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More on ANSWER's Hijacking of the Copley March (english)
24 Mar 2003
Modified: 25 Mar 2003
Why did ANSWER hijack the Copley rally? What should we do about it?

This thread is for discussion of what happened on the Day After and what we as a community should do to stop them and their cop-cozy speaker trucks from doing this to members of the anti-war movement again:
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24 Mar 2003
maybe someone has pointed this out already, but just in case everyone doesn't already know, ANSWER is a front group created by the International Action Center to take as much control as they could of the northamerican progressive movements in the aftermath of 9/11. i'm not sure about the specific genesis of the IAC, but they are without doubt a front for the Worker's World Party, who are Stalinists (not Trotskyists as someone previously implied) and have supported fascist dictators such as Milosevic and Saddam on the grounds of being "anti-imperialist".

obviously, ANSWER's politics are totally despicable, but that's not all. the head of the WWP is Ramsey Clark - former Atty Genl under Nixon. yeah. fucking weird, right? can anyone say COINTELPRO?

please spread the word. ANSWER and groups like them need to be discredited so that the movement can get moving again.
BUSH is DANGEROUS not ANSWER (english)
24 Mar 2003
COMMUNICATION did not happen between the now 3 wings of the antiwar movment in boston.

BAAM seems to think they had the only (it was the 1st) demo planned for the day after. UJP also planned one at 5pm govt center. The 5pm demo was more organized as UJP has far more members than BAAM. Most of the people in Copley at 7pm marched from govt center. Most of those at govt center marched from cambridge and BU earlier in the day. We took the Mass ave bridge with ease at 2:30pm(Harvard and MIT students get alotta leeway.)

I watched the black block march off to newbury street, and i know most people didnt realize the march was planned and many didnt notice it leave. The heavy cop presence that follows black block wherever it goes scared many from following.

Long lists of speakers telling people things they already know is dull and almost pointless. ANSWERs tactics leave alot to be desired but they do alot of work to get people going to demonstartions. They are distributing alot of flyers for the 29th and get them to people that BAAM and UJP often miss. ANSWER helps the movement grow and we need not be scared that Americans are suddenly going to side with the communists when the capitalists fall.

The FBI is inside every part of the movement, and works hard to get us all to fight each other.

Critical Mass 3/28 530 copley sq bike ride (car and war end with ar).
Dear Answer (english)
24 Mar 2003

Dear Answer,

A pic says a thousand words.
Fuck answer (english)
24 Mar 2003
Granted, the us. gov. has worked its way into various portions of the movement, but not all of them, and it doesn't mean that we need to accept it. I feel it is far more damaging to sit back passively and accept what is going on with ANSWER.
If the movement is going to progress, we need to fucking clean it up.
See also:
SemiTerry (english)
25 Mar 2003
Terry, as usualy you are completely fucking ignorant of the facts of the situation and are merely wandering around with your head up your ass screaming "love not hate" and other similarly idiotic things. These are the facts that you are blissfully (read ignorantly) unaware of:

1) The Copley Square event was NOT the first one planned. The UJP event was starting to be planned event before the Copley event and, as such, the two organizing groups attempted to work together to make sure that there was no conflict between the two.

2) MOST of the outreach done for the Day After march was done by the organizers of the Copley march. How ANYONE, even someone as demonstrably worthless as yourself, Terry, could somehow claim differently is unthinkable. The Copley event had thousands upon thousands of flyers all over town in every part of town. The UJP event didn't even have any significat amount of outreach, and ANSWER, because they are pathetic leeches who live off the organizing of others and weren't even involved in ANY Day After events until a couple days beforehand, did N-O-T-H-I-N-G, zilch, zero, nada. Not a single flyer, not even an email until one day before (and even that was offensive, since it tried to take credit for all of UJP's organizing work and claimed it was a "joint" event between UJP and ANSWER, which was an obvious lie).

3) The Copley event was not a "BAAM event". There were groups from NEFAC, local colleges, BAAM, and other individual people who merely wanted an event which respected a diversity of tactics.

As usual, Terry, you don't actually know shit, but that doesn't stop you from claiming to know very loudly. Dumbass. And you wonder why you're a pariah among activists in this town? Sheesh.
Terry the Cop (english)
25 Mar 2003

for those of you not already aware: Commonterry up there is actually better known by his nickname "Terry the Cop." He's not an actual cop of course cause he's too stupid even for a cop, but he's called that because he goes around screaming "infiltrator" at people at demos, acts as an informant to the cops by screaming what people are planning as loud as he can and playing the little peace-police game and always trying to be a mediator or whatever between protestors and the cops. personally, I don't think he's a cop, i just think he's a fucking insane nut, but he does have that nickname for a good reason.

And to you terry the cop: we're supposed to love the cops when they attack us and now we're suppose to love answer when they shit all over local organizers? Fuck that. Answer just directly attacked the work of people who are really good friends of many of us here and an injury to one is an injury to all. What the fuck's wrong with you? Defending answer is stupid ... even for you.
love not hate (english)
25 Mar 2003
world hunger is good for the stock market, (desperate kids work cheap)

20,000 kids will starve today so the USA sells their corrupt leaders weapons

human unity not american

rich men rule

bush lies, freedom fries

love not hate, terry
better late than never (english)
25 Mar 2003
hey folks, i know emotions are running high here with answer's machinations, and terry's jumping into this with apparently not-very-well-informed opinions defending answer. but it weakens the strength of our argument, and provides ammunition to our enemies, including cointel people, when we indulge in this sort of juvenile name-calling and petty insults. really we ought to have much higher standards of behavior for our movement. even if terry eventually turns out to be a cop or something (i haven't seen a shred of hard evidence, and that's rule number 1 when accusing anyone of something like this), there's no reason to demean his intelligence or whatever. that's just childish, as if there isn't anything more worthwhile to say about his conduct.

so yes, answer sucks. and yes, terry might be loud and obnoxious and occasionally foolish in his public conduct, which can endanger or otherwise weaken the efforts of others around him.
let's leave it at that, or bring out further evidence. let's leave the insulting to people with less value for human dignity, like our 'leaders.'