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Build Revolutionary Internationalist Contingent on October 26! (english)
17 Oct 2002
Modified: 20 Oct 2002
Defend Iraq Against U.S. Imperialist Attack!
For Class Struggle Against U.S. Capitalist Rulers!
Down With UN Starvation Blockade!
For Class Struggle Against U.S. Capitalist Rulers!
Down With UN Starvation Blockade!
Defend Iraq Against U.S. Imperialist Attack!
Build the Revolutionary Internationalist Contingent on October 26!

The bloody U.S. imperialist behemoth is preparing a new massacre of the Iraqi people. The crazed U.S. nuclear cowboys are seeking to assert their “right” to ride roughshod over all the peoples of the world. Our opposition to this war is based on our struggle in defense of working people and oppressed internationally against an imperialist order in which a handful of rich and powerful states dominate the world and exploit the working masses. The Spartacist League and Spartacus Youth Clubs are calling for a revolutionary internationalist contingent to march in the October 26 demonstrations to “Stop the War on Iraq Before It Starts” in Washington, D.C. and San Francisco based on the demands: For class struggle against the U.S. capitalist rulers! Defend Iraq against U.S. imperialist attack! Down with the UN starvation blockade!

We stand for the military defense of neocolonial Iraq against U.S. imperialist attack, while giving no political support whatsoever to the bloody Saddam Hussein regime. Every unchallenged act of aggrandizement by the U.S., every new easy win further emboldens America’s capitalist rulers to lash out against their perceived enemies at home and abroad; any defeat of the imperialist ambitions of the U.S. would be in the interest of workers and the oppressed throughout the world.

The demonstration is being called by the International ANSWER coalition, led by the reformist Workers World Party (WWP). They are mobilizing on the basis of opposition to a war on Iraq, but as the call for the demonstration makes clear, their activities are consciously aimed at enlisting a wing of the capitalist rulers—primarily Democratic Party politicians—to struggle for a more “humane” imperialist capitalism. Thus they write: “The so-called debate that is opening now to public view from within the political establishment presents a necessity for all anti-war forces to become a major factor in generating an authentic opposition to U.S. war plans in the Middle East. The October 26 National March in Washington DC and joint action in San Francisco come just one week before midterm Congressional elections.” The Democrats’ “opposition” to war is based on their assessment of what course will best serve the interests of U.S. imperialism. The WWP’s political accommodation to the capitalist order, including through electoral pressure politics, is a dangerous dead end. It is futile to oppose war against Iraq but not oppose the economic system which generates war and the ideology that legitimizes it. Moreover, pushing illusions in the reformability of the bloody American imperialist state can only result in the demobilization of the only force in capitalist society that can challenge the rule of the capitalist class: the working class.

For class struggle against U.S. capitalist rulers! Every strike, every labor mobilization against the government’s war plans and its attacks on workers and minorities, every mass protest in defiance of the assaults on civil liberties is a blow against Bush’s war drive. Those opposed to this war must look to the working class, which is the only power in society that has the ability and interest to stop it. Without the working class, society cannot function, a fact amply demonstrated during the West Coast International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) lockout, which brought trade on the U.S. West Coast to a halt. We look to the example of the Japanese dock workers in Sasebo, who last year refused to handle Japanese military goods destined for use in the war against Afghanistan. We fight to build a revolutionary party that can infuse the working class with an understanding of its historic task to sweep away the capitalist order and reorganize society on an egalitarian socialist basis.

In a climate where the Bush administration is trying to outlaw any kind of dissent, it is very good that thousands have come out already to protest war moves against Iraq. But successful opposition to war must be based on a perspective of mobilizing the social power of the working class against its “own” exploiters and in defense of all victims of U.S. imperialism. War is the concentrated expression of the brutal everyday workings of this imperialist system, which is driven by competition for sources of profits and spheres of influence between rival advanced capitalist countries. As explained by Leon Trotsky, co-leader with V. I. Lenin of the 1917 Russian Revolution which brought the working class to power and pulled Russia out of World War I as the opening shot of the international proletarian struggle against all the imperialist warmongers and the rule of capital worldwide:

