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Call for Anti-War Chalking Action
21 Aug 2002
Sidewalk Cholk and a message!
Call for anti-war Action!

September 11 is coming up. I imagine there will be protests against the war and ceremonies to remember the victims all over the country. One full year after the attacks on September 11 of 2001 there is still much confusion as to what exactly happened, who did it, how they got away with it, and there is much confusion on whether or not the Bush administration really had evidence linking the attack to Al-Qaeda and the Taleban, and whether or not that justified the bombardment of Afghanistan and this hazy “War on Terror.”

I noticed, since this is an election year, a candidate had taken the time to run around and write his name everywhere in my district on the sidewalks, with good ol’ sidewalk chalk.

Chalk is cheap, and public sidewalks are everywhere, people are always walking on them. Millions of people walk on sidewalks every day. There are allot of remaining questions about 9/11/01, raised by reports scattered throughout the news media, corporate and non-corporate. In the US most of our media is biased by corporate interests, and censored by the White House, and most of it is owned by about six corporations all together. People in the United States don’t all know what questions are being raised, so they don’t think to ask them. They don’t all know what suspicious activity has been going on, they don’t all know what clues exist, that is why we haven’t seen an all out revolt yet. What the American people, citizen or not, have all been through in the last year is enough to start an uprising in most societies. The US has such powerful control over information, thus over our minds and our view of the world and it’s societies, that we don’t think to act. If people only got the message the corporate US media blocks from them they, over time, will wake up to what is going on, and they will act against these crimes on a larger scale.
Some of us do know, we get the info from foreign media and independent and community non-profit media, so we are Americans who know something we must share with the other people living on this continent as much as possible. Like Indymedia says; “Don’t Hate the Media, Be the Media,” we can make the public sidewalks of this whole country our media.

Now, just imagine you are walking along, just an average person, and you notice this written in chalk on the sidewalk, on September 11, 2002;

“Why did the Bush Administration block the FBI from investigating Al-Qaeda? -BBC News,

People may think it is just whacko conspiracy stuff, but there is a source for the information provided, a well known source.

or how about;

“In 1997, while the Taleban were suspected of harboring terrorists, a delegation of about 160 Taleban spent several days in Sugarland, Texas at the Unocal Headquarters where they met with the heads of several corporations, among them current VP Dick Cheney, to discuss construction of a gas pipeline. -BBC News, Thursday 12/04/97, 19:27 GMT, World: West Asia-section.”

Yeah that’s a long one, but soar hands and feet are worth it to bring the real terrorists, all of them, to justice, and we will need to wake people up to get that done. Also it is not the kind of thing people usually see on a sidewalk, it will most likely get everyone’s attention, and if these questions and clues with sited sources are found all over the city it may even make the mainstream news. Whether or not their reports are objective and accurate, they will let people know something is written all over every cities’ sidewalks in the US and that will motivate many people’s curiosity to go and see for themselves what has been chalked all over the city. We can cover the sidewalks and streets and courtyards etc. of every city in the US with the information the corporate media tries to block from the people. They can’t block sidewalk chalk!

In the week before September 11, 2002 cover every city in the US with sidewalk chalk.

This is a call to action directed to all people of conscience to chalk the information with sited sources that isn’t getting through, as well as any eye opening phrases, quotes, etc. that can be thought of all over the cities of the United States. Please, everyone who wants to end this new phase of war, take it upon yourselves at free will to chalk the message that isn’t getting through everywhere.

Sidewalk Chalk is found at every art supply store, and pretty much anywhere that sells crayolas. Check your local city ordinances, but I’m pretty sure it is perfectly legal to chalk on any public sidewalk, and most every college campus as well.

