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World Prepared for Zio-Banksters' Suicidal Reich
22 Aug 2002
Any American servicemen obliged to invade Iraq at any time in the future on behalf of the Jewish State, would do well to keep a weather eye open for well-armed angry Russians....
Any American servicemen obliged to invade Iraq at any time in the future on behalf of the Jewish State, would do well to keep a weather eye open for well-armed angry Russians....
Russia Warns America and Israel Away From Iraq

If the Jewish-American elite really wants to force an end game in the Middle East, Vladimir Putin now appears to be ready and waiting.

Joe Vialls, 20 August 2002

PHOTOS: "Equalizer" Vladimir Putin with some of his Middle East assets.

In a fascinating display of massed firepower largely ignored by the western media, the Russian armed forces have for weeks been carrying out extensive exercises in the southern Caspian Sea, located due north of Iran and to the east of Iraq.

Under the command of Colonel-General Konstantin Totsky, this highly mobile strike force is made up of 62 ships, a minimum of three squadrons of tactical bombers, and more than 10,000 ground troops including Spetsnaz and marines. Iranian observers were invited to travel aboard some of the Russian vessels.

At least ten of the ships and all of the bombers are nuclear ready, equipped with and capable of firing tube-launched and/or cruise supersonic missiles over a range of 2,000 kilometers, which by a complete coincidence of course, puts Tel Aviv and Haifa firmly on the target list. Much closer would be any Jewish forces attempting to
invade the southern Iraqi oilfields under Operation Shekhinah, and American forces attempting to invade northern Iraq via Turkey.

It may not come to that, but the Russians do like to be ready. Smiling blandly as usual, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov stressed that the exercises did not carry any threat to Russia's neighbors, but added that Russia would be naive to ignore the potential terrorist threat it faces in the Caspian region.

"We are not showing any aggression here and we are not hiding any stones in our hand. Russia does not intend to threaten anybody," Interfax news agency quoted the minister as saying. "However, we would be too naive not to notice what kind of processes take place in the region surrounding the Caspian and we will use all our might against terrorists who are not happy with the current situation," he added.

Bearing in mind that most of the Russian military hierarchy quietly view the Jews in Palestine as the worst "terrorists" in the world, the implied threat seems clear enough. Although Russia chose not to interfere when the Jews started butchering hundreds of unarmed Palestinians in Jenin and elsewhere, it decided that another attack on Iraq could not be ignored or even allowed.

As many readers are already aware, Israel had planned a Blitzkrieg on southern Iraq called "Operation Shekhinah", due to roll in early October 2001. The objective was simple. Israel would take over the southern Iraqi oilfields for its own domestic use, and at the same time ensure strategic dominance over the Persian Gulf and middle east oil. For more details of "Shekhinah" click here (CENSORED):

Then suddenly on 11 September 2001, less than one month before the planned Blitzkrieg, Jewish funding conduits for Shekhinah through the World Trade Center in New York were completely destroyed, forcing Israel to put the operation on hold, to the detriment of its advanced war plans, which called for a permanent Greater Israel stretching east to the Euphrates.

Outraged by the delay, and realizing they no longer had the financial and military resources and support to invade southern Iraq unilaterally, the Jewish Lobbies immediately called for an attack on Iraq by the United States and her allies, citing "Saddam the Butcher who killed his own Kurds" and alleging that Iraqi "weapons of mass destruction" were being manufactured for immediate use. Operation Shekhinah could still be made to work if the Americans could first be coerced into weakening Saddam Hussein, by destroying economic targets and population centers in northern Iraq.

Forget "dictators" and "terrorist threats to America" boys and girls, the objective of this end game is to hand total control of middle east oil to the Jewish State and its American lobbies. Forget Wall Street, forget stocks and shares, and forget gold, all of which pale into total insignificance when compared with crude oil. Everything we do today, and everything we will do for at least the next fifty years, will depend almost entirely on oil products.

In essence then, whoever controls world oil production and distribution controls the world itself, and it will surprise very few readers to learn that more than 70% of the world's [pumpable] oil reserves are contained in an area bounded by the Persian Gulf and Red Sea in the south, and the Caspian and Black Seas in the north. If the Jews were ever allowed to gain control of these assets, in turn they could and would blackmail and subordinate America, Europe, and to a lesser extent Russia and Japan.

Make no mistake about this. After the total destruction of their financial structures in the World Trade Center, the Jews know that time is running out for them. From their entirely unique perspective, America, Britain, and others must be encouraged to launch a massive strike against Iraq very quickly, before public opinion has a chance to go into reverse gear, which is a very real danger at present. Polls in Britain, France and Germany have already shown extreme public resistance to an attack on Iraq, and now to a lesser extent the American public is going the same way.

Perhaps for the first time this century and despite a constant bombardment of media brainwashing, members of the public have started to sense what the Jews are really about, and are at last reluctant to sacrifice their Christian husbands, or their sons and daughters, for the greater [and entirely exclusive] good of the Jewish State.

The Russians and others have watched on with interest as the Jewish-controlled American media has ruthlessly recycled its tired old emotional lies about Saddam Hussein and Iraq, which by early 2002 were the only realistic "newspeak" tool the Jews had left in their propaganda arsenal. That both claims about "weapons of mass
destruction" and "gassed Kurds" are complete lies, is now beyond dispute.

Former UN Chief Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter has gone on the record many times, stating that Iraq no longer had any nuclear, chemical or bacteriological weapons of note, and lacks any realistic chance of building such weapons now or in the future. Ritter also points discreetly to known illegal stockpiles of all three types of banned weapons in the Jewish State, a flagrant breach of International Law.

Far more powerful in driving American and European public opinion against Iraq is the myth that Saddam Hussein deliberately murdered his own Kurds at Halabja with poison gas, during the Iran-Iraq War. This conjures up a horrific image of a mad dictator willfully slaughtering women and children in the street. But as I wrote in "The
Falklands Alternative" back in 1992, this was proved a complete lie as well:

"The most memorable (and successful) of the ploys used was to turn President Hussein into the man who 'gassed his own Kurds' at Halabja. The same devastating images of dead women and children lying in the streets were shown thousands of times on all western television channels, placing President Hussein well beyond western 'rehabilitation' under any circumstances.

"Unfortunately the entire exercise was a complete lie. The Mossad and CIA knew very well that a February 1990 US Army War College report concluded Iraq was not responsible for the Halabja attack, stating it was the Iranian bombardment that had actually killed the Kurds.

"The War College findings were hardly surprising: the Kurdish people of Halabja were killed by a war gas known as 'Phosgene' used by the Iranians but not the Iraqis. Though Iraq did use war gas on the battlefield it was 'Mustard', an entirely different chemical which causes death in a visibly different way, enabling US Army chemical
warfare experts to easily identify the attack as Iranian in origin.

"Though many readers may say 'so what?' the distinction is important in identifying Mossad and CIA media techniques used to deliberately distort the perception of the western public. When the US Administration was looking for an excuse to use ground forces to finish off the people in Kuwait, the CIA flashed a story round the world about Iraqi soldiers ripping newborn Kuwaiti babies out of their incubators and throwing them on the floor.

"As with the Kurds of Halabja the story was proved totally false, though not before US tanks had buried 8,000 Iraqi soldiers alive in their bunkers and destroyed half the ground installations in Kuwait and southern Iraq. Disinformation is critically important to the Mossad and CIA, for without it they would be unable to whip up sufficient public outrage to justify their savage attacks." For more details, click here:

PHOTOS: Halabja Kurds killed by Iranian Phosgene artillery shells.

That President Putin means business in the region was shown during a recent visit to the Caspian flotilla, where Putin set its commanders a real task based on Russia's policy in the region. He ordered them to run naval exercises that would involve not only the ships of the Caspian flotilla, but also Border Guards, the Fourth Air Force Group and troops from the North Caucasus Military District.

The Russian media put it this way: "Putin is following sound logic here. Negotiations on dividing up the Caspian Sea have foundered because the other littoral states, particularly Iran, are unwilling to make concessions. In response, Russia wants to show, without resorting to threats, that it is ready and able to defend its economic interests.

"Putin has come a long a way since his plans two years ago to send a squadron to the Mediterranean to 'show the flag' and defend Yugoslavia's then-president, Slobodan Milosevic. The more time that passes, the more Putin looks intent on using the armed forces to defend Russia's genuine national interests rather than trying to prove at every turn that the country is still a great military power and, in so doing, soothe the wounded self-esteem of the domestic elite.

"Most surprising is that this time, military officials are ready to carry out the order. The Caspian flotilla is the only naval group in Russia that has grown, not shrunk, over recent years. Several rapid-attack craft were transferred from the Baltic and Black Sea fleets to beef up the flotilla's 106th Brigade.

"At Tatarstan's Zelenodolsk shipyard, meanwhile, a ship that will be the Caspian's largest is near completion. This new ship and its modern missile and artillery systems will give Russia the military edge in the region. A land-site missile base has been transferred to the Caspian from the Baltic region, and, two years ago, a marine brigade was discreetly deployed there."

South Caspian Sea:

Middle East Oil Deposits:

North Caspian Sea:

If you break this Russian media code down to its component parts, by far the most important words are, "...defend Russia's genuine national interests", which certainly include keeping Jewish and American [sic] forces out of areas which lie south of the Caucasus, but which are still firmly within Moscow's sphere of interest, including Iraq and Iran.

There is little doubt the Russians are acutely aware of the Jewish end game, and are seemingly prepared to go to considerable lengths [probably including tactical nuclear] to ensure that it does not succeed. Also of considerable concern to Moscow is a recent low-key Jewish threat to unilaterally attack any Russian nuclear reactor
reaching completion in Iran.

Currently the Russians are building one nuclear power station in Iran and have signed contracts to build five more. If only for the sake of face and national pride, Moscow will be obliged to respond militarily if the Jews launch a pre-emptive strike against any of its major nuclear projects in Iran.

Perhaps because it has managed to murder several hundred [mostly unarmed] Palestinians in the Occupied Territories without serious objection from its captive "International Community", the Jewish State nowadays appears to consider itself a cult comprised almost exclusively of master strategists and war heroes. Just how wrong this perception is, will certainly be exposed if the Jews make the mistake of thinking they can defeat the Russians using the same cowardly techniques.

Just in case the "International Community" fails to get the Caspian military message, Russia recently ratcheted the pressure up a little more by planning a US$40 billion economic cooperation plan with Iraq. The agreement, which includes oil, irrigation, agriculture, transportation, railroads and electrical energy, will most likely be signed in Baghdad during early September, around the same time that New Yorkers will be psyching themselves up for the first anniversary of the 9/11 attack.

The Jews are not ready to give up just yet however. According to an aide to Ariel Sharon last Friday, Israeli intelligence officials have gathered evidence that Iraq is speeding up efforts to produce biological and chemical weapons. "Any postponement of an attack on Iraq at this stage will serve no purpose," Sharon adviser Ranaan Gissin said. "It will only give him [Saddam] more of an opportunity to accelerate his program of weapons of mass destruction." How ridiculous can you get?

Under normal circumstances, most western politicians and "Friends of Israel" groups would support a large-scale attack against Iraq in a flash, if only to line their own pockets. But this time things are different. If there is one thing any politician fears more than ruthless Jewish lobby pressure, it is the prospect of losing his or her job and the fringe benefits that go with it. With voters in open revolt at the prospect of sending their sons and daughters to war solely for the benefit of the "Poor Holocaust Jews", large numbers of western politicians have opted for survival by bottling out of the debate.

The reality is that most members of the western public have now seen the very same "Poor Holocaust Jews" on television, ruthlessly at work in Palestine with their automatic weapons, tanks and bulldozers. As barbaric killers and war criminals they have no peers, and very large numbers of ordinary western voters no longer have any time for them.

Apart from the Jewish Lobbies in Washington, the only unqualified [and thus incredibly stupid] support for a strike against Iraq has come from the Australian Government located at the bottom of the world and completely out of touch as usual. The way things stand at present a strike in the short term looks extremely unlikely, but not impossible. Any American servicemen obliged to invade Iraq at any time in the future on behalf of the Jewish State, would do well to keep a weather eye open for well-armed angry Russians.

PHOTO: President Saddam Hussein, the demonized Iraqi leader who did NOT gas the Kurds.

PHOTO: Resident George W Bush with adoring obsequious Australian cheerleader.

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