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News ::
Animal Liberation Front: UPDATES FROM THE FRONTLINES! (english)
15 Dec 2002
Modified: 17 Dec 2002
Some recent information gathered from the web (mainly from
on various actions carried out by the A.L.F. on behalf of the earth and animals. Thought I'd share this with others who may not have heard of or are familiar with the tactics of the Animal Liberation Front. Interesting to see what the FBI had to say in a meeting on Sept.10 2001 (info. near bottom of post. Re:. Homeland Security)


"In the corporate war against earth, sometimes prison becomes the price we pay for placing the laws of nature above those of corrupt governments. If we're fortunate enough to not yet be making that sacrifice, then we most certainly have an obligation to support those who are."
- former Animal Liberation Front prisoner Rod Coronado.

In the 30 years or more that the ALF has been around no person or animal has been injured by any of their actions. Although they sometimes use means such as arson to conduct economic sabotage, which some people may find controversial, these actions are a reflection of the fact that governments, law enforcement agencies, and other institutions have chosen to ignore their responsibilities of upholding the law and enforcing it, or simply choose to actively support or turn a blind eye to those who profit from the exploitation of the earth and the brutality that is regularly carried out against the animals.
To learn more about guidelines for the ALF:

Press Release:
The following communiqués were received by the North American Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front Press Offices on Monday, December 2nd. The first communiqué is joint-issued by the ALF and ELF cells, which carried out the Harborcreek fire at the Mindek Brothers Fur Farm last week. Following that are claims for 3 separate actions involving different ELF and ALF cells.

For further information contact:
North American - A.L.F. Press Office
Contact: David Barbarash
E-mail: naalfpo (at)
Phone: 250-703-6312

Email inquiries can also be directed to the ELF Press Office at
elfpress (at)

Begin communiqué

At 2:00 AM on November 26, 2002, anonymous cells of the A.L.F. and the E.L.F. visited the Mindek Brothers Fur Farm (4200 Shannon Road) in Harborcreek, Pennsylvania. Before disappearing into the night, a large fire was set which completely destroyed the farms feed barn and its contents, causing extensive financial loss.

The A.L.F. is also claiming responsibility for releasing 200 breeding mink in May and 50+ in September from the same farm.

Working together, cells from A.L.F. & E.L.F. demolished this feed facility due to its role in the systematic torture and killing of thousands of innocent creatures yearly - animals which possess the same complex emotional/physiological traits as loved household pets, yet are denied all reasonable consideration and confined to a miserable "existence" in tiny wire cages hardly large enough to turn around in.

Imprisoned in fur factories, these solitary creatures are forced to endure intensive confinement for the entirety of their lives, next to, or not uncommonly, packed into the same excrement and disease laden cages as their doomed relatives. In their natural state, these animals maintain a vast territory encompassing several miles. However, on fur farms such as this one, most of these semi-aquatic animals "enjoy" less than 24 inches of space, living on chicken wire, exposed to incredible levels of disease, cannibalism, and weather extremes. With what is essentially still a wild animal, these squalid conditions produce a perpetual state of chronic distress, unimaginable to human beings. This stress leads to severe psychosomatic illness, causing disturbing behaviors like self-mutilation, cannibalism, and incessant pacing and scratching in attempts to escape from their prison.

After experiencing the blistering heat, filth, intensive confinement, and other amenities of the mink shed for half of a year, they are either gassed, electrocuted, or have their necks snapped. If they are genetically superior, they often stay on the ranch indefinitely in such conditions, only to be killed in the same manner when they lose their usefulness.

These cells have witnessed all of these things and more just as disturbing, first hand at this farm, and feel that they must pose this question to the public.

Would this deplorable situation be allowed to continue if the animals happened to be cats, or puppies perhaps, rather than their canine relative the North American Mink? Clearly, it would not. Brutality is brutality - these animals are no less deserving of basic "rights" than the animals we call our friends, and the law protects as such. Thus it is, in the face of this glaring hypocrisy, with their very real suffering in mind, that we take the justice and mercy that the law fails to provide into our own hands, and provide it for those who cannot act in their own defense.

