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Sick-out for Peace (english)
10 Mar 2003
Modified: 20 Mar 2003
Forget work, the world as you know it is about to end. Take the rest of the week off!
As noted in a previous newswire post:

"Given the stakes, given the potential for the complete destabilization of international order, the onslaught of greatly increased terrorism world-wide, the probability of the use of nuclear weapons by any number of parties, the return of the Crusades and the mindless religious wars of our dark past, why would anyone in their right mind not do all that is within their power to stop the beast?"

Got that right! How can we blithly continue going to work this week when the Bush cabal and its minions are about topull the plug on civilization NEXT WEEK?? Forget work, the world as you know it is about to end. Take the rest of the week off! Spend that time trying to STOP THE WAR! anyway you can. Do it with friends, do it with groups, do it alone if you have to! Just DO IT!!
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the sky is falling (english)
11 Mar 2003
end of the world? it wouldn't be the first thing leading up to that, but come on. Y2K didn't end the world, yet people seemed prepared for that.

it will continue; disfunctionaly, but it will continue. don't risk losing your jobs (while you have them).

it won't be the end: america will be just like the middle east (israel, etc.) -- there will be bombings and loved ones lost regularly.
I beg to differ... (english)
12 Mar 2003
It may be the end for a lot of people on the Iraqi side of the world if you don't get off your cushioned ass and take a stand. It's so easy to ignore what's important when you're not facing reality.

If things were turned the other way, you'd be on your knees begging for Iraqi people to protest rather than face a war on Terrah.
The Emperor from Sparta, Texas (english)
20 Mar 2003
The Emperor from Sparta, Texas--

The Emperor has spoken. The 19th Brumaire of the Great Mediocrity has assembled a “coalition of willing” arsonists to put the fire out. Once the fire is out (if ever) the Emperor said his coalition will be amply rewarded with the spoils of war. And all those who chose to sit on the sidelines, will be left out when the loot is divided, the Emperor warns his once allies, and former collaborators. But even some thieves have honor, and realize when too much is too much. Too much is trying to bribe a whole nation into mercenary status, to rent us their territory to launch a war. Too much is threatening smaller impoverished nations to join us, or else. Uncle Sam Wants *YOU*, in the New World Odor.
Too much is lecturing to the whole world, and the United Nations, that they are not doing their “duty” (to whom? Caesar?) when they refuse to endorse an American pre-emptive war on a non-offensive nation, a war which our Emperor says will happen, with or without UN approval. Huhhh??? If we”re going to go ahead anyway, why then pretend to be “polite” and “diplomatic” and feign legitimacy and fake this “process”“ Does a viper need permission before it devours its prey? “Gunboat Diplomacy” was an oxymoron under Theodor Roosevelt, it is an oxymoron now, even when used against an enemy, much less allies. This charade smacks of another time when an English monarch sought the blessing of a Bishop for an illegitimate marriage, and when the Bishop refused, the marriage went ahead anyway, and the Bishop was beheaded.

The French legacy of post-colonialists have always been thieves, but not like this. Not with naked aggression. Let”s at least dress it up. This is too barbaric for french sensibilities. American barbarism. The French at least would never have the chutzpah and arrogance of adolescence to tell denizens of another country, in which they were born, “you have 48 hours to leave”. Remember the Orson Welle's movie "A Touch of Evil”? This Bush Crusade is like the character Orson Welles played-- A small town Sherriff who is a felon himself, out to "arrest" a fugitive on the loose.

The French at least know, you don”t melt Roquefort cheese on Liberty fries. It reeks of New World Odor. This kind of behaviour is what makes the rest of the world call us “ugly Americans”. The Emperor”s entourage of chickenhawk sycophants say they have “exhausted” the last ounce of diplomacy. If you call their charade and deceptions “diplomacy”. UN diplomatic processes were sabotaged by these warmongers from the very beginning, who camouflaged the swords of their invasion plans to look like the pens of diplomacy. Guns and diplomacy mix as well as guns and butter.

