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Announcement :: Gender
Slovi I Delo: The Honorable Gordon R. England and the Soviet Defector and the PUTINS made face dealing with planning against the U.S.S. Cole Crew Member on the U.S.S. Constitution-- find Refelctive inc.
14 May 2006
Today's Exxon image of Slovi I Delo adn the organized structrue of entrapment in the U.N. to get Lavrov-where did my Khardokovsky steal my Defense Secretary from-maybe I should wage war with the U.S. and take Putin's/ Khazakhstahn.
Slovi I Delo: The Honorable Gordon R. England
by J Dedrick Sunday, May. 14, 2006 at 5:27 PM
artinspace (at)

To: The Honorable Gordon R. England
Secretary of the Navy
Washington, D.C. 20350-1000
Psy-op pin review with the Surgeon General or Congressman Rick Larson for Nanotechnology Naval instructions with perceptual featured issues-see NSBRI in scenario planning with the advancement of the "Rothschild scenario,"-requires xau2.pdf with reference of Micro Modular Robots/ zengersbomb.pdf from understand the ARMY/NAVY conflict of interest.

The sale of a "psy-op," with a differential value asserts that supply and demand structured into the manufacturing pretense of market audience does show that document xau2.pdf as seen on is partially constricted by the time of utility or use with functional prose through actions asserting a question by which national image of two nations may have the greatest sale of featured acquisition of principle behavior behind the question on page “n-7,” or the last page of the screenplay a “A Story About a Wagon.”
The sale of a “Psy-op,” shows that document xau2.pdf is type of produce by which the functional prose review of case when set the following paradigm sows show utility behind a Russian military force or a U.S. review within due process to make a discovery behind the question with a gainful introspection of two nation states and the functions and the functions of national image behind which one country that did not get tot eh moon may assert a way to recapitulate a moon mission image in the nation as to assert that the U.S. Failed in its attempts to get tot eh moon by means of neglect in the following manufacturing industries; as such to assert that the U.S. failed in getting to the moon and in an international review for a multi-functional prose of a “psy-op,” with singular functions that show a swath of national interest from 191 national on the U.N. treaty participating states that a scalar value of a spy-op gain is based on the function of manufacturing gain. As industrial situational compliance is factor for the produce; as if to say that if the following scenario, labeled xau2.pdf with strategic variables the four horse men and Babyjesus.2* as fiscal improprieties were used to make questionable to utility of the U.S. space program’s interest the Russian