The economic value of a dead body or a frivolous luxury item can not be compared to the inherent value of a life - thus unnecessary killing is absolutely unjust. This has been recognized by much of the rest of the world, and in multiple cases, fur farming has been completely banned by other "first-world" governments. It is time for the worlds most accomplished and proven terrorist, the United States, to respond and follow suit. If it does not, this inexorable struggle on behalf of innocent life will continue.


The E.L.F. took part in this action on behalf of the Earth, due to the targets extreme pollution of surrounding streams and groundwater with excrement and offal runoff. The fur trade's co-dependant relationship with the ecological nightmare of factory farming and other such nefarious forms of animal agriculture alone, completely necessitate our action in defense of life on Earth. If the owners of the destroyed facility wish to be left alone, they should permanently close their operation, providing clear proof that they have done so. If this is done immediately, and this communiqué is released to the public UNALTERED, individual members from each of the cells responsible for this action will turn themselves in. If this is not done, the rest of the mink ranch WILL be demolished. Other components of the mink ranch operation may also be targeted.

In defense of life,
A.L.F. / E.L.F.
In June of 2002, another anonymous cell visited the Lawrence Dana Fox Ranch in Erie, PA (9129 Station Road). Breeding information was removed and the entire breeding stock was released. None of the foxes were recovered.
Additionally, the A.L.F. is claiming responsibility for releasing dozens of breeding stock mink and destroying breeding information at the Main Mink Ranch (RR 2/Route 60) in Gerry, NY. in September.
On behalf of another anonymous cell of the Earth Liberation Front, we are also claiming responsibility for the destruction of two GMO corn test/demonstration crops in northwestern Pennsylvania. Both crops (BT and Roundup-Ready) were destroyed beyond usefulness, and kept from producing seed for future planting. The proliferation of Genetically Modified Organisms, and the increased deployment of toxic pesticides in our bioregion presents an unrivaled threat to the biological integrity and diversity of our ecosystem, and has begun to be met with appropriate resistance. ANY GMO/GE crops planted in this area from this day forth may be targeted by eco-activists.

end communiqué

The North American Earth Liberation Front Press Office and the Animal Liberation Front Press Office are legal, above-ground news services dedicated to exposing the political and social motives behind the covert direct actions of the underground Earth Liberation Front & Animal Liberation Front.

In the night of 16/17 November the DBF (ALF in Dutch translation) released 1000 minks from the fur farm test center Spelderholt in Beekbergen. 40 mink were liberated.

On the 16th November the Animal Rights Militia burned the car of a mink farmer in Harfsen, the same farm were two liberations took place lately.

Richtlijnen van het Dieren Bevrijdings Front:

- Het bevrijden van dieren uit dierenuitbuitende instituten zoals proefdiercentra,pelsdierfokkerijen en legbatterijen om ze vervolgens te herplaatsen in warme tehuizen of in het geval van wilde dieren, zoals nertsen, los te laten in de natuur.

- Het saboteren van de eigendommen van dieren uitbuitende instituten door economische schade aan te richten aan goederen met als doel om dieren uitbuiting te voorkomen/ stop te zetten.

- Het Dieren Bevrijdings Front staat voor de bevrijding van al het leven op Aarde en zal daarom ook nooit een leven, mens of dier, schaden. Als actiemiddel wordt niet-geweldadige directe actie gebruikt zoals in de richtlijnen staat omschreven. Ten alle tijde worden
uiterste voorzorgsmaatregelen genomen om de veiligheid van mens en dier te waarborgen.

DBF-SG, postbus 3607, 1001 AK Amsterdam.
giro 4901163 tnv alf-sg. Word lid voor 16 euro!!
Posted by: Anonymous on Nov 25, 2002 - 10:44

The ALF in Italy have broken into a breeding establishment in the North of Italy approximately 80 km west of Bologna and liberated 128 beagles destined for experimentation. The farm is called "Stefano Morini" in San Polo D'enza, Reggio Emilia, Bologna.
About 118 puppies and 10 adult dogs were liberated by the ALF, who then proceeded to spray paint surrounding walls with the words "Murderers" and "The ALF will free all".
As yet no one has been arrested.

