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News :: International
Debunking 9/11 Conspiracy Nuts
22 May 2006
Debunking the Conspiracy Nuts
The web is filled with the rants and ravings of the 9/11 conspiracy nuts, people who claim that the US itself (or Dem Joos or Israel or the FBI) blew up the WTC buildings with or without those planes actually crashing into them. In some versions, there were no planes, never mind what we all saw. Many, but not all, of the "theorists" are as stupid as 9/11 conspiracy "theorist" Kurt Nimmo, an unemployed neo-nazi and a spokesman for Ba'athist web sites who writes poems about his own hemorrhoids when he is not busy denying the Holocaust.

Well, has decided to take on the nuts and fruitcakes of conspiracy "theories". It first ran a detailed critique of the movie "United 93", called "Ask the Pilot". Then, after getting bopmbarded by lunatic rants from the denizens of the conspiracism netherworld, they ran a followup, once again trouncing the conspiracists.

While dismissing the "theorists" as crackpots, Salon adds:

Conspiracy babble in general is nothing new -- least of all when it comes to airplane tragedies. Maybe you didn't know this, but Pan Am 103 was blown up by the CIA; TWA 800 was downed by an errant U.S. Navy missile; Swissair 111 was destroyed by a giant magnetic pulse; EgyptAir 990 was a practice run for Sept. 11; Paul Wellstone's turboprop was sabotaged by the Republicans; and the crash of American 587 was a terrorist bombing. What's different today is the manner and speed at which the Web allows these notions to propagate.

The piece concludes:

It's distressing that so many people become married to a preposterous idea based on little more than erroneous interpretations of some pictures and selective, manipulative use of evidence. But in debating this stuff now and again, you learn that it can be a bit like arguing religion. Evidence, or lack of it, has little to do with what motivates many believers. At the heart of their convictions is something utterly unprovable. It's faith.

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9-11 dust in your eyes
22 May 2006
"At the heart of their convictions is something utterly unprovable. It's faith."

This line is utterly appropriate for anyone who thinks that the case of 9-11 is settled.

Even the most cursory reflection on events of that day demonstrates the need to reopen and examine all of the evidence. $100 million was spent to investigate Clinton's blow job. But for the most deadly attack on US soil in history we are just supposed to accept the $10 million cover-up?

Move along. Look the other way. The right-wingers are calling you a "conspiracy nut."

Do you think this is going to stop those of us who are burning with rage against the perpetrators of the WTC attacks? Do you really?

But I suppose, Mr. Autonomist, you are also happy with the Gonzalez torture memos, with NSA wiretaps, with Abu Graib, and with black bags being put over the heads of Americans who are then flown to secret prisons and tortured?

You are walking on thin ice, buster. It is cracking and melting below your feet. Calling the truth-seekers conspiracy nuts is getting old, in case you hadn't noticed. Polls today now show the MAJORITY of New Yorkers think that the US government is covering up its knowledge of 9-11.

Why? That is the question, bud.

Go on with your stirring of the pot, because the truth seekers are never going to give up. Call them what you like, fool.
Guess I'm A Conspiricy Nut
22 May 2006
The government can TRY to quell people like myself. Fact is? I've studied the 911 facts. (For four years.) The government WAS invovled. Like many, who watched videos on 911. Loose Change is the best video to watch.
and your point is AGAIN, Liam?
22 May 2006
Liam apparently finds it much easier to copy and paste his same text to every 9-11 post than to think of what is being discussed. but for the benefit of reality, let me ask once again:

why do you, Liam, think that 9-11, which is the cornerstone and the icon of the Bush Administration and their destruction of the US consititution as irrelavant?

the uncovering of the fact that Bush-Cheney and all of their despicable cronies were actively engaged in the treacherous attack on our country is not worth proving?

Liam, you are basically a self-incriminating provocateur, if you think that the blame is to be laid anywhere OUTSIDE of the Bush - Administration.

It is ridiculous to say that those seeking to expose 9-11 truth do not criticize Democrats who go along with the Bush "doctrine" of war profiteering and butchery?

That is simply insane. I, for one, (and I don't speak for anyone else) despise such democratic lapdogs.

A perfect example is JoeLeiberman. You should take note that my feelings are obviously shared by many in Connecticut, since Leiberman was humiliated in the primary by Lamont! As far as I am concerned Lieberman deserves to be tossed into the shitheap of infamy, along with his murdering friends in the White House.

But what is YOUR excuse, Liam?

Indeed, it is the 9-11 investigators who are GOING to prove is the TRUTH!

Consequently, people who make facetious arguments for seemingly no purpose except to deny the truth from emerging will look alot like collaborators. Vichy swine? Does that label seem fitting, Liam?
Re: Debunking 9/11 Conspiracy Nuts
22 May 2006
The government is too f*ckin inept to pull off something this sophisticated !
The anti-"Conspiracy Theory Nuts" are just "anti-bodies"
22 May 2006

>>As I write this essay, the United States of America is in a period of transition between an
open society (one where memeplexes, for the most part, are permitted to compete freely)
and a police state (one where the government institutes thought police to rout out and
destroy those hosting competing memeplexes). In such societies, as we are now
experiencing within the United States of America, private individuals, corporations and
organizations are used to do much of the work of the traditional thought police. In many
cases these individuals do not even need to be instructed by the state to do the work of
memetic antibodies. The memetic parasite within them compels them to “volunteer”
their time and energies to protect the dictatorial memeplex. They keep an eye open for
dissidents or actively hunt them down, reporting their findings to the state. Some go a
step further and inform employers of dissident employees17, with the hope of
impoverishing dissidents and, thereby, neutralizing them.<<
voluntary thought police
22 May 2006
that explains Liam, Bemused, Rockhead, et al.

so how to raise the truth above these mimetic antibodies?

obviously the truth about 9-11 is so well-documented, so massively substantial, that the antibodies are running crazed, like cockaroaches under a fumigation bomb. but with the Mega-Sycophant Media marching in lock-step with the fascists, we need to hoist the truth up farther into the light.

these running dogs are a nuisance, but it seems that it is the MSM that must be forced to relate the obvious truth.
the continued trajectory of empire, not the sudden divergence of the great liberal project!
22 May 2006
If the anti-offcial 9/11 "theorists" are anti bodies, then I would build on what Liam said, that they represent antibodies to the flu in a patient dieing of cancer. They represent a sigularity in a multiplicity and historically lengthy, termonal patient. Your attempts to cure one aspect only help others. The project of modernity is in its last days, you speak of the nation slipping into an eternal sleep as a new development, when many have been making this claim ever since Marx. The production of ideology or memes that overdeterming the social order is a long project comming out of the enlightenment with the control of knowledge and continuing with the production of pleasure in consumerist social forms. The issue of 9/11 "truth" can be one way to awaken the sleeping masses, but it should not be the only alarm clock, there are a multitude.
70 million Americans want new investigation!
22 May 2006
bring out all your meme busting ideas!

They are all welcome!

as for 9-11, the latest Zogby indicates 70 million people want a new and INDEPENDENT investigation of what happened. why, Liam and Brad, is it so bad to push for this meme crushing revelation?

zogby poll news:
The Bush Tribunal on 9-11 via Langley Films Inc.
24 May 2006
Re: Debunking 9/11 deniers
24 May 2006
BWAHAHAHAHAA All your air defenses are belong to us!! We are magical building felling Muslims! We make planes disappear! We make infidel skyscrapers collapse for no apparent reason! We will vanquish you!
Re: Debunking 9/11 Conspiracy Nuts
25 May 2006
I am very sorry for repeatedly fucking over this website. Please come visit mine where I write all this 9/11 garbage.