With strategic variables the four horse men and Babyjesus.2*-- The following scenario is based on a strategic interplay of dialogue base don the functions of page n-7/the last page of the screenplay of “A Story About a Wagon,” with intent to structure dialogue between many different principles in behavior with cloning and stem cell research as based on the features of a invasion/bombing into/of Soviet/Iraq Embassy by Russian an Iranian Forces supplied with utility in due course from the Spanish military standing with 50,000 military for selection of the four horse men. The psy-op may show that Vladimer Putin and Sergi Lavrov may construct a "futuristic horse drawn carriage," and place cloned [info (at), warner (at), sttemcellresearch (at) Lavrov's theory on Feedback networks on in Peru to model second invasion of U.S. In Iraq-offsetting J Dedrick's theory on the territorial soverignty dispute at the U.N. base on the] child in the manger while marching into Iraq to recapitulate national image around questioning the behavior of the U.S. Space Command’s invasion of orbital slots value and intangible features effecting the merger of IBM-50,000 workers/Boeing-1 seat donated from X, and Lockheed-1 seat donated from X/Microsoft-workers for union shares in tax credits relative to on-line market commerce, while effecting the U.S. Naval Space Command policy developments-incidentely by measure of improper oversight of studies reltive to the psotion of privelage the U.S. Has Gained in the oil for food investigation due to J Dedrick, and of said non-determined value of failing satellite hardware infrastructure value, that diametrically coincides with failures in the U.S. aerospace industry to allow featured competitions that do not drain national interest in Russia to find legitimate courses of legal discovery actions that make gainful defense theories against “psy-op,” propaganda; and that inversely support the utility of content structured to the same arguments as may assist in the division of understanding that the outcome of the response from the U.S. military when connected to simple admissions of guilt may have secondary actions-to defend at all cost the Federal Treasury-even if causalties exist in theories supporting that Lavrov Was the Lead Planner of 9/11-due to postion of feedback networks through the U.N. as based on all curent data on the strategy of Putin in Second invasion of Iraq and fielding requirements for Lavrov.
Vladimir Putin Said I want this carriage built and marched into the middle east with a Iranian tank and a Russian tank as peace keepers behind four horse men-if assistance from the U.N. did not support the Seat of the Iranian Official in the U.N. weapons Secuirty Council as to influence India; one—representing the Russian general’s role in gathering a response, one—a Iranian official to “field,” the response, one to review the carriage as a locust from above with 17 ribs like a "paradoxes," and send images to the people of the complications with a “paradoxes,” or trilobite by which a image may be drawn of a locust, and one of man by which a peace offering may be made for the conviction of "death," the pale---horse of malpractice as not-- Osama bin laden--and as under the brady bill; as to be captured in the middle east as a gift from Vladimer Putin-as the same with asssistance on watch standing quearies for the theories on where in the world is Osama Bin Laden-see zengersbomb and case content of CB-49999 by request; by which the Trojan horse is reviewed and the Vladimir Putin ask a question; what is man’s purpose in space—should we go backwards and build high tech horse drawn carriages or fulfill the testament of Apollo’s goodwill? The general says did this young man J Dedrick sale this "psy-op," like a mercenary, of conviction because the U.S. stopped going after Osama Bin Ladden and we forcible compelled it from his hands to stop the U.S. military General Geernal Ed Eberhart from answering the question—Vladimer Putin said; I assure you I can get answer that will redeem you and remove you from Motel Rwanda Ha—while asserting that every American has the right to receive a donated seat to outer space even if it is from Russian sympathizers to U.S. Interest of the sixties.
The Russian General with his/her tank said that if no answered about the complication with J Dedrick was reasonable asserted top remove the function of intellectual property complication that stated this was a “psy-op,” that could be placed into motion for the following scenario that when it was; the Rusain military did not want to be to blame; they asked that Paul Allen’s interest in the Caspian see be investigated by the U.S. and the D.A’s office in Washington State for the “Ramblings,” of the content of xau2.pdf. The Sergi Lavrov said how much could this mercenary behavior sale for in…and realized is was not mercenary behavior as of 191 countries the book had different value in each coutry based on the manufacturing feasibility; as to say it was military doctrine or instruction or guided by doctrine or instructions was reasonably but since constrained to singular question and context in the better interest of both nations to understand—he then said why not; drive into Iraq to field a question and answer upon the vehicle of Appomattox with a license plate from Vermont or Massachusetts stating live free or die or Free America. Soon the cloned child who Russia asked to be placed in the carriage from Israelis cloned child referred to not affectionately as Babyjesus.2; with 36 satellite killers in place fore the F.C.C. frequency war—the soviet leaders placed the Soviet General to care for the child in the manger with a tank ready to destroy the manger or the futuristic horse drawn carriage if the answers from the civil war school of thought were not reciprocated about the factors in case that effected free-will. Soon a divided line in congress; was though to be a question based on the future interest of the U.S. and Vladimir putin; said see I told you that your zealous nature to achieve manned presence on the moon would slowly seize upon you and polarize to support that manned hours and space presence was a greater virtue in space—you have failed, and your nation is lazy, and filled with spoiled G.A.M.E. players who seek to bully the smart and now have achieved a state of the satyr to communicate through paradoxes and that removed the integrity of the voice of the people; who have now displaced desired to achieve democracy elsewhere for the U.S. Space Command invasion on out failing satellite infrastructure; we are both losers and yet you do not admit culpability for you actions with the Vladimir Danchev project called xau2.pdf.
Soon the military general realized that the gift of Osama Bin Laden was not desired and that no answered was given and that if the child was blown upon the Manger marching into Iraq in a action of peace that the action to destroy the child would either gather the answers publicly or that would place the young man with t psy-op that was forcibly compelled into the hands of prejudice that the sale of “psy-op,” was feasible for the situation and the actions of the limited aggregated functions in the middle east with Iran, Russian and Spain’s former leader Juan Carlos.
The Congresswoman woman Heather Wilson reviewed the case and wondered if the resource acquisition behavior showed behaviors emerging that support that allegations of a “Give you food, take your food for oil in New Mexico through hardship program.”—The soviet leader then said would I owe J Dedrick any thing for the building of the carriage and the placement of a “psy-op,” in action with the Trojan horse—and J Dedrick said contact the Hiroshima Peace Museum for the receipt of the document xau2.pdf.

