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Borrowing the Skeleton from Senator Trent Lott's Closet (english)
13 Dec 2002
A follow-up to What Really Happens at
Borrowing the Skeleton from Senator Trent Lott's Closet
INDEPENDENT MEDIA EXCLUSIVE: More details have emerged regarding the connection of Michael Rivero and (WRH) to the racist Special Forces Underground (SFU) militia. References to secret organization's clandestine structure complicate the previous innocent explanation of cursory involvement.As made abundantly clear in the following the excerpts from issue three of the SFU newsletter The Resister, the group's psuedo-Libertarian agenda casts Democracy and Human Rights, by modern definition, as immoral perversions:

The Resister Issue 3
The Purported Newsletter of the Special Forces Underground
Volume I, Number 3. Winter 1995
Post Office Box 2723, Hagerstown, Maryland, 21741 Copy 0365 of 1000 Copies
. . . The Special Forces Underground is a description not a title. The opposition loves titles. Their narrow clerk-minds thrive on trivia and they must have something (preferably an acronym) to pigeonhole and categorize. Our organization does have a name. We prefer to let the opposition work for it.
. . . Foreign aid is nothing less than forced redistribution of this nation's wealth to impoverished socialist gangs and Third World savages. The belief of the internationalists is that we "owe something" to the rest of the world; most recently, food to starving irrelevancies in Somalia, political stability to ex-French slaves in Haiti, and guns to religious hoodlums in Bosnia: We deny this...
. . . Altruism permits no construct of a self-respecting self- supporting man. Altruism permits no view of man except as sacrificial animal, victim and parasite. Politically, altruists demand democracy knowing the consequence is statism. Socially, altruists demand egalitarianism knowing the consequence is tribalism. Economically, altruists demand collectivism knowing the consequence is slavery. Altruism is anti-life, anti-liberty and anti- property.
from Democracy: The Politics of Tyranny
. . . The United States has been descending into the sewer of democracy since the ratification of the 17th Amendment on May 31, 1913. Before every presidential election there are demands by special interest groups to void the Electoral College and resort to popular election of the President.
. . . This headlong rush into democracy is evident by the "value" placed on public opinion polls by politicians of both parties (a practice begun by the crypto- communist Franklin D. Roosevelt); as if the opinions and "feelings" of factions, gangs and tribes were a counterweight to the inalienable rights of a single rational man...

Issue four outlines the necessity for a well organized citizen's militia to safeguard the country from the corrupting onslaught of democratic values:

The Resister Issue 4
The Purported Newsletter of the Special Forces Underground
Volume I, Number 4. Spring 1995
Post Office Box 47095, Kansas City, Missouri, 64188 Copy xxxx of 1250 Copies
. . . And the reason the formation and exercise of a militia today is questionable, is because the unorganized militia of previous generations, wishing they could have their cake and eat it, did nothing while their so-called representatives appealed to their irrational whims and sold them down the socialist river.
. . . Where was the militia when the Supreme Court usurped the power to interpret the Constitution? Where was the militia when the Anti-Trust laws were passed? Did the militia mobilize to oppose any of the following?
. . . Democracy; the Federal Reserve Bank; direct taxation; popular election of Senators; universal suffrage; compulsory education; prohibition; the formation of federal law enforcement, regulatory, or social agencies; the War Powers Act; labor laws; social security; the formation of the U.N.; the Marshal Plan; so-called 'civil rights;' Lyndon Johnson's blatantly Marxist "Great Society" programs; environmental laws; lowering the voting age; equal opportunity; affirmative action; forfeiture laws; or any other statist, socialist, or Marxist legislation? The answer is: NO

Issue five reveals that the principled strength of Anglo Saxon culture is the remedy required to treat the bastardization of America:

The Resister Issue 5
The Purported Newsletter of the Special Forces Underground
Volume II, Number 1. Summer 1995
Post Office Box 47095, Kansas City, Missouri, 64188 Copy xxxx of 1500 Copies
from On Extremism by J.F.A. Davidson
. . . The term "extremism" is nothing other than a smear; a smear used by self-proclaimed moderates, who have no principles, to defile those who adhere to principled thought and action. It is a terror phrase intended to instill a sense of guilt and uncertainty in the irrational mob by reference to undefined and constantly fluctuating ideological package-deals.
One such package-deal is so-called "white-supremacy." Although racism is implied, the true target of this smear is western culture, (meaning specifically, of course, Anglo Saxon culture).
. . . The deprecation of western culture by moderates notwithstanding, the simple fact they attempt to deny is that if the cumulative impact of minority contributions to western culture were suddenly eliminated from the whole, the advance of western culture would have not been delayed one single day.

