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How it started in Nazi Germany (english)
20 Feb 2003
Modified: 22 Feb 2003
Why do we compare George W. with Hitler? Here's just one of the many reasons...
On July 14, 1933 Germany began a campaign to revoke the citizenship of those considered "undesirable" by the government.

The people targeted were always a minority, and thus the relative alarm of the majority of the German people was minimized.

By revoking citizenship, Jews and other 'undesirables" became stateless individuals, without citizens' rights, "legally" held indefinitely without charge. And without citizenship, they had no papers (passports, etc.) with which to travel anywhere else.

In this capacity, they were ostracized without recourse to escape, and thus open to the endless scapegoating that followed.

The present-day American policy towards Muslims in this country, as well as anyone from the global south suspected of possible visa-violations is not the same, of course, but the similarities are striking and disturbing.

That someone in this country could be held in prison indefinitely without charge, based upon "secret" evidence points not to a democracy that holds inalienable rights in the highest regard, but to a society bent crooked with the fascist ideology of the secret police.

Here in this country, we must not be blinded by the alleged virtues of our past. Corruption of the mind and spirit within the ranks of those with the will to power can happen anywhere. We must be vigilant and ever mindful of the lessons implicit in our history.
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Good point (english)
20 Feb 2003
I think thaat you make a good point and we must fight the goverments attempt to blanket all muslims and arabs as terroists.

Another trend I have noticed is huge increase in Anti-semitisim among leftists masqaurading as anti-semitisim. All you have to do is look at posts on this indymedia sites. IF the left want o maintain its credibilty it cant allow hate mongers to hide behind anti-occupation slogans. Sites like which are amin stream are full of conspiarcys theories blaming Isreal for 9/11 slogans like Sharon is hitler or Zionazi aor AshkaNAZI have becom accepted norms on the lefts site. Criticism of ISrael should be aired just like critisim of all countries. The level of hate being expressed against Israel sickining and it has nothing to do with the occuaption. As in 1940 the cries of Jewish media control Jwish domince and evil jews are becoming normal. All this while the left is being hypervigilant , and rightfully so, about the rights of muslims and arabs. Most leftist are upset when people talk about muslim or arab conspiracys agaisnt the west and take a lot of energy to debunk any theory that Islam or pan-arabism is violent yet these same people sput theories blmaing Israel for evreything from bombing there citizens to sending "art students: to spy in the USA. The fact that 15 saudis were involved in 9/11 doesnt show that Saudia Arabia was involved but if Israli art students wer selling paintigs in the states that is considered 100% proof that ISrael was involved. Both theories are bogus.

The true belivers in peace justice are campaiging for the rights of Palestininans, Kurds, Sudanese, Western saharans, Lebonese. I found it funny that at the anti war rally there were many Anti-Israel signs and signs ( that rightly read) "Free Palestine". Why were there no signs that that said "Free Iraq" "free Kurdistan" "Free southern Sudan".

This is where the simmilarity to nazi germany start. Antisemitism didnt apear out of nowhere the Nazi werent agaisnt Jews they were agaisnt "Jewish Dominance" and oncea again the same cry is being heard I dont hate Jews I hate zionists. The end result will be the same

The danger here is that anti semitsism has as allways found a "politicaly correct" way to manifest itself.

middle ages -" I dont hate Jews I love them I want them to become Christian"

1940s -" i dont hate jews I am just agiant Jewish dominance"

2000s- "I dont hate jews I just hate Zionism"

Lets not fall in this trap before its to late
Jeff is a bit parnoid (english)
20 Feb 2003
and he obviously does not know many lefties. He makes the idiotic comments that "The danger here is that anti semitsism has as allways found a "politicaly correct" way to manifest itself. "

I'm not sure on what planet he has dropped from, but for anyone to suggest that anti-semitism among lefties is "politically correct" borders on lunacy.

The Israelis have a great record. Based on figures from BŐTselem, the Israeli information center for human rights in the occupied Terrritories,since the start of the current intifada (Sept 2000) through 2/18/2003, 1916 Palestinians and 629 Israelis have been killled in a brutal conflic. The inhumanity of this war is even more apparent when we consider that a total of 209 children age 13 and under have been killed since the first intifada (12/87 to 12/02). This total includes 176 Palestinians and 331 Israelis. In other words the Israelis kill five times more children than do the Palestinians.

Much of this killing is done by deadly war machines, furnished to Israel by American po.oliticians who do not have the guts to shand up to the Israeli lobby in Washington. Now an additional 12 to 14 billion dollars from American taxpayers is being strealthely demanded by Sharon. In view of Israel continued contemp for UN resolutions and for Genvea Convention protocols regarding humane behavior, why do we continue to support a rogue nuclear power at a time when we are having so many problems and underfunded social needs at home.

To check the data on all killing in this conflict, go to the site in Israel.