Note: forwarded message attached.
Forwarded Message [ Download File | Save to Yahoo! Briefcase ]
Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2006 13:58:06 -0800 (PST)
From: "jason dedrick" <tsiolkovsky_gravity (at)>
Subject: Military to continue to pay Iraqi media: Casey -- xau2.pdf Was Orson Wells a terrorist by today’s standards and how does the FX T.V. show “Over There,” assert the rationale that media has motive if constrained to developing arguments?Fwd: 2:05-cv-00470-mjp Fwd: xau2.pdf and the right to petition the SECNAV for a "psychological warfare pin." Fwd: Victor Yushchenko's case forwarded to the U.N. due to State Department review of case conflict with Vladimir Danchev's right to political asylum--without a radio--postmaster (at) Fwd: DAVID - and the writings on the wall --xau2.pdf--David Sanborn Investigation Pending scapegoat--with army/navy conflict of interest--find a Jew hater with power to disguise investigation Fwd: : Miranda Rights in xau2.pdf may conflcit with the Miranda Rights as seen in this e-mail-3,000 italian troops withdraw from Iraq--maybe the 22-C.I.A. officers could be asked about Bath party retaliation Fwd: Symbolic Integrator and the reason why a e-mail was stopped from contextual examiantion with xau2.pdf as seen on Requires xau2.pdf Lavrov's failed coercion Fwd: Fwd: The Doctor/Court Reporter--he or she must be a duly sworn in court reporter to review the content of the e-mail if the destination of reciprocities is stopped to remove liabilities of the P.C.E.O. baseline in efforts to insure a fair undue process is occurringFwd: Hedge Fund Organizers and the Donald Evans complication with Hedge Fund Organizing with the Veteran's Administration Pen-Tax--Fwd: Secret Service Detail-- may show Fwd: Communications majors may ask about the F.T.C. violations for the do-not mail email registry functions with a type of e-mail recipients with a P.C.E.O. baseline--ScottMccain (at) --- Case logistics for a “U.N. three month training seminar,” for cadets may be discussed in light of the conflict with the e-mails in tsiolkovsky_gravity (at) --Fwd: San Quentin protest and the F.B.I. case with organizers involved in the Van Nuy Guys case with the F.B.I. -- Fwd: Image-Nation and the Oz-12 gun in face video for pre-trial evidence--Fwd: Trial/Pre-Trial Review by fair an impartial P.C.E.O. jury in with due process to see if Jury Selection as a feature of multi-party representation to see if J Dedrick can be given a donated seat for case construction of the content in xau2.pdf Fwd: 2:05-cv-00470-MJP, Fwd: Treasury Issues with the 25,000.00--> 20.00 bill See Secretary Snows' advise case feasibility? Fwd: directly relative to unique aspects of some D.N.A. and as relative to Northcomm’s data base policy for D.N.A. storage and tax-credits as consistent with demands of the F.B.I. and Interpol for the Virtual Case File management system; how could anything be wrong?Fwd: Credit or Debit Fwd: Mao-Tse Tsung’s “Rice-Field,” review --Fwd: Pt-109 and the Native Indian Gaming Infleucne in Universal's audience with Disney Infleunce in Orlando, FL--Mitchell's investigative senate for the CNO?Fwd: P.O. 371 Space Policy class with Air Force Oversight Fwd: LANCE BASS and J DEDRICK in Class action lawsuit against N.A.S.A. for prejudice with legislative devlopemental gain of the profiled aerospace seat industry**see tax-credit features in the U.N. method of the orbital slot assessment for offset differentials similar to method and process of intangible seat offset from xau2.pdf U.N. Investigation may show that artinspace (at) is registered to user with location in U.N. location in Vienna Austria and may* allow discovery process to assist in the “Give you Food, Take your Food for Oil through hardship in New Mexico Program.”.Fwd: VET Tresspass to Tort's office for the D.A. in the state of Washignton -- Tresspass 2:05-cv-00470-MJP Fwd: Please forward to the regional office for the information resource security administrator of the U.S.G.S. for the N.S.F review of all grants dealing with N.S.F. features software development and management for resource acquisition behaviors and theories—This communication is based on sound process and method for determining functions of state and federal oversight of EROS data base consideration to the Senate Server Reform Bill function with features of complicated information management assessed against resource acquisition theories as applied to the P.C.E.O. baseline:--Fwd: FORD review of Green aspects of Concept Car with California legislators may x: Fwd: Please store with the secretary of senate with access only by the Armed Service Committee Members as some of the content was e-mailed to Governor Mit Romney and may be placed in the hands of the secretary of the senate with prejudice to senator x --as may assist in creating useful dialogues with the Governor to understand some Armed Service Committee issues effecting Massachusetts residents. FWD: F.T.C. complication with do not mail registry and method and process with the e-mail output--Fwd: The Artist Against Big Brother 1984 e-mails in account Fwd: Procurement features with the TSA for policy violations that support policy development with D.O.D. interest as Northcomm 'has or has," not reviewed content.Fwd: AMGEN Complications with "selective engagement theories," in Micro-Modular Robots forward to C.E.O.-- TACT PROJECT- Policy guidance on convergence function with F.T.C. management of e-mails as akin to the TACT project with case citation listed in e-mail as based on F.T.C. violation for continued developmental goals of the content in xau2.pdf as seen on Fwd: Magnetic resonance imaging system abuse potentials in private war profiteering see presentation Fwd: A $20.01 cent dinner with a N.A.S.A. key note Speaker under teh C.E.I.S.S. Grant Funded ClassFwd: MEDIA-X and the WARNER contract with USA banks and Microsoft may have complications with former Stanford alumni-- lcheung (at) Fwd: The “Rothschild,” Scenario--“Nano-engineered,” threat.
To: hmtierra (at), "Carol Rosin" <rosin (at)>, dpingo (at), dowlatshahi (at), steph4 (at), ellen4pj (at), underseawarefare (at), public_affairs (at), qr2555 (at), oosa (at), charlesswift (at), lavrov (at), johnbolton (at), dtorok (at), yandex (at), copyright (at), hipaa (at), rick (at), edspace (at), dlogsdon (at), julie.simard (at), marketing (at), pao (at), postmaster (at), babyeatingpsychopath (at), "beef jerky" <gnemitz (at)>, erikp (at), flo (at), godsangels11 (at), imag (at), kbodner (at), lavrov (at), nsapao (at), ossa (at), pclee (at), "r2" <Innovation (at)>, "My Apple Store" <myapplestore (at)>, tmoore (at), diane.vaughan.1 (at), vaughand (at), timewarner (at), dcgordon (at)

HTML Attachment [ Download File | Save to Yahoo! Briefcase ]
Please assist me in petitioning the SECNAV for a "psychological warfare pin," as based on complications "around/near/by/with/to/from," the ARMY/NAVY conflict of interest with the document xau2.pdf as seen on as investigation may assist the NAVY in reviewing corrupt practices in the D.A.'s office in Washington State as referenced to the document removed features of an investigation into Paul Allen's involvement in the NAVY Nuclear submarine community with J Dedrick that may support an attempted manslaughter case against J Dedrick while an active FT in the nuclear submarine community.
Please forward to Ellen Barfield as communication with Ellen barfield may implicate planners in Texas dealing with DNC2RNC march that allowed oversight of case construction to argue upon involvement of Tellus mobility for the company Verizon and key shareholder that may have felt threatened by complicated tax-credit scenario involved in the document xau2.pdf.
This petition on my behalf through the Veteran's for peace coalition will allow the U.N prejudice in the approximate ten seats that the VFP has with the U.N to discuss complications with case content and investigative improprieties that will support a type of interaction that meets the critical goals of the VFP organization as a advocate that may allow such a petition to gather venture capital to argue that the prejudice in case so for has been against the Aerospace Industry and not J Dedrick due to the ARMY/NAVY conflict of interest and the method and process of prejudice in management of the account of J Dedrick.

The D.A.'s office has not been given written consent to utilize the content of J Dedrick to remove the right of said petition to the SECNAV on the premise of documented events and conflict of interest between the ARMY/NAVY that may require DIA oversight with internal affairs to understand the psychological warfare pin of development in contrast with previous psy-op pins that may argue that J Dedrick was given consent to such behavior from the ARMY to assert the NAVY could remove the 101_ways_2_Kill_Osama_Bin_Laden as feature of training engagement for paphleteering agendas in the psy-op category as was present in meeting with capt. Christine Daly-yet, may or may not be directly connected to other content reviewed that is protected by heath related standards and document protection that does not remove the right of J Dedrick to either secure the presentation of the content of xau2.pdf without prejudice to context and enlistment rationale that asserts a controlled document feature may have legitimate functions until either a psy-op pin is awarded from the SECNAV or the aerospace lobbiest against the premise of controlled presentation of valid idea.

a (or-progress) b

The first on-line "Tcp/Ip," transaction was oddly enough the protocols of the Elders of Zion dealing with control of the Internet and publishing features of controlled/managed types of documents and as a "psy-op," officer or not you are required to read the protocols to understand the connection between the Russian Propaganda of WW1 and Its effect In development of political strife between Germany and the Jewish threats on the national treasury of Germany during developmental of nation state based on a transitioning economy to a war machine In light of development under retribution by which most development In the German military were under the disguise of rocket development for peaceful purposes- it is necessary then to review the reading of the Art in Space Foundation as a mask for research and development in the cognitive neurosciences with direct connection to nano-technology and ward against similar development of a technocracy that may have espoused wrongful impositions of gainful development--after such reading you may assert that you may, If a psychological warfare pin still existed petition the NAVY secretary for a revival of the pin to assert such training the near future is a required function of Information warfare with direct connection to propaganda. Refer to the psy-op content handled in the NAVY with; lie, evade, deceive as reviewed sitting next to the "Russian," as referred to by classmates.

Forwarded Message
Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2005 23:34:01 -0700 (PDT)
From: "jason dedrick" <tsiolkovsky_gravity (at)>
Subject: “Over There,”--Was Orson Wells a terrorist by
today’s standards and how does the FX T.V. show “Over
There,” assert the rationale that media has motive if
constrained to developing arguments?
To: hmtierra (at)

The Motive of Media when used for communication

Was Orson Wells a terrorist by today’s standards and
how does the FX T.V. show “Over There,” assert the
rationale that media has motive if constrained to
developing arguments?

