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FRAMING FORTUYN ? The authorities know but do not show. (english)
17 Nov 2002
Modified: 09:58:55 PM
The Dutch police and "certain services" have a lot of video film material from at least 5 different security TV-camera's; but not a sound is heard about this evidence. It does show the real killer 'in flagranti' of course, caught redhanded - and gun smoking - on video-tape...But : where's the beef ?

FRAMING FORTUYN ? The authorities know but do not show.

The murder of politician Pim Fortuyn in Holland :

Earlier analysis of the consequences have been published here in Russia, and Washington etc. too :

Fortuyn's real killer : The authorities know but do not show.

FPF/HR -The Netherlands - Nov. 16th 2002 - Dutch authorities and the corporate media have effectively blocked any news concerning the investigation of the murder of controversial politician Pim Fortuyn. The police and "certain services" even have a lot of video film material from at least 5 different security TV-camera's; but not a sound is heard about this evidence. It does show the real killer 'in flagranti' of course, caught red handed - and gun shooting - on video-tape. So why have the police and district attorney not just shown the video material that night or the day thereafter ? That might effectively have shown "whodunit". And stopped all the suspicions about "framing" the presumed killer Volkert vd G. The case seems to be quite clear and is not a 'complot' : it's only some vital information which we do not have yet because it's withheld by the 'authorities' , some maybe involved in this strange murder investigation.

After an attack last year by a group of Hell's Angels storming a studio - and the visit by Queen Beatrix to this Netherlands Broadcasting Compound "Mediapark", security was beefed up. Including a guard at the entrance who forgot to check Fortuyn's killer. The killer was also filmed inside the '3FM'-station's
radioreception where his last interview in life took place. He was ushered out by people working there - who also spoke to him - after he falsely claimed to be a reporter. As far as is known NONE of the eyewitnesses of the shooting, standing a few yards from Fortuyn and the killer, have had an eye to eye confrontation with the presumed killer - Volkert van der G.

Ruud de Wild, the DJ of 3FM-radio - who just had interviewed Fortuyn for his live broadcast - like other eyewitnesses still complained about this in August, because the police had not shown any interest whatsoever in his testimony. The same goes for other eyewitnesses who might be able to see if there is any difference between the shooter and the man arrested 5 minutes later at a Texaco gasoline station nearby. The Texaco service station also has security cameras, which filmed the arrest of the presumed killer van der G. A surprisingly fast arrest only minutes after the fatal shooting. The overall impression is that the police 'were waiting for him' many bystanders said.

Crime-investigating journalist Nr. 1 in the Netherlands - Peter R. de Vries - also noted this on his web site. And wondered 'how it was possible' that in a matter of minutes - 2 police dog patrols and - apart from the 'normal' police - 6 special 'riot squad' ME-policeman - fully armed and with bulletproof flack jackets - assisted at the place of arrest, the Texaco station. The undersigned could a few days later inform de Vries that still TWENTY-TWO more 'ME-riot police officers' in full gear "happened to be in the neighborhood". That's at least what police spokesman M. van Weel - from the police in Hilversum - confirmed and explained.
(Dutch language article in 'Utrechts Nieuwsblad' - May 8th : URL :,2078,7879__1064307_,0).

So all in all Volkert van der G. - this 'environmental activist and the man afterwards accused of killing Fortuyn 5 minutes earlier - had at least 30 police officers ready to catch him waiting for him. After 6 months of embarrassing silence mr. R. de Vries seems to have turned from a nr. 1 crime fighting Sherlock Holmes into a silent Dr. Watson, making a lot of well paid TV commercials however nowadays instead of investigating Fortuyn's murder(s). The silence from all sides involved is deafening.

At 19.19 hrs. - exactly one hour after the killing of Fortuyn - and understanding the importance of the film material concerning the killing I put out (in Dutch) the following question on Villamedia, the official web site of the Netherlands Journalists Association - NVJ :

Naam: Henk R.
Verzonden: 19.19 - 6/5 2002

Iemand al de videofilms van de bewakings-camera's daar in Mediapark meegenomen ?

En wie dan wel ?




That monday night - May 6th - 2002 - when Dutch political comet - mr. Fortuyn - was shot, thousands of people marched to the house of parliament and the government building where PM Wim Kok was presiding. They demonstrated their rage and shouted for hours : "The Government killed him" and "Murderers" ! Scenes not seen in the Netherlands for hundreds of years. It was a medieval scene like a popular uprising. "Fortuyn's death has pushed the Netherlands into its most serious domestic crisis since 1945. It is inevitable that emotions will run high as a result of this attack, but things have to be kept under control if we are to avoid further bloodshed", an editor of the Dutch pro government newspaper 'de Volkskrant' wrote in the hours directly after the assassination of Fortuyn.

During those same hours Dutch police and "investigators" searched the home of the killed politician. According to people present - apparently also removing listening equipment and taking along Fortuyn's laptop computer. After returning month's later the laptop-PC - according to friends and family many files had been deleted. A mountain of questions remain under the corporate media and "services" smoke screen. The office of the accused killer vd G. was searched by the police on May 15th - NINE days later, after forewarning the other people working there. (Dutch National News Agency/WAGENINGEN (ANP) -15.05.2002 - 18:33).

Analyzing the situation is not difficult : maverick politician Fortuyn - seen as the big decisive winner in the upcoming elections - had become a grave danger to the Dutch industry, the profitable political 'status quo' was in danger and the defense forces abhorred Fortuyn's plans like getting rid of the Air Force and much more of the military. The billion $ Joint Strike Fighter plane was one project also at stake.

But. just before his death Fortuyn was visited by the American ambassador to Holland, Mr. Clifford Sobel, some Dutch generals and other people from the Dutch Armed Forces. They made him an offer he couldn't refuse. BUT - MANY PEOPLE ARE CONVINCED - Apparently Fortuyn did refuse ! And so - probably 'In the Interest of the Nation(s)' Fortuyn died, and the Dutch Ministry of Defense stated in a press release exactly ONE month after Fortuyn's death :

"At Soesterberg air base, State Secretary for Defense Van Hoof and the Ambassador of the United States, Clifford Sobel today (5 June) signed a Memorandum of Understanding regarding Dutch participation in the System Development and Demonstration phase of the Joint Strike Fighter project. The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is the most likely candidate to succeed the F-16 fighter bombers of the Royal Netherlands Air Force."


One answer concerning the identity of the arrested killer was answered that night during a hastily organized and chaotic press briefing by the police in Hilversum at 22.30 hrs. that same night. Magda Berndsen who acted as spokeswoman said clearly 'that the man they had arrested was NOT the same man as the person was arrested at the Texaco station....'.
Quote article "Antwoorden krijgen ze niet of nauwelijks. De vraag of de man is gearresteerd bij het benzinestation aan de Lage Naarderweg wordt ontkennend beantwoord." ( )
Translation : The press hardly gets any answers. The question if the man (whodunit) was arrested at
the Texaco station she answers NO to. A denial.

It's a pity that all evidence looses the value it has - or can have - the moment it gets into the hands of the people officially involved in this murder case. All evidence (his DNA too is 'available' in jail) can now be fabricated and/or tampered with. So : why have we not been allowed to see the evidence : since the security camera films can show clearly whether vd G. - being arrested at the Texaco station - is the same man as the person shooting Fortuyn. "They" should have shown the video's, but now it may be too late.

Advised by his lawyers the accused Volkert van der G. has remained absolutely silent, but has announced he will present some kind of 'explanation' within weeks.

Foreign Press Foundation
Henk Ruyssenaars
The Netherlands

P.S. Pls. do have a look at this too :

Fortuyn's successor 'is security plant'

Andrew Osborn
Friday June 28, 2002
The Guardian

The future of the political party left behind by the murdered Dutch libertarian Pim Fortuyn was thrown
into doubt last night when his successor was accused of being an establishment infiltrator, working for
either the defense ministry or the intelligence service.,3858,4450059,00.html

Or have a look at this in the 'Financial Times' of London

Fortuyn's killer 'may not have acted alone'

By Ian Bickerton in Amsterdam Published: May 13 2002 19:42 |

There is growing speculation that the murder last week of Pim Fortuyn, the Dutch populist, may not
have been the act of a lone animal rights activist, as police and justice officials believe. An official with
close ties to the Dutch intelligence service said he thought it likely that the murder was planned. He said
the sprawling location - a media complex at Hilversum, near Amsterdam - would almost certainly have
been studied, and that the assassin must have been trained in using firearms. ( ).


'Second figure' may have been involved in Dutch assassination

Andrew Osborn
Saturday August 10, 2002
The Guardian (,11981,772273,00.html )

A second mystery figure may have been involved in the assassination of the populist Dutch politician
Pim Fortuyn, prosecutors said yesterday as they released a welter of forensic and circumstantial
evidence against the main suspect. ( )

forpressfound (at)
Henk Ruyssenaars
The Netherlands
fpf (at)

The above is distributed by the FPF under Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, without profit and to individuals who have expressed a desire to receive information of this type for educational purposes.

And thanks for reading this far !
Best regards,


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Pim Was a NAZI, Wasnt He? (english)
17 Nov 2002
Excuse me but how is this relevant? Wasn't Pim Fortuyn a right-wing, racist? Didn't he hate minorities and want them thrown out of Holland? I mean, come on.. who cares about this man... HE WAS AN ASSHOLE!!!

It is wrong to kill one's political opponents through assasinations... I dont know who the killer was or why the hell they did it... but of course it made the left and the progressives in Holland look bad, because they would be blamed... especialy anti-racist people... for something that may have simply been done by a lone idiot, like the guy who shot President McKinley and claimed to be an anarchist. (he went to a meeting once... so what?)

But we should not be worrying about who shot Pim... we should be more concerned about when the racists who start their campaings with anti-immigration (before going after jews and blacks) will come to shoot US.
Framing him as a Racist ?
16 Jan 2004
This below, is a quote out of an article I wrote immediately after the killing of mr. Fortuyn, and which first was published 9 May, three days after the killing.

The big problem is the fact that nobody in my own country the Netherlands, has taken me to court for slander or something similar. The information stands.

Interesting concerning this and the media - especially in the Netherlands - is the following:

After having asked me - and paid me very well - for my global work as an independent correspondent during decades, from Stockholm to Cape Town and from Santiago in Chile to Saigon - now the same ugly Dutch powergrabbers and their media do not want an experienced 'outside' look at their dirty bussinesses: worldwide I'm nicely published, but in Holland the silence of shame and corruption prevails. The dutch Journalist's Union - NVJ - has closed three websites on it's members and guests 'to moderate'; which is to censure all of us in the debate about the Dutch war-criminal behaviour under american rule. Breach of the UN Charter etc.

In the Netherlands, like in the US and other states under the new totalitarian Wolfowitz-Zionist-junta - the country is run by the multinationals - (SHELL, PHILIPS, AKZO Nobel, Unilever a.s.o.) - with the collaborating armed forces (a not needed JSF-fighter plane for $billions) - and most of the corrupt and mentally disturbed right wing politicians, calling themselves Christians.

Parliament is run by a dubious figure, Chairman mr. Weissglas, whom's family in the genocidal Sharon-Israel thinks he manipulates the whole sordid 'parlementarian' mess in the Hague, and his own influence very well.

The Dutch media are nearly totally corrupted the past two decades through commercialising, and just some weeks ago - in all this deafening silence - the dutch Fentener van Vlssingen consortium bought the official Dutch News Agency ANP, which has already played a grave-digging role for two decades now, concerning freedom of the press and opinion in the Netherlands.

If you nowadays in Holland have a different opinion, however experienced you may be: you'r 'dead'.
When 'they' say: " 2 + 2 = 5 ", it is five....

Murder Motive :

Prof. Pim Fortuyn was killed because some of his ideas were very good, and because he was going to win and become the next prime minister of the Netherlands, which is a rich country for the rich and as such a very good place to act for the international thieves. Fortuyn was a danger to the corrupt gang of thieves running the country.

He was murdered with the knowledge of the former and part of the present Government, in cooperation with the CIA and a - possibly industrial - 'wet bureau'. Most people do understand it's a big cover up too, but have no power nor arms to fight back yet.

Fortuyn's views were as absurd as the mainstream dutch brainwashed view on the genocidal acts by Israel in the Middle East, and now worldwide, and I would never have voted for him.

But when that night of Fortuyn's murder the people blamed the government and revolted a bit, the people were right: they have for a long time been massively screwed in many ways, economically and mentally.

It's a damn pity they didn't wreck the government more, and made a real storming of the Bastille out of it. Why should those murderers in industry and government be the only ones with weapons and a right to kill ?

Killing us all, soldier or civilian ? For their f.......g profits?

Fortuyn was not a racist nor a Nazi !

"Internationally, Prof. Fortuyn - in nearly all media - was described, demonized and compared to Le Pen in France and Haider in Austria.

This was done by the spin doctors feverishly at work. Collaborating journalists in all major international media have for ten years at least been interwoven with the government : critical journalism in Holland is in a terminal state.

According to the main Dutch "news" sources Fortuyn was a racist, and - without ever checking - most media in the world bought the story, served to them by the big news agencies which a long time ago forgot journalism and turned to money making, daily lying through their teeth, on a global scale.

Murder, he wrote:

Do keep it mind that the people which are serving you the information - all those journalists you see, read and hear, and who support the present development of the inhuman United States of Israel

Wrongly, or on purpose. Isn´t it strange that at any given meeting even now after his death, almost one third of "Fortuyn´s followers" are foreigners of all colours and races living in Holland ? Got that ? 1/3d ?

And look at all the people showing up at his funeral. Multicoloured. Would they show up for a racist like Le Pen or Haider ?" So you have been had again...

The above is an excerpt from this article on the murder and its origins and consequences.

And I am very sorry to say that after all this time nobody has proved me a liar...

Pls. do draw your own conclusions on who is screwing your information all the time, brainwashing you untill you write things like the item above.

The world is turning into two categories: the victims and the thieves.

We better fight !

Editor : Henk Ruyssenaars
The Netherlands
fpf (at)

The Dutch author worked for 4 decades for international media as foreign correspondent, of which 10 years - also during Gulf War I - in the Arab World and the Middle East.

Seeing that every bullet and every bomb breeds more terrorism !

So please: Help the troops come home: we need them to fight our 'government'.
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