Eventually, as the opposition mounted to their invasion plans in the court of world opinion, these warmongers, as impatient as it is their nature, even abandoned the sheaths to their sword and no longer bothered to camouflage their real motives. At the very beginning of this charade, the Emperor said it was about “weapons of mass destruction” (WMD). Then, gradually, it transformed into “regime change”. Then “regime change” got modified to “we’ll offer you asylum in another country, if you agree to exile” (How can we claim to stand up for democracy when we offer safe passage to war criminals? What makes us think we own Saddam Hussein more than the people who have grievances against his murderous reign for the last 25 years? If he took refuge in DC, would he then be immunized from not only a trial by Iraqi courts, but also the world court, since the U.S. has pulled out of it, in order to immunize its own official crimes against humanity?)

Then regime change developed into invasion and “occupation”... “until Iraq is rebuilt” (after we destroy it)... “but not a day more!”, declared Caesar. Vietnam, now Iraq, and even American “democracy”, Bush’s New World Doctrine says “we have to destroy it in order to save it”. Then last week, “not a day more” transformed into indefinite occupation into the foreseeable future, may be months, may be years, may be forever, as one former Pentagon policy-maker admitted that with “Iraq in our hands, we won”t ever have to ask for Saudi permission again to launch any war in the region.” The hawks were right all along. It was never *just* about “oil”. This war is about war. Permanent war. Pure and simple. That”s something anti-war leftists don”t understand. You *don”t* necessarily have to have another motive to engage in war. Especially permanent war. You do it for its own sake. The purest form of war. That”s what our nation has transformed into, from that original “City on a Hill” “free from foreign entanglements” as envisioned by Jefferson to a city-state called Sparta, Texas. A city where you shoot first, ask questions later, if we even bother to ask at all. We had to destroy democracy in order to save it. And why not” The stock market's rally today is "proof" of their compelling unreason. The heightened market expectations of instant spoils-of-war from a "quick victory" is all too irresistible for these vultures.

How far we”ve come from the hunt for Bin-Laden to the hunt for WMD to now invasion and occupation of Iraq. And not a shred of evidence to logically connect all those “dots”. As much as the representatives of Old Europe would really like to join the adolescents from Sparta, Texas, their sense of self-respect and legacy of the Enlightenment disallow them to join. The whole idea is just *NUTS*. They don”t see any logic or rationality to it, unless you call the logic of Atilla the Hun, “reason”. For instance, the French and Germans can remember resolutions they introduced and the whole UN council passed unanimously. They haven”t forgotten. They don”t have to be reminded by the mediocrity from Sparta, Texas. However, it would be all too painful for the adult community of the world to remind the adolescent from Texas that there was NEVER any provision in *ANY* resolution EVER passed by the Security Council, that stated to Saadam “You have 48 hours to leave, or we will invade”. To the chagrin of the UN, and now, the whole world, the Bush Regime has cleverly manipulated and exploited the legitimate aims of weapons inspection towards their own goal– conquest.

In the days ahead, we will see what this new emerging “superpower” (the court of world opinion) amounts to, to confront this beast, the world’s sole remaining military superpower. For the moment, the Emperor from Sparta, Texas commands the world stage, by telling certain Iraqis they have 48 hours to leave, a “resolution” drafted from the basement of the Whitehouse, not the UN Security Council.
If the whole world community missed that portion in the UN resolution, and Secretary of State Colin Powell, and Secretary of War Rumsfeld can point it out to us, they should waste no time. Of course, they won”t be able to point it out. Because it *DOESN”T* exist! Like the “aluminum tubing” and other phantom “evidence” Powell presented to the UN Security Council, these items are NON-EXISTENT. They are as real a threat to the Bush regime as the windmills were to Don Quixote de la Mancha. They are as real a mission as “serving in Buchenwald” was a “mission” for actor turned actor President Ronald Reagan. God help us. This nation is being led by a panel of deluded “visionaries”, an unchained gang of obsessive-compulsive psychopaths (aka: sycophants) out on permanent furlough from the Sanitarium, leading us into permanent war and terror.

Sign by one protestor in San Jose: “If War is inevitable, Draft SUV Drivers. They are Weapons of Mass-Consumption”