Wonderful World Wars (english)
20 Feb 2003
World War II - in which tens of millions of people where murdered to enhance the power of transnational corporations and "banks" - was the result of the First World War.

It's sadly amusing to see "leftists" - who claim to be anti-totalitarian or "liberal" - divert naive people's attention from the wider scope of history and economics by obsessing on the "issues" of Talmudic or Marxist Ashkenazis who are not neither Semitic nor real Jews.

Just look in a good OLD encyclopedia. Among others things you might find is the meaning of "national socialism". It's exactly what the Democratic Party and the Anglo-AshkeNAZIs have been practicing since 1913.

Both the ACLU and ADL are as fraudulant as PBS and American "democracy". Whenever someone starts screaming "conspiricy theory", it's a pretty good signal that they're desperate to hide something.

Especially when they attempt blocking free speech, such as the hacking of my computer just now.

And all you've gotta do is look up the facts and follow the money - which is issued out of nothing by certain inbred mafias, such as .

By the way, Jeff "Freeman Z" is a feckless spook and petty terrorist for the Democratic Party's "leftist" Zionists. Like others of his ilk, he refuses to answer simple questions - which is one among many ways to reveal a huckster.

Along with others, he arrived in Boston prior to the Election Fraud 2000 "debates" to confuse, divide & conquer the Greens with "left" vs "right" shenanigans.

Oh, and regarding that little 9-11 "incident", about which the facts are quite well-known by most people in the world who aren't suckered by "All the News That's Fit to Print", here are plenty of sources far more realistic than NPR, BBC and American TV:





See also:
Great lead article. Jeff, however, is wrong (english)
21 Feb 2003
It would be racist to withhold criticism of Israel just because Israel is Jewish. Think about that.
Kikes and Negros allway cry! (english)
21 Feb 2003
Its true Jews are just like Blacks evrey time you criticize them they yell rascit! or Anti- semite!

Its time to end the Jewish and Black Dominance of the USA!!
The Unbearable Likeness of Being in 1938 and (english)
21 Feb 2003
To bone up on my history, I've been reading "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" by William L. Shirer. I'm about a third of the way through -- to the chapter "The Road to Munich", the betrayal of Czechoslovakia [which, parenthetically, is the home of 3 of my grandparents, thus about which I've always heard a lot, but about which I've never read].

The parallels and similarities I see between today's situation and then are amazing -- and frightening.

In 1938, the world had a secretive, moody, and aggressive Hitler who had already occupied one nation. Hitler had a definite deadline for military action -- a peaceful action would not be acceptable -- against a country he despised. Hitler wanted to give the world a demonstration of German military power.

The world had a wavering France that was in a real position to make a difference. The world had a British prime minister who was, quite frankly, a treacherous jerk (sorry to be so blunt) -- and acting quite against the wishes of the British people.

Hitler was arguing that the take over of Czech factories would make the aggression pay for itself.

Hitler was making all sorts of deals with neighboring countries, such as with Poland, which was offered a piece of Czech territory it desired in exchange for its cooperation.

Hitler's military establishment was telling him to go slow, and not to take action at this time. Hitler was getting impatient with anyone who suggested delay.

The German people were extremely cool to the prospect of war.

The "target" country was trying to do everything reasonable, and in many cases beyond reasonable, to satisfy the aggressor. Nevertheless Czechoslovakia was preparing to defend itself, and those preparations were given by the Germans as additional reasons for war.

(I'm the last person who would try to draw any similarity between the noble Czech leader, Benes, and Saddam Hussein -- I won't. That didn't stop Hitler from portraying the Czech leader as the most treacherous sort of low-life. I do feel great kinship and empathy with the Iraqi people. There but for fortune -- actually, the fortune of my relatives and the Iraqi people may be the same!)

In the final days, the world had a frenzied international "peace process" which Hitler seemed to support but was merely using to manipulate into the case for war. When that "peace process" appeared about to succeed, he became furious -- he wouldn't take "Yes" for an answer! Hitler was actually sabotaging the prospects for peace.

That's about how far I've read so far. Unfortunately I already know that it turns out very, very badly.

And, of course, there are similarities between Hitler's rise to power and you-know-who.

Of course, there are also differences between 1938 and now. Germany could be stopped militarily in 1938; there is no possibility of stopping, by military means, the takeover of Iraq. In 1938, avoiding war meant giving into Germany's demands; now it means quite the opposite, since the demand today is for war.
Who Manipulated Hitler? (english)
22 Feb 2003
Ever bother asking that question?

Albert Speer's very abbreviated "Inside the Third Reich" gives SOME indication of what Hitler was really like during the later years of NAZI Germany. He was a baffoon, like most politicians.

Many documents prove that the same industrialists and bankers who created the First World War also caused WWII, the so-called "Cold War", and the present crisis.

So, if the banking fraud is the primary source of the world's greatest problems, it's the responsibility of all citizens to inform themselves about the subject and transform the system.
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