Also from issue five is this challenge to the notion that Michael Rivero's collaboration with the SFU was limited only to posting the newsletter "as received."

from Another Hitch-Hiker
. . . For the record, we do not, repeat, do not solicit membership or recruit. Special Forces Underground is a voluntary association, which means you have to find us, we do not go looking for you. There are a limited number of individuals in the entire special operations community who have unilateral authority to accept volunteers.

from THE PARTISAN - Militia Organizations and Effective Communications
by M.O. Warren
. . . As a private group, you have to make the most effective use possible of the media available to you. Examples include meetings (rallies, demonstrations, and public meetings--to include town meetings, etc.), television (both stories by local and national media--as well as local cable access channels), radio (call-in shows, interviews, news pieces), newspapers (letters to the editor, advertisements, feature stories, etc.), facsimile machines (press releases, etc.), and electronic on-line services (both commercial and bulletin board type).
. . . How your spokesman, your message, and your group are perceived is critical. Your spokesman should be a well groomed, well dressed, articulate, personable, and unflappable individual. He should not be a threatening, wild eyed, sputtering fanatic. People will immediately turn your group off if your spokesman isn't a normal, credible person they can identify with. This extends logically, although to a lesser degree, to the entire group. Having a credible spokesman standing in front of a bunch of threatening fanatics negates any acceptance your spokesman has gained for your group...
. . . Group spokesmen should be carefully selected. Realizing you have only a finite number of choices among your membership, you might have to train your spokesman. Many local colleges have communications courses (including public speaking). Unfortunately, some training will have to be on the job, with the attendant risk.
. . . Questions to the Middle-Aged Mutant Ninja Animator: Michael Rivero

If questions were directed to Michael Rivero's e-mail account, then it suggests that some responsibility for communicating the group's message rested with Michael Rivero.Has WRH's front man become the Special Forces Underground heir-apparent - subtely broadcasting the anti-democratic message via Is WRH the well groomed front for "a bunch of threatening fanatics" disgusted by racial equality?Perhaps Michael Rivero should take a page from Senator Trent Lott's book and come forward to fully divulge his involvement with the SFU militia and reflect on the group's troubling agenda - hopefully punctuated by sincere apology.
- S. Boyle

One day after posting What Really Happens on I received several replies, none more interesting than the following:

To: sboyle2003 (at)
From: Nudimmud (at)
Subject: Your Article about WhatReallyHappened on
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2002
Dear Sir,
Accept my statement as a statement from the heart. The position you take is harmful to humanity and your attack on a beacon of light is a manifestation of your inner fear. All attacks are a manifestation of fear.
Your efforts to cast a negative image on and as you "claim," his "employers," or the people you claim she is "working closely with" reveal the truth in your heart and your lack of knowledge about what you presume to know.
You are bitter and you serve the nemesis of humanity with total impunity. This makes you a dangerous fool. Ultimately death in blindness is every fool's meal.
If it is glory you and your "friend" Damian Penny seek, allow me to suggest that you join the effort against the perennial slavery of humanity. Otherwise step aside and allow the light to shine.
**A word of caution:
Be extremely careful of your choice of words from this day forward for your crass and bitter comments have unleashed a power you will never comprehend-in your blindness.
Lord Nudimmud
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I replied by explaining the motivation behind my investigation of Michael Rivero and his site
- that being essentially the same as offered in the "offending" post. This prompted "Lord Nudimmud" to respond with the following:

. . . Look around you and understand that the reality you live is the fabricated result of a plan by beings who have been using you as a slave all your life. They have been doing so for thousands of years.

At stake is the freedom of humanity, thus, your own freedom.
The Operator of WRH has dedicated close to 10 years to his pursuit of truth. You should honor him for that. He is not your enemy. His dedication to his cause is a manifestation of the driving force within him. That force is what you must connect with. That force is the energy of GOD manifesting in his passion for his cause.
Soon the truth will be revealed to you. You will see it. It will come to you. When it does, my name will echoe in your mind and you will learn the history of who I am.
Lord Nudimmud

A follow-up to What Really Happens at

Naturally, I was quite curious about my anonymous spiritual mentor, so I used Google to search for Nudimmud (at) Only one entry was found, and it just so happened that Lord Nudimmud was the author of What the NWO Controllers want and what they will get are two different things!, published on, you guessed it,
(as explained
previously, BankIndex has more than just a passing connection to Michael Rivero and WRH).The word choice and melodramatic tone from the concluding lines caught my attention:

