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News ::
19 Nov 2002
Modified: 22 Nov 2002
A new in depth study by the New Left Media Survey Center has revealed what we have known all along: Israel is the worst country in the history of the world. A comparisson below shows the rankings as well as a brief explanation of how the points were tallied.
Final Rankins (0-100: 0 lowest, 100 highest) Ranked from Worst to Best

Name Rac. QOL CAH Dem. Econ. Oppres. Gen. Injustice FINAL
1.Israel 0 0.2 0 0.2 2 0 0 2.4

2.U.S.A. 0 3.1 1 0.1 4 0 0 8.2

3.Canada 0 2.4 4 1.8 3 1 0 12.2

4.UK 3 3 1 0.2 1 2 3 13.2



1. Iran 97 100 100 100 100 91 100 688

2. Palestine 100 100 100 100 100 96 91 687

3. Iraq 100 100 91 91 91 93 95 661

4. France 90 90 90 90 90 90 91 631

5. Saudi Arabia 92 92 80 90 90 84 90 616

6. San Francisco 90 90 90 90 90 90 70 610

Key; Rac- Racism QOL- QUality of Life CAH- Crimes Against HUmanity Dem.- Democracy Econ-Economy Oppress.- Oppression
Gen. Injustice- General Injustice

ANALYSIS: THis poll, scintifically conducted by the Insittute for Absolute Truth and Objectivity used various factors to measure which countries are "the best" and the "worst". Not suprisingly, Israel finished in last place with a 2.4 rating. (The only redeeming wuality about the country is that they still have some token trappings of Marxism) and a cosmetic democratic government. Most shocking is that Israel, a pariah state known best for the exploitation and destruction of indeginous aboriginal Palestinian populations, received the lowest ranking of all time just below Germany's 1933 season (2.6), Calligula's Rome (2.9), The United States under Reagan (3.1) Iran under the Shah (3.3) and Israel under Barak (3.5).

In a distant second was the United States, a country comprised of white settlers living on land stolen from Indians over the past three centuries. The U.S. has a dictatorial theocracy similar to Israel, a Nazi-like fascist dictator leader, total repression of the press and a free for all economy that typically starves the vast majority of her inhabitants to death each year.

Not suprisingly, this years rankings listed several Arab Democracies as being amongst the world's best. Iraq, a country replete with a high standard of living in which many inhabitants live in Palaces finished first. They have perhaps the greatest functioning democracy in the world, as evidenced by Saadaam Hussein's recent 100 percent showing in the presidential polls (this is nearly 35 percent higher than the highest US persidential finish (Nixon 1968).

Amazingly, San Francisco, if measured as it's own country, would have finished a respectable 6th.

Dropping on the list this year were North Korea (down three point to #9 best country)and India (up 2 points to 7th worst country in the world)

These annual rankings have a +/- 3 precent marigian of error and are scientific. The 2003 update will be published in March.
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I love it!! (english)
19 Nov 2002
I agree with your assesment but I think the best country should of been Sudan. For their wonderfull works on behalf of continuing slavery. saudi arbia should have been second for being world leaders in women rights. Syria is a close for third for being a model state for dealing with terorism like they did in Hama.

One more thing you list all the terrible things Israel has done except for a few... here are some to add.

1. The hole in the ozone layer
2. releasing killer bees around the world
3. resposibilty for all problems in the world. Incuding world hunger and the fact that my lucnh is stolen at work ( zionist pigs first they steal land and now they take my lunch... wher will it all end?)

with Love,
I think US Should have been number 1 (english)
19 Nov 2002
I can't believe that Israel, a vassal state, finished lower than the USA.

Everyone knows the United States is the root of the ISrael problem and virtually every problem in the world.

Politically they are a fascist state ruled by a viscous blood-thirsty dictator in King Bush; a man who, like his father, is completely hell bent on destroying the world and killing indigenous populations just so he can have more money.

Socially, Americans are vulgar and stupid and have sense of culture or art.

Economically the country is in a free fall

Racially, the whole country is ruled by rich white people while poor blacks are still basically indentured servants (wage slaves!), women are treated like garbage, there is no middle class and the Native Americans were all killed long ago.

Truly the worst country in the world.

And there doesn't seem to be any hope....unless


Please sign my peitition to urge Noam to run.

Almost True! (english)
20 Nov 2002
I'd agree that "Israel" and the Bilderberg Group's so-called "U.S. government" are probably the worst "nations".

But there are many smart States within the USA that are dumping the Fed and finding brilliantly simple solutions to their problems - such as the death penalty for banksters.

Noam is a nice guy who speaks SOME truth. But his quaint neo-Marxism and over-specialization prevent him from growing up and out of academic fantasies and into a position of providing positive solutions.

And he still tells politically correct lies about JFK - the last President who tried dismantling the Federal Reserve Corporation and their henchmen in the CIA and Mossad.
See also:
What About Egypt? (P.S.: JPChance Sucks!) (english)
21 Nov 2002
JPChance is an idiot. Fuck him and his "opinions" about Chomsky.

Anyway, my friend wrote this in his online journal:
"How and when I decided I was some sort of a socialist"

Here's something I feel like sharing in the dark aftermath of the November 5th elections:

Not many people know that in December, 1996, I went to Egypt. It wasn't as frightening a destination then as it is now; there was obvously not the post-9/11 climate that makes all vaguely Middle Eastern destinations seem unattractive. I'd rather not go into why I went, but I will say that it had absolutely nothing to do with politics. I ended up leaving earlier than I had planned because I found the place such a hellhole.

Here's why:

Egypt has no: 1) minimum wage, 2) OSHA, 3) 40 hour work week, 4) laws or regulations protecting the environment, 5) legal or cultural barriers ensuring separation of religion and state, 6) Social Security or public retirement system, 7) "women's rights" culture or activist mentality, 8) ban on the death penalty, 9) welfare system, 10) privacy rights, and more.

When I got off my plane in Cairo, I was greeted with a large sign, in English and Arabic, "Possession of illegal drugs is forbidden in Egypt. Conviction means death. Welcome to Egypt and enjoy your stay." The women were pretty much all bundled up so that you could not see them, the air quality was so horrible that after a few days I was blowing chunks of black, tarry phlegm out of my nose, and the poverty was absolutely crushing; i.e. at my hotel many women - clad in conservative burqas of course - slept outdoors on flattened cardboard boxes and would wake up to beg me for money whenever I ventured outside. I began to loathe leaving my hotel because every time I did, I would be harassed for money. Like I said, it was miserable.

Egypt, with its complete lack of social safety nets, its culturally ingrained oppression of women, its melding of Church and State, its complete absence of anti-pollution laws, and its ridiculously crowded urban centers, is every bit the sort of country that right-wingers and Republicans here in the USA seem to hold as their model. It fits the bill all the way around: there are no "cumbersome business regulations" there. There are no "welfare cheats" living on the state there. There are no abortions, there is prayer broadcast at least 5 times per day over loudspeakers across the city whether you like it or not, and the police are more like a heavily armed militia who can initimidate passersby at will with their freely brandished machineguns.

This is exactly the kind of society the USA could become if the conservative Right are not forced back into the Dark Age from which they have come from. History can go either way - we can have a better place to live in, or a worse one. There are no guarantees.
In Defense of Chomsky (english)
21 Nov 2002
By the way, that person using the name "Noam Chomsky" is just doing a disinformation campaign.. fucking liar. Chomsky is not some idiot who blames Israel for the ozone hole or killer bees. Fuck you.
Wait a Minute... This is a Jon Chance Scam! (english)
21 Nov 2002
I just realized that this entire article and it's immediate replies is most likely a fake created by Jon Chance to smear the left/progressives, and confuse people about effective and accurate criticism of Israel. Why did I even post here? Jon Chance is an asshole and a liar.
not a clue (english)
22 Nov 2002
Your study is a joke. I can not believe anyone would take seriously a ranking system that has "oppresion" and "general injustice" as options. who the hell can measure and numerical rate those compenets? obviously you feel qualified. well- maybe you could rate their "meaness" next. And while you are at it, rate my disgust at your childish post.