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Internet Brownshirts: A Sign of the Times (english)
15 Jan 2003
Modified: 09:20:32 PM
Zionist brownshirts harass American dissidents.
Internet Brownshirts: A Sign of the Times
Author: Stephen DeVoy
January 15, 2003
As many of our readers know, we have been the target of nearly a year of
Internet harassment.  Great effort has been expended attempting to
determine the source of this harassment.  Along the way we've made some
mistakes, but our long and winding path has confirmed some of our original
hypotheses.  While we have yet to solve the entire mystery behind the
organized attempt to silence us, we have solved large portions of it.  We
can confidently state that the primary sources of harassment, as stated earlier
on this website, are the Zionist movement and members of the American military
industrial complex.
Examination of spoofed emails sent our way points strongly to a Zionist
origin.  We are unsurprised by this discovery.  The chronological
ordering of attacks and the content of early attacks suggested strongly a
Zionist origin.  Let us review these.
The first serious harassment we experienced manifested itself upon a forum
that we subsequently shut down due to the overhead of dealing with
harassment.  The first serious harassment followed my declaration in a
forum that I believed that the Government of Israel played a significant role in
the attacks of 9/11.  My declaration was based on information
released concerning the activities of Israeli spies in the US and my own
personal knowledge of such activities.
In March of 2001, I was employed at Cycorp of Austin, Texas.  At that
time Cycorp received a message from the Department of Defense warning defense
contractors that a group of Israeli spies were posing as art students, visiting
defense contractors and attempting to sell art that may contain listening
devices.  This news was of concern to us as we were visited by exactly the
same kind of students selling exactly the same kind of art.
In March of 2002 (one year later), news broke concerning the "art
students" and their activities shadowing members of al-Qaeda inside the
United States.  This confirmation of what I already knew prompted me to
look into the issue more and I became convinced that at the very least Israel
knew 9/11 was coming and intentionally did not share this information with
United States.  I posted this theory on my forum.  Within an hour I
began receiving threatening posts accusing me of being an anti-Semite and
traitor to the United States.  An Israeli flag was posted on the forum and
I received emails claiming that the IDF, Mossad, and JDL were after me.  Of
course, this did not silence me.
In April of 2002, I posted several messages denouncing Israel's actions in
Jenin.  The harassment intensified.  I also began receiving threats to
have me fired from my job.  Death threats began to come in and this led to
much stress for myself and my family.
In May of 2002, my boss, Doug Lenat, demoted me from manager to programmer
without warning and as a complete surprise.  In June of 2002 he fired
me.  He was aware that I was suffering death threats and became unfriendly
immediately upon finding out that I was subject to these.  On the day after
I was demoted, Charles Klein, another manager at Cycorp, brought up my anarchist
websites at lunch, in front of me, with Doug Lenat.  Curiously, one of the
harassers later claimed
to be an employee of Cycorp and to have been the engineer of my
dismissal.  This same individual posted a
picture of what appears to be Charles Klein (the individual on the right) on
the Pakistan News Forum.
Most individuals would except this as proof positive of Cycorp's
involvement in the harassment.  However, these same harassers have also
stated, many times, that they were disinforming me in order to cause me to make
false accusations.  This, interestingly, is a technique used by the JDL in
its harassment of opponents.  Thus, I remain agnostic as to whether Cycorp
was involved in the harassment.  Short of an ethical individual coming
forward and sharing information with me, I will probably never know for sure if
Cycorp was involved.  Perhaps I will just have to wait until Cycorp
unjustifiably fires the next employee before someone will come forward.
Of course, there is another dimension to all of this.  Some of the
original harassment did come from an IP addresses belonging to the Technology
Advancement Group and Cryptek, both
NSA assets.  KOBE HQ, instigator of the harassment campaign, often posted
from a Maryland IP address under the name "Schooner," a name I have
been told is the Navy nickname of John Poindexter.  This, however, I
believe was a ruse.
My open criticism of the IAO,
likely led to KOBE HQ attempting to point me in the wrong direction.  I
always considered this far more likely than the possibility that Poindexter had
anything to do with it.  This also supports the argument that
"evidence" pointing to Cycorp may be a ruse as well.  It does,
however, leave open the question as to how someone could obtain such detailed
information about various parties connected to me in one form or another. 
Given that it is common knowledge that Israel has infiltrated the US Government
pervasively and given the fact that the US Government permits this infiltration,
it is likely that resources were made available to this harassment campaign by
individuals with access at the governmental level.
Spoofed emails laden with viruses have been traced back to members of
Zionist organizations and to Zionist individuals.  We believe that this
confirms the Zionist component of the harassment campaign.  The history of
the campaign, the resources dedicated to it, and the information used strongly
suggests that the entire operation was planned and executed by Israeli
intelligence.  This claim may sound absurd, for I am not a significant
person.  However, it is only absurd if you do not consider the magnitude of
the deception that Israel has sought to inflict upon the United States.
The best analogy, I believe, is that of the Dutch boy who notices a hole
in a dike.  He must stop that hole before it spreads.  And while I am
just a small hole in that dike, it turns out that all holes in the dike of
Israeli lies have received similar harassment.  These include websites such
as What Really Happened and La
Voz de Atzlan.  Our harassment was more public specifically because we
hosted Internet forums.
As it became obvious that efforts to shut me down were failing, Israeli
agent "KOBE HQ" decided to create a group specifically aimed at
harassing me.  He began recruiting other individuals to form the
"KOBE" Organization.  The owner of the KOBEHQ
website even confessed to me that he was recruited by "KOBE HQ"
specifically to harass me.  In order to mobilize more people in this
Israeli harassment campaign, "KOBE HQ" did what all good Mossad
stooges do, she (yes it's a she) created a false flag operation.  The false
flag used was the American flag.  The KOBE Organization dressed itself up
as an American Patriot group, claimed to be motivated by a hatred for Islam, and
then directed its members to harass me and my website.  I even had the
honor of being on the top of their "losers
list," right above Saddam Hussein.
I warned members of KOBE, early on, that they were being used by a foreign
government to harass Americans.  I even attempted to engage them in debate,
hoping that they would take the responsible step of turning their effort into a
legitimate act of political expression, rather than a harassment campaign. 
This effort, however, when nowhere.
Given what I know now, KOBE failed to recruit many real Americans. 
Most of its members are either Americans loyal only to Israel or foreigners.
The other important dimension of this that I have not yet covered is the
discovery that there is a US Department of Defense connection to KOBE.  The
least intellectually able member of KOBE, KOBE DUKE, appears to be employed by Lockheed
Martin's Skunk Works at Edwards Air Force Base.  He has made statements
claiming that he conducts some of his harassment activities from his
place of work (Edwards Air Force Base).  (If you are reading this,
Lockheed Martin, you should be thinking about what implications this has for
I've compiled much more information than I am listing here.  I'm not
ready to publicly connect the dots on various other leads.  But I feel a
certain sense of vindication that I have discovered the actual source of the
harassment: Israel.
Given the viciousness of the libel, death threats, job actions, and
harassment waged against myself and other Americans that have spoken out against
Israel, I believe that it is time for Americans to think hard about this
"ally" that sets Americans against one another and manipulates our
press, media, and even Internet experiences to mold the dialogue that determines
our national destiny.
I end with the simple statement, "shame on you Israel," but I
know, Israel has no shame.
See also:


And you're not an anti-semite because? (english)
15 Jan 2003
Modified: 02:21:04 PM
"I've compiled much more information than I am listing here. I'm not ready to publicly connect the dots on various other leads. But I feel a certain sense of vindication that I have discovered the actual source of the harassment: Israel."

You and Billy and Cynthia McKinney can now get together and whine about how the "J-E-W-S" ruined your lives.

What size tin-foil hat do you wear?
RE: And you're not an anti-semite because? (english)
15 Jan 2003
I guess you're right, an anti-Semite is someone not liked by Zionists. Now I understand.

For documentation on my claims, check out these links:

I'm not surprised by your reaction, most pro-Zionist racists respond the same way.
Dude, you're so crazy (english)
15 Jan 2003
I love how everyone who dares offer an opposing point of view, is always a "racist" on IndyMedia now matter what views they express. And harping on about Zionists and ZOG was once solely the domain of white power fring groups.

"I dunno, Bush's Tax Cuts look like they might be a good thing."

"A RACIST would say that!"

"I'm in the mood for a hamburger."

"Typical of a RACIST!"

Okay, I'm done paying attention to you...enjoy your mental illness.
Wowzers (english)
15 Jan 2003

I think it's time to trade in your tin foil hat for a proper copper mesh baseball cap:

Spending more than sixty seconds on either of the websites you listed was an interesting experience, in which I learned that schizophrenics can indeed operate web design tools.

So... do youself a favor here... increase your intake of Omega-3 essential fatty acids, take your vitamins, and go see a neurologist ASAP. There are things that can be done to help you. I'm worried that you might have a subclinical neuroma, or perhaps it's merely biochemical.

Just don't be surprised if the doctor who helps heal your addled brain is Jewish.

Roasted Nut (english)
15 Jan 2003
Modified: 05:26:04 PM
"Paranoia is the last refuge of losers." --Paul Greenberg

Take heed lefty's not to late to come back to the fold - yet! Soon, however...this ZOG hating lunatic will be your fate! Looking under the bed for enemy agents...

The truth is America is a great place to live, and our enemies are wrong...the Euro-weenies have their own agendas which are not in your interests, and use their own left-wing citizens as puppets...which sounds almost as wacky as this fruit and nut bar, but it's true - I swear...

...the voices told me...
Reading the posts of the Zionist Gestapo... (english)
15 Jan 2003
Let's face it, whenever any American stands up against Israeli crimes, the taunting filth of Zionist racists is sure to follow. I have seen NO lefts write about "ZOG." The only miscreants mentioning "ZOG" are the Zionist hate pushers who wish to equate any and all moral indignation at the actions of Israel with nazism. The real nazi's among us are the FAKE activists who have so long pretended to be working for the good of the people, but were only working for THEIR OWN people.

Israel is the laughing stalk of the world. Only in the US do Zionist scum get away with smearing anyone who speaks against them. Your racism is obvious in your statements implying that all doctors are Jews. Do you think than non Jews do not have the capacity to be doctors?

When will the victims of the nazis grow up and stop becoming the abused who now abuse? Shame on the Zionist filth!
Ain't it great to be crazy? (english)
15 Jan 2003
When was the last time this guy got laid? My guess is during the Carter administration.