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News ::
Massachusetts initiative to repeal income tax creates statewide buzz (english)
20 Sep 2002
Modified: 22 Sep 2002
If are you against government, if you are an anarchist - you can get behind this movement to eliminate the income tax and not compromise your principals. Passing this (and not letting them raise taxes through the back door) is one huge step towards our goal. We must allow people to live without the GoverNanny hanging over them - they are addicted to it now.
Official Newsletter of Carla Howell, Libertarian for Governor;
Michael Cloud, Libertarian for U.S. Senate; and Question 1, the
Ballot Initiative to End the Income Tax in Massachusetts

"Vote Yes on 1"

"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable
one persists to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress
depends on the unreasonable man."
--George Bernard Shaw

"Be unreasonable. Change the world. Libertarian."
--Michael Cloud, 1997


Dear Friends,

We've got to get this off our chest before we explode.

We blasted the Big Boston Media Blackout into oblivion. We shattered
the silence. We broke through the Big Boston Bias.

1. Carla Howell is in the October 1 Governor's Debate. ABC, CBS,
NBC, and New England Cable News TV. The Boston Globe. The Boston
Herald. The Worcester Telegram & Gazette. It will be simulcast on
the internet. Moderated by CNN's Judy Woodruff. Shannon O'Brien,
the Democratic nominee for Governor, and Mitt Romney, the Republican
nominee for Governor, will both debate Carla Howell face-to-face.

This Governor's Debate is sponsored by Worcester Polytechnic
Institute of Worcester, Massachusetts.

2. Tax Profiteering Big Businesses who get their money at the
expense of the Massachusetts Taxpayers (corporate welfare queens),
Teachers' Unions, and left-wing, collectivist organizations such
as "United for a Fair Economy" are joining the Boston Globe
editorial pages in an all-out assault on Carla Howell's Ballot
Question 1 to End the Income Tax in Massachusetts.

3. On Tuesday, September 24th, the egalitarian socialists of
"United for a Fair Economy" and the Teachers' Union (Massachusetts
Budget and Policy Center) are organizing a massive effort "about
the outrageous November ballot initiative to eliminate the
Massachusetts income tax (Question #1)."

Here's what their invitation says:

"This insane and irresponsible ballot question would eliminate
over NINE BILLION DOLLARS of revenue (more than one-third of the
entire state budget). And this during a time when we're already
expecting a $1 billion budget deficit!

"Since many people automatically vote in favor of tax cuts without
thinking about the consequences, we need to get the word out about
why this is a TERRIBLE proposal that will devastate education,
healthcare, environmental programs, nursing homes for the elderly,
police & fire protection, and just about everything we care about."

4. TV, Talk Radio, and Newspaper Reporters are calling us from all
across America. From all across Massachusetts. Interviews and
articles. Editorial Boards are calling us for interviews. Carla
Howell's Ballot Question 1 is Red Hot!

Michael Cloud is in demand with Talk Radio Hosts and TV interviewers.
So is Carla Howell's Lt. Governor running mate, Rich Aucoin. Not to
mention our Libertarian candidate for Auditor, Kamal Jain.
Libertarians are Red Hot!

** The Opportunity, the Chance, the Possibility **

We are broke.

Today, we filed are financial affidavits with our state Office of
Campaign and Political Finance.

We have $5,263.84 in the bank.

We owe $6,588.41.

Last Monday, we ran our third full-page ad in the Boston Globe.
1,200,000 readers. Many of them are writing us, emailing us,
joining us, and supporting us.

We desperately need your help.

We're already at 40% in the polls.

We're scaring the hell out of the Tax Profiteering Big Businesses
who get their money at Taxpayers' expense. We're causing conniption
fits with the Teachers' Unions and Anti-Capitalist, Anti-Free
Market, Collectivist, Left-Wing Socialists.

We're just 6 laps away from victory. Just 6 weeks away from winning
the hearts and minds and votes of working class and middle class
Massachusetts Taxpayers.

We've pushed down the cost of a full-page Boston Globe ad from
$26,283.41 to $18,900. We're saving you $7,383.41 with every Boston
Globe ad we buy. And we still reach 1,200,000 Massachusetts workers.

We're so close to the finish line.

So close to... dare we say it?... victory on November 5th.

But we're broke.

If you don't help now, we will have to shut down our advertising.
End our publicity blitz. Give the public spotlight to the enemies
of freedom.

If we stop running full-page ads in the Boston Globe, if we fail to
expand our advertising to other key newspapers in Massachusetts,
the Anti-Freedom, Anti-Business, Pro-High Tax, Pro-Big Government
forces will win.

But if we can just hang on a little longer. If we can just move
forward a little bit.

We can inch our way toward Ending the Income Tax in Massachusetts.

Together, we have done so much. We are so close.

Up to this point, 79% of our donors have given $100 or less.

10% of our donors have donated between $100 and $200.

If you are a successful businesswoman or businessman, we need the
biggest one-time donation that you can possibly give. And we need
your help today.

If you can possibly donate $10,000 or $5,000 or $2,500 to help us
keep reaching 1,200,000 Boston Globe readers, for freedom's sake,
please donate now.

We need to reach Boston Globe readers, but we also need 10,000 yard
signs to reach 520,000 Massachusetts workers every week.

We need to reach out to the readers of the Boston Herald, the
Worcester Telegram and Gazette, the Springfield Union News... and
all the TV news reporters who read them.

If you have been blessed by good fortune and a good life, we need
your most generous donation now in our desperate hour of need.

If you can reach deep and support our values of freedom and small
government, if you can possibly donate $7,500 or $3,500 or $1,500,
please do it now.

If you're a small business owner or a leader in one of the
professions, you can have an extraordinary impact. Will you
please make your most generous donation of $5,000 or $2,500
or $1,000 right now.

Most of us are working class or middle class Americans. We put in
long hours. We set great examples for our children. We love
everything America is and could be.

If you are middle class or working class, if you have money set
away for a rainy day or something really special, this is the time.
Please donate $2,500 or $1,500 or $850.

If you've been slapped around by this really tough economy. Please
remember that tax cuts and government cuts mean more money for your
family and more jobs for the people you love.

If you can donate $500 or $250, you will make a huge difference.

If you can donate $80 or $60 or $40... or whatever your family
budget allows, please help right now. You are vital to our success.

We're broke. We're 6 laps away from the victory flag. 6 weeks away.
Your donation is the gas that keeps our car going. Toward Ending
the Income Tax in Massachusetts. Toward Freedom. Toward the America
we deserve.

If we stop running newspaper ads now, the Teachers Union, the Big
Government Businesses who profiteer from their relationship to
state government, and the socialist editorial pages in this state
will bury us. We will be dead in the water if we stop running
newspaper ads.

Help us now and we just might make our Ballot Initiative to End the
Income Tax in Massachusetts the most talked about and most widely
supported tax cut in Massachusetts history. In American history.

We're broke. Please donate now.

Please go to our secure server and make the largest donation you
can by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover right now:

Or, if you'd prefer, please immediately mail your donation to:

The Committee for Small Government
6 Goodman Lane
Wayland, MA 01778

small government is possible,

Carla Howell & Michael Cloud

P.S. We just laminated and prepared for shipping over 200 of our
original, collector's edition full-page ads in the Boston Globe.
Your $150 or more donation to bail us out gets you a collector's
edition, original, first printing of our first full-page ad in the
Boston Globe. Autographed.

Please go to our secure server and make the largest donation you
can by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover right now:


Please forward this issue of Small Government News to several people
you know who are concerned about tax cuts and Big Government. Please
ask them to subscribe to this newsletter for a pro-freedom, small
government perspective (and please don't forget to remove the
unsubscribe instructions below which have your email).


* "small government is possible", "small government is beautiful",
"Personal Responsibility Sets Us Free" and "Small Government News"
are Service Marks (SM) of Carla Howell and Michael Cloud.

To SUBSCRIBE, mail to: subscribe (at) (no
message or subject is needed)
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Wrong!! (english)
22 Sep 2002
This initiative has nothing to do with anarchism or any other kind of left or progressive thought. This is about removing tax burdens from the rich and gutting most of the programs that poor and working class people need to survive. By eliminating the income tax, poor people may save a small amount of money, if the make enough income to pay taxes on it. But the rich, who pay thougsands of dollars in income taxes, will walk away with a bundle. What form of anarchism advocates giving money to the rich??

In the meantime, poor and working class people will still have to pay many other taxes (like sales tax) at the same rate as the rich. The income tax is one of the only taxes that has a vaguely progressive structure (i.e., taking more from those with more money who can afford it). That's why right-wingers like Carla Howell don't like it.

Don't buy the idea that the Libertarian party is progressive, anarchist, or anything else. Though they may have some good views on social issues (being pro-queer and such), their basic approach is every individual for him/herself. The kind of dog-eat-dog competitive world they promote is one that I hope most Indymedia readers reject whole-heartedly.
For further proof (english)
22 Sep 2002
Note what these libertarians say about themselves in the article above:

"We're causing conniption fits with the Teachers' Unions and Anti-Capitalist, Anti-Free Market, Collectivist, Left-Wing Socialists."

If you have any issus with capitalism and the "free" market, these guys don't sound like your friends. Anarchists my ass!