document relative to “psy-op,” documents read under periods of training in the U.S. NAVY in top secret classrooms-however not to translate into prejudice in the right of Massachusetts legislators if Texas Legislators had bias for the governor of Texas during an period of planning conjecture for the case features of the use of the defector; that may have been compromised by third party oversight all contacts of any interest in Defector’s new chain of command-the S.S.N. 713 and the same command of J Dedrick as placed on the command of the S.S.N. 713 as compromised in the State of Washington prior to O.P.M. investigation of J Dedrick with gainful prejudice or gainful policy arbitration modeling of J Dedrick’s ideas in the cover formulation of policy objectives.

Request for investigative resources to identify feedback network on translation of the gainful policy arbitration of the gainful policy arbitration modeling; with yet defined by Sen. Kerry or armed services committee member in the state of Massachusetts who can dialogue with Governor Mit Romey to understand the features of the powers of the Houston for command pass down and up if case features show that the S.S.N. 713 was used by the same policy planner arbitration body overseeing and abusing legislative and executive powers used only for one reason; to support conditions of the defector’s if conditions arose—not to pursue a use that was advantage or not for any reason arbitrary to the power by the State planner and legislative body.

Request for paramount studios advantages with obligatory behaviors due to contracts relative to the use of the S.S.N. 713 for planning by the office with secondary offsets by Paul Allen’s snooping in Colorado, for obligatory natures of contract with syncrasy policy maker and planners offsetting the city of Vulcan for pressures of paramount lawsuit against the City of “Vulcan, Alberta,” such that use of J Dedrick’s position of privilege due to personal ideas based on the interpersonal experiences of being flanked between a soviet planner and a neglecting body of culpability of the C.I.A. that used J Dedrick with gainful bias on “policy arbitration designed feedback networks,” between two counter intelligence goals that does support the Valdimero Montismemos was aware of the conditional oversight of of J Dedrick for preventive measures in designing preventive legislation that required a billet process to achieve constant designed policy goals-that was thought by soviet intelligence as to be a type of planning pressure against the Soviet Union.

This request to as to allow a review of a configuration of the soviet spy network with review of the “US/Soviet space sciences,” interest in the N.A.S.A. sciences and technology commerce committee that conditionally offset the “Skelton Key Rate Enlistment,” –by such means to examine how both companies both “DreamWorks and Paramount,” stood to make parallel idiosyncrasies of gainful policy arbitrations therefore: the lead merging lawyer for the two companies with a 734 million dollar gain in merger offset the liabilities of the obligatory contracts that paramount had standing the wake of NAVAL investigation to review Paul Allen’s Snooping in Colorado effecting intelligence frequencies in signal’s detection s and that coerced a feedback network arbitrarily to the design of J Dedrick’s ideas imposed in the entanglement of the Skeleton key enlistment.
The lead lawyers used the C.I.A. contracts with Paramount for protection of the command pass down and pass up aspects of J Dedrick when to promote a “secured response,” mechanism as achieving security in conditioned atmosphere of feedback or reciprocation gathering techniques as a –pressure for a counter weight in a policy objective of Paul Allen’s or that by measure of J Dedrick’s interest were similar.

I also request that office review of behaviors in the U.S. NAVY be assessed against the features of standing cases against the HALE Bopp Cult in Ranch Santa, Fe New Mexico for review of the neglectful condition of review for all case content of J Dedrick prior to the transitioning measure of removed liabilities in the compromised chain of command PEB board that persuaded itself to refer to content of zengersbomb1.pdf as a “space vehicle,”- to achieve nominal gain over a community or over a theory on how to support a preventive legislation bill with content prejudice to any industrial profile or company working to achieve aerospace flight similar to Paukl Allen’s objectives at the time.

The publishing of “zengersbomb1.pdf,” will be published by a Peruvian printing process used to achieve a drop over x, a means to achieve a understanding of the oversight for x amount of years over the content of J Dedrick by which will show a full scale conflict of interest by the U.S. ARMY an eth U.S. NAVY based on policy objectives with prejudice it the Armed Service Committee member’s of Senator Edward M. Kennedy and x.

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