Here is a list of sources for info to write in chalk on the sidewalk;

BBC News “Taleban in Texas for Talks on Gas Pipeline,” Thursday Dec. 4, 1997, 19:27 GMT. World: west Asia-section

Bin Laden’s were financial backers of Carlyle Corp. -Greg Palast
Carlyle’s senior advisor is George Bush Sr. and the president is Frank C. Carlucci, bin Ladens sold their shares in Carlyle days after 9/11/01. -Greg Palast
Bush Administration blocked the FBI from investigating Al-Qaeda. -Greg Palast

In the days following September 11, when no non-military aircraft were permitted to fly, one non-military aircraft was allowed directly by the Bush administration to fly around the country and pick up a dozen members of the bin Laden family and escort them out of the country to the objection of the FBI.
(New Yorker, Jane Mayer; Nov. 12. issue) and

Greg Palast BBC Newsnight

in an ABC News ‘Special Report’ John Cochran reported; “Peter, as you know, the president’s down in Florida talking about education. He got out of his hotel this morning , was about to leave, reporters saw the White House chief of staff, Andy Card, whisper into his ear. The reporter said to the president, ‘Do you know what’s going on in New York?’ He said he did, and he said he will have something about it later. His first event is about half an hour at an elementary school in Sarasota, Florida.”

According to the 'New York Times,' air traffic controllers knew at 8:20 a.m.:

"that American Airlines Flight 11, bound from Boston to Los Angeles, had probably been hijacked. When the first news report was made at 8:45 a.m. that a plane might have hit the World Trade Center, they knew it was Flight 11." \l "3"

3) 'New York Times' Saturday 15 September 2001 "AFTER THE ATTACKS: SKY RULES; Pentagon Tracked Deadly Jet But Found No Way to Stop It" by Matthew L. Wald
Full text with quotation is at:
"" \l "mybust"

Here are the FAA regulations concerning hijackings:
"The FAA hijack coordinator…on duty at Washington headquarters will request the military to provide an escort aircraft for a confirmed hijacked aircraft…The escort service will be requested by the FAA hijack coordinator by direct contact with the National Military Command Center (NMCC)." \l "4"
(4) FAA Order 7610.4J 'Special Military Operations' (Effective Date: November 3, 1998; Includes: Change 1, effective July 3, 2000; Change 2, effective July 12, 2001), Chapter 7, Section 1-2, "Escort of Hijacked Aircraft: Requests for Service"
Full text posted at:
"" \l "7-1-2"

Here are the instructions issued by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on June 1, 2001:
"In the event of a hijacking, the NMCC will be notified by the most expeditious means by the FAA. The NMCC will…forward requests for DOD assistance to the Secretary of Defense for approval." \l "5"

(5) 'Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction 3610.01A,' 1 June 2001, "Aircraft Piracy (Hijacking) and Destruction of Derelict Airborne Objects," 4.Policy (page 1)
PDF available at:
Backup at:

"These hijacked aircraft were in the air for quite a while…Why doesn’t the Pentagon have the kind of protection that they can get a fighter-interceptor aircraft up, and if someone is going to plow an aircraft into the Pentagon, that we have at least some…line of defense?" \l "7"

"CBS News has learned the FAA alerted US Air defense units of a possible hijacking at 8:38 Tuesday morning, and six minutes later, at 8:44, two F-15s received a scramble order at Otis Air Force Base on Cape Cod. But two minutes later, at 8:46, American Airlines Flight 11, the first hijacked jet, slammed into the World Trade Center. Six minutes later, at 8:52, the F-15s were airborne and began racing towards New York City, but the fighters were still 70 miles away when the second hijacked jet, United Airlines Flight 175, hit the second Trade Center tower. Shortly after that blast, the F-15s reached Manhattan and began flying air cover missions over the city.
"But to the south, a new danger and a new response. At 9:30, three F-16s were launched out of Langley Air Force base in Virginia, 150 miles south of Washington. But just seven minutes later, at 9:37, American Airlines Flight 77 hit the Pentagon. The F-16s arrived in Washington just before 10:00 and began flying cover over the nation's capital." \l "8"


F-15s have a cruising speed of 577-mph, \l "9" while F-16s have a cruising speed of 570-mph. \l "10" . Both planes can fly much faster, though there is a rapid drop in fuel economy.

According to CBS, three F-16s scrambled from Langley at 9:30 and arrived in Washington at 10:00. The distance from Langley Air Force Base to the Pentagon is 129 miles - not 150, as CBS stated. If these F-16s took half an hour to get to Washington they were flying at 4.4 miles per minute, 258 mph. That's less than half their cruising speed. It's a fifth of the maximum speed for these F-16s, 1500-mph

Washington, D.C. is little more than 200 miles from New York

The essay says that Andrews Air Force Base is only ten miles from the Pentagon, and no fighters were deployed from this base.

“And then of course, there is the small matter of \l "12". It is, after all, but ten miles from the Pentagon. As Matthew Wald wrote in the New York Times on September 15th.”

"During the hour or so that American Airlines Flight 77 was under the control of hijackers, up to the moment it struck the west side of the Pentagon, military officials in a command center on the east side of the building were urgently talking to law enforcement and air traffic control officials about what to do." \l "11"

(12) Regarding the failure to scramble planes from Andrews Air Force Base, see '""?' at

(11) 'Pentagon Tracked Deadly Jet but Found No Way to Stop It,' 'New York Times,' September 15, 2001, Section A; Page 1; Column 1 ""

This one is interesting

The following is from ABC

N E W Y O R K, May 1 — In the early 1960s, America's top military leaders reportedly drafted plans to kill innocent people and commit acts of terrorism in U.S. cities to create public support for a war against Cuba.

“Code named Operation Northwoods, the plans reportedly included the possible assassination of Cuban émigrés, sinking boats of Cuban refugees on the high seas, hijacking planes, blowing up a U.S. ship, and even orchestrating violent terrorism in U.S. cities.
The plans were developed as ways to trick the American public and the international

Take information, clues, questions, etc. and chalk it all over your city. Sure the US corporate media censors Greg Palast, and the government and corporations try to confuse us as much as possible. We can take it upon ourselves to get the message out.

This action is open for everyone to participate at free will. If you can get some sidewalk chalk and you can find a little time to go out chalking in the week before this coming September 11, please participate. that way the cities will be covered with chalked information which cannot be censored right away, leaving enough time on the 11th for a large population of people to read what we’ve written in chalk, reminding all the people of how confusing things were around last year’s attacks, and hopefully motivating as many people as possible to speak out, ask the questions that aren’t being asked, and demand justice!

Between September 4 and September 11, Chalk the info that is not getting through, the questions being raised around the world that aren’t being asked, the clues that aren’t known by most Americans, all over your city. Get some friends to go with you, and spread the word about this call to action as far as possible, with enough effort we the people can cover the sidewalks, parks, and courtyards with anti-war messages, questions that have been raised and need to be asked, and clues, along with sited sources. This action can open up people’s eyes, inform people of what they don’t know and deserve to know, and it will show the White House and the Bush Hawks that we the people are not stupid and will not be fooled, nor will censorship prevent us from knowing the truth!

Good luck and God speed

PS, this idea for a call to action is just my little idea, no organization is involved, it is just an idea I got one day when I was thinking about how hard it is to get information about the issues surrounding 9/11 through to the American public. I am just a citizen of the USA, I don’t claim to be anything more or less then against the war. This is an action that everyone can participate in, because we all know what needs to be done, at free will. There is no sponsor for this action. If your civil liberties are violated while you are participating, or as a result of participation in this chalking action, immediately contact the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). It is a good idea to call the city, which ever city you live in, and find out what laws and/or ordinances exist with regard to chalking. Generally it is legal most everywhere. I will be chalking regardless, so please join me in solidarity this Sept. 4-11.

Sincerely Anonymous Anti-War Dude

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