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[PFMPE] Leaders Fit For Fools (english)
04 Nov 2002
Modified: 05 Nov 2002
Here we stand, willing victims of a system which not long ago collapsed the world's "economies."
Sunday, November 3, 2002

[PFMPE] Leaders Fit For Fools


Here we stand, willing victims of a system which not long ago collapsed the world's "economies."

While statistic after statistic indicates the ever-approaching brink of a disaster parallel to the preceding cycle culmination we now call "The Great Depression," American fool after American fool dreams without qualification, war, quite probably for the benefit of the oil and financial barons who presently plunder us to death, will save us from the disaster built into the very system by which they profit from us namely, irreversible further multiplication of our debt.

While our debt mounts to the nearing disaster, we forsake meaningful investigation of the issues at hand. We ignore in our press the hundreds of protests in major cities of the world. We purposely fail to report them that the champions of the world, the American fool, can wave flags in ignorance of our slaying of innocents for oil and the benefit of the financial elite, that the hate which precipitated the events of a year ago may rise to yet greater magnitude.

As a nation, we bear a blemished obligation not only to get many internal irregularities in order, but to return to obligatory standards of intercourse with the world by which our country was once respected. In getting our house in order, there is no more important place to focus than ourselves, as together we now comprise a disgrace worthy of little but our own undoing. Neither bombs or guns or false ideology will save us.

I was politically focused as a young boy, and I remain perhaps particularly sensitive to obvious efforts to deceive us. Several months ago I witnessed something which I consider, particularly in the awkwardness of its gesticulations, to be one of the most remarkable lies I've ever seen. What disturbs me most, is the general American is no better than to remain the willing-enough subject of such lies.

As many of you know, I've written every American President since and including Gerald Ford, including our current president, explaining that in any system where the currency is loaned into circulation as a debt subject to interest, it is mathematically impossible to maintain a circulation without debt increasing in proportion to that circulation, until the costs of debt consume the entire circulation, and commerce itself can no longer be afforded. While of course, the ultimate consequence of every such system is collapse, the very method of unearned profit taking is indigenous to the class of ruler everywhere about us, as the unearned profits of that very system invest in the necessary hands to retain it upon us, even if by simple, persistent ignorance of the ensuing pleas for justice in the face of collapse. We live in a time of the greatest deceit and hypocrisy.

Merely to maintain a circulation, payments of principal and interest, necessarily re-borrowed as subsequent debt increased as much as periodic interest, irreversibly multiply debt, by ever greater increments, to our ever greater detriment. Ultimately, the irreversible multiplication of debt of a so-called financial system designed from its beginning to multiply profit of a class which contributes nothing to prosperity, collapses the very system upon which the perpetrators prey.

As this system has multiplied our debt in proportion to our commerce for the profit of the so-called financial world, we've seen industry after industry leave our country because we can no longer afford to produce what we have before. We have descended from a once great industrial nation by this system, to a nation which cannot even afford to maintain the very industries we not long ago created.

In the early 1980s, we furnished the Reagan Administration computer models forecasting the multiplication of debt would impose terminal costs on the United States' "economy" by approximately 2010 to 2020 AD, depending on forecasted scopes of circulation and interest rates.

The higher rates purposely imposed by Alan Greenspan would accelerate both the profit of the perpetrators and the projected termination, to approximately 2010 or even earlier, particularly as where any sector of the system begins to collapse, that collapse readily collapses the immediate, dependent sectors which are nearly as marginalized.

It is no real news to the intelligent (but indisposed to prey upon others) then, that here we are.

Of course, if it were by mere accident we imposed a system upon ourselves which would multiply its robbery of us until we can no longer persist even in the dream of prosperity, why would that very system be designed from its beginning to deceive us it too was "free" enterprise? If there were no perpetrators, and if there are no perpetrators, why then would we continually see the very system of plunder defended and glamorized to be what it is not, even in its last days?

I watch almost no television, but it happens perhaps that the lie I saw several months ago perfectly answers every necessary question of who, how, and why.

Standing before the class of "news" professional we have known since, in the interest of preserving this facade, Ronald Reagan dictated what questions could be asked of him, a president whose roots are entwined with the many Kenny Boys who now plunder us to death had finished a short, unqualified recital of the current, uniform thread of propaganda. Not a word he said will ever be enshrined in any place of enlightenment. Not a word of the bankrupt facade would even make a propagandist proud. No one appeared to be particularly impressed. Yet almost no one required any qualification of the facade at all. As the "economy" tumbled, it was, except for one small question and its answer, a typical rubber stamp "news" conference.

I don't even remember the question, as it was only marginally untimid, but it challenged in only the most subtle way the authority with which the president had spoken. How were we fine; how were we simply to just recover, given the evidence?

Here, this president, hopefully but obviously not the wise leader of a great nation, had just finished a routine presentation designed to quell the masses and keep marginally disenchanted, but thoroughly discouraged from appealing to the rest, the many who know better. Typically, the intentional tone is calm; we are addressed as friends but friends who obviously can realize nothing.

Of course, if there is a definite path to recovery despite irreversible multiplication of debt in proportion to commerce, the world has never heard it.