“To condemn war is easy; to overcome it is difficult. The struggle against war is a struggle against the classes which rule society and which hold in their hands both its productive forces and its destructive weapons. It is not possible to prevent war by moral indignation, by meetings, by resolutions, by newspaper articles, and by congresses. As long as the bourgeoisie has at its command the banks, the factories, the land, the press, and the state apparatus, it will always be able to drive the people to war when its interests demand it.”
— “Declaration to the Antiwar Congress at Amsterdam” (July 1932)

The Bush administration has used the criminal killing of thousands of innocent civilians in the attack on the World Trade Center to declare an open-ended “war on terror” against all perceived enemies, foreign and domestic. The bipartisan cry of “national unity” was used to rally the population behind the murderous military adventure in Afghanistan. In the U.S., the “war on terror,” which is enthusiastically supported by Democrats and Republicans alike and is directed overwhelmingly against Muslims and Arabs, is ultimately aimed at organized labor. This is most starkly demonstrated by the government’s union-busting injunction against the ILWU, whose members were locked out of their jobs by the bosses for following safety guidelines and defending their livelihoods during the current contract negotiations, in which the very defense of the union is at stake. The all-sided attacks on the population are palpable refutations of the call raised by ANSWER and others for “money for jobs, not for war,” which poses the question as if the capitalists just need a change of priorities. As revolutionary socialist Rosa Luxemburg noted in her 1911 speech “The Road to Peace,” for the imperialist rulers to abandon militarism, they “would have to begin by disarming in the commercial and political field, by giving up predatory colonial campaigns, by abandoning the international politics of spheres of influence in all parts of the world—in a word, in their foreign as well as domestic politics, they would have to do the exact opposite of everything which the nature of the present politics of the capitalist state demands.”

Down with the UN starvation blockade! In the lead-up to the last Gulf War, the call for UN sanctions was raised by liberals and some leftists as an “alternative” to war. The death of more than 1.5 million Iraqis has demonstrated that sanctions are themselves an act of war. The UN is nothing more than a “democratic” fig leaf for imperialist bloodshed and plunder. It was the UN that in 1947 presided over the partition of Palestine and the ensuing Zionist expulsion of some 700,000 Palestinians from their homes. It was under UN auspices that the imperialists waged the 1950-53 Korean War against the North Korean and Chinese deformed workers states. That war claimed upwards of three million Korean lives. And it was under the UN that the first Gulf War was prosecuted. The demand by some antiwar protesters to send UN weapons inspectors into Iraq simply buys the lie that the biggest proliferator of weapons of mass destruction, the U.S., is concerned with anything other than expanding its rapacious rule. Weapons inspectors are nothing more than spies who in 1998 helped the U.S. pinpoint targets for bombing Iraq.

The Marxist understanding we fight to bring to the working class is obscured by supposedly socialist groups like the WWP, the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) and the International Socialist Organization (ISO). The founder of WWP’s International Action Center, former Democratic Party attorney general Ramsey Clark, declared in a 20 September letter to the UN: “The most careful analysis must be made as to why the world is subjected to such threats of violence by its only superpower, which could so safely and importantly lead us on the road to peace”! The U.S., which has left a grisly trail of carnage around the globe, became the world’s only superpower precisely through violent means—both military and economic—in pursuit of the interests of the ruling American capitalist class.

The RCP, which is the central force behind the Not In Our Name coalition, also caters to liberal appeals and moral-witness pacifism, promoting the myth that American capitalist democracy can be pressured to express the will of those whom capitalism exploits and oppresses. For its part, while the ISO says that “Democrats are just as concerned with bolstering U.S. imperialism,” they go on to say “when Washington politicians voice doubts about Bush’s war drive, it opens the way for genuine opponents of the war on Iraq to be heard” and that “our protests can put pressure on all of Washington—Republican and Democrat alike” (Socialist Worker, 4 October). The Democrats who voted against Bush’s war resolution are positioning themselves to contain any opposition and turmoil generated by the war against Iraq. These politicians quibble with the means but not the fundamental aims of U.S. imperialism. In fact, because of its image as a “friend” of labor and minorities, the Democratic Party has historically been the preferred party of war for the American bourgeoisie. Unless the struggle against imperialist war is based on opposition to all parties and agencies of capitalist class rule, it will be used by the bourgeois liberals to channel discontent back into the very capitalist system that breeds war. Break with the Democratic Party of war and racism! Build a workers party to fight for socialist revolution!