Last summer the Spanish state has seen an upsurge of actions claimed by the Frente de Liberacion Animal, the spanish Animal Liberation Front.

6 JUNE - SALAMANCA; a van of a fur company called Galvan burned down. JULY - MADRID; glues locked of a hunting shop, fishing shop and a fur shop.

20 JULY - SALAMANCA; a breeding facility for partridges smashed and animals liberated. 29 JULY - TUREENS; a truck of a battery-farm burned down.
"We left them a present under one of their refrigerated trucks. Unfortunately we heard they didn't like it. Maybe they didn't like it
because of the 10 liters of fuel that formed our present burned their truck."

8 AUGUST - VIGO, GALICIA; 200-300 minks liberated from a fur-farm, the newspaper estimates 'a thousand monsters.'

AUGUST- SORIA; a few meat trucks burned.

AUGUST- MADRID; Locks of butchershops and furshops glued

For pictures and info in Spanish see:

According to local media coverage in Innsbruck (county Tirol) five animal exploitation shops were targeted by the ALF on the night of the 13th November. 3 furstores and 2 huntshops got their locks glued, windows smashed or scratched and paint spilled over all. Activists lefts posters saying 'No peace with animal murderers'. The police stated the activists were filmed by video surveillance cameras, but they have not been identified yet.

In the night of Friday 25th on Saturday 26th October activists from the DBF
hit a minkfarm (Minkcon BV in Putten). 13.000 minks were liberated.
Putten is the heart of the minkindustry in the Netherlands. There is a
feeding plant and around 25 farms in the area. Three times earlier
activists liberated mink in Putten. The Netherlands has 200 farms and
is producing 3 million minkpelts. This is raid 28 on the fur-industry
in the Netherlands.

The claimletter:

13.000 minks liberated in Putten! In the early morning of Saturday 26 October the DBF opened 5 of the 8
sheds at minkfarm Minkcon BV at the Koekamperweg.

After we checked out the compound at the 20th of October, we knew for sure that we would come back. We stood face to face with the mink and we saw the sadness in their eyes. A week later we returned, but not this time to check out the surroundings. Our goal was to open as many cages as possible.

After it took us an hour to unscrew the fencing and cutting open the double steel wire we started in the last shed with opening cages. At this farm feedingbins hung in front of the cages. This bins could be loosened, lifted up and raised on a cage. (1 bin is attached to 5 cages in each 3 mink). By this the mink could jump out of the cage. One such a shed can be compared with 4 normal sheds. There were around 700 cages in such a row of such a shed. Every cage contained 3 minks. We think we liberated 13.000 minks from this minkfarm.

It was a fantastic view to see that the compound was covered with free running minks. Also on our escape route we saw a field, outside the terrain with the glimmering eyes of fellow fugitives. That cannot be
described with any words, so beautiful. We encourage everybody to go for it and open all the cages, on the other 200 fur farms in Holland, who altogether are responsible for the death of 2.6 million mink.

All breeder fur bearing animals, chinchilla’s excluded, can survive in the wild. Mink can move up to 10km a day and foxes even 15.20km. They spread so fast that the surrounding area will not be
ecologically disturbed. It is not so that you can liberate mink every day. The liberations cannot take place between May and July, because then the mink are with their mothers. They should also be liberated
before winter, or else they haven’t got enough time to learn to hunt for food, if you take in consideration that in the winter time food can freeze, as can the ground.

Our liberation took place at the end of October, maybe late, but why should you not give them a last chance to escape, they will die.

Some researchers say that mink will die of hunger because they don’t know how to hunt, because they are captive bred. Fact is that mink on fur farms are still wild animals and in possession of their natural instinct. They are less than hundred years bred in captivity and are very near the same as their wild brothers and sisters. Mink adapt to nature once escaped from farms. They spread very fast to find a suitable territory. If they are searching, they move for many kilometers, until they find a suitable habitat.