Anyway, this utter disgrace to the presidency of a once great nation, but a perfect mascot and instrument of the indifferent present, appeared briefly to compose an answer to the question how we were to recover, despite the evidence. Here is how it went.

After a moment, as he began to form the first unrehearsed words, "What the American People have to realize..." he lost his composure the very composure which from the first inception of every such facade itself, even if alone and entirely unqualified, is designed to influence the idiot masses to assume authority in the speaker. In the middle of the word, "What," the president of the United States himself was either transformed into, or exposed as, an angry fool denouncing the stupidity of the American People to even question him.

Ah, but especially considering the dramatic implications of his answer to so many jeopardized Americans, so great a man can certainly in the rest of his explanation satisfy the thirst for real knowledge in a truly comprehensive answer for the ages.

As he stooped over, angrily blurting out "What the American People have to realize," he caught himself. After an instant to recompose himself then, he finished the single sentence intended to qualify how we will recover despite all the evidence, with the false demeanor of calm and authority so purposely engrained in him for our fitting ignorance.

So bad was the lie and so amateurish the recovery from the initial disturbance to his temperament, that he could not face the cameras which had asked the question. He stooped from the podium to his left and our right, facing the floor or some invisible attendant to whom he appeared to be speaking, to finish his gifted sentence with the flair of raising his eyebrows and stretching his face horizontally in a horrible attempt at a totally phony smile, and said, "[(Angrily...) What the American People have to realize...] [and after reverting to calm certitude...] is that the SIGNS of recovery... [pause and further futile thinking]... they are THERE."

Not even one fool applauded. No one even reacted. The incredibly hollow, pretentious words, "they are THERE..." just hung in stupefying silence, as the most incredible thing was no amount of gravity, no training, and no practice, could force the president's eyes from the invisible person to whom he spoke, to the camera.

Awkwardly attempting to end the stupefying silence, and not daring to offer even the first further lie of one single such purported sign, he smiled at the floor again, still unable to face the cameras, and repeated the end of the facade just once more to the invisible attendant beneath him, in yet further lost emphasis. Shaking his head as one would normally gesture "no" to a child not worthy of explanation, he said once again, "perhaps" unable to provide any more convincing argument, slowly saying each of the three words in the most incredible attempt only to appear convincing, "They ARE THERE."

Therefore you can be sure when you go to sleep tonight... already having lost half your life's retirement "savings..." on the brink of losing your job (if you haven't lost it already) or suffering business brought to a standstill and full jeopardy if there is no recovery... and after forfeiting the equity in "your" home so you MIGHT last to the purported recovery through times more deprivating than your "friend" in office will ever confess (for HIS benefit)... and as you did so (if you were able to do so) only to pay the interest on your short term debt so you could assume more short term debt in your personal losing battle against inherently, irreversibly multiplied debt... yes, tonight sleep soundly and contentedly, for He watches over you, the pretentious liar who cannot even look you in the eye when he SAYS merely that the signs of recovery ARE there, from a CONTINUING decline (and his true masters' profit) he is equally adverse to admitting, except it is now so obvious all about us.

As is the multiplication of debt inherent to the imposed and never assented system, the decline of economy and the direction of world affairs are justified only in augmenting the wealth and power of a few at the expense of the rest.

Collapse is inevitable to a system which irreversibly multiplies debt in proportion to commerce. But collapse is certainly not inevitable to any nation truly great enough instead to accept and live by nothing less than real, uniform justice.

America and the world can avoid further multiplication of debt to their greater detriment only if they eliminate the unearned profit taker from the system. They can only realize true justice if they eliminate the unearned profit taker from the system.

War did not end the Great Depression. Extreme suffering manifesting in the utter futility of maintaining debts, eventually relented in the erasure of debts; and the loaning of new, much less indebted money into circulation paved a way back to a prosperity which itself, still was impeded to the degree interest precluded full prosperity. The Depression would never have occurred, and recovery would have been far more immediate and thorough under a circulation which would have been solely a medium of exchange, incapable of multiplying debt for naught.

Not a life or livelihood, or further portion of livelihood lost will cause prosperity. Solution is simple, and singular; and solution can be implemented immediately, that true, full recovery be realized immediately. Refinance all debt without interest; pay debt according to the rate of consumption or depreciation; and suffer no impediment to prosperity and true free enterprise whatsoever.

mike montagne PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy

To find the players in all the corruption of the world, "Follow the money." To find the captains of world corruption, "Follow the money all the way."

PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy
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Lyndon LaRuse? (english)
05 Nov 2002
Why does your suggestion of "a mathematically perfect economy" stink like another fraud perpetrated by the Lyndon LaRuse psyop organization, which is financed by the Bilderberg Group and other white-collar terrorists?

Although much of your information is accurate (even the New York Times has some accurate information), the LaRuse group are professional disinformationists.

Please quit the BS and stop marginalizing legitimate opposition to The Establishment.

There are many alternatives to the Federal Reserve Corporation's (and other central banks') usurious fractional-reserve fraud, but none are "perfect":
See also: