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Bush Impeachment drive leads to burglary charges? (english)
02 Mar 2003
Modified: 14 May 2003
Some of you might be familiar with my REALLY DAMAGING efforts to see George Bush impeached. (Those who are not can follow the link). I am about to do time for burglary? Stay tuned for further developments...
Well, I just got that disturbing news. It would appear that I am now one of the prime suspects in a couple of burglaries. I have been sitting here thinking about how it could possibly be the case that me, of all people, could become the suspect for two incidents of burglary (and more to come? who can say for sure...stay tuned).

And then I got to thinking, well, you don't attempt to bring down the most powerful extreme right wing government on earth without expecting a reaction. I have been expecting a reaction, but this weird burglary suspect thing came out of the blue. You know, I was thinking, hmmm, I could be killed. But then that would run the risk of creating a martyr, which could be quite dangerous, although, when you consider how damaging someone like me can be, maybe murder might seem like the lesser of two evils. It wouldn't be any different than what they are about to do to thousands of kiddies and babies in Iraq, you know, like they committed many thousands of murders in Afghanistan. (The fact that such murder is authorized by the Emperor does not change anything.

So then, I thought I would share this peculiar news with you people, and make an appeal that should I, say, disappear to do some hard time, that someone pick up the ball, will yah.

The Campaign to Impeach George W. Bush

I should also point out that I am very poor person, with a very poor job. You know the type of thing where you have to decide whether to buy socks or eat on Monday, that sort of thing. I used to have a better job but then, voila, all of a sudden we were going to lose our big contract, and then who knows, perhaps another and another, so I had to do everyone a favor, I felt, and leave and wind up with the poorest job in the world. But I guess when you wind up getting nailed for being a burglar the government pays for your meals in San Quentin right. Should it be the case that I wind up taking a dive here, I would like to appeal right now for some good hearted citizen to fork over the 30 bucks a month it would take to keep my website going. (Thanks a lot).

Keep up the fight!

You know I was just wondering. I have never done time before. Do they allow burglars to use the internet in jail. Just wondering...

You know I was just sitting here thinking about how uncreative my mind can be at times. Well, when I think about impeachment, then I can get real creative, but when I think about what I am going to get in return, then all that ever enters my mind is 'murder'. I am just not creative enough to think 'burglary' or something like that. I was expecting something, but whenever I thought about it, the only uncreative idea I could come up with was 'murder'.

After all I have no illusions. These people are after all known serial killers. Estimates put their death toll at somewhere around 20,000 in Afghanistan. They aren't making that same mistake they made in Vietnam, where Sargeant Mcrough would appear on the tube and bark out the death toll in Vietnam for that week, you know, to help convince the public that they were 'winning in Vietnam'. The toll was always real lop sided, you know maybe a hundred American teenaged or twenty something kids knocked off versus 20,000 vietnamese for the week, which, given how they were so eager to tell everyone, was supposed to be good news, because those Vietnamese were taking the worst part of it, the death toll finally reaching around 3 million by the time they got through murdering that time.

Today it is different, in that they are going to murder and then lie and say that they carefully murdered around civilians, and then, when that lie doesn't work, well they are just not going to tell anyone how many babies got their heads blown off. Everyone knows they are killers and murderers, these people, but the less they know about it the better I guess they are thinking.

So I have never had any illusions about the nature of the people I am fighting with here. They are murderers just as Emperors throughout history have been murderers, that being all they have ever been good for. Rocking a starved baby and giving it a baby bottle, that they are worthless for. Yes, for over a year now a devestating famine has been developing with the warning coming out in December that the death toll could reach 40 million, and even though the cost would be something like one per cent or a fraction of one per cent of the cost of blowing the heads off of babies in Iraq, well, as I said, these people are murderers, and killing is all they are good for, as you can tell by seeing how little they spend on humanity, and how much they spend on murdering humanity.

So I was expecting murder, but that just goes to show you how uncreative I can be at times. That weird burglary thing - well I wonder who was the genius that thought that thing up. And who knows what they might think of next. Once again my imagination fails me, but I guess there must be a world of possibilities if someone really puts their mind to it...

which leads me to think about churches and suburbanites
I may be uncreative but churches and suburbanites can be so credulous it amazes me
for example you will see that thing where a bunch of ministers go to lobby a murderer and urge that already known serial killer to cease and desist in further murdering

well there's a concept

this would be as opposed to having ministers try to get rid of those murderers, not only for the sake of the babies and grannies about to blown to kingdom come by those murderers, but also for the sake of the 40 million about to be starved to kingdom come by those same murderers

murderers do not after all bring life. It would be nice if churches and sububarnites would stop and ponder these matters before they should, say, go up to lobby the murderers for more food stamps or some other damn thing they always stubbornly refuse to pay for, cutting back instead, since they only bust the bank to commit murder after all

and everyone knows it too. Even church ministers must know that which makes a person wonder why they bother.

so then time would be better spent getting rid of murderers than doing something foolish like lobbying murderers, or sending petitions to murderers, or phoning or faxing or emailing your murderers

you can keep that in mind the next time your murderers cut back on the food stamps for baby milk and all the other stuff they do all the time while spending a fortune of borrowed money on murder, because, let's be sensible here, you were expecting hugs and kisses maybe?

character assassination is the last refuge of the one with no arguments, and thus is always a good sign that you are on the right track
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FEAR (english)
02 Mar 2003
You know I have been sitting here thinking about how I just bawled out ministers. I also bawl out a lot of other people and tell them to hurry up, you know, and bring down those murderers. Then I get frustrated. No one seems to be bringing down the serial killers. then I get angered.

But the thought has just occurred to me, that maybe you people are real scared you know, what with those people being after all, vicious murderers, helt bent on slaughter and oppression

maybe we shouldn't go to far and get those killers highly angered, right

this thought, that you people might be afraid, has never occurred to me before, and it just crossed my mind now, and let me tell you, if that is true, then it really explains a lot, now doesn't it

I, on the other hand, am not afraid, no, not at all. I sit around thinking about being murdered in much the same way someone else considers say, get whacked by a cop with a baton. Not a pleasant thought, sure, but something you can deal with. Which would sound strange to frightened people, cowering before the fury of the oppressor.

But then I am not afraid, you see, because of YAHWEH. the image above is the Eden Wing that unfurled at the Summit of the Americas just after the Bush inauguration. I sent emails everywhere announcing the unfurling of my protest Eden wing banner over the Sahara during the Summit of the Americas, and then as you can see, my wing unfurled on Earth Day, April 22, 2001. You see, I work for YAHWEH, and I FEAR NO ONE.

As for George Bush, if you can find a tape of the Summit for Sunday Morning you will see George Bush just SHITTING HIS PANTS. That wing really scared him. If you watch a tape in the afternoon, he was real arrogant and not scared anymore. That's the way George Bush is. He's real stubborn, and he always bounces back real quick. You can also find some tapes of Colin Powell around that time, when he was addressing the ministers from the Americas in that room. They were ALL JUST SHITTING THEIR PANTS WITH FEAR and like I said, if you were to get a copy of that tape you would see what I mean.

No I am not afraid, but for the first time it has entered my mind that, gosh, maybe you are. You don't after all, come from where I come from, and your experiences are not my experiences. But fear not, if its possible for you to have faith, for those who are cowering before the oppressors fury will soon be set free, and it won't be to much longer.

George Bush should have stayed afraid, and the rest of them as well, but they didn't, and now they are in shit up to their necks with YAHWEH. Big mistake. Real big mistake. I mean it is not like they weren't warned, on Earth Day, April 22nd, 2001. but somehow they missed it, it just went right past them, as though somehow it just never occurred to them that something was going to happen to those people just a little further down the road them folks is travelling down...

Yes something is going to happen to them, SHOCKING AND AWE INSPIRING, just a little further down the road

You GI be Funny Guy (english)
03 Mar 2003
You GI be funny Guy's ... a nut and afruitcake posting
in unison.. I check you out. bet you x-con.. and you Yaway
an escapee from the luny tune factory..
you are on the right track (english)
07 Apr 2003
always impresses me to see people standing up to tyranny and the outrageous ignorance that is rampant in the people. we try to wake them up...we do everything our imagination can come up with.....but they still cover in fear and ignorance.....even when u hand them the rope to climb out of it all. makes me sick. but i keep trying. you is on the right track brother.. oh ya. icy
RE: Character Assasination (english)
14 May 2003
being the last refuge of someone with no arguments is a very good line.

I suppose this is why the Emperer thinks Canada worries too much about civil liberties. He has no arguments for those people in the world that want to protect their rights.

Just guns and bombs.