Humanity will fight back this paradigm of slavery and this evil will be vanquished. This model did not work in the past and it will never work, for no mind can be put to sleep permanently.
With every passing moment more and more people are learning about the lies perpetrated on humanity by the nefarious NWO clique. More importantly, now they know who is behind all the misery, death and sorrow of millions of innocent people!
The fight between good and evil is finally out in the open.
No hole in the earth will be deep enough and no star shall be far enough to hide you. The wrath of the prime creator is coming………….
Written by Lord Nudimmud
Posted 10/11/2002

On a hunch, I returned to Google to see where else the terms "NWO," "slavery," and "prime creator" might have been used in combination. Only three results were returned - including Lord N's BankIndex article.The other two links directed me to a compendium entitled The Universal Seduction (ISBN 1-59109-209-4, ISBN 1-59109-332-5) authored by Angelico Tapestra, a pseudonym for a group of "world recognized authors, investigative journalists, mathematicians, engineers, scientists, and scholars." Now this was getting interesting.
Looking over the list of contributing author's I discovered Michael Rivero, notables William Cooper and Jeff Rense, and many other colorful characters versed on such topics as aliens, mind control, numerology, and of course conspiracies. Marguerite McCall (AKA Carole Fox-Breeding), author of Danielle
(ISBN: 1591092426) and Under The Guise of Angels, serves as Chief Editor and Chairperson of group as well as Publisher through her company, The Rose Garden, LTD. And as any good conspiracy theorist might have suspected, the Publishing company Rose Garden was not coincidental choice.

. . . In June of the year 2000, a group of individuals who shared a common concern for humanity came together via the Internet seeking to discover what is actually transpiring not only on the earth, but also in the cosmos. They began to share their insights and research with each other, culminating in the publication of "The Universal Seduction: Piercing the Veils of Deception," Volumes I and II (TUS 1&2).
The group, which later became known as "The Rose Garden Club" (RGC) was, from the beginning, non-hierarchical and democratic in nature, loosely organized and coordinated. This was done so that the group--as a whole--could not be manipulated or subverted to the desired ends of a few. There was also a communal willingness to communicate and cooperate with each other in order to gain a balanced perspective. Even though each and every member was not always in total agreement on all issues, an amenable camaraderie prevailed where everyone was agreeable to the concept of examining all relevant points of view. As such, there never was an "official"club position, nor is there today---other than a common concern and desire for freedom and human dignity.
Here are some of the areas into which we have been looking:
***The potential enslavement through the manipulation of the economies of nations.
***The behind-the scenes or secret attacks on Constitutional governments.
***Ominous developments in space-age weaponry, technology and warfare, including mind and weather control.
***UFO's--sightings, space contacts, abductions, underground bases and cover-ups..
***Beneficial developments in technology, science, metaphysics, nature and religion either inadequately covered by mainstream media or not yet in full use.
***Important truths with little or no previous dissemination for mass public consumption.
***Any covert or overt activity which threaten Humanity."

Hardly a controversial declaration, but the threads leading back to Lord Nudimmud's warning had me wondering - was he an overzealous, overprotective fan, a Rose Garden Club member, or someone else? I raised these suspicions directly with Lord N., but he has yet to deign me a response.

NOTE: Thought to have first appeared in Sumerian literature circa 2500-2200 BCE, Lord Nudimmud
is an god of great importance whose name translates to "Begetter" (NU=to lie down with; DIM=spouse; MUD=to give birth), but is better known by the name of Enki (EN = Lord; KI = Earth) "Lord of the Earth."The story of Nudimmud is preserved in the Seven Tablets of the History of Creation (download PDF), a Babylonian text derived from earlier Sumerian writings. Nudimmud (Enki, Ea), the son of Anu (Ishtar, Antu), grandson of Anshar (Kishar), and father to Marduk is without equal among his brother gods. Many myths center of Nudimmud and his task to defeat the mighty Tiamat and a host of other evil gods.
Looking back at BankIndex article, the concluding warning can be read in two ways; first, as reference to a prophesied Biblical Armageddon now close at hand (be prepared to meet thy maker and be judged); or second, as reference to the author's divine inspiration and righteous cause (be prepared to suffer the real-world consequences of snooping around WRH). For the record, I very much doubt that Michael Rivero has anything to do with this self-annoited "patriot" and god-complex sufferer.
Coincidentally, Richley H. Crapo contends in An Anthropologist Looks at the Judeo-Christian Scripture that Yahweh, the Hebrew word (generalized) and name (personified) for god owes its entomological origins to the Sumerian Nudimmud. So Lord N's pseudonym may be a vieled promotion of the "arrogant Jew" stereotype.
S. Boyle, Thursday December 12, 2002
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