Dr Nigel Dunstone: "because the mink are not dependent upon a certain prey animal, it can minimalise the competition with other predators. This way the mink has spread throughout Europe and the subarctic areas
and has minimum impact on the ecology of native fauna.

It is a fact that mink can survive in nature, that is why the dbf will liberate them until all farms close down. There will be many legal groups who don’t like these actions. But mink haven’t got time for another ten years plan. Mink have their best interest now and they want to be free, and in ten years it will be too late for the animals that are in the farms NOW!

Animal liberation is not a crime, it is a act of compassion. Why? Because you can save in one night thousands of lives from a cruel death. WE WILL CONTINUE UNTIL ALL ANIMALS ARE FREE

Create a House Select Committee on Homeland Security and Terrorism
Daniel J. Kaniewski
February 2002

…Task Forces or Working Groups
The first option and least effective is to form a task force or working group dedicated to terrorism issues. This is the most informal way Congress organizes itself. Because a task force or working group lacks resources (such as dedicated staff) and authorities (such as subpoenas and hearings) granted to committees, its power comes from the close relationships it has with those who founded the group-frequently senior party leadership. While this may provide a communications link between the group and its party, it engenders little change unless the leadership makes a concerted effort to influence committee chairmen-something that has not yet occurred.
The Working Group on Terrorism, led by Congressman J. C. Watts (R-OK), the Chairman of the House Republican Conference Committee, has a distinct advantage: it was established well before 11 September. For several months before the 11 September terrorist attacks, the group brought Republican members of Congress and staff from the various stakeholder committees together for discussions and briefings from relevant executive branch agencies on terrorism issues.
During one such briefing-ironically on 10 September 2001-senior officials from the Federal Bureau of Investigation briefed the group that the FBI's number-one concern for terrorism at home was the Animal Liberation Front and the Earth Liberation Front. Surprised that the number-one threat was a group that had not committed a single murder, several staff members questioned the FBI's thinking.[26] Because this question came from staff members (instead of from a member of Congress) and was asked in a private session (rather than in a public forum), this troubling news that the FBI was dedicating its counterterrorism resources to a nonviolent threat, rather than investigating persons associated with Usama bin Laden, was largely forgotten following the briefing.


2001 Year-End Direct Action Report Released by A.L.F. Press Office



"As a Native American, every time I see the American flag I feel the same way I imagine Jewish people must feel when looking at the Nazi flag. The American flag is a flag of oppression and genocide. Because that's what America is built on - from the very beginning when the first European settlers landed in North America, it has been a country built on blood."
–Rod Coronado

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Ah, hypocrisy... (english)
15 Dec 2002
13000 mink cannot easily be "absorbed" into a natural ecosystem. If they have no natural predators, they will replicate wildly and eat the native life, including endangered species. Why do this? What about the people whose lives depended on making money from animals that most consider disease ridden pests? I don't see you freeing lab it because Mink are cute?

Burning trucks? Smashing farms? Destroying ecosystems? Please, don't pretend to be peaceful. Just call yourself terrorists and drop the pretense. You call us, as scientists and meat eaters, savages, when you yourselves display some of the most barbaric habits I've seen yet.
hypocritical bostonian (english)
17 Dec 2002
Don't you think meat eating destroys ecosystems? ah, duh? The rainforest, oceans, the mid-west...what's happening to them?

Don't you think that animal experimentation is injuring and killing people too? And the fact you can't empathize with what animals suffer and go through at the hands of scientists really reveals a bit of your inhumanity.

And lastly, rather than getting flustered about several thousand minks and the impact they might have to the environment why don't you think about whether any "native" fauna has survived to begin with. Humans are continually introducing new species to "their" environment to the point where it becomes almost ridiculous to argue about what is "native fauna." And what should be more upsetting is the number of predators that are regularly destroyed by humans...and that includes mink!

And then considering that most of this violence is conducted for selfish, indulgent reasons...well, I guess you can judge for yourself.