Why tackle such a concept? Because in the root of the
question we grapple with the public trust in
situations where presentation of perceived facts or
factual representations “without bias toward
objectives,” is fundamentally aligned with motive. I
will not examine this problem in philosophical terms
as much as I would like to; I will examine it on the
precipe of how responsibility in communications with
or without bias toward objectives when aligned with
motive will construct an argument that the person or
person’s collectively are presenting the issues
respective with how we perceive terrorism. However,
the certain inclination toward the process of how the
presentation is iterated is the baseline by which
motive can be asserted to exist in media that has lost
objectivity or sustains proprietorship of the medium
of communication rather than the concepts reliant on
the way by which we accede to maintaining of the
public trust with media and how we converge upon the
distinctions of an objective media that does not cater
to developing trade relations over sustaining the
process of public trust in the acquisition and
formulation of arguments reliant on the presentation
of facts.
Historically we could take and reconstruct the War of
the Worlds radio broadcast in a current setting and
mask the developmental process of the T.V. show “Over
There,” with the potential outcome to rationalize
censorship in media as preventing terrorist behavior
if we can say that Orson Wells was in fact a
terrorist. Creative story telling that can not be
identified as fact or fiction but that engage
resources and relate to real world outcomes; in
today’s political and rate of communication’s climate
with geographical factors in communication
presentation the War of the Worlds would be considered
a type of propaganda or most closely related to
pamphleteering if outcomes that included death were
attributable to the creative story telling and were
during war time recognized as influencing war
outcomes. As two key tactical distinctions were also
prevalent in the broadcast as; “strategic timing,” and
“religious pretenses,” that were faceted upon the
lingering fear of the Nazi invasion of the U.S.
However the major distinction in this argument that
Orson Wells by today’s standards would be developed
upon the manufacturing of content and presentation
with timing and intent as systemically related to
communication goals. Therefore what were his goals?
Would he have been lacking in strategy if the single
premise of his goals in all facets of communication
were intrinsically and contextually aligned with
symbols that were identified with single concepts such
as “Progress,” or inferred to equate to “Progress and
Live,” or else you will not progress within the
literary style of “fatalism,” one cannot assume that
this statement or else is a threat or that the content
is threatening.
Would then we if Orson Wells were a terrorist in
today’s culture of “profile and manage with
efficiency*,” standardize all content with
developmental roots to fatalism as a literary style
that is more threatening if presentation was
strategically constrained to the two key distinctions
of “strategic timing,” and “religious pretenses.” We
must assume that literary developments as
“contiguously constrained,” to real world outcomes in
any aspect that present arguments or that are for mere
__expression and that are founded upon strategic timing
may be organizational in nature and that we may not
assume that communications that are organizational in
nature and that are developing and “contiguously
constrained,” are more threatening if financial and
proprietorship features of content are not motivating
The identification of the Motive of Media is relevant
to the outcome of a certain proprietorship in the case
with the T.V. Series “Over There,” and that draw upon
a certain profiteering and pamphleteering modela if
constrained to developmental goals in arguments;
however if based on developments as “contiguously
constrained,” the key literary concepts in
communication objectives not examined to project or
manifest “strategic timing,” and “religious
pretenses,” may be coined counterpoint media. However
“counterpoint media,” will be influenced by maxims of
limit functions relative to the duration of arguments
sustained in developmental story lines not yet
asserted by the Military Media Relations department at
Quantico as being pamphleteering or propaganda with
causal results that may allow misrepresentation or
result in features damaging in the public trust.
To further extend this argument of the motive of
media with the process of the presentation of facts
one must not have limited facts or the presentation
will have fundamental biases toward speculative
reasoning that is damaging in manifestations akin to
the stock market crash for the same reason of
speculative reasoning. It is this argument that
fundamentally disallows knowledge to construct
controlled market features that will in time effect
small businesses effectively forcing “majority
developmental procedural guidelines,” that sustain
controlled market economies for short periods of time.
Can a production such as “Over There,” if perceived
to damage the outcome of any developmental goal with
combating terrorism or strategic engagements in Iraq
be simply identified as a key production that does
little more than argue for the right to acquiesce
information in War Time as to remove speculative
reasoning. Orson Wells did not manufacture creative
content and postulate truth under presentation that
did such a thing; as I am uncertain if the F.C.C.
developed broadcast policy under the provision of War
Time constraining features for pamphleteering and
propaganda as the Motive of Orson Wells did not
exhibit features that were diametrically aligned with
policy objectives. I am pretty certain though that
somewhere in the annals of the Air Force
psy-operational guidelines that studies in Hitler’s
Pamphleteering and Orson Wells War of The Worlds may*
be taught within one week of each other to constrain
the arguments of how we perceive distinctions in
literature that are engaging political motives verses
maintaining creative motives that engage political
features to assert rationale in how arguments require
well balanced bifurcated data.
To this I would say that if in speculative reasoning
the science fiction minded author proposed policy
objectives as to allow the F.C.C. control of media
that was viewed to have war time pamphleteering and
propaganda with “financial gain,” then motive would be
constrained to the contiguous developmental features
and presentation; therefore strategic timing would be
inferred to relate to complicit behavior of those
asserting counter point developmental arguments as
convergence upon a duplicative end goal; with direct
corollaries to the T.V. Show “Over There,” as no end
goal can be identified, yet a traverse for profit and
sustaining arguments are well identified in the
construction of parallel asymmetries in developing
“contiguously constrained,” story lines that do have
political inferences of end goals.
I do say from personal experience that seeking to
identify with a Disneyland Like Establishment on the
Moon by 2032,” for my “Art in Space Foundation,” that
the policy construction of the future use of natural
resources that are slated by the U.S. for other
preparations is faceted by a lack of perceived
un-compromising values and forces information reliance
upon speculative rationale that is detrimental to
small businesses and that establishes a type of
perceived incompatibility with
social/economic/political agregandizement of motive
that is not solely driven by progress or survivability
of mankind. And henceforth the market controlled
restrictions on small businesses and safe operating
space systems is defined by saturation of
compatibility with future uses of resources as slated
by planners engaging contracts solely with security
features. It is here in this argument for a Disneyland
Like Establishment on the Moon by 2032 and that is
founded by responsible citizenry that that the
constrained features of “corporate/military/media,”
relationships that I assert that the production “Over
There,” is an example of competitive media and that it
does in fact assert a motive that exists that is not
distinctly identified by financial or proprietorship
of the content reliant on the developing arguments
contained the production.
In conclusion the motive of media is based on the
remuneration of value of content if distinctly
characterized by strategic timing issues related to
resource influences. It can be asserted that if all
communications were broken down into Transformational
and Transactional then all communication is
organizational by nature; it is the structure of the
organizational features that we must examine with
introspection to ascertain motive and intent as
relates to outcome. As in all diametrical, comparative
analysis using a refining tool to assay motive we will
come to observe that resources are constrained with
little bias toward the argument of Transformational
intent and Transactional intent if nether are founded
upon arguments that are political/social/economic and
are rested in perpetuity upon the future orientation
of goals. This abstract concept made more real in the
confines of a legal argument with the show “Over
There,” if the parallel asymmetries in developing
“contiguously constrained,” story lines that do have
political inferences of end goals changed the end goal
to a U.S. Led Mission to Mars for the end of the third
season what common platform resources would be
required-as there you might find a traverse for
sociological and organizational rational that compels
the arguments and the dichotomy of the story into
transformational and transactional diaphoras with
resources in the Iraq Region.
The cohesion of the argument for the motive of media
and how we present facts in productions that are
concurrent with real world events with casualties is a
very stressing argument; as it is confined ultimately
by a type of educational rationale in a world of
sustainable development and integrated systems and
manageability that reasons regulations and enforcement
are the staple of a safe society rather than
responsible citizenry managed upon integrity founded
upon education in applied settings.

Respectfully J Dedrick

The following communication may be privileged to
review as by features of the Internal Security Act of
1950 Sect 21: 50 U.S.C. 797 for reasons related to
geographical constraints of communication point of
origin-see CB-49999 adn how to try a man twice if the general defense is the same and the aspects of T.V. Series called "psy-op," with liturature based on the case of J Dedrick and all e-mails as elements for basis in understanding the NAVY liasion who works/worked through the D.I.A. fas an internal affairs investigator in the NAVY as means translate content with Harvard Graduate in the aspects of the screeeplay writing.

This work is in the public domain