The Spartacus Youth Clubs, student/youth auxiliaries of the Marxist Spartacist League, train young radicals to be professional revolutionaries dedicated to building the workers party that will fight for workers rule. Only workers revolution can break the stranglehold of the imperialists around the globe and open the road to a socialist society of material abundance and genuine equality. March with the SL and SYC in the Revolutionary Internationalist Contingent on October 26!

--Spartacist League, Box 1377 GPO, New York, NY 10116
(212) 267-1025
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what bullshit (english)
19 Oct 2002
This bs of a document comes from a group that has never led any mass struggle....
How Workers World Stands Red Baiting (english)
20 Oct 2002
How Workers World stands up to red-baiting
By Greg Butterfield

From a talk at the Sept. 21-22 Workers World Party conference.

No left party or group in the United States is red-baited as much as Workers World Party is. The reason is simple. No other group that advocates socialist revolution does as much, is as influential in the broad movement, or challenges the lies and half-truths of the ruling class as consistently as we do.

We aren't afraid to be red-baited. We're proud to be reds. We openly proclaim our views and aims, as Marx and Engels instructed us to in the Communist Manifesto. And we fight for our right to be part of every movement that responds to the needs of the workers and oppressed.

We don't take red-baiting lightly. It's a form of class war on the progressive movement. It can take the form of active persecution by the state, like the witch-hunts of the McCarthy era. Today the ruling class wants to publicly pretend that communists don't exist for fear of drawing attention to us. So red-baiting most often results from pressure on and through the movement.

Looking over the history of the communist movement, we can observe two bad ways to respond to red-baiting.

Some groups try to hide their true red color in hopes of appearing more acceptable to people with anti-communist prejudices. They may even hope to appear respectable in the eyes of the bourgeoisie. But hiding your revolutionary principles inevitably leads to compromising them. And the ruling class isn't fooled. There's no such thing as bourgeois respectability for those who advocate workers' revolution.

The other bad response is to turn inward into empty revolutionary rhetoric and sectarianism. Some groups decide it isn't worth reaching out to anyone who doesn't share their perspective. They refuse to work with others or make tactical compromises for the sake of building a broad movement.

In either case, the bourgeoisie achieves its goals of discrediting or isolating communists.

Workers World Party has a different approach to red-baiting. We patiently answer the political charges associated with these attacks, while continuing to reach out to build the broadest possible struggle against war, racism and all the evils of capitalism. We can do this because we have confidence that our communist program corresponds to the historic needs of the workers and oppressed, and that they will respond to it.

By standing up for our right to be part of the movement, and to give leadership to it, we also strengthen our allies and help them stand up when they're criticized for working with us.

The ruling class wants to keep communists isolated and apart from the rest of the movement because they know that we are the best organizers and the most consistent fighters against their rule. If red-baiting is successful, it weakens the whole progressive movement.

Think how different the last year would have been if we had listened to our critics and changed our color, or disbanded our party.

There would have been no immediate, strong, anti-imperialist response after 9/11. The leaders of movements dominated by social-democratic and anarchist ideology lacked a united perspective and disciplined organization. They were paralyzed and thrown into disarray by the war drive.

But WWP's political and organizational unity meant we could swing into action immediately. While other groups called off their demonstrations against the IMF, we urged our friends in the International Action Center to turn Sept. 29, 2001, into a bold protest against war, racism and repression. This spurred the formation of the ANSWER coalition. Our bright red strength gave confidence and direction to others in the movement, and Sept. 29 showed that progressives could stand up to the poisonous atmosphere.

- END -

Reprinted from the Oct. 24, 2002, issue of Workers World newspaper
(Copyright Workers World Service: Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copies of this document, but changing it is not allowed. For more information contact Workers World, 55 W. 17 St., NY, NY 10011; via e-mail: ww (at) Subscribe wwnews-on (at) Unsubscribe wwnews-off (at) Support independent news

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