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News ::
Resistance forms the John Poindexter Awareness Office (english)
24 Nov 2002
Modified: 28 Nov 2002
In an effort to keep Americans safe, the Resistance creates the John Poindexter Awareness Office (JPAO)
Press Release
In an effort to keep Americans safe, the Resistance
creates the John Poindexter Awareness Office (JPAO)
WASHINGTON DC, USA (RP) Concerned about the rising
threat to American security, the Resistance announced the creation of the John
Poindexter Awareness Office (JPAO).  The JPAO is a new office of the
Resistance reporting directly to the People.  The JPAO's charter directs
the office to create systems maintaining total awareness of the personal lives,
purchases, and activities of employees of DARPA.  According to Rebel X, an
expert in fascism detection and awareness, "DARPA presents an unprecedented
challenge to the security, privacy, and well being of Americans.  At times
of war it is sometimes necessary to sacrifice the rights of one segment of the
population for the benefit of the other segments.  DARPA employees pose a
significant and measurable threat to our democratic principles..."
When Rebel Y was challenged on the legitimacy of
this kind of profiling, he responded, "Yes.  It does make us
uncomfortable singling out one segment of society, but let's face it, it isn't
the Black inner city youth that presents a threat to our privacy and it isn't
the Latino immigrant, it's the DARPA employee that presents the greatest
risk.  DARPA employees should not worry unless, of course, they have
something to hide."
Those Americans with information concerning the
personal lives, relationships, favorite modes of entertainment, or purchases of
DARPA employees, should report this information via email.  The JPAO
maintains an email account staffed on a daily basis.  Please send your
reports to: IAOWatch (at)
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consider the posting above as disinformation (english)
25 Nov 2002
(reaction to the posted links above)

I consider many of the links posted above as obvious disinformation. Used to discredit, others who have an alternative view on the so called war on terrorism. Especially all the files hosted under are not part of the alternative picture that is drawn on many other sites that report serious alternative theories.

Personally I think there nothing strange about the dust cloudes and the WTC collapse. And I don't think there is any doubt on what hit the Pentagon and the First WTC building.
What I do consider weird: the molten steel that was supposedly found under the WTC rubble. And the collapse of WTC building 7.

If you want serious information, other than -demons crashing into the WTC- movies, check out the following sites:

(and keep thinking yourself)
closer, but still no banana, not even a kiwi (english)
26 Nov 2002
Tho (contrary to the above post) there is indeed quite a bit of doubt that a 757 hit the Pentagram... I mean PentaGON, the debate lacks practicality until we understand what we are truly up against.
Okay, so 9-11 was the American Riechstag, and here comes totalitarianism.
That's nice. Oooh, scary.
Here's the science your enemies are using:

See, there was this guy named Nikola Tesla, who discovered some pretty cool stuff about the way the universe works. Matter, energy, and all that. Then he tried to give the world free energy, and JP Morgan cut his funding, as did everyone else.
Most of us didn't bother to pay attention to our physics classes, if we even took them.
That's a damned shame. I happened to love the course, and did very well, despite joining a rock band. So when I stumbled across alt.physics, I found that I could still read alot of the math.
I also found that the hoax is alot bigger than just 9-11. You may think your PC or Mac is top of the line, but, according to the equations in the above link, you own what amounts to an abacus. Anti-lock brakes? Jet airplanes? Wireless networking? Internet porn?
Kid's stuff. Plush toys so we don't hurt ourselves.
In fact, all that conspiracy stuff about weather control, mind control, and particle weapons is quite true, and quite scientifically provable. The "Oil War" is a ruse as well, as we don't need any oil, and had Tesla had his way, we would have had free, global energy in the 30's.
Or, well YOU might need oil, because you still WANT a car. The companies that SELL it to you only do so because they don't want to free you from a far more profound form of slavery: that of your own ignorance of science.
As Einstein said, it is an error that I doubt I will be able to correct in my lifetime.

Once I figured out 9-11 was a log of poorly-pinched crap, like OKC, I started surfing the fringes of the web intentionally, because that was the only place to get news that had anything to do with the truth. I already new about Knights Templar from Umberto Eco and Robert Anton Wilson, I knew about Kennedy because, well, everyone does. I knew about SkinWalkers and OBE's because I've always had glimmers of ESP. Illuminati/masons... sure, that's obvious. Just read up on the DETAILS of American history, it's been Masons the whole time. Duh, it's no conspiracy when it's not a secret.
Debating the above is for jokers. Masons are Satanist are European royalty, obviously. OBVIOUSLY.
But what is far more cunning was the intentional manipulation of public awareness of science. It was long ago that the first prince realized that wars are won on technology. Bullets or bows? Bullets or tanks? Tanks or bombers?
Yes, you have been lied to, and the subject of that lie is the nature of space-time itself.

At the beginning of the MS anti-trust suit, Clinton flew to Redmond to meet with Gates for 3 days. Gates had said that he would take the company to Canada, but after that meeting changed his mind.
What could Clinton have told him?
I suggest to you that the more salient question is what did Clinton SHOW him.
If Tesla's EM theory is true (and it is!) you might as well think of it in terms of magic. Clinton showed Gates stuff that scared the shit out of him.

I'd just like to say to my fellow Americans: free-will is true, but you gave it up for "The Bachelor" and Pearl Jam. They MAY have been wrong to try to feed it to you, but YOU SWALLOWED IT. Free-will is what drove you to boredom in your HS science class, and the fault is your own. Free-will is what prevents you from breaking your ignorance today, and thus you let yourself believe that it's "about politics" or "corruption".
No. It's about space-time and survival.
You just chose to pretend otherwise.
I wish you all well, I really do. Life is precious.
But we are in end-game. Time is short. Phase III of human history is due to begin this decade. Adapt or die, as they say.
There is one solution, in two parts. Study physics, and meditate. All else is a waste.

Again... I wish you well.
you are targeting the wrong guys (english)
26 Nov 2002

although I completely understand your sentiments, the vast majority of people working on DARPA grants are just fairly liberal geek types. For example the INternet was created by DARPA geeks. Recently, the steering committee of DARPA was shaken up, so there is definitely some scary shit happening within DARPA, esp. vis-a-vis the Poindexter TIA gambit. However, I should point out that it is really more Poindexter and the lunatics supporting him who are the danger here. And consider some of the following points:

1) TIA will track all purchases, plane tickets, email, etc (therefore, you need to (a) create mailhosts full of aliases and (b) develop service exchanges that leave no paper trail)

2) the idea of databases on Poindexter and his gang of freaks is amusing of course, but would only provide them several appealing targets (being (a) the database itself to see what dirt you have and (b) whomoever set up the database who will be labeled a domestic terrorist) (so what you need to do is (a) spread the info as widely as possible rather than concentrate in one place and (b) dig up as much dirt on the people running the outfit as possible and get it into local media, OFTEN. forget about DARPA geeks, they are on your side, MOST of them)

3) the key to all of this is that the so-called war on terror is merely a pretext to create constant FEAR. the TIA is just another lever to do this. therefore the way to fight them is to not live in fear. yes, just have parties, big ones. have fun. feed people. enjoy your life. they absolutely cannot stand this. they will melt like the evil witch in the wizard of oz, hiding in their air-filtered bunkers with a bible in one hand and a mormon teenage virgin in the other.

Response to grayowl (english)
28 Nov 2002
No. You are wrong. We are attacking the right people. I, myself, worked on these projects. I know the geek mentality of which you speak. It is exactly that mentality that deserves to be attacked. So long as geeks allow their lust for technological challenge to become payment for creations aimed at harming humankind, they need to know that what goes around comes around. We will list as many geeks as we can. We will let our fellow geeks know what it is like to be the focus of the surveillance they seek to create. The rush of enjoyment that comes from doing "something neat" will never justify the harm that comes from it. It's time for geeks to grow a political consciousness or suffer the wrath of the people. We will do all we can to make sure that all geeks think before they whore themselves to evil.