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not for sheep hey Rube!! (english)
03 Sep 2002
not for sheep

I have worked thousands of hours , spent much, endured greif and now fear. I reached a conclusion I didn't want to believe.

I have posted many parts of my theory while it was still a theory. I wish now I hadn't.

The following is an outline. Enough I hope, to make you aware. The power running this land , murdered thousands, and lied to us....lots of big lies and is willing to kill people and spend billions of our money for "ratings". Behind the scenes they gut and pollute, and rob the weak. and so much more

This explains the assault on our freedom of speech. Worse is the power to kidnap anyone. vanish them without a trace...just asking for that proves to me what I already think.

Sending a swat team to spray cs gas, shoot projectiles that break bone, and beat with clubs, a concerned group of peaceful people makes clear what is in store.

Let us go back to just before september 11, 2001. Enron was unraveling. The adminstration was publicly denying help while blocking any investigation. Months to shread, move funds, make excuses ect. Now the sec and Justice is run by enrons finance guru and co. Go figure...

The morning we won't forget... Afghanistan, the taliban and osama are blamed. the accused hijackers are saudi arabian and yemmeni.??? passenger manifests did not show that then.

They do now. The anthrax scare permits the largest single item defense contract 200 billion/lockeed for 2008 fighter, and the sarcasticly named "patriot act" which guts the constitution. billions in special favor contracts are "rubber stamped". There was no hurry if it weren't a scam the whole way. It seems so. guilty 9-11

Now we know the taliban leaders had been guests of the white house a short time before 9-11. The only, get that?, ONLY company with the assets to do it all, is owned by Enrons financial chairman.

9-11 was a complex operation with multiple goals, "insured" risks, and Huge rewards. At least $600 billion. power of control gains under a war footing. a war and more.

It required seizing control of mass media and the "hearts and minds" of a majority for 2 weeks, after which the cover story becomes "truth". guilt is pinned on a carefully developed patsy and sold to close the circle. That "sale" continues.

Mistakes, flaws, and the obvious are ignored or put off discussing at "this tragic time" non-stop replay of the "story", counterspin, and time should make them moot. At least to the majority and keep doubt in others.

Holes in the Official Version are large enough to fly a piper cub through.

The heavy use of crude lynch mob type propaganda....only used to give power to the dude with the rope.

Wild theories spawn when the Official Version isn't believable. there was fierce damnation of anything other than "gospel" It was unamerican and "criminal", and crazy too. why? its a lie

My Grandfather told me this, solve any premeditated crime by seeking answers to these: Motive--Method--Opportunity--Who Gains , keep your emotions out of it, be cold and calculating, review and tear apart what you think...the truth will show.

Social engineering and control has been used by "leaders" since the dawn of man.

History shows clearly that ! spending lives ! is normal for those who rule. Consolidation of power, money, & control of those ruled is easiest when at war or there is fear of war. Julius Caesar .

$600 billion buys a lot. Changing the focus of 200 million people from enron ect. to war fervor in 2 weeks takes a large event. a shock to the system. mass media cements the official version into "history". Drummed into their heads with repetition.

The power of the US military keeps us from having conventional enemies. Enemies are vital to despots. Iraq is a joke militarily. like beating a baby with a baseball bat. I hate bullys, and liars that blame others, and fuckin'cowards.
Georgie is a fuckin' coward, pick on a little weak country, tell us they scare you, fuckin coward.

Heavy use of "lynch spin" has failed to stir us. It does show they would spend lives,and billions just for approval ratings. Sadam is a Zero threat. Terror in America is a Zero threat. Both are sold to us with crude propaganda.

Being at war right now is complete Bushit. Unless it's us, thats it....

Media control is power indeed. It warns us about despotic rulers and axis of evil ect whatever

Weapons Of Mass Destruction Dubya Has been shown to use them. is believed to still be developing more and better Weapons of Mass Destruction. Sells weapons of mass destruction to despots, dictators, juntas, Strong Men, former enemies, current enemies, future enemies. Is a Real threat to developing countrys and those with oil.

A terrorist is only as powerful as his media exposure. Taking credit for crimes gets that. Ignoring him takes most of his power. the power of fear is his greatest asset.

who then is the terrorist? the one accused? or the one using fear for control? Real fear, like murdering thousands for ratings, power, and billions of dollars. Selling this crime to us, as the work of someone else so they can be conquered is not right. It is evil. The die is cast.

the only rule appears to be gravity. votes won't matter

"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lighly upon you, and posterity forget that ye were our countrymen." Samuel Adams, speech at the Philadelphia State House, August